Family Fuckery 02

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Family Fuckery 02

By: DickThePimp

Totally And Completely Fake In Every Way Possible… Wild And Funky Incest Fantasy Fuck Fiction

Continued From The End Of Chapter 01…

“GOD!!! Fuck me, baby! I’m gonna CUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!” Billie’s beautiful eyes start darting around in her head as she squirts. She’s holding the headboard of my bed tight as I bang her out from behind with my giant dick. Her big soft titties jiggling furiously under her.

My eyes roll too. Billie’s shaved bare pussy is squeezing down on my dick so tight. Bathing it with her milky-white cream. Pulsating feverishly all over it. FUCK! IT FEELS AMAZING!

(Loud fussing and cussing is coming from my sister Kaia’s room)

Billie and I don’t pay any mind to it… yet. We’re wrapped up in our own intense situation at the moment.

“GOD! YOUR COCK IS SOOOOOOO BIGGGGGGGGGG!!!! OH GOD!!!!!” Billie’s jaw drops. Her moans ecstasy echo throughout my bedroom. She smiles so fucking wide as I keep on pounding her pussy from behind. She’s still squirting. Licking her lips and smiling the happiest and most content grin ever.

I start cumming, myself. Flooding my chick’s gorgeous, leaking honey hole with tons of my own sex seed. Her pussy pounds against my cock. Furiously eating up my gooey, creamy sperm as it powerfully blasts up into her.

I lean down… growling loud… and kiss my blonde-beauty chick. Heatedly and deep. My hands pawing and squeezing those jiggly 34DDs as we swap spit and wildly groan into each other’s mouths.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. MWAH! MWAH! MWAH!” Billie smiles bright, kissing me, then licking on my lips as I grin, myself, still playing with those incredibly-sexy tits of hers.

(More fussing comes from Kaia’s room)

Billie grabs the Henny bottle from the nightstand beside us, and sips it. She puts it to my mouth so I can drink it too.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Billie kisses me again. She playfully rubs her nose on mine. “Sounds like your mom is mad about something.”

“Yeah… I wonder what’s up.” A second after I say that, my baby sister… she’s 19… Kaia comes into my room. She’s sits on the bed, next to Billie and I and chews her bubblegum. Her arms folded under her big naked boobs. God, she’s got great tits. She’s completely nude… and a little distraught.

“Something wrong?” I ask.

“Mom’s mad at Spence. He and I were fooling around again and she walked in on us. She’s cussing him out so I came in here. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Nah… it’s cool.” I smile at my sister to cheer her up. It works.

I lean back, and my fourteen-inch cock slowly slips from Billie’s cum-leaking pussy.

Kaia grins extra happy at that sight, and leans over, licking my cock clean. Swirling her naughty tongue all around my cum glazed meat. Fuck yeah to that! Ha.

Billie turns around, and kisses me again… while I play with her big tits… as Kaia starts sucking me clean. Two smokin’ hot, big titty blondes kissing me and sucking my cock. Yeah… it’s a good day. Ha.

“Oh… you’re busy. I’m sorry.” Mom walks into my room in her white silk bathrobe. She starts to leave, but I stop her.

“Wait.” As much fun as I’m having with my girlfriend and my sister, my mom is my number one priority.

I ask Billie and Kaia to give us a moment. They both kiss me, and get off of the bed. Billie puts the Henny bottle down on the nightstand behind mom.

Kaia and mom and Billie hug, and Billie waves and blows me a kiss as they head out the door. Kaia waves too. Both of them smiling real sweet and sexy for me.

Mom shuts the door behind them, then she comes over and sits on the bed with me. She’s upset. Not really mad, just upset. I put my arm around her and we snuggle in bed. I love doing that with her. We’re not talking at the moment, just relaxing. Finally, mom tells me all about it.

“He lied to me. I told Spence not to fool around with Kaia anymore…and explained why… and he promised that he wouldn’t, but he did it anyway. He fucking lied to me.” Well… she’s a little mad, I guess.

I let mom vent, holding her close. My left hand softly… and lovingly… rubbing her as she lays her long blonde-haired head on my chest. Then, I interject my two cents worth.

“Don’t worry about Brad and all of that bullshit. I’ll talk to Spence. He’s just a horny fucker like the rest of us. A real horny fucker.” Mom and I laugh. “I’ll straighten it out. Don’t worry. You’re too freaking beautiful to worry about anything.” I give mom a playfully sweet and horny grin. She giggles and smiles back, then kisses me. Softly bursa escort caressing my face in her hands.

