Felon Failing Fallen

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Author’s Note: The time has come to bring on the drama and shake things up a notch or two. You’ve been waiting patiently so here it is: Chapter four in my Wound in Time series. The story contains mainly F/F action as well as a plot. It’s a lengthy piece that will most likely satisfy your search for instant gratification. Please check out the previous chapters if you want extra dirt on the characters. They’re not listed in order but the titles are sequential as follows: (WIT)At First, Blind Borne, Escapade and Felon Failing Fallen. That said, read on and hopefully, enjoy the story. Please don’t forget to vote and I would greatly appreciate your comments.




“How do you feel about that, I mean, besides the shock?” Eva said as Mavin made her way back to the sofa.

“The hell if I know. Don’t get me wrong, I do care about her and I know she’s not like the others…”


“But I don’t know.” Mavin said, her voice dropping to a whisper. “There’s so much shit that needs to be stripped off. And that’s one of the things bugging me. I never cared about stripping anything.”

“Oh, you mean like the ethics of her, your boss-“

“Former boss.”

“Okay, that’s a start. She’s not tied to your work. So what else is there?”

Mavin stayed silent for a minute as she enjoyed the straight shot of bourbon. She set her glass down and laid her gaze on her best friend. “Me.”


They remained quiet for a few moments and Eva moved closer to her friend. “You wanna hear what I think about all this?” She finally asked.

Mavin looked at Eva and tried to gauge where this would go.

“Look, I know this is a touchy subject…” Eva started again.

“That’s never stopped you before.”

“True…Okay, here’s what I’m thinking.” Eva said and breathed deeply to align her thoughts. “You’re a good person. You have an interesting view on life and you thoroughly enjoy being in control.”

“Anyone could tell you that.” Mavin interrupted.

“Well, they wouldn’t take it as fact and I like to see you happy. But you have to decide what makes you happy.”

“Aight, so where does that leave all this? I’m happy were I’m at. She wants change. Change I’m not willing to give…can’t give.”

“Hold up, we talking commitment?”

“Fuck yeah!” Mavin said as she exhaled.

“Damn, now I’m sure that didn’t go well.” Eva smiled.

“I don’t know Eva. I explained the best I could to her but she has a problem with me and my ways and she thinks she’s in love with me. I’m not responsible for how she feels. I mean, why should I be?”

“You know women, Mavin. They want the emotions. They thrive on it. I know you’re not built that way but-“

“But nothing Eva. It’s so fucked up. It’s a DuPont repeat. I refuse to let myself get caught up in all that shit.” Mavin sighed and eyed Eva again. “Look, this is too draining to talk about.”

“Aight, but you know it’s good to talk sometimes.”

“Yeah, sometimes.” Mavin said and closed her eyes. She pushed all her feelings into a vault somewhere in her mind and tried to relax.


It was pretty late when Eva decided she was ready for a hot bath and some good sleep. Mavin was dozing off on the sofa and Eva didn’t have it in her to bother the tall woman. She went into her bathroom and ran the water at the right temperature. After adding the right oils and salts, Eva peeled off her clothes and marinaded herself for the next couple of hours.

Mavin’s eyes popped open and she realized where she was. She relaxed again but didn’t go back to sleep. It was just after midnight and she wanted to beat herself up for sleeping so long and abandoning her schedule completely. She saw the blanket covering her and felt naked. Well, she had on her boxer-briefs and a tank top but she also wondered how Eva managed to get her undressed without her necessarily waking up. She shrugged and tried to relax again.

Eva tossed and turned in her queen-sized bed. She felt bad about leaving Mavin on her sofa but didn’t want to think too deeply about it. She felt good about being able to help Mavin with whatever she was feeling or didn’t want to feel. She sighed and tried to picture Bellinda. This woman who seemed to have captured her friend’s fragile, yet highly-guarded heart. She must be something for Mavin to be feeling this tied up in more ways than one.

Mavin got up off the plush sofa and decided she needed to get her mind off Bellinda and her feelings. At least for the sake of her sanity, if there was any worth preserving. She made her way from the sofa into Eva’s room. She didn’t bother knocking and just walked in. She caught sight of Eva and then came the scent of Eva. As she was prone to do, Mavin felt her loins twitch. She wasn’t planning on anything really but as she made her way to the bed, her body was already laying the groundwork for something.

Eva felt the bed shift and knew immediately that Mavin had finally found her way in here. That wasn’t Ankara escort unusual. The fact that Eva was naked however, was. Mavin lifted the covers to allow herself under them and an airy blast of warmth and Eva’s charms slapped her senses. She fell under the covers, laying on her side and making no attempt to keep her large hands from wandering in search of the heat source. Mavin by now was well aware of Eva’s nakedness but she didn’t care. All she wanted was the warmth for herself. Her hand reached Eva and trailed over her lower back. She felt Eva’s body shiver with her touch and smiled.

