Foot Cuckold for an Old Flame Ch. 02

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Blowing Dick

My heart was beating intensely. It always did on evenings like these. Even after several whirlwind months, my body still reacted the same way. My throat was dry. My palms were sweaty on my steering wheel. The route to the hotel went by in a blur. Instinct and will kept me going, knowing my destination, and what awaited me. The road to that evening was a long one. Many funded pedicures, heels, dresses, contributions to holidays and cosy nights in, punctuated with pictures and steamy cuckolding evenings. I had met my radiant Goddess ex-girlfriend Jen for our first cuckolding session with her new bull boyfriend many months previously (see ‘New Foot Cuckold for an Old Flame’). It soon blossomed into an intense three-way relationship. Me as her subservient foot cuck slave, Jen as my commanding Goddess and Steve as her effortlessly superior bull lover. For months we had explored deep fantasies. My worshipping her feet and enjoying their perfection as she was taken by a superior Alpha male.  

Jen soon revealed she was not only willing, but eager to embrace the lifestyle. Her Bull lover equally so. I still had vivid memories of the warm tingling sensation I had felt on that remote picnic bench by the coast where Jen first revealed our idea to Steve. Every vivid message and picture of her naked in his presence ever since had only extended my desires. We had discussed a special celebratory night for their anniversary and Jen did not disappoint in her choice of heels, dress and pedicure. All were of course funded by me. An hour earlier I had received the photo, her dainty immaculately manicured hand resting on Steve’s brawny one. A second followed, her hand on his lap. The third ping of my phone was a message. “Come join us now”.  

I had already showered and tidied myself, wanting to look as perfect as I could. The drive into the city blew by. The choice of venue was perfect. The Grand City Hotel was aptly named. A new hotel to the city, its opulence was in keeping with the commanding presence it had in the city skyline. Dozens of plush and luxuriant rooms, spacious and elaborately decorated. I found myself driving up the multi-story car park across the street, eyeing the bright lights of the hotel as I circled for a space. I had contributed to a suite for their stay, knowing it offered extra space and a wider variety of fine furniture, including a sofa facing the king size bed. “Good views of the bed from there, perfect for a cuck,” my Goddess Jen had teased at the time of booking. I parked my car and took a deep breath, my fingers trembling as I slid the key from the ignition. My heart was still pounding as my phone buzzed again. “Corner booth of the bar, near the back wall. Next round is on you cucky…” read the message. 

I walked across the street and into the beaming illumination of the lobby. My face felt flushed and I avoided making eye contact with the staff as a doorman pulled the door open for me. The walls were resplendent with expensive paintings and fittings with gold trim. The floors were marble, adorned with elaborately woven carpet. Shimmering chandeliers glowed from the ceiling, illuminating the corridors as I made my way through the hotel, following the signs for the cocktail bar.  

Soon a set of double doors gave way to my destination and I surveyed the room. The bar was as intricately decorated as the rest of the hotel. It had been appointed in the art-deco style, with expensive polished tables and chairs with fine fabrics. It was sparsely populated, with only a few couples and occasional groups of tourists at some of the tables. I stepped forward, walking the length of the bar before I saw them. Sat at the corner booth, Jen was turned towards her Bull, her flowing dark hair cascading down across her shoulders. Nothing could prepare me for how beautiful she looked that night, her beauty radiating outward as she laughed at something her Alpha just said.  

Steve looked equally impressive, his hulking imposing stature a sharp contrast to her dainty frame. Jen had opted for a slender dark blue backless dress that hugged and modelled her flawless figure. Her long toned legs were crossed beneath the table and her feet were wrapped in a pair of sexy black patent leather heels with gold chain decorations which I had funded a short time previously. As I drew closer, my heart leapt as I noticed her toes embellished with the flawless French tipped pedicure I had funded. They turned to face me as I approached. 

“Ah, hello stranger!” Bull said with a wry smile. 

“I know, it has been far too long a wait. We were just enjoying some cocktails.” My Goddess purred. 

“This round is on me. What would you like? Any preference where I sit?” I asked. 

“I’ll take another martini, Steve will take a whiskey sour. You can have what you like. You can slide in beside me, might as well get cosy. Hope you don’t mind but we haven’t paid for this round yet. Mind being a good boy and getting it too?” 

“No problem.” I replied. 

