First and Only Time Sharing

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex.


My girlfriend Sheema is of east indian descent. To this day, she is still the most gorgeous, exotic girl I’ve ever been with. She was 20 when we first started dating. Sheema was 5’6″. Athletic figure. The most amazing long curly black hair. It flowed to the middle of her back. She was so sexy and was oblivious to it. Sheema had the legs of a track runner. Her skin, slightly darker than an olive complexion. Her boobs weren’t very big but they were perfect. Maybe large B cups. Her nipples were to die for though. Silver dollar size and chocolate in color, puffy and super sensitive.

Sheema was a virgin when I met her. Initially I thought she’d be a prude. Never judge a book by its cover. Early on we compared fantasies. Her fantasy was to be trapped by construction workers in a room and forcefully fondled. She was ALWAYS up for trying something new sexually.

Unfortunately, we always had to sneak around because her parents wanted her to date within her race and it had to be a doctor or a lawyer. Ultimately this would be the reason for our breakup as I was not a doctor or a lawyer. I also was not Indian.

Sheema and I dated for about two years. We used to sneak out and have little adventures. One of those adventures was an unforgettable casino siteleri night in the city.

Sheema looked amazing. She had on a black strapless short dress on. It plunged low, almost giving a peek of her nipples. She looked amazing. That night, we went to a sexy themed nightclub. There were four large rooms in the club, each one playing a different genre of music. When we got there, we connected with a girl Michelle that I knew and her boyfriend Mike. Mike was a dealer. On this particular night we partied on Ecstasy and GHB. Neither of us had done GHB before. We saved that for later. Sheema and I started with the Ecstasy. While we were waiting for the E to hit, we got comfortable with Michelle and Mike. Comfortable enough to hang out with them the rest of the night.

The E took about half an hour to hit. Once it did, the four of us headed to the hip hop room. The music, my god we could feel the music rolling through our bodies. I had my back up against a wall with a speaker thumping next to me. Sheema was dancing in front of me with her back facing me. We were both rolling hard, more-so grinding into each other than dancing. For the next couple of hours, our bodies blended into each other. The night was a blur.

Toward the end of the night, the E started to wear off. We got another hit from Mike. He invited us to güvenilir casino come back to his house and party with him and Michelle. In the cab we each did a hit of GHB. By the time we got to Mike’s house, the GHB had hit us pretty hard. Michelle laid on the couch and was out immediately. Mike took Sheema and me to his guest room. Sheema was rolling but almost out on her feet too. I almost had to carry her. I laid Sheema on the bed. I laid down next to her. She looked like an angel. Mike left the room to go bring us some waters.

The combination of E and GHB had me pretty loopy. As Sheema lay on her back, I started kissing her. Slow and deep. She was responding but pretty out of it. While we kissed, I pulled her dress down and started playing with tits. I started taking turns sucking on them. While I did that, her dress had shifted up exposing her panties. I slid my hand down and started rubbing her clit through her panties. At first there was no response, then slowly she started grinding her hips into my fingers. I rolled on top of her and slid her panties off. Then I moved in between her legs and started licking her clit. Sheema always tasted amazing. I had her juices all over my face. I looked up at her, she was pretty out of it. Her eyes were closed, her head was tilted back. I knew she was into it though, her mouth was wide open. canlı casino I could hear her making her sweet sex sounds. Her voice was raspy which made her moaning even more sexy.

That’s when I started undoing my pants. It felt like it took forever to take my pants off in my condition. I crawled between her legs and realized I wasn’t even close to hard. The drugs had an effect on me. That’s when I looked up and realized that Mike was sitting in a chair watching us. He was masturbating. He gave me a look to see if I was ok with it. In that moment, I really didn’t care. I climbed up next to Sheema who looked to be passed out now. I stared kissing her slowly and then made my was back to her tits, sucking her nipples again while stroking myself, trying to get hard.

I needed to get off, badly. Her kisses were almost nonresponsive. Then without explanation, she started to moan into my mouth. In my groggy state, I looked next to me and saw that Mike had moved next to her and was going down on her. I have never in my life shared one of my girlfriends with anyone. In this moment though, it seemed so hot and erotic. I went back to kissing Sheema and sucking her tits. That’s when I felt her body moving. Mike had started fucking her slowly causing her body to move. I remember watching her hand squeeze the sheets. She started moaning louder, oh oh oh. She was close to an orgasm. That was the last thing I remember.

In the morning, on the way home I told her what I remembered. I was very curious to see what she remembered and if she would be angry with me for allowing it. Her smile told me everything I needed to know…

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