Fifty Golden Shades Ch. 01

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The two girls sat side by side in the Principal’s office, the room filled with a deathly silence. Their faces were like thunder, the one marked with a bloody scar where the fingernails of the other had connected during their skirmish in the grounds outside. The man they were waiting on sat behind the opposing desk. He was well built, sharply dressed and certainly not the person that had been expected as they had shuffled into the room, their burly shepherds departing at the door with their duty fulfilled. It was a spacious and predominately empty room that generated the impression that the sense of openness was intended to intimidate, a function that it was undertaking most admirable as the seconds dragged by. The only sound was that of the man’s pen as it moved across his paperwork. After another minute’s worth of writing, he paused, sighed and looked up slowly at the two females sat in their college uniforms opposite.

‘Denise,’ he said looking to the one with the scar, ‘I’ve been briefed on your version of events. Go visit the nurse and have her look at your face.’ The blonde-haired girl stood, scowled and stomped towards the door. It slammed shut in her wake.

‘Selene,’ he stared at the defiant expression across his desk. ‘This is not the first instance to reach this desk since your recent arrival at our institution,’ he commented. ‘Your choice of attire for example,’ he stood and rounded his desk to better take in the measure of the seated twenty-one year, ‘leaves a lot to be desired.’ His eyes dropped of their own accord to the stretch of her shapely legs that ran on all the way to the short span of her plain black skirt.

She refused to acknowledge the direction of his gaze whilst all the while knowing where his eyes were lingering. Slowly, she started to part her legs, still looking straight ahead over the empty desk. Her panties were absent, the exposed view on hand that of her naked and shaved pussy.

‘Is that meant to impress me?’ asked the Principal. The pitch of his voice remained the same with no indication that he had been stirred by the sight of her exposed cunt. ‘This isn’t a movie set,’ he added, ‘and it’s not like I’ve not seen similar before.’

‘Smug bastard,’ Selene thought, ‘but it wasn’t the sight of my pussy that was intended to shock you,’ and with that, she started to pee. From her pussy slit shot a spraying arch of hot piss, flowing from her cunt as a fast-moving fountain to splatter messily over the office carpet. She kept on looking straight ahead, knowing full well that she was safe from any reprisal given the identity of her father. She was expecting an outburst of disgust or anger, or both yet the Principal remained where he was, just off to her side, calming taking in the sight of her spraying pee fountain as she desecrated his office carpet with her hot piss. A damp stain was growing outwards as the material hungrily accepted her slightly yellow rain, the impact point of her piss stream sending droplets of pee dancing into the air. The office was filled with the soft, steady hiss and patter of her peeing, her toilet midway spent.

‘I’ll admit,’ said the Principal calmly, ‘that you are the first girl to take that particular approach. Is this a turn on for you, your potty antics?’

Selene ignored him, her anger rising. How dare he not be offended by her actions?

The Principal moved calmly back to his desk, opening a drawer and reaching inside. Selene mentally cursed his calm indifference even as she reached the end of her pee. With her toilet done, she closed her legs, hiding the sight of her pussy. At her feet remained the damp stain where she had just relieved herself.

‘You may think, Miss Gomez, that your crimes can go without punishment due to, shall we say, your family’s standing within the community, but I want you to know that at this facility all actions have consequences.’

Selene refused to answer, turning, at last, to stare haughtily at the man behind burdur escort the desk. He appeared more of a corporate lackey, she thought, all pristine and well-tailored, his expensive suit no doubt an indulgence from a hefty pay-packet bolstered from the likes of her father and the other families whose spoilt brats attended this drab university.

‘Maybe I’ll piss in your drawer next time,’ she offered sullenly.

‘Oh, I think not Miss. Gomez,’ he retorted with a slight hint of a smile that vanished as quickly as it had appeared. For a moment, Selene wondered what it would be like to fuck him, having his hard prick rammed home inside her pussy as she rode him into a sweaty climax. Maybe then, he would treat her with a bit of respect. There was no denying his handsome, sharp cut features or piercing blue eyes but she felt no attraction, only contempt because he should know his place beneath her just like everybody else at this god-forsaken hole.

He moved away from the desk, an object hidden behind his back as he strode from around his desk. She altered her gaze to follow his movements, sneering with contempt.

‘Maybe you want to lick it up after I’ve gone?’ she offered in a dead-pan voice. Inside, the anger was building. How dare this bastard not be moved by the audacity of her actions? She had just peed all over his office carpet and yet he did not appear to be offended in the slightest.

