Forest of Dreams Pt. 01

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I know it’s been a while since I published but we had a hectic lockdown and summer. This is a departure for me. I was inspired by a comment from Maonaigh about creating a story featuring Angel and her Sorceress. I was then further inspired by Angel herself and, of course, my wonderful wife Jodie. Very special thanks go to “my little Indian friend,” eyehawk, for being the proof reader of all proof readers.



I looked at Angel, taking in her beautiful body. Her large, dark eyes, long straight black hair, beautiful, full breasts with their hard, dark nipples and her neatly trimmed black triangle. I couldn’t help but notice a little telltale glistening on her pussy lips that I knew was reflected on my own, the result of our lovemaking just a little earlier. I’ve learned over the years that at least one orgasm before a meditation makes it that much easier to achieve a peaceful and enjoyable meditative state. I felt that familiar tingle between my legs and resisted the urge to touch either myself or her.

We were both sat, naked, in the lotus position, facing each other, our arms outstretched, palms up, thumbs touching our middle fingers.

I smiled at her. “Okay Angel, are you ready?”

She smiled, “As ready as I’ll ever be, Sorceress. What are we doing today?”

“We’re going to visit the Forest of Dreams. It’s a place I’ve used for meditation for years and I think you’ll like it.”

This was our fourth mediation session and she had finally learned the art of being able to empty her mind fully. Now I wanted to move her onto the next stage: Inhabiting a world of the imagination.

“Will we be able to make love when we get there, Sorceress?”

I laughed, “Sadly, no. It’s just in our imagination.”

She got a mischievous look on her face, “So can we imagine we’re making love when we’re there?”

I winked at her, “Well, we’ll just have to see, won’t we?”

She smiled back, “I wish Siren was here. I’d like her to come with us.”

Our Siren was away for the day visiting her parents. She would normally have been with us for our meditation.

“Well, to be honest it’s easier this way, Angel,” I said quietly, “Taking two of you with me might be more difficult. Once you know how to get there it will be much easier for us to take Siren with us.”

I reached forward and took her beautiful, dark hands in mine, loving as always the contrast of her dark skin against my paleness.

“We just have to link like this and now close our eyes.”

I watched as her dark lids fell over her eyes and then closed my own.

“Now, Angel, relax. Empty your mind the way you know how. Focus on your internal shrine. The little things that mean the most to you.”

I brought to mind the image of the forest and started describing the glade.

“We are in a glade, sitting on the grass. The sunlight is shining through the canopy of trees, dappling the floor of the glade around us. The light is shifting a little as the leaves of the trees are moved by the light breeze. Can you feel the breeze on your bare skin, Angel?”

I heard a small gasp, followed by an awe filled whisper, “I can, Sorceress. I feel it.”

“Now, take in a deep breath. Can you smell the flowers? There’s a hint of newly cut grass in there as well.”

We both took deep breaths and I felt Angel squeeze my hands in hers, “Yes, Sorceress. It’s beautiful. I can hear the birds singing in the trees as well.”

That was remarkable. I always have birds there and she’d heard them before I’d mentioned them. She was really there with me.

I was about to mention the sound of the waterfall when I heard another gasp and she said, “And there’s a waterfall. I can hear it. Somewhere in the distance.”

Now I was truly amazed, “You can hear it as well, Angel?”

I could hear the distant roar of the water. I knew the waterfall so well and felt a deep joy that I finally had someone to share this little corner of paradise with.

“I can. I can see and sense everything around us even though my eyes are closed. The grass is even tickling on my bottom. I feel that if i open my eyes we’ll actually be there, but I don’t want to open them because I’m scared it will all disappear.”

I smiled, “It can never disappear, Angel. It’s now a part of us. We can always return. It’s wonderful that you feel it as deeply as I do.”

There was another gasp and I felt her hands squeeze mine tighter.

“Sorceress, what have you done?”

I was confused, “What do you mean, Angel?”

“Open your eyes.”

