Family Garden Ch. 51

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Faye Reagan

Chapter 51 – Jahad Barrak

Fornasia led the way upstairs and down the hallway. It was where Jason had been sleeping for the last week as the others got used to the new dynamics of children sleeping in bed with their mothers and breastfeeding during the night. He left the door open so he could hear and help, but with all four incapable of having sex as well, Fornasia had insisted that it was her turn to have him all to herself for a little catch up time.

It was a Sunday, five days after Gabby, Larissa, and Porsche’s delivery and the first time Janice, Claire, Chastity, and Hannah ever visited the Korrapati home, or saw the upstairs bedrooms. The younger children, Fornasia’s youngest children, were outside playing around the house, in their rooms, or in the basement that had been converted into an activities room years ago. The upstairs was very quiet except for the sounds of just a single baby crying in the nursery. That was where Gabriella, Porsche, and Larissa were, nursing babies, changing diapers, and generally just tending to their offspring all the while with small satisfied smirks as they looked down at their children with all the love they possessed.

Fornasia led her small group of Galdren women, and Jason, down the hallway and opened the doors of her room. There were mixed reactions as Janice and her daughters walked in. The room was Colonial Victorian in décor with antique furniture spread around the perimeter of the room while the central piece was the largest four-poster bed they had ever seen. In the Galdren house there wasn’t a bed bigger than Janice’s queen, and now she saw a bed bigger than any king!

Janice and Claire’s mouths fell open, Chastity gasped delightedly and beamed a wide plump lipped smile while Hannah openly guffawed as she cried, “Holy shit! Now that’s a bed!”

“I had it specially made,” Fornasia bragged as she held the French doors and waved them in, “It is four queens pushed together…”

“That’s not a bed,” Janice suddenly purred seductively, “That’s a playground!”

“Exactly!” Fornasia chuckled as she closed the door.

When everyone turned to look at her she smiled, and then walked over to Janice and caressed her cheek. Janice was taken a little by surprise at the caress, and then Fornasia leaned in and kissed her tenderly on the mouth. They let their tongues dance together as their kissing continued. It appeared that both women were about to start groping each other’s breasts, but then Fornasia withdrew and stepped back. Combing her fingers through Janice’s auburn hair, she whispered, “From one matriarch to another; I want to unite our homes under Jason Galdren, and I hope that you and I will be more than… sister-wives.”

“I think I would like that very much,” Janice agreed breathily, her cheeks blushing as she nodded before leaning in for another kiss.

When Fornasia pulled away again she stepped back with a longing smile, but then turned and retraced her steps back to the bedroom door and put her hand on the knob. Looking back over her shoulder she purred, “As much as I want to stay, and play. I will go watch your children while you have some… time… with Jason. It’s long overdue. Do not feel the need to rush. Take as much time as you want. We have all day.”

“Wow!” was all Janice said once the door closed and Fornasia was gone.

No one else said anything. All that was heard was Claire suddenly unbuckling and zipping her jeans before pushing them and her panties to her ankles while trying to hop out of her boots all at the same time. A button down shirt and a tank top were pulled over her head, and she was suddenly completely naked. She stood there in front of Jason in nothing but her red hair and milk white skin. Emerald eyes flashed with desire as her firm 32 d-cup breasts jiggled. Taking his hand she laughed as she pulled him to the bed. She fell back onto the mattress and pulled him on top of her.

Hannah pulled his shirts off while Chastity pulled his pants down. He stepped out of them and up to Claire and placed his already massively swollen mushroom shaped dickhead against her waxed smooth labia. He took a minute to admire her breasts as she watched. Leaning in he licked each pink areola before kissing and nipping her taut nipples. Claire’s breathing shuddered. Withdrawing, he watched her belly stretch and contract like ocean swells. He caressed her belly with callused hands before moving up to her delicate neck, down her sternum between the cleavage of her breasts, and back down to her belly. He paused at her navel and rubbed circles around it, then caressed the flares of her hips and followed the curve of her lower belly to her pubic mound. He ran his fingers across the tops of her thighs, nearly to her knees before returning as he dragged his nails up the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Once he was at the prize he used only his thumbs to caress the pale white lips of her labia.

Claire sighed at his touch.