He moved behind her seated position. For the strangest of moments, Selene fantasied about him coming to stand behind her before sliding his hands around her firm, round tits, at last showing that he was after all just a man that could be manipulated, if not by fear or money, but by raw seduction. Her mother was a beautiful model, her looks passed down to her daughter. Selene sensed him drawing nearer and she felt her heart racing, believe that he intended to do as she had just fantasised. Her nipples were hard, her arousal undeniable through the thin cotton of her blouse and flimsy bra. She detected his aftershave as he neared. It smelt expensive. She felt herself getting ready for his touch; anger and desire competing inside her yet his hands did not come to slide around her chest but rather to attach something to her right wrist. It was cold and metallic but before she could even process the implications, a strong pull yanked her arm around her back where her other hand was forcibly guided, a second click registering as the handcuffs sealed shut.

Selene screamed at the top of her voice, a string of foul abuses, first in English then in her native Spanish tongue. ‘How dare you…’ Her voice was silenced, as she was gagged, strong hands tying the knot behind her head. His actions were firm and precise and Selene instinctively knew that this was not the first time he had undertaken such an act. Suddenly, she stopped her frantic yanking actions against the handcuffs that bound her to the chair. Resistance was futile. Nobody had burst into the rooms at the sounds of her screams, the Principal’s assistant absent either from her desk or under strict instructions not to interfere regardless of what she might hear.

A cold chill grew in the pit of Selene’s stomach. She had never once thought had she might be vulnerable giving the power her father wielded, giving her free reign to do as she like no matter how reckless or filthy. Now here she was alone with a much older and mature male who had her completely at her mercy. Racing images filled Selene’s head as she thought how she might be raped. Would be gentle as he thrust his hard cock into her pussy? She had a vision of being shoved over the desk, her bare buttocks on display as he yanked down his trousers to free his long, hard member, before guiding it inside her. Part of her was horribly aroused by the idea. There was no denying his attraction, his body that of a stallion beneath his expensive attire. She tried to turn her head, to see him and to guess his intent, but no, bursa escort he had taken a few steps back so he was beyond her field of vision. Her gag was probably his handkerchief, clean and reserved for such occasions when he could have his way with any student he so desired.

Selene could not help herself. She imagined being forced down onto the piss soaked carpet where she had so blatantly relieved herself, the dampness still warm from her hot pee. He would spread her legs, gazing down at the prize on hand. Maybe he would even sample her delights with his tongue before producing his rock hard cock and getting down to the business of thrusting his passion into her moist love hole.

There was no denying it. She was as horny as hell. Suddenly, her nightly fucks with her roommate seemed such a cheap thrill by comparison. Her father would have the bastard’s ‘cajones’ on a platter, but that would only now happen after he had raped her.

‘Would it be rape, though?’ The thought rose unbidden in her mind. She wanted him. She wanted his cock. She wanted it so deep inside her that it would hurt. She was wet between her legs and not because of her blatant toilet over the carpet. Her nipples were so hard, desperate for his hands to caresses through the flimsy material of her blouse, perhaps ripping off her clothes so he could tease her tits with his tongue, or to slide his rock hard cock through as he pushed her breasts together before allowing her to place it in her mouth.

‘Get on with it and fuck me,’ she pleaded through her gag, her words illegible yet he understood her request all too well.

‘No, Miss Gomez, I think you misunderstand. This is only your first lesson on how to behave at my institution.’ Suddenly a long black object appeared in her vision. It took her a moment to recognise it as the Principal’s belt.

‘He has dropped his trousers,’ she told herself involuntary spreading her legs wide, her shaved pussy sliding into sight as her short skirt rode up to her waist.

‘Ah, I can see your desire, Selene.’ He had bent closer so that he breathed her name seductively into her ear. ‘You have such a nice pussy and it is such a shame that you had to show it to me the way you did. What you need is some discipline.’

The cold spot that had previously appeared inside her belly prior to her arousal returned with full force. The Principal’s belt was still dangling in her sight.

‘Is he is going to spank me?’ In all her life, she had never been treated so. She imagined the pain of the belt connecting with her bare buttocks, its stinging bite and the tears of pain that she would cry. The idea suddenly seemed so incredibly appealing.

