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Finally the play was over. All those hours he put in during hell week had finally paid off. All that was left now was the cleanup. Almost everyone left even though the director had clearly said that she wanted everybody to stay afterwards to help cleanup. Alex was the only one left in the building. He had a few naughty ideas rolling through his head one time when Alyssa had bent down a little bit too far on stage, and showed a little bit more than cleavage, but he quickly stopped daydreaming when he almost fell out of his chair.

He looked down from the sound booth and saw the huge mess on the stage. As he was walking down to the stage he heard some shouting coming from the changing room. He walked into the women’s room hoping to catch a glimpse of some skin, and play it off as “just checking to see if everything was okay”, but nobody was in the women’s room. As he approached the men’s room, the shouting stopped and Sam stormed out. He walked in to see of everything was okay, but just as he opened the door, Nick was bending down to put on his jockstrap exposing his perfect muscular unblemished ass and his tight hairless hole. He was a god; he had incredible rippling abs, tight pecks with nice little nipples, and a huge 8″ cock.

Alex felt his dick twitch, but thought nothing of it. When he looked up, he saw Nick’s cute face staring back at him. “Oh my god I’m sorry.” Alex shouted as he backed up into a wall of lockers.

“Its fine.” Nick responded. “We’re both guys after all, right?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Alex said. “But I feel kind-of like a fag now.”

“Don’t.” Nick said. “You aren’t.”

“But my dick twitched a little when I walked in and saw you standing there.” Alex said.

“That’s completely natural.” Nick said. “It’s your body sensing some sort of sexual tension and reacting to it. We learned that in Biology last week.”

“So it doesn’t mean I’m gay?” Alex responded.

“No, not at all, it just means you’re a human.” Nick said.

“Okay…” Alex unsurely responded.

“You don’t seem so sure that I’m telling the truth.” Nick prompted.

“No I believe you.” Alex responded.

“Watch my dick.” Nick said, and before Alex could question him, Nick reached down, pulled off his Jockstrap and then reached over and yanked down Alex’s pants. Although he was mainly thinking about what the hell Nick was doing, he did notice Nick’s dick twitch a little. He had never considered it before because Nick was always the “sexy ladies’ man” but maybe he was gay… “No way!” Alex thought to himself and discarded the question” There was something about Nick’s penis that mesmerized Alex. It captivated his gaze and although it disgusted him, Alex could not stop thinking about it.

“You alright there?” Nick asked. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” Alex answered.

“I know that was kind-of a strange request, but you did see it twitch didn’t you?” Nick broke the silence.

“Yeah, I see what you mean.” Alex said. Neither of them had noticed until that moment, but Alex was actually sporting a slowly enlarging hard-on to compliment Nick’s nice looking woody.

“Well, this is awkward…” Nick broke the silence for the second time that day “Come on, I know just the cure for this.” After telling Alex to sit down on the floor in the shower room, Nick went back to grab his computer. When he got back he had it all booted up and had the Porn-Hub homepage open in Google Chrome. “What do you want to watch today?” Nick asked with a devilish grin.

“What?! That’s your cure?” Alex demanded.

“Do you have a problem with it?” Nick returned.

“I’m not gonna jack off right here in the shower room in front of you.” Alex said.

“Then I’ll make extra sure I don’t look over at you.” Nick said. “It’ll be fine, I won’t tell anyone.” Just as Alex got up and was about to put his clothes back on, Nick questioned Alex “Are you really going to go home to your folks looking like that, with a giant lump in your pants?” Alex realized the implications and reconsidered his actions. He sat back down beside Nick and asked him one more thing.

“Promise me you will not breathe a word of what happens in here.”

Nick responded by saying “You realize that I would be in the same position that you are if anyone says anything right?”

“Let’s just get this over with.” Alex said. Nick sat the computer between them and started a video with a particularly busty-looking blond and a construction worker. Both Nick and Alex spat in their hands and got to work. Alex started moaning about halfway through the video, and soon thereafter he began going into an orgasmic spasm, his strong legs and tight ass started tensing and releasing as he was lifted off of the cold tile floor. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhh fuuuucccck!” he shouted as load after load of hot sticky semen shot from his penis, some landing on his flexing pecks, a few drops landing on his chin.