We really get into the kissing thing. Our tongues wildly fucking away.

I lay mom on her back on the bed, and gently turn over on top of her. We’re still kissing as I untie her robe. God, I love this woman. She’s my everything.

God, look at those tits. Ha. I just look in awe at the greatest boobs ever.

Over in the kitchen…

“She threw him out. I don’t think he even took his clothes.” Kaia giggles as she drinks a beer. She and Billie are chillin’ in the kitchen while mom and I chill in my bedroom.

Billie giggles too. She’s also drinking a beer. “It’ll be OK. James will work it all out.”

“Yeah, I know. My brother’s the best. I just don’t want to get him involved in all of this drama. I feel bad that he is.”

“He loves you very much, and he wants to help you out, so don’t feel bad.”

“I know. And, I love him even more. I just wish Brad wasn’t being such a pain about all of this. His dad actually isn’t a bad guy. It’s mostly Brad complaining and making a big deal out of everything. I actually made out with his dad a little the other night. He’s cute. We were over at Brad’s parents’ place and he and his mom were in the basement moving something and his dad started flirting with me. One thing lead to another, and we were swapping spit right there in the living room. He’s a really good kisser. And, he’s got a big dick too. I felt it when we were making out on the couch.” Kaia giggles again. Mischievously grinning and raising her eyebrows at Billie as she softly sucks on the neck of her beer bottle.

Billie laughs. “How big?” She playfully raises her eyebrows back at Kaia and sips her beer.

“About… this long.” Kaia puts her beer down on the counter and moves her hands out to about ten inches or so to show Billie how big Brad’s dad’s dick was. They both laugh and smile their approval.

“Whoa. Nice and big. Haha.”

“Oh yeah. I wanted to suck it, but Brad and his mom came back upstairs before I could get it out of his pants. Party poopers.” Kaia and Billie laugh again. They drink beer and chat, easing the tension from before, very quickly.

Back in my room…

“Fucking piss in my mouth!” The sweet and loving tenderness from earlier is all but gone now. Mom’s turned-on greatly… and so the fuck am I.

I’m straddling her mighty chest, fucking her all natural 34FF boobs and her absolutely magical mouth at the same time. Mom’s very-wickedly grinning at me. Her kinky tongue is lapping all around my thick veins-covered shaft as she slurps very-voraciously on my quick-fucking dick.

“Yeahhhhhhhh…” I smirk as my piss blasts out of my cock and batters the back of mom’s totally awesome mouth. She quickly gulps it down. Her throat bouncing fast as she swallows fast to keep up with the immense amount of warm and yellow, dick wine shooting into her mouth. And, I’m still fucking her titties… and her mouth… while I piss in it. HOLY FUCKING YEAH TO THAT!

Mom moans so fucking slutty, absolutely loving being my piss whore.

I can’t stop grinning… and titty and mouth fucking… and pissing on top of it.

Mom very voraciously drains my pissing cock, wildly gulping down four big mouthfuls of piss, then immediately sucking down my cum that blasts out the moment that I stop pissing. So much piss. So much cum. And mom drinks it all with a big, happy smile… and some extra-slutty moans of joy. Fuck! She’s sexy! And she knows it too.

“YUMMMMMMMMY! WOO! Hahaha.” Mom’s happy, and I’m happy. God, her mouth and her tits will do that for ya every time.

She slurps my dick spotless and dry. The thick veins in my shaft still pulsating at the touch of mom’s magical lips. Her mouth clutches my spent cock perfectly. Her luscious lips rippling down my shaft repeatedly as she meticulously drinks me dry. Her tongue washing my massive, fat cock clean as well.

Afterwards, we kiss some more and snuggle some more as well. I’m always happy to make my mom feel better. I hate seeing her upset. She rarely is. She’s a very upbeat, happy person. And, I wanna keep her that way.

The next day…

My stepmom Drita stops by to check on me. Billie’s at work. And mom and Kaia are out shopping.

“She should twist that chubby fuck’s nuts off for doing that. He knows how much shit that could get you in doing that shit. I would beat the shit outta him, myself, personally.”

You gotta love Drita. She gets right to the point, in the most direct way possible.