He smiled down at her as he spread her thighs wider, asyabahis yeni giriş opening her up so that he could admire the pink rose of her sex as it bloomed before him. The pink petals of her flower glistened with her arousal, and then he pushed his dick down toward the dark pink well of her desire and watched as he disappeared inside his sister. Wrapping his arms under her thighs, he lifted her ass off the bed and thrust all the way inside her.

“Yes,” She gasped as his girth stretched her out around him and couldn’t help but start rocking her hips in time with his thrusts.

“When it’s time, do you want me to cum in you, or pull out?” He asked while trying to keep his pace steady and slow.

“I’m ready. Please plant your seed in my garden,” She begged as she looked up at him lovingly.

“I think we are all ready,” Janice whispered as she strutted up to him and kissed him.

While Janice rubbed her hands across his chest all the way down to his dick, Chastity and Hannah got on the bed and began licking and sucking Claire’s breasts. Janice smiled at him naughtily and then knelt down as she moved behind him. She found some Vaseline, and then he growled as he felt her thumb slip between his ass cheeks and penetrate his anus!

She chuckled softly as she twisted her thumb around until she found his prostate. She knew she found it when he gasped and his penile muscle tightened up until he was as stiff as an iron pipe. Using her fingers to scratch up and down his crotch, over the sensitive nerves and muscles of his penile muscle before grabbing his scrotum, she chuckled as his testicles tightened up and listened to his moans as she pulled them back down into her palm.

Whatever it was that Janice was doing to Jason, Claire liked it! His dick was an iron piston withdrawing and slamming inside her. His large bulbous head was smashing into her cervix every time he bottomed out, and his balls were slapping her ass deliciously!

Jason felt like his mind was on fire. Whatever Janice was doing, his dick felt like it was swelling up!

Claire could feel him stretching her out almost painfully around his girth, but along with the pain there was also so much pleasure!

His balls felt like a live electrical wire was connected to them and they were buzzing. His prostate felt like a white hot ball, and as Janice scratched her nails across his crotch and grabbed his scrotum again he felt his mind white out as semen hit his prostate a split second before blasting out of him and into Claire!


“Oh fuck!”

“Oh fuck yes!”

“YES!” Claire screamed as hot seed splashed against the insides of her womb and she climaxed with her brother!

They were both left breathing hard, but Chastity and Hannah weren’t willing to wait for their recovery. They rock, paper, scissored for who was next, and Hannah chortled before crawling on top of Claire and kissing her as she positioned her ass and pussy so that Jason only had to withdraw from Claire to find Hannah’s pussy right there waiting for him.

“Okay, big brother,” Hannah purred as she looked back over her shoulder, “I’m ready for you to put that garden hose inside! Fill me up with your babies too!”

He unwrapped his arms from Claire’s thighs and grabbed Hannah’s much smaller ass only when compared to Janice, Claire, or Chastity. However, like her oldest sister, Hannah also waxed her blonde pubes leaving her pink labia as soft and smooth as the day she was born. Withdrawing from Claire, his dick slick with her nectar and his cum, he pushed it against Hannah’s clitoris and watched his dick slide up her vulva until he hit her perineum and disappeared inside her vagina!

As Janice patiently waited her turn, she kept her thumb in Jason’s rectum and began slowly rubbing his prostate again while scratching her fingers up and down his crotch, and periodically grabbing his balls. Chastity was not as patient. She stood up and began playing with her own pussy with one hand while twisting her nipple with the other while snatching kisses from Jason as often as she could.

Jason fucked Hannah for much longer than Claire. He couldn’t help it. He had just cum, and even though his sisters and mother weren’t letting his dick flag for a second, his balls just weren’t ready yet. His testes didn’t feel empty per say, they just needed… reload time. It had felt in that first overwhelming cum inside Claire like he had blown every sperm in his balls inside her. However, as he pivoted his hips back and forth the sensation of Hannah’s tight vagina undulating around his cock sent warmth and tingling from his groin to his belly, and with Janice’s constant massaging of his prostate and balls soon he could feel them churning as sperm seemed to be frothing at the edges of boiling pots.