“Ahhhhh!” Nick shouted seemingly about to go into orgasm himself, but when Alex looked bursa escort over, he saw that he had actually sprayed Nick in the face with his semen. “Get it off!” Nick shouted, the computer and possibility of anyone being outside the locker room completely ignored.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” Alex apologized as he stood up and went to go get some paper towels, but when he got back Nick was licking the remnants of Alex’s hot sticky man-juices off of his fingers. “Oh my god!” Alex shouted “You’re a fag?”

“Bisexual really” Nick responded coolly.

“You did that all just to see me naked didn’t you?!” Alex yelled furiously. While Alex was changing with his back to Nick, Nick crept up behind him, and using his small frame powerfully, he pinned Alex down on the bench. Despite Alex’s surprising strength for his age, Nick was stronger, and kept him pinned down with his legs as he rubbed his swollen cock across Alex’s struggling face.

“This is just to get back at you, or return the favor I guess. Whichever floats your boat.” Nick said with a devilish grin “You should know not to yell for help, because your punishment will only get worse.” As Nick reached climax, Alex saw an opportunity and attempted to push free, but as he did, Nick blew the biggest load that Alex had ever seen.

Nick’s swollen head erupted as hot sticky cum shot all over Alex’s face, going in his eyes and coating the inside of his mouth. As soon as Nick stood back up, Alex grabbed his shirt and ran out the locker room door. He started gagging, but then realized that the only way to get the cum out of his mouth was to swallow, and as painful as it was, it was better than running down the hallway shirtless with cum dribbling out of his mouth. When Alex got to his car, he realized that he had forgotten his shoes, but was too desperate to leave to care.

“What took you so long?” Alex’s Dad asked when he got home.

“I had to help clean up the set” Alex hastily responded.

“Well I guess you’re in community college for a reason. It doesn’t look like you did too good of a job.” Mr. Alex joked “You’ve got something on your face.”

“Oh yeah, umm we had pudding.” Alex lied as he hesitantly wiped it off his face with a finger.

“What, are you just going to keep it on your finger until the bugs come?” his father teased. “Just lick it off, it’s just pudding.”

With a pained expression on his face, Alex stuck the finger in his mouth and licked off the last bit of Nick’s now cooled cum.

Alex opened up his backpack, but shortly realized that he really didn’t want to do his homework. He ran up to his room and started up his Xbox, but then realized he didn’t want to do that either. After sitting at the foot of his bed and contemplating the day’s events for quite awhile, he took off his clothes and stepped in the shower.

“Dinner Time!” Alex heard his Mom shout before he realized that he was still in the shower.

“How long was I in there?” Alex thought.

“Alex, time for dinner!” his mom shouted again.

“I don’t feel well.” Alex shouted back down after getting out of the shower. “I think I’ll skip dinner tonight mom.” Alex toweled off and walked over to his bed still naked. After looking at his doorknob to make sure his door was locked, he collapsed on his bed and promptly fell asleep. He woke up at a quarter to midnight, but could not fall back asleep. After about ten minutes of inactivity, he walked over to his desk and grabbed his computer. With Porn-Hub open in the browser, he started absentmindedly searching for a video to watch when he realized that he was in the gay designated section of the website.

He had been thinking before, about what had happened in the locker room. Why was he so interested in Nick? Was Nick lying about when his dick twitched just to get in his pants? Why did he think Nick’s cum almost tasted good? What if he was gay? Alex decided to answer those questions so that at least he could fall back asleep.

He selected the highest rated video and clicked play. After about two minutes, Alex’s worst fears became realities. He started getting hard, harder than he had ever been while watching straight porn, but he decided to keep going anyway. After about ten minutes of jerking his dick, he was about to orgasm. That night, he had the most intense orgasm of his life; it felt fresh, new, innocent, and most of all incredible. “Maybe I am gay.” Alex thought to himself. “What would everyone think of me, my parents and grandparents?” He decided he’d keep it a secret for now. After putting his laptop away, he lay in bed thinking about his recent discovery, and soon fell asleep.

The next morning he woke up, put on his clothes for school and went downstairs for breakfast. Everything he had done was the same as his usual morning routine, but something felt different, out of place. He realized that it was what had happened yesterday, and as he thought about it on his way to school, he realized that he had probably been gay all along, those strange moments when a particularly bursa escort bayan good looking guy walked by and grabbed his attention, his disinterest in pussy, or picky-ness of women, and now that he thought about it, he realized that he was more interested in the men in straight pornography films rather than the women.

