First Time Teenage Hookers

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First Time Teenage Hookers

My father owns the local No-Tell Motel. I get to cover the desk of Friday and Saturday from about six in the evening until midnight. My father says that it will make me a better person…earning my own money, instead of getting an allowance like all of my friends that not only get their allowance but they also have their Friday and Saturday evenings to go out and enjoy themselves.

Some fat cop came in and rented three oh seven like he normally does about once a month. Anyway it was in building three, way out back. Room seven was on one end and just about as private as it could be. I hated his guts but it was good money and he always slipped me an extra five dollars for saving that room for him. Hell, I never once saved it for him. We had a system as to how we rented the rooms out and that was basically the last room that we would rent if we ever filled up.

Because of a robbery a few years back my father had installed a video surveillance system in the office that was activated whenever anyone tripped the motion sensor. It was okay because I was pretty well protected by bulletproof glass.

So about thirty-five minutes later when a half-naked girl came running in, everything started up.

I recognized her from school. We had Social Studies together during seventh period.

Cheryl said, “Quick! I need help! Oh my God, I know you!”

She was only wearing a pair of pink panties and she was trying to cover her breasts with her one arm. It wasn’t working out very well.

Cheryl said, “He’s got Debbie Collins gagged and handcuffed to the bed. He is raping her ass. Come quick.”

I asked, “What room?”

I knew the answer even before she said it. It was room three oh seven.

I put on the hat that said “Motel Security” and grabbed my baseball bat. The hat automatically turns on a web camera that gets recorded in the office in case anything seriously goes wrong.

We rushed to her room and I used my passkey to get in. There was that şişli bayan escort fat slob of a cop shoving his cock into Debbie’s ass. She was crying hysterically around the ball gag. He left it just loose enough so that he could hear her complaints but she couldn’t really cry for help.

I just swung that bat with a force like never before. He lifted his arm to block the blow. I heard a bone in his forearm snap and him to cry out in pain. Then he pulled his bloody cock out of Debbie’s bloody ass and came at me. My second blow crushed his kneecap. He was curled up on the floor crying like a baby.

I said, “I’m calling the police.”

He mumbled, “I am the police. These two girls are hookers. You are all under arrest.”

I hit him again. There was no further conversation with him.

I asked, “Okay tell me want’s going on and tell me the truth. I can’t help you otherwise.”

Cheryl said, “Debbie and I needed some money for our prom dresses. So we propositioned that guy. He offered us two hundred dollars for sex. Then he went crazy. He raped me, slapped me around, and then started in on Debbie. He gagged her, cuffed her to the bed, and started to butt fuck her. That’s when I ran for help.”

I looked at Cheryl and said, “Okay here’s the story. You two were minding your own business. He propositioned you. He offered you booze and some pills that would make you happy. Then once he got you in here he said that if you didn’t cooperate that he would arrest you for prostitution.”

She asked, “What about our two hundred dollars. We earned it.”

I said, “No! No money was ever offered and he got you in here under false promises, no booze, and no drugs, just rape. Is that clear?”

They nodded and I called the State Police and told them that a local cop had just raped two girls in my motel. I left Debbie cuffed to the bed, Cheryl had removed her ball gag. I went back to the office and hid the surveillance tapes.

I was standing outside when the State Police arrived in three cars. Talk about overkill.

Two şişli escort ambulances were not very far behind.

One took the two girls to the hospital for rape and the other one took the cop in for some serious surgery. I had really done a number on him.

Apparently that police officer had been under investigation by Internal Affairs. It was not the first time he had done something like that but it was the first time that he had gotten caught.

That had been on Friday and then on Saturday their parents came by to thank me for all of my help.

Cheryl’s parents were very nice and had brought her along to thank me too.

Debbie’s mother came alone. Her daughter had told her the truth about what had happened. Her mother said that it was a hard way to learn about prostitution and not a very pleasant way to be introduced to anal sex.

What she said next was slightly unsettling. She wanted me to butt fuck her daughter once a week for the rest of the school year…longer if I wanted to extend the offer. She said Debbie needed to learn how to enjoy it before something like that happened to her again. I could not believe my ears.

That week in school the two girls and I were local celebrities. That fat cop had had run-ins with about half of the school in one way or another. After his arrest some twenty girls stepped forward to tell their story.

The guys started calling me slugger.

The girls started asking me out on dates.

However, when Debbie Collins asked me to go out with her on Thursday I said, yes.

That Thursday she offered me her ass but I was pretty sure that she was still sore back there. I also figured that if I entered her pussy that I would cause her pain in the ass too. So I asked for a blowjob. Debbie gave me three in all. I got the first one after dinner, the second one during the movie, and the third one in her living room when I walked her home.

When her mother asked Debbie about the anal sex she told her about the three blowjobs instead.

Her mother told her that she didn’t need mecidiyeköy escort to practice any more blowjobs to become a porn star.

A porn star!

Yep! A porn star! Debbie had spent the last summer giving blowjobs and getting fucked by four of her cousins. They had gotten pretty good at gang banging her eight or more times in a row. Cheryl had helped with the girl on girl action. My job was to help Debbie with anal sex. Her mother had tried to match her up with several other guys but Debbie had always wanted me to be the one. She had had a crush on me for a couple of years. That was funny because I had had a crush on her too.

For some reason, knowing that Debbie had been seriously fucked over the past year and given out hundreds of blowjobs only excited me more. Even the prostitution thing with the cop was a turn on. I especially liked the part about Cheryl and her. Hell, count me in.

So for a solid month I helped her get used to taking it up the butt. The more used to it that she got the more often I did it to her. That last week she was taking it from me three times a day, morning, noon, and night.

That was when I got the bright idea to pimp her out. I could use three oh seven, install a video camera, and start charging. Cheryl was willing to do it too. In the next three months we made a small fortune then school let out for the summer and we made even more money. Not bad at all for three fifteen-year-old kids.

Over the next three years we made more money than we needed for college…but Debbie still wanted to be a porn star.

Cheryl and I went to school for business and Debbie became a star. Six years later Cheryl and I graduated with Master’s Degrees and Debbie set us up in business…managing girls like her that wanted to turn a few tricks, do some nude modeling, and becoming porn stars. With us behind them and investing their money we could start with an eighteen-year-old girl and have her retied before she turned thirty.

Surprisingly there was never any shortage of willing girl.

I had always thought that I would marry Debbie some day but it was Cheryl that I finally married after we had made our fifth million.

The End
First Time Teenage Hookers

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