Hannah was the first one to climax. She moaned into Claire’s mouth as they kissed. Claire did her best to pinch and twist Hannah’s small nipples that were sticking up like points from her teardrop shaped asyabahis giriş B-cup breasts. Hannah began swiveling her hips, whisking his dick inside, and slamming her ass back to collide with his pelvis. It was so violent that his balls were constantly slapping her clitoris when Janice wasn’t juggling them.

He was breathing hard. He could feel the fire in his balls and a burning in his prostate, and then Hannah slammed her ass backward into him and she gasped as all the air exploded from her body. She tightened down around his cock, her vagina doing its best to ring every milliliter of seed from him!

He was almost able to hold out, but then Janice turned her thumb nail into his prostate and raked her nails across his crotch, and stars burst behind his closed eyelids and he found himself thrusting as deep as he could as explosions erupted from his dick feeling like his massively swollen mushroom head was blown off inside his sister and buried deep in her core!

He was absolutely sure it must have shot straight up into her chest cavity and up into her throat by the way she grunted and trembled in her own raging orgasm. When he was done spraying Hannah’s insides like a fire hydrant cracked open on a hot summer day. He was so dazed that when Janice finally withdrew her thumb from his ass, he took a step back and nearly collapsed to the floor. Janice left to wash her hands in the master bathroom, so Chastity didn’t hesitate to pounce.

Jason was sprawled out on the floor, his head swimming as the world spun around him. Chastity’s smiling face came into view and he felt her hands on his chest, but then she removed a hand and he felt her grab his still hard and bobbing dick and guide it to her pussy. She ground her clitoris down on his pubic bone and set a nice slow pace.

Janice returned and pulled Chastity to sit up so that she could sit down on his chest. She sat facing Chastity while she scooted back so that her ass and pussy buried his face. He was forced to inhale his mothers scent, her arousal, as slick clear nectar dribbled from her vagina, lubricated her vulva and labia, and then smeared across his mouth and nose as she mounted him. With his mother’s massive ass cheeks crushed against his eyes and head, his world turned dark. All that was left was his sense of touch, taste, and smell. His mother tasted like tears, salty and watery. There was also the faint taste of lavender, vanilla, and lilacs. Remnants of the soaps and oils she used. He could also smell her womanly fragrance, the spiky scent of her arousal, and the smells of those same soaps and oils. Using his nose he dived into her vagina while he used his tongue to find her clitoris and suck her labia into his mouth.

He felt his mother’s weight on his chest and face, but he felt his sister’s weight on his hips and thighs. Buried beneath his women like this, there was very little he could do, but then, they seemed to have their own satisfaction well in hand. Using his hands, Jason grabbed two greedy handfuls of Janice’s ass cheeks, and kept eating her out while Chastity bounced on his dick like she had a spring in her pussy.

Every time he came it took twice as long to cum again. Chastity orgasmed three times before he finally felt his testes churn and boil over. She bayed exultantly when she felt his cum saturate her womb and orgasmed her fourth time.

Janice was silently quivering. He had long ago stopped licking her clitoris, pulled his nose out of her vagina, and buried it in her ass while licking his tongue up the walls of her sheath. She too had climaxed. More than once, and she was very very sensitive. As soon as Chastity moved to the side Janice fell upon his dick and sucked and slurped her way from tip to base as she cleaned cum and nectar from all four of her children off of him before hurriedly moving around to hover over his dick!

He had time to blink, trying to clear blurry eyes, and lock on to Janice’s emerald green eyes and see her triumphant smile before she impaled herself upon his dick. She groaned as her long awaited expectation was finally met, and then sighed luxuriantly as her body accepted his presence as muscles she hadn’t even realized were tense from abstinence finally relaxed. With a broad smile she laid down Jason’s body and kissed him over and over and over again. It was going to take time before he was able to cum again, but that was okay, Janice finally had him where she wanted him and they had all day.


June 3, 1990

The trunk slammed and seconds later the car door opened and Calvin stopped down and slid into the passenger seat. He had a darker version of his older brother’s strawberry red hair. He had the confidence of a supermodel, a male supermodel. Fornasia had met a few, both male and female.