He went through the rest of the day absentmindedly thinking about what he was going to do rather than paying attention in class. By lunchtime he had decided that he was going to find Nick after school that day. He called his parents and told them that he didn’t need a ride home that day, he would be running late and he’d have a friend drop him off. Alex spent the last two periods of the day in anticipation of what was going to happen after school.

During his math class he realized that if he was going to get fucked, he’d need to make sure his ass was cleaned out to avoid embarrassment, so during his eighth period study hall, he went down to the emporium to buy a water bottle, and spent the rest of the period cleaning himself out in one of the bathroom stalls. It felt like hours until that bell finally rang, but when it did, Alex ran down to the locker rooms as fast as he could.

Once he got down there though, he realized that the entire baseball team was in the locker room, so he couldn’t just bust in there and ask Nick to have sex with him. He waited for the team to slowly start filing out, but he didn’t see Nick. He stepped inside the locker room to check and make sure he wasn’t still inside. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Nick in the same position that he had been in the day before, with his perfect ass raised up to the sky showing off his tight little hole.

“I had a feeling I might see you back here.” Nick grinned. With a provocative smile he asked Alex if he liked what he saw. “I can skip baseball practice today if you like.” He said.

“Oh yes, I’d really like that.” Alex responded with a sly grin as he started to take off his clothes. Alex wasn’t bad looking himself. He was definitely an athletic kid, with a nice six pack starting, and thick muscular legs. For 18 he had a good chest on him, and his biceps were pretty big for his age. The veins in his hands and forearms had a sexy bulge, and his dick wasn’t the same 8″ that Nick’s was, but it more than made up for it in width.

Nick lay down on the bench in the middle of the room and with an inviting grin asked Alex to give him the ride of his life. Alex walked over to the bench and kneeled down next to Nick’s head. He had never done this before and was kind of nervous. Nick could sense that, so he craned his neck so that he could whisper into Alex’s ear, and said “It’s gonna be fine, I’ll help you through it.”

Nick turned Alex’s head, and gingerly touched their lips together. Nick used his tongue to start exploring Alex’s mouth, and soon he was returning the favor. After about five minutes of the two of them sucking each other’s faces off, Nick pulled back and Alex got the message. Alex bent down and delicately kissed his stomach. The warmth of his skin felt so comforting against Alex’s lips. All of a sudden he couldn’t resist and started kissing all up and down Nick’s perfectly toned body. He would make a line going straight up his chest, plant one on Nick’s lips, and then head back down. He would stop just short of the waistband on Nick’s jockstrap to tease him. He could tell it was working because there was a rising bulge in Nick’s jockstrap pouch.

“Go ahead and lick my nipples.” Nick said. Alex happily obliged by moving his head over and sloppily covering Nick’s nipples with his saliva. He gently rubbed his teeth against Nick’s nipples and fondled them with his tongue. As he moved across Nick’s chest to the other nipple, Nick’s huge cock finally burst out from its prison in his jockstrap. Alex could not resist seeing that giant cock sitting there as hard as a rock and just leaving it there, so he moved over, and kissed the head.

Nick’s cock shot straight up, and Alex moved, pulled Nick’s jockstrap off of his legs, grabbed the shaft and started stroking it as he licked Nick’s shaved balls. Alex had never seen such a beautiful man; from his blindingly white teeth to his rock-solid abs, all the way to his perfectly hairless body, even his pubes were shaved all the way to the skin. Alex could not resist the temptation, and shoved Nick’s eight long inches all the way down his throat.

“Oh Fuck yeah!” Nick responded. He put his hand on the back of Alex’s head and held it there until he started gagging.

As Alex pulled back, he breathily replied “Oh fuck that tastes so good.” He went back down, and this time fondled Nick’s head with his tongue. Alex was getting a major hard-on by this time, so after he had finished sucking the living daylights out of Nick’s huge dick, Nick stood up, and told Alex to lie down on the bench. Nick pulled down Alex’s revealing boxer-briefs unveiling a thick juicy cock, and huge balls that had to be full of cum.

Nick quickly plunged his mouth down on escort bursa Alex’s dick, and he moaned like never before. Alex opened his eyes and stared at Nick’s amazing ass just sticking up in the air. He reached over and massaged it with one hand while holding the bench with the other. Nick pulled his head back, so just the head of Alex’s thick cock was in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. He went down again, and sucked harder than ever.