Drita bursa escort bayan and I are very close. She’s very protective of me. She and Spence have a like/hate relationship… sort of. They do get along sometimes, hence the “like” part. Definitely not love. However, they do have times where they don’t get along… quite a few actually… hence the hate part of it. And that always happens when Spence does or says something that pisses Drita off. She’s got a temper. And Spence is Spence. So yeah, it’s a rocky relationship.

But hey, like I said, Drita and I get along beautifully… thankfully. I wouldn’t want her mad at me. Ha.

“You’re so damn pretty, James. Fucking beefcake stud. Ha!” Drita walks over to the couch… drink in hand… and plops down in my lap, straddling me and facing me. She chugs her drink then smirks at me. Wickedly and full of sexual fire.

Fuck, she’s sexy. That long, straight, dirty-blonde hair. Those succulent lips with that wet, cherry-red lipstick covering them. Dad has good taste. Very good.

Drita grinds my crotch, smirking at me too. “Forget about that idiot. Fuck me, stud. Fuck your stepmom. Give me that giant fucking dick. Ram it up my fucking pussy. NOW, BABY!”

Drita fucking engulfs my lips. Kissing me like a bad-ass boss-bitch should. Her tongue raping mine. Her spit drowning mine.

Drita rips her top open. She’s oozing powerfully intense carnal fury. Her red satin bra is holding in those gorgeous, enhanced tits of hers. Freaking beautiful tits!

My hands paw them while we feverishly kiss. While Drita heatedly humps my rod in my sweatpants.

“Fucking sexy bitch.” I let that out as I squeeze those gorgeous, super-perky, bra-encased tits even harder. Violent. Passionate. Craving my stepmom. Fuck! I want this bad-ass slut so fucking bad!

Drita makes short work of my pants. Ripping them off while still feverishly kissing me. Her lips never leaving mine. I yank her tits out of her bra and slap the fuck outta them.

Drita’s large nipples are so fucking hard. They’re vibrating outta control from all of the hardcore stimulation. Our immense, animal desire for one another is thick in the air.

We Start fucking. Drita bouncing wild and freaky on my raging-hard cock. We’re still kissing too. Drita pulls on my bottom lip with her teeth. Furiously sucking on it as she bounces so violently on my dick.

“YES!!! FUCK ME, STUD!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! FUCK ME, YOU SEXY FUCKER! DO IT! FUCK YOUR STEPMOM WITH THAT GIANT FUCKING DICK! FUCK YEAH!!! FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Drita yanks my hair as sucks the soul from my tongue. Bouncing faster and harder on me.

My cock lurches so fucking hard and deep inside of her. Drita’s juice-spewing snatch owning my cock. Dominating it with pure sexual rage. Fuck! It’s good!

Meanwhile, over at the diner that Billie works at…

Kaia and mom stop by for lunch. And, Brad’s dad happens to stop by too. Actually, Kaia texted him and asked him to stop by. He, Kaia, and mom share a booth. Billie is their waitress.

As they eat, Kaia has some fun with Brad’s dad, Bob. They’re sitting across from mom in the booth. Kaia runs her hand up and down Bob’s leg under the table, making sure it stops right on his crotch.

Kaia grins at mom, who smirks back. Kaia already told mom about Bob’s extra-large cock size on the way over. Kaia manages to unzip Bob’s zipper while they all eat. She fishes out his half-hard dick. Wrapping her right hand around the thick shaft and pumping it nice and easy as she eats her fries. Bob’s enjoying a pastrami sandwich, while mom dines on a grilled chicken salad.

Mom smirks again at Kaia as she playfully wiggles her eyebrows at her.

Bob’s taking turns eating, looking over at Kaia’s big tits in her pink sports bra top… and ogling mom’s huge knockers in her low-cut, black spandex top. Those are four very-awesome, very-large titties for ya to gawk at right there.

Bob takes it all in with a happy grin while enjoying Kaia’s handjob under the table… and the tasty pastrami sandwich as well. They have some real good food at that place. And my chick works there, so I’m a fan. Ha.

“So… Bob… Kaia tells me you have a really big cock.” Mom shocks Bob, catching him off-guard. He coughs from the surprise.

Kaia pats Bob’s back to make sure he’s OK. He takes a sip of his iced tea and quickly gathers himself.

“Well… I guess I do.” Bob tries to stay cool. He’s a calm, confident guy.

“Oh… he definitely does.” Kaia grins, pumping Bob’s now escort bursa hard dick a little faster under the table. Her hand gripping it nice and snug. Not too tight though. She learned well from mom. Her beautiful pink nails are lightly tracing up and down his mature, thick shaft.