Eva was fairly awake now and had little doubt in her mind about what Mavin was thinking. She stirred a bit and turned her body to face Mavin. The room was poorly lit by all the LED lights from various gadgets, so Eva could just make out the handsome shape of Mavin’s face and the glint in her eyes.

“Come here, I won’t bite.” Eva felt Mavin’s deep voice rolling through her limbs.

“Wouldn’t stop you if you did.” Eva said behind a smile Mavin knew was there. Eva moved closer to Mavin as the tall woman’s arms wrapped around her.

“You know Zeke and his wife are coming to visit.” Mavin said, her rational mind’s last attempt to distract her.

“That’ll be fun. Haven’t seen them in a while.” Eva just got the words out when she felt Mavin’s body shift. It was a few seconds after she was on her back that she realized what Mavin did. She also knew what would happen. Mavin was feeling vulnerable and needed to escape, to control. Eva didn’t mind being a puppet to Mavin’s desire. In fact, she was on the verge of being thrilled about it.

Mavin wasn’t in the mood to be gentle. She wanted to drive hard and fast. Eva just happened to be parked under her and was a candidate as good as any.

“Spread ’em.” Mavin whispered just before she clamped her lips over Eva’s.

She didn’t really wait for her friend to comply. Instead, she rolled her powerful hips between Eva’s thighs and continued to chew Eva’s soft lips. Mavin’s hands roamed the curvaceous body squirming under her and quelled her throbbing fingertips in the valley between Eva’s delightful breasts. She took hold of Eva’s left breast and fondled it while Eva arched up into her for more. She licked Eva’s bottom lip a bit more and then shoved her tongue down Eva’s throat.

Eva moaned around Mavin’s tongue as it fucked her face. She slid her arms around Mavin’s neck and pulled her friend closer. Mavin let her own hand move down the side of Eva’s body, to the curve of her hips and behind her to get a hold of her heavy ass. Mavin withdrew her tongue as a loud groan of pure pleasure erupted from her.

“Mmm…always knew you had a thing for my ass.” Eva said in a hot breath.

“Ahhh….fuck…I do.” The tall woman groaned and pressed her hips down into the Eva’s wetness.

Mavin leaned down and took a nipple in her mouth, sucking greedily and biting a few times. Eva traced the swells and cuts of Mavin’s muscled arms. She bit her lip as Mavin’s hot mouth ravaged her breasts. Mavin reached down and pulled her boxer-briefs down to her knees. She moistened her cock in the slick pool of Eva’s juices, rubbing the head between the swollen lips and dipping it a few times as Eva’s moans held her on the brink. Had it been someone nameless, she wouldn’t have cared at all.

“Doooooc….that feels so good.” Eva whimpered as her grip tightened on Mavin’s arms.

Mavin released the nub of flesh she’d been holding captive and focused on getting into Eva. When she was satisfied of her position between Eva’s thighs, she drove herself in with a hard thrust that forced air out of Eva’s lungs. Before Eva could catch her breath, Mavin pulled out and drove in again just as hard. Eva saw stars as the initial discomfort of being impaled by a huge dick subsided.

Mavin felt Eva’s body relax under her, so she pulled Eva’s legs up and pinned her knees to her chest. Mavin motioned for Eva to hold her legs up while she adjusted her position a bit. When she was comfortable, Mavin resumed her motions, thrusting deeply into Eva and taking immense pleasure in what her nerves told her brain.

Eva was very sure she’d be dissected before Mavin got done with her. But it felt too good to quit. She spurred Mavin on with her moans and breathy whispers. Soon however, she lost control of her own breathing as everything her body did fell in time to Mavin’s rhythm. Eva’s heart pounded just below her throat in time to Mavin’s harsh breaths washing over her. Her breath came raggedly on the heels of Mavin’s merciless thrusts.

Mavin on the other hand, rode on her self-made wave of pleasure. Each journey into Eva’s body treated her like royalty. The sound of Eva’s slippery pussy convulsing madly around her, made sure she didn’t stay out too long. Inviting her to come back in for more, were Eva’s ass cheeks pressed into her thighs. Mavin’s body thrummed with lust and she soon began to sweat. Somewhere in Mavin’s mind she was glad that Eva couldn’t see the manic grin on Ankara escort bayan her face. Nobody deserved to feel this good but hell, she did and gorged herself on sensation.