I returned to the bar, bursa escort paying for the drinks and placing the new order before returning to the table. I slid in beside Jen who had now turned towards me, her body leaning back against her Bull Steve. My face felt flushed as I settled myself. The drinks arrived quickly and Jen began to speak after the bartender stepped away. 

“Well, finally here at last little foot cucky. It seems like forever we have been talking about our anniversary night out.” My Goddess purred. 

“I know. It honestly almost doesn’t feel real. Glad the hotel worked out well. How has it been?” I replied, sipping on my drink. 

“Honestly? Unreal.” Jen replied. “My girlfriends were so jealous when they heard Steve was taking me here for 2 nights. If only they knew who was really footing the bill…speaking of which, what do you think?” Jen said with a smirk as her eyes glanced towards the floor. 

I followed her eyes below the table. Jen had crossed her right leg over her left so her right foot was pointed toward me. She wriggled and flexed her shapely foot below the table, inches from the inside of my leg. Her toes glinted with the flawless French pedicure. I was left immediately salivating, my cock twitching in my trousers. 

“They look spectacular.” I replied with a dry mouth. 

“Thought you would say that. Took myself to the spa yesterday to get it especially for tonight. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind it being on the bill. But seriously cucky we have had an amazing couple of days.” 

“Definitely. Was a new experience fucking in a hotel room someone else paid for.” Steve echoed with a smile, sipping his drink. 

“Rude! Very bold talking like that in public!” Jen chided playfully, slapping Steve’s wrist. “But yes, we may have got a bit carried away last night cucky, sure you won’t mind. I tried to keep you up to date with some of our pics. I take it you enjoyed them?” 

My mind raced over the images which had flowed onto my phone the previous evening. They involved Jen & Steve making the most of the large mirrors in the opulently decorated bathroom of their suite. Pictures of her body against his, her back to him with one hand holding her phone and her other hand coaxing his impressive manhood. Another of her facing him, this time Steve acting as photographer as Jen modelled her spectacular body from the back. The benefit of the floor to ceiling mirror in the bathroom became clear as in the latter photo, Jen had raised one foot and rested it on pointed toes, exposing her bare sole to the camera.  

“Very much Goddess Jen. They were amazing.” 

“Liked giving you something to salivate over. I thought the ‘eyes down cucky’ caption was right up your street…” Jen said quietly. 

“Just taking the pics was enough to get me excited. Both the bed and shower got lots of use just after those were taken…” Steve replied with a smile before sipping his drink. 

“Very true…but don’t worry cucky. We saved plenty of energy for this evening. Our dinner and cocktails were lovely, plus a bit of dancing in that new club just down the street from here. But my poor little toes will be in need of some attention. These heels are very sexy but quite punishing on soft, pedicured feet. Something you can help with?” Jen purred, brushing her heel clad foot against my inner leg.  

“Of course…Goddess.” I replied. 

“Mmm, such a good boy. With all the fun we had at my house, I can’t wait to see how fun it is in a hotel room.”  

“I am certainly excited to see if it hits different. Sending pics last night was one thing but having you here to watch us with her toes in your mouth will definitely be better.” Steve replied, sliding closer to Jen. He brushed one hand on her leg and carefully slid her hair over her shoulder so he could softly kiss her neck.  

“Mmm, glad to see the cocktails haven’t dampened your appetite…” Jen murmured, biting her lip and glancing her wriggling foot harder against the inside of my leg. She extended her left arm and her hand soon found my excitement through my trousers. “My my, already excited cucky? So keen.” 

Jen turned her gaze to her lover again. Her right foot moved more persistently inside my right leg and began brushing the inside of my calf. I let out an exhale and turned to see her right hand had moved to her Bull’s lap, slowly massaging his manhood through his trousers. 

“How about you baby? Tell me what you want…” Jen purred quietly to Steve.  

“I want to pound you on every surface in our hotel room whilst cucky watches…” Steve replied. 

“Mmm…so naughty. And what do you want him to do whilst you’re fucking me senseless with this big, hard cock…?” 

“I want him to sniff your heels, lick your feet and suck your toes. To worship them and watch whilst I please you.” 

“Mmm, so hot. And you cucky…what do you want?” Jen sighed, turning back to me. Her fingers pressed harder into the bulge in my trousers. Both she and Steve bursa escort bayan eyed me as he kissed and bit at her neck and shoulder. 

“I want to sniff, lick and suck your flawless feet Goddess Jen whilst I watch you enjoy your Bull lover. I want to taste, smell and clean your pedicured feet and toes as he takes you.”  