Nick had been sucking on Alex’s fat dick for about five minutes when he shouted out “Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Nick grabbed the base of Alex’s dick so that his jizz couldn’t come out.

“Oh no you aren’t” Nick responded with a smirk. Nick grabbed Alex’s legs and pulled them up so Alex was lying on his back on the bench, and brought his mouth up and kissed Alex’s ass. Nick stretched out his tongue and licked Alex’s tight hole once, twice, and a third time. He took his index finger and started massaging his ass until the muscles released and he was able to fit his finger inside of Alex’s warm hole. Nick lapped at his hole until his tongue could easily fit inside, and then he started licking around the inside.

He pulled his head out and spat right into Alex’s hole. With a suggestive smile he said “I left my lube at home, so I’ll just have to make sure I get you nice and wet.” Nick dove into Alex’s muscular ass with the voracity of a starved pit-bull charging a raw steak. Alex leaned back on the bench and enjoyed one of the best sensations he had ever experienced. He felt invincible, and regretted running off yesterday. When Nick was finished with Alex’s fine ass, he stood up and found his pants.

“Damnit!” He shouted “I don’t have any condoms.” After searching through his wallet.

“Its okay.” Alex said suavely, “I trust you.”

“Well you are in for one hell of a ride.” Nick half-shouted re-energized by Alex’s faith in him. “Tell me if it hurts or if you’re in any discomfort.” Nick said as he lined his dick-head up with Alex’s nearly microscopic hole. Alex screamed in pain as Nick slowly inserted his dick into Alex’s virgin hole.

“No, don’t stop, keep going!” Alex shouted. Nick had fully inserted his eight inches after about two and a half minutes of Alex’s combination of screaming in pain and begging for more. As Nick started to pull back he realized that they weren’t the only two in the school, and if they were to get caught, they would definitely be expelled.

“I know how much you are loving this, but man, you can’t be so loud.” Nick said.

“Then give me your jockstrap.” Alex said with a seductive wink. “I’ll stick it in my mouth to stifle the noise.”

“Very sexy.” Nick commented as he handed over the sweaty jockstrap. As Nick started pounding Alex’s tight ass, Alex’s muffled screams intensified. Nick had located Alex’s G-spot, and was pounding away until Alex neared orgasm. Nick stopped, pulled out, wiped the sweat off of his forehead and energetically said “Your turn!”

Nick realized that Alex was near the point of orgasm already, and would not last long if he had to do all the work, so as Alex started sitting up, Nick pushed him back down on the bench as he said “I got this”

“Seeing as we don’t have any condoms or lube, you’ll have to get me wet first.” Nick said as he lowered his ass over Alex’s face. “Don’t worry, I cleaned myself out right before you came.” Nick said. As Nick’s Incredible ass came to a stop on Alex’s face, he hesitantly stuck out his tongue and licked Nick’s tiny little pucker.

Soon Alex had Nick’s ass wide open and dripping with saliva, so Nick stood up and positioned himself over Alex’s naked body. As Nick began sitting on Alex’s rock-solid erection, Alex handed Nick his own pair of underwear which Nick graciously accepted. Alex thought he could make out Nick screaming “Fuck your dick is so big!” over and over through the boxer-briefs.

It didn’t take long before Alex was in the throes of orgasm, and Nick stepped off of him. Nick put his mouth over Alex’s pulsating dick, gave it a few good sucks, and kept it there as Alex shuddered, and a wave of hot sticky cum gushed out of his dick, and down Nick’s throat, some of it even came out of Nick’s nose.

After Nick had finished licking the remnants off of his face, he stood up right in front of Alex’s face and started whacking his dick. “Let me do that for you.” Alex offered, and Nick quickly obliged. Alex was sucking Nick’s whopper like a first-class-whore with both his hands grasping Nick’s incredible muscled ass. Alex felt Nick tense up and prepared himself, but nothing could prepare him for this load. Nick let loose so much cum that it filled Alex’s throat, leaked out of his nose and poured out around his mouth. Alex could not get enough of Nick’s cum as he lapped up every last drop and gave Nick’s dick a few last squeezes to make sure he had milked it dry.

“I guess we should probably hit the showers before the baseball team comes back.” Nick said. Alex and Nick walked into the showers together holding hands. They turned on one shower head and kissed the entire time that they were under the water. After toweling themselves off, Nick and Alex stood there, completely naked in the middle of the locker room holding each other in a longing embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32