“OH GOD!!!” Eva didn’t know it but she was singing to Mavin as a terrifying orgasm bulldozed her without warning. She felt her juices practically pouring out of her as the sound of Mavin’s thrusts reached a fever pitch.

“FUUUUCK……YEAH!!!” Eva screamed again as the violent wave of aftershocks beat her body to a blissful pulp. She felt her pussy squeezing down on Mavin, but the tall woman was not to be stopped.

Mavin growled as a fresh batch of warmth flooded her thighs. She swam leisurely in Eva’s juices as her own limit drew near. She’d been speeding towards it and was ready for a head-on collision when Eva’s phone rang. They both ignored it, thinking it would go away but the damn thing kept up it’s two-dollar jingle.

“What the fuck!!!” Mavin nearly screamed as her reign of mind-blowing pleasure came to a screeching, back-crunching halt.

“Sssh baby….calm down.” Eva breathed and wiggled a bit to let Mavin know she was going to answer the phone.

“Who the fuck calls at four in the goddamn morn?!” Mavin spat as Eva reached for the phone.

“Be quiet…..Hello?” Eva said in a bittersweet tone. She was doubly happy that Mavin was still inside her and she’d have a chance to catch her breath. She was annoyed that Mavin was now agitated and very unlikely to drive her insane as planned.

“Morning. Hope I’m not interrupting anything Ms. Wilson, you sound a little winded.”

“Kurt?! Do have any idea what time it is?” Eva felt Mavin’s lips trailing over her breast.

“Sorry, this can’t wait for sunshine.”

“Well quit your…oh…” Eva felt Mavin thrust into her.

“What was that?”

“I said quit your sugar dancing and tell me why the hell you couldn’t wait 4 more hours to call.” Mavin rolled her hips in a circle, enjoying the sound of Eva’s wet walls stretching.

“Alright, don’t get testy. Your contract’s been finalized and all that’s left is your signature.”

Eva struggled to keep quiet as Mavin picked up where she left off and sent another orgasm burning through her.

“You have nothing to say?”

“Y-yesss…I mean no…GOD…that’s good…” Eva choked on her words.

“I take it you’ll sign?”

“Okay Kurt, just send it down here.” Eva said and hung up the line before any more damage could be done. “You’re crazy, you that don’t you?”

“Who was it?” Mavin asked as she pulled out of Eva with a loud sloshing sound.

“My soon-to-be boss, Kurt Pryce.” Eva panted.

“Pryce? He’s related to that kid, whatshisname?”

“Jason. Kurt’s his father, that’s how I know him.” Eva said and it was her turn to clam up. “You okay baby?”

“Good as I’m gonna be after that call.” Mavin said as she lay on her back next to Eva.

“Remind me to busy the phone when you’re staying over.” Eva smiled and snuggled into Mavin’s side.

“Don’t worry ’bout it.” Mavin chuckled and began to get out of Eva’s bed. “I gotta get back to my crib. I’ll pick you up on Friday.”

“You should bring your girlfriend too but here you go as usual.” Eva said simply. She could see Mavin in the light of dawn.

“What the fuck is that posed to mean?”

“You know you don’t have to run from me.”

“Eva, don’t start with me right now.” Mavin stood by the bed and rubbed her temples. “I’m busy as fuck and you know that. So don’t trip.”

“Okay, luv Doc. Whatever you say.” Eva teased.

“I don’t even know why I bother with your ass.”

“You luuuuv my ass and you can’t get enough.” Eva said with a ghetto tone.

“Ha yeah, well I’m out.” Mavin grinned as she made her way out of the room.

“Call me.” Eva said after her tall friend.

Mavin went into the living room and got dressed. It was a little after five and she would be busy all day. She wanted to get an early start but at the same time she was still on edge. She got her boots on and went back into Eva’s room.

“Aight, catch you later.” Mavin said and Eva gave her the finger.

“Yeah.” Eva nodded and stretched a little. “I’m gonna be so sore today.”

“That’s the first lesson in Slut 101.” Mavin smiled and left the room again.

Eva sighed and relaxed to get some sleep. Her day included some work and a ton of shopping.


A pair of lustrous green eyes peered out of from under sweeping lashes. Their owner wanting them to retreat behind their lids at first, but upon awareness of the time and day, freeing them to do their jobs. It was just after eleven in the lazy Wednesday morning and Bellinda’s brain greeted her with all that had happened the night before and even snippets of what could have happened.

The lethargic feeling ebbed from her limbs as she dragged herself out of bed and into her bathroom. She brushed her teeth and rinsed her face with warm water. She padded into her living room and noticed a tightly huddled lump Escort Ankara on her couch. At first she thought it was Joann, but Jo was in Queens with Brian or someone. She got closer and realized it was Adrian.