“A happy coincidence. We all want the same thing. I hope you’re hungry. I think tonight will be a lot of fun…” Jen said with a smile. “Wait until you see the room cucky. The bed is massive and the sofa is right where you saw it in the pictures, looking squarely at the bed. It is like the room was built for cucks who like to watch…” 

“Yeah, you should get a perfect view…when you’re not sniffing her worn heels…or on the floor by her feet…” Steve said. 

“It feels like we are all getting quite excited. Maybe we should take things to the room?” Jen asked. 

“Sounds good to me.” I replied.  

We quickly finished our drinks and slid out of the booth. Before turning to leave I had to adjust my trousers from the bulge that had started growing in them. I then turned to follow Jen and Steve out of the bar. Outside the bar the corridor wound to the left, with glass windows looking out across an illuminated small courtyard. We reached the elevator and Steve pressed the button for their floor before turning to kiss Jen. The elevator pinged and we stepped inside. After the doors slid shut Jen returned to kissing her Bull before briefly turning to me. 

“Could you be a dear cucky and take the room key so you can open the door for us?” Jen purred. 

“Of course.” I replied. 

Jen slid the room key card from her handbag but as I reached for it, she let it fall from her fingers to the floor by her feet.  

“Woops, be a good boy and get that for me cucky.” Jen said as Steve leaned in to kiss and bite at her neck.  

I leaned down to lift the key card from the floor and Jen slid one of her heel clad feet across the floor and pressed it on the key card.  

“It’s a high floor cucky so we have some time. Could probably get a quick kiss in before we get there.”  

As a reflex I obliged leaning lower and getting to my knees and kissing one of her flawlessly pedicured toes. A hint of their intense pheromonal aroma hit my nostrils and my heart was now racing as the couple towered over me. 

“Keen little cuck.” Steve joked. 

“Good boy, better get up.” Jen commanded. 

I quickly rose again with the key card in hand as the elevator slowed, standing just in time for the doors to open. I followed the enamoured couple down the corridor to the end. Their suite was on a corner looking out over the city. They stepped through the door and it shut behind me as we all stepped through to the bedroom. The huge king-size bed had plush teal linen with a selection of satin pillows adorning it. The broad sofa stared back at it from the wall directly opposite, offering the much spoken about views of the bed. A large L shaped floor to ceiling window lay beyond, gazing out across the city skyline. My Goddess stepped to the window and pulled the curtains shut before returning to her Bull by the foot of the bed.  

“Thanks again for funding the room cucky. It is definitely the perfect spot for this evening.” 

“Yeah, the room is amazing. Thanks again. So, how do we kick things off tonight?” Steve asked, wrapping his arms around Jen’s waist from behind and kissing at her neck.  

“I think if cucky gets undressed that would be a good start as we get warmed up. Sound good to you?” Jen said looking at me, her head leaning back into her bull, his arms around her waist. 

“Sure, that’s fine with me.” 

“Want to try again, cucky?” Jen asked, her voice more forthright. 

“Yes Goddess.” I replied. 

I slipped off my boots and stripped my clothes off, folding them and placing them on the sofa. Finally, I removed my socks, leaving me naked before the superior couple. I knelt on the floor by the sofa which faced the bed.  

“Wow he looks pretty excited already.” Steve said with a smile. 

“Leave him alone. He has paid for our dinner, cocktails and the room for tonight so he can be forgiven for being excited. Just need to set the mood.” Jen purred. 

Jen gently broke away from her Bull lover and strode towards me knelt on the floor. Her Amazonian figure soon loomed over me. In her high stiletto heels, her athletic body towered above my servile frame. Jen leaned herself over and placed an immaculately manicured finger on the underside of my chin, raising my gaze to meet hers. Her emerald eyes burned into mine as she spoke softly. 

“Tell me why you are here cucky…” 

“To worship your perfection Goddess Jen, especially your flawless feet as you enjoy a superior lover. To worship and serve you as your slave as I could not please you as a lover.” 

“Very good cucky, but don’t forget to also follow my every command. Why is he here?” Jen replied, nodding her escort bursa head towards Steve. 

“Because he is a hung, muscular, Bull lover as you deserve, who can please you and pleasure you like I couldn’t.” 

“Mmm just right. You were a ‘nice guy’ to me, but he is what I needed. Tall, muscular, well hung and stamina for days. So glad you agree. Why am I here?” 