Bob tries to hold in his happy growls of joy from the expert handjob, but his grin gives him away.

Kaia leans over, smiles over at mom, and opens her mouth, drooling spit down to his dick, then massaging it in very nicely for lube.

Kaia gets her phone and takes a pic of Bob’s extra-large, mature dick in her hand, then hands mom her phone to see Bob’s dick for herself.

Mom calmly eats her salad as she checks out the pic. Very impressed with the size of the older guy’s dick.

“Very nice, Bob. Congratulations.” Mom playfully smirks at him, then she sips her own tea. They’re having a very nice lunch. Especially where Bob’s concerned. Ha.

“Thank you, Kelly.” Bob confidently winks back at mom. A sly grin forming on his lips.

“You know… I’m really hungry.” Kaia smiles extra-naughty at mom, looking around to see if anyone is watching, then she dives down and sucks on Bob’s throbbing member. Slurping it loud as she bobs… knock on wood… on his dick. Bob growls softly and oh so happily. His eyes closing as Kaia works her lusty magic on him.

Mom just grins… and eats her salad.

“Well… I was gonna ask if you guys needed anything, but it looks like you’re good. Well, Kaia and Bob are at least.” Billie jokes. Kaia smiles up at her, then gets back to sucking off Bob under the table.

“Wow, you look beautiful, my dear.” Bob works his charm on Billie.

“Thanks. You’re looking pretty darn good yourself, Bob.” Billie giggles and points at Bob’s dick as Kaia deepthroats it.

Bob nods to Billie, raising his glass of tea to her as a thank you.

Mom decides to get in on the Bob cock-teasing action. She slips off her shoe under the table and runs her foot up his legs, stopping at his crotch to softly rub his balls through his pants while Kaia bobs faster in his lap. Sucking deep and dirty on that thick piece of mature dick meat. It’s pouring precum into Kaia’s sweet mouth and throat, and she’s very-quickly gulping it all down.

Bob growls once more from mom’s foot on his balls, and from Kaia’s deep suck job. He puts his hand on top of Kaia’s blonde head and thrusts up into her throat, cumming down it. His thick gooey seed shooting right down there pretty quick. Between mom’s naughty foot and Kaia’s equally naughty mouth, they both make quick work of ol’ Bob and his well-matured load.

Kaia raises her head up, licking any cum from her lips, and mom slips her shoe back on. Before Bob can put his dick away though, Billie chimes in.

“Hold up… looks like you spilled something.” Billie smirks, grabbing a napkin, looking around to see if anyone is watching her, then leaning over softly wiping up a couple of drops of cum from Bob’s cock-head. She takes her time, rubbing very-thoroughly on his plump crown with the napkin as Bob smiles his thanks. She smiles back at him, then balls the sperm-stained napkin up and puts it in her pocket to throw away.

“There ya go, Bob.”

“Well thank you, dear. You’re a very attentive waitress. You’re getting a really big tip.” Bob winks at Billie and grins. Finally putting his big dick away and zipping up.

“Thanks. Here’s the bill.” Billie hands Bob the bill. Mom offers to pay for it, but Bob insists that he does.

He also slips two hundred dollar bills into Billie’s pocket as her tip.

“Whoa! Thank you, Bob. That’s really nice of you. Thanks. That’s the biggest tip I’ve ever gotten.” Billie gives Bob a very thankful… and sexy… smile.

“My pleasure.”

Not bad. A thirty five dollar lunch and a two hundred dollar tip. Billie’s a great waitress, so she deserves it. And she’s hot. And she’s my chick. Yeah… she’s pretty freaking cool. Ha.

Back at home…

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wanna have your baby… baby.” Drita laughs as she kisses me again. I just filled her boss-bitch snatch with a huge load of cream. We’re standing by the front door, saying goodbye. Drita’s gotta go take care of some business for dad.

“See ya later, hot stuff.” I squeeze Drita’s sweet ass nice and rough through her tight gray pants. Double scoop of booty.

“Definitely, you pretty motherfucker.” We kiss some more.

“Step-motherfucker.” I joke. We both laugh hard at that one.

Drita takes off. I watch her walk to her car, thinking about how good it felt to bang that fucking pussy of hers. We wave to each other, then Drita speeds off. I laugh and shake my head. Damn, she’s one cool ass bitch.

Tune in next time for more naughty family shenanigans. They’re always going down around here. Peace.

By: DickThePimp

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