“Ay dios mio…” Bellinda sighed and tapped lightly on Adrian’s shoulder. “Adrian….”

Adrian mumbled a bit and slowly unwound herself and then, not realizing she wasn’t on a bed, she rolled off the couch and fell on the hardwood floor with a loud thud. That livened her senses immediately.

“Oh….I’ll be damned….uuuhhg.” Adrian groaned into the cold floor.

Bellinda stifled a giggle, “Come on, you have a flight to catch in like, three hours.”

“Uhn…glad to see you’re feeling better.” Adrian said as she rolled onto her back and got an upside-down view of Bellinda in her house robe. Adrian smiled and began to pat herself in search of something.

“They’re on the table.” Bellinda said.

“Well, of course.” Adrian sighed and reached for her pack of cigarettes and lighter. She tapped out a stick and Zippoed it to life. After a good drag, she looked at Bellinda again. “You’re good?”

“Yeah, I’m feeling much better, thanks for staying with me.” ‘Wow, I never dreamed of saying that to her ever again,’ Bellinda thought fleetingly.

“Well, I thought you had an allergic reaction to something we had for dinner.”

“Probably.” Bellinda lied.

“I’m gonna head out.” Adrian’s smoky breath escorting the southern drawl out of her wide mouth. She got up, slipped her shoes on and wore her jacket.

“Okay…thanks.” Bellinda said and hugged the blonde butch.

Adrian smiled and blew out a stream of smoke to dim the shine of Bellinda’s eyes. “See ya later.” She said and made for the door. Bellinda heard the door shut as she sank into the sofa. She was going to have a long day.

*********** Meanwhile ***********

“It never hurts to cross check your odd samples.” Mavin instructed.

“Wouldn’t that detract focus from the objective?”

“You should investigate for yourself. Find out which is better.”

The new guy, Wale Sogbasoke, who Mavin hired because every time she saw his face and heard his name, she couldn’t help but think of his application drenched in Bellinda’s sweet juices. Not to mention how it came to be drenched. Mavin chucked to herself as her vision clouded with Bellinda on her mahogany desk, her smooth legs hanging over Mavin’s broad shoulders. Hips undulating to Mavin’s tongue that was dancing at her entrance. Her moans filtering through the chilled air, the heat of her trembling thighs kissing Mavin’s sensitive ears.

Mavin shook her head clear. She cleared her throat and wrote something down in her pad. She almost gave Wale a pat on his back for the memory he induced but she caught herself. After all, he barely had his hands in the assignment. Mavin chuckled again and moved to another part of the lab.

Wale sighed thankfully when he hadn’t dropped the test tube he was tonging. He still couldn’t get his head around the presence Mavin had. She was intimidating at first, second and umpteenth glance but she wasn’t exactly mean. He was currently her lab partner for training purposes. It would be his option later on, whether or not he wanted to remain or move to another lab. Having her nearby, watching over his shoulder every now and then was still unnerving and yet, strangely…erotic.

“I’ll be in the Tech room, page me if you have any questions.” Wale heard Mavin’s very husky voice say and a few moments later, the hiss of the door signaling her exit.

“Sure, boss.” Wale said to no one. Why did he think Dr. Bright was erotic? And wasn’t there a rumor that she played for a different team? Well, it wouldn’t entirely be a shock if it were true, considering her demeanor. But still, erotic? “You must be going crazy.” Wale said under his breath as he transferred another test tube into the centrifuge.


“….at this very moment. No, that’s it….Thanks.” Mavin hung up and leaned into her chair, throwing her head back as a smile crept into her expression.

Mavin had spent her time alone thinking of what Eva said and on the same track, reconsidered what Bellinda had, or tried to say. In Mavin’s mind, Bellinda wanted to feel special and not necessarily in a ‘I wanna get hitched’ way. Mavin had no problems with making Bellinda feel special as long as she wasn’t required to specialize her own self in any way.

She didn’t feel like putting her heart, well…what was left of it, on the line for any reason, for anyone. She didn’t like the vulnerability that came with emotional intimacy. When it was all physical, and perceivable with all five senses, she could throw herself into it and bask in the moment to the point of satisfaction. At least until the next piece of time. It certainly would be worse if she led Bellinda emotionally but Mavin really couldn’t help how Bellinda felt. She couldn’t be blamed for Bellinda’s emotions. Or could she?

“Fuck!” Mavin muttered as her head snapped back up. She decided to distract herself with some code debugging.

She was about thirty minutes into the process when the buzz pager went off on her phone.

“Mavin, Agent Turner’s here for your 3pm.” Her assistant, Zoë declared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32