‘As long as you fuck me afterwards,’ she mumbled through her silk gag, ‘and then I will watch as my father sets the dogs on you. Then maybe I’ll piss all over your bloodied remains.’ Anger contested with lust. ‘God, stop talking and get on with it before I fucking come already,’ she mentally pleaded.

‘No I’m not going to fuck you,’ he said quietly before drawing away. ‘Like for like, Selene, like for like,’ his soft seductive voice spoke again, still nearby. She barely had time to process when suddenly; an exceedingly hot wet spray began to play over the back of her head, soaking in between the strands of her auburn hair.

‘Oh Dios Mio – the bastard is pissing on me!’ The realisation came all too quickly. She started to squirm in her chair, cursing with every foul word she had every learnt in both English and Spanish, her words impotent against the gag. The hot play of piss over the back of her head did not let up, rising instead so that it cropped her crown. Small streams of piss ran in all directions and she was forced to close her eyes as droplets of hot piss dripped off her forehead. The back of her blouse was already soaked, the front becoming more translucent by the moment as it darkened with the dampness of his raining pee. Her gag was absorbing some çanakkale escort of his piss and she could taste it on her lips. She stopped cursing but continued to squirm. The Principal’s golden shower continued, splattering over the back of her head as he lowered his aim. She felt his piss stream shifting, first to one ear and then the other. Selene was red raw inside with anger yet she felt the justice in his actions, giving her a taste of her own medicine. Slowly she realised that she was actually enjoying the sensation, the humiliation of it a most wonderful provocation. She wanted to pee again herself, to piss over her legs and feel the hot stream of her pee as an accompaniment to his actions yet she had emptied herself over the carpet that was even now being subjected to a second golden shower.

Selene was growing to the knowledge that part of her rage was not because she was being subjugated but rather that she could not see the sight of his cock. In her mind, she cast its image, long and ultra-hard, his stream of piss flowing like a gushing fountain out of his open bell-end. She wanted to suck it, for him to place it inside her mouth whilst he was still urinating, and have the hotness play over her tongue. She wanted to drink his pee, then suck, and suck until he came, his creamy spunk ejaculating as she claimed his victory. Afterwards, it would be his turn to be humiliated and taste the hot saltiness of her spraying piss as she went to the toilet all over him!

The Principal’s spraying stream was reaching its end. He finished by directing his last amount of piss over her bound hands, the incredible heat of his pee radiating through her flesh. She groaned through her gag with unsuppressed desire. Maybe now he would finally get around to fucking her!

‘Your lesson is over,’ he said, the sound of his zipper announcing an unexpected end to her fantasies. ‘The question remains though, have you learnt your lesson?’

A piss soaked Selene was forced to nod her head in acknowledgement. So many different emotions were clamouring up inside.

‘That is very good Selene. I shall now release your gag. If you shout or scream then you will find a most unpleasant outcome. Do you understand?’

She nodded again. Her clothing was soaked with his pee, her hair a sodden mess. She prayed that her way back to her dorm would not see her encountering anybody who knew her. She needed time to process all that had just occurred and decide on her level of retaliation yet she was still horny as hell and her first action back in her room, would be to finger herself to the best orgasm she had experienced in weeks.

Her gag was removed, the handcuffs following moments later. She stood on unsteady feet and turned slowly to face the Principal. He stood, as immaculate as before, his intense blue eyes boring into her soul, his expression betraying nothing of the events that had just unfolded. Her gaze dropped momentarily to the piss soaked carpet, two damp stains radiating outwards. She wondered who was going to clean up the mess.

‘Now Selene, this was your first lesson in discipline. It is entirely down to you whether or not you receive any such similar lessons in the future…’ he voice dropped away, his evocative suggestion lingering.

‘God, he does want to fuck me, the arrogant son of a bitch, but he wants to play games,’ she thought. She was so wet between her legs that she wondered if she would be able to walk in a straight line.

‘Do you understand?’ He suddenly flashed her a smile. There was a promise contained within that hinted at so many wonderful eventualities should she misbehave again. She could not wait!

‘Yes sir,’ she said meekly, her cheeks suddenly flushing. She had never been treated in such a way and had no idea how to react. Normally, her sexual conquests were a pushover, most people too afraid of her father to think about protesting her desires yet this man was totally in control.

‘Say my name Selene,’ he instructed even as he nodded his head towards the office door.

‘Yes Mr Gold,’ she said, almost stumbling as she started towards the exit.

‘Very good, Selene. I expect to see you back in my office very soon, very soon indeed.’

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