“To enjoy a funded lifestyle with your superior lover. To be worshipped as the Goddess you are whilst enjoying a Herculean lover.” 

“Very poetic.” Steve said with a smirk.  

“He always had a way with words. Good boy cucky. You are absolutely right about it all. I have you to thank for helping me see the lifestyle. What I could enjoy. Taking a real man for a partner, whilst keeping an ex on the floor kissing my feet. Just watch for now, don’t want you getting over stimulated too early. Hands on your ankles so there is no stroking…” Jen said.  

I did as ordered and knelt with my hands on my ankles, my cock half erect and twitching between my legs. Jen softly kissed me on the cheek before turning her back to me and striding away, returning to her lover. The couple faced each other and began kissing, standing before end of the bed. Their kisses grew longer, more lingering as the couple’s hands moved across each other’s bodies. My Goddess Jen had her hands wrapped around her lover’s neck, pulling him into her as they locked lips. Steve’s hands had moved from Jen’s waist, one sliding around her back and slipping underneath the backless dress whilst his other had moved to grasping her perky breasts through the dress. Jen let out an exhale of passion as Steve began kissing down her neck, his stubbled chin rubbing against her skin as he went. Jen turned her head towards me. 

“Cucky, I need a big favour. Be a good little boy and take off my sexy heels…my feet have got so sore and sweaty wearing them all evening…” 

“Love when you put him to work…” Steve purred into her ear, his lips and stubbled chin moving up her neck before moving down to her chest. 

Steve’s strong arms and hands had now slid down and met each other on Jen’s thighs, sliding up her legs and shifting her tight dress up to reveal her long, flawless legs and toned ass. Jen had raised her left foot off the ground, so the sole of the stiletto heel was pointed towards me, her foot hovering in mid-air. I crawled over obediently and unfastened the golden chain clasp on the heel, slipping it off her flawless shapely foot. The aroma was intense as it slid free of her foot and revealed her soft, creamy sole facing back at me. As I got the first close view of my Goddess’ silky-smooth sole my lips quivered, seeing them visibly sticky with her sweet sweaty scent and particles of dirt and dust from the shoe. My cock began to twitch and grow further. 

“So kind cucky. Mmm such a good little foot bitch, those heels you paid for may look sexy but were starting to rub my pretty little feet and toes. I am sure you can see the sore points…sniff my foot.” Jen chided, her face turned to gaze down at me over her shoulder as Steve kissed and bit at her neck and chest.  

Cupping her foot gently in my hand, I lowered my nose and pressed it to her skin, drawing in a short sniff of her fragrant sole. The intense aroma washed over me and made my cock surge. I took long deep sniffs of my Goddess’s soft silky sole, breathing deeply to draw every particle of the scent deep into my nose and lungs. The sweaty pheromonal aroma was intoxicating, her heavenly scent combined with the leather from the heels to make the enchanting smell. 

“How do my feet smell cucky?” 

“Divine Goddess.” I mumbled 

“Will take his word for it…” Steve said with a smirk, his gaze joining Jen’s looking down at me on the floor.   

“I thought you’d say that.” Jen giggled. “Now kiss the sole.” 

I obliged, kissing the sole of her foot softly.  

“Such a good little cucky. Now the other one.” 

Jen placed her left foot flat on the carpet and lifted her right foot. I repeated the process, unfastening and sliding off the heel, cupping her sore, soft, sweaty foot in my hand, sniffing the silky sole and then kissing it softly across the surface.  

“I am sure they smell and taste good cucky. Do they smell and taste of the funded dinner and cocktails you paid for? And the hot dancing? You should have seen us on the dance floor. So passionate and steamy. Working my feet up nice and sweaty for you to worship…” 

“You sure he will last? if he is that hard from sniffing them and kissing them, he may not last when he tastes them…” Steve joked “…and I plan to go all night…” 

“Mmm feels like it.” Jen purred, running her hand across the enormous bulge in Steve’s trousers. “Don’t worry, I have a plan if he gets too flustered…” Jen purred.  

Jen flicked her foot free of my grasp and turned to face me. Steve continued greedily grasping at her body from behind and biting at Jen’s neck. Her skin was becoming visibly flushed and her breath had grown shallower as she spoke down to me.  

“Thank-you so much for helping me out of those sore sexy heels cucky. Why don’t you take my heels onto the sofa and give them a good sniff? That’s a good boy.” Jen said playfully.  

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