Those poor ladies were always balls of self-denial and recrimination. Always scared to death they might eat something and gain an ounce of weight. It didn’t matter that actual men like women with a little flesh asyabahis güvenilirmi on them, the industry had them all cowed and most of them thought looking like a starving sack of bones was attractive. On top of all that, when a model decided to cut loose and go out on the town all she had were her girlfriends because guys were intimidated. Guys seemed to think that a beautiful supermodel must have the hottest guy around as her man. So very few men would even try to approach. The result was that most of those women hated food, hated themselves, and whether they admitted it or not, hated their lives.

Male supermodels though were a completely different animal. They didn’t seem to ever have issues with hormones, or weight, or monthly cycles, or bloating. They ate what they wanted for the most part, and if they gained a pound or two, well, they just worked out for an hour or ran for a mile or two and everything was good! To add insult to injury women threw themselves at them while they had their pick of those women. The whole thing made male supermodels probably some of the most arrogant men Fornasia had ever met. Not to say that there were those that were humble and modest. There were. They were just a rarity.

The whole mess usually made Fornasia shake her head in exasperation. She had to fight to keep her features neutral though as Calvin climbed into her car. She had known the boy for less than a minute and she already wanted to put him out on his ear!

Clenching her jaw she gave him a tight lipped smile. His return smirk was absolutely infuriating.

“It’s nice to be noticed for once,” He said after sitting down and buckling his seat belt, “It’s usually my brother that gets all the accolades and attention. Not like there aren’t two other brothers with the Galdren name. And better than him in many areas too.”

She nearly had to bite her tongue to keep from responding nastily. When she didn’t say anything he continued, “It’s nice to be noticed finally by one of the Korrapati women. Though, not exactly who I was hoping for. Anyway, thank you for this opportunity, I won’t disappoint you!”

Her eyes widened at the apparent modicum of gratitude. She managed to unclench her jaw enough to say, “Oh, don’t worry about that, you won’t disappoint me.”

“At least, no more than you already have,” She finished in her head.

She turned around in the Galdren driveway and started towards Seattle. Knowing what Calvin was capable of made her nervous, and so, she kept a watch on him from her periphery and the mirror. Awkward in the silence, Calvin started talking, “So, what kind of job is this? I heard it will pay well, but that was all.”

“I heard you were looking for work from your mother,” Fornasia answered as she looked straight ahead, keeping her eyes on the road.

“Yes,” Calvin said, his tone guarded now.

She nodded her head and cut her eyes to him quickly before continuing, “I just so happen to know quite a few employers and have some influence. A couple even owe me a favor or two.”

“Yes, but, what is the job?” Calvin asked again, this time a touch impatient.

“It’s,” She began, then paused thinking of how to describe the job title, “A… Customer Service position mixed with duties involving Human Resources.”

Calvin’s face said he was not thrilled by the description so far.

“You will have to trust me,” She said with a conspiratorial grin now, “You will like it. There are a lot of moving parts to keep the mind active and entertained, and lots of people, most of which are beautiful young women. A veritable playground for a young attractive man like yourself.”

That seemed to pacify him with the promise of young women that he could push his attentions on, and stroking his ego. He truly was nothing like his brother, which only became more apparent as they traveled.

“You know,” He started sometime later, “I have to say it’s good to finally be recognized by a Korrapati woman.”

Fornasia lifted an eyebrow, but she kept silent.

“Don’t get me wrong,” He continued, trying to explain, “Jason’s a decent guy, and brother, but I don’t get what everyone sees in him. Charlene, Larissa, and especially Sable!”

“All goggle-eyed over him, when all he ever had eyes for was Gabriella,” He hissed bitterly, “Didn’t matter though, not to them, it’s all about Jason!”

Fornasia cut her eyes to him while carefully schooling her expression toward neutrality. She had a great deal she could tell him as to why he disgusted all of them, her included! But, she wouldn’t. Reining herself in, she looked ahead, out of the windshield, at the road ahead, and took solace in the plans she had arranged for Calvin Galdren.

“All charm, but no potency,” Calvin grumbled under his breath, “he may have all those girls licking his dick, but I got him.”

“Pardon?” Fornasia finally asked her voice as close to neutral as she could make it, but still with a touch of shock and anger mixed in.

Calvin looked at her, his eyes widening as he smiled and said, “Oh nothing! I was just thinking of something… consoling. Anyway, as I was saying, It’s nice to have caught your attention. Thank you. If there is… “anything”… I can do for you, any way I can… “service”… you, please, just ask.”

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