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I am not gay. This is not a kind of desperate attempt to convince you or myself of it, it’s the truth, as simple as that. I have always felt attracted to women, I have never had any romantic feelings for a man, actually, the mere thought of kissing another man is repulsive to me (Strangely enough, kissing other parts of the male body isn’t).

That said, I can certainly admit that I am bisexual. Men and women attract me sexually, and I have had sexual experiences with males and females alike — and enjoyed them all greatly.

At the moment I am in a very happy and fulfilling relationship (with a woman, thanks for asking), so my sexual escapades are limited to my fantasy. There is one fantasy in particular that I have never fulfilled, simply because it wasn’t possible to do so without taking greater risks than I was prepared to do at any time in my life. Here it is.

There are four of them. They are young, about 25 years old, and of athletic build. Their chests are nicely defined and they’ve got the kind of washboard abs that people have to sacrifice a great lifestyle to get. They are handsome, I guess, I really don’t care. I do care about their dicks. A lot, to be frank. They have nice-sized dicks, with uncircumsized heads, all but one of them have 8-inch cocks with a nice girth, only one of them has a 10-inch whopper. They bursa escort are all naked, glistening with sweat, and eager to please and be pleased.

I am the object of their desire. I haven’t been the object of too many people’s desire, but this is my fantasy, so those guys are practically salivating at the sight of my naked body, lying on a bare bed before them.

I have taken great pains to prepare for this night. I have taken an extensive shower, thoroughly removing every strand of hair from my body (I kept what I have on my head, though). I also had two enemas to rinse any unwanted and unsexy material from my asshole. I have lotioned my body, lubed my butthole, smeared my lips with chapstick — I am prepared. For this is going to be a night of fucking and sucking, and I intend to do it as long as I can.

They gather round my naked form, masturbating their stiffening cocks. One of them gets on the bed next to my head and I turn my head, to receive his dick into my open mouth. I slowly let him slide into me, then back out, softly sucking his dickhead. Then he comes back, out again, he is building a nice rhythm. I feel fingers probing my lubed asshole, my legs are spread wider, a tongue starts licking first my balls, then my anus. Another tongue is playing with my penis, a mouth engulfs me. I let go of the dick in my mouth, only bursa escort bayan to have it replaced with the big one. I am very relaxed as I suck this monster down my throat (yes, I practiced).

My legs are lifted off the bed and two tongues start licking my asshole — I am being prepared for the first of many penetrations tonight. I eagerly suck the schlong in my mouth, waiting for the feeling of a penis entering me. The tongues withdraw, here comes the meat. Slowly, carefully at first, a probing dickhead knocks on my opening. I relax my sphincter, wanting, needing the first dick of the night. He complies with my obvious need, pushing past my sphincter, entering me.

When he is all the way in he pauses, as if contemplating his next move. I know what it’s gonna be (there is only one way to go, after all), but I still feel empty when he withdraws, only to come back a second later. My lover is starting to build a steady rhythm, each time hitting my prostate when he comes back into me. One mouth comes back to suck me, in time with the thrusts into my anus.

I alternately suck the two dicks next to my head now, I would love to taste some spunk now, since I am getting very aroused and sperm tastes best when you eat it at the moment of orgasm. I slide my two index fingers into one asshole each, follow it with a second finger escort bursa a moment later. I poke them, stroke them, suck them, I want that cum, goddammit!

The big one is first to let go. He shoots, first a long stream of sweet, sticky cum down my throat, then shorter spurts on my lips and on my face. He has also prepared for tonight, I can taste it, he must have practically lived on pineapple juice in the recent days.

The other guy seems to get turned on by my cum-splattered face, he starts fucking my face harder, as well as the guy who fucks my asshole. The fuck me in perfect harmony, my body becomes one big orifice, my penis a pillar of lust in my other beau’s mouth.

It is time for the first double-jizzing, I think. My lovers comply, first I feel my mouth being flooded with warm goo, I swallow it greedily. Only a second later my ass gets hosed down with sperm as well. My assfucker remains inside me for a second, then he withdraws, just to be replaced by the guy who has been sucking me. I was close, but now I am under control again and I savor the soapy cum inside my mouth and the feeling of my seeded asshole getting fucked again.

The second guy doesn’t last as long as the first one and soon he pours his jizm deep inside my bowels. His last push inside me pushes me over the edge, too, I black out momentarily, my dick becomes a volcano of sperm as it spews out a huge load of my man-juice, which is greedily lapped up by three waiting mouths.

We all crash on the bed. What a beginning, I can’t wait for the rest of the night to start!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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