“I’m not ready to return to the mundane world just yet, Angel.”

I was surprised by the brush of her lips and I revelled for a moment in the delicious feel of our kiss. As it finished I instinctively opened my eyes and had to gasp myself.

We were in the glade that I knew so well from all my meditative trips. We were still naked, sitting facing each other, but now there was the sun dappled ground, the grass, the trees, the breeze. The air was warm.

“How, Ankara escort Sorceress? How did you do this? Can we get home, or are we stuck here forever?”

“I… I don’t know, Angel. This has never happened before. This has only ever been a world of my imagination.”

She stared at me, “You really are a Sorceress. You created a world. Can we explore it, do you think?”

I looked around, amazed once more at how real it all seemed.

“Let’s see,” I said, unfolding my legs and standing, Angel rising with me. I released her left hand and we walked across the grass through a gap in the trees towards the sound of the waterfall.

As we emerged into the open land outside the glade we both took in the scene before us and gasped at its splendour and beauty. The land undulated slightly. Ahead of us there was a small lake with a large rock formation on the far side and a waterfall around thirty metres high cascading down into the lake throwing up a fine spray. Off to the left a river led out from the lake, winding back into the forest that contained our glade. The scenery to our right was meadows and grassland all on rolling hills, disappearing off to the horizon.

The sky was a clear blue and the sun warmed our skin.

Without a word we headed straight to the lake, squeezing each other’s hands as we went.

When we reached the edge of the water Angel said, “I want to get in the water. It looks so inviting. Can we Sorceress?”

I turned and saw her eyes locked on mine, a look of happiness and joy on her face.

I knew in my heart what was true and so said, “I don’t think anything can stop us, Angel. This is our place. I don’t think we can trespass here.”

We both walked into the shallows of the lake. It wasn’t cold, it had a gentle warmth, something that surprised me. The soft ground gave way to hard smooth rock under our feet. Treading carefully in case there were any submerged stones we got in deeper until we were up to our waists. We stopped briefly and turned to each other, wrapping our arms around us and kissing. I loved the feeling of being so close, so intimate. We kissed. A long, soft, passionate kiss. A wonderful feeling of peace flowed through me.

We eventually broke the kiss and slid ourselves down into the warm water.

Angel smiled and said, “Let’s swim to the waterfall. I could do with a shower.”

I smiled. It wasn’t far. Maybe a hundred metres. “Yes, let’s,” I said and we both started swimming across the lake and in no time had reached the fall. I tried to see how deep we were and found to my surprise that I could stand and my breasts were just about on the waterline.

“Angel, we can stand here.”

She smiled and put her feet down, looked at me and said, “I wonder what’s behind the fall? Do you think we can get around the back?”

The fall was perhaps ten metres wide. We walked, once again hand in hand below the surface of the water. When we reached the edge we looked behind and were pleasantly surprised to find that there was quite a large hollowed out gap behind, certainly wide enough for the two of us. We walked behind the water and gloried in the vision of the sunlight flickering through the cascading water. It was stunning. The noise was intense but not painfully so. We then realised that there were steps carved out of the rock and leading up out of the lake into a large cave. We clambered up onto the steps and carefully made our way up them and into the cave. It wasn’t clear how deep the cave was. It went a long way back and got dark quickly in the shadows. The rock floor was smooth but the walls were craggy, arching up above us.

We both gasped as the air shimmered and a large, comfortable looking mattress appeared on the floor of the cave.

I looked at her, “Now who’s the Sorceress, Angel?” I said with a smile on my face.

Her beautiful dark brown eyes stared at the mattress and then back at me.

“I… I didn’t do that Sorceress… did I? I… just had the thought it would be nice to have somewhere to lie down so that we could make love.”

I walked to the edge of the mattress, turned and lowered myself onto it, patting next to me. It was very smooth and didn’t give too much under me.

“Well, you wished and it appeared. Come on Angel. It’s really comfortable.”

She came and sat next to me. We kissed for a few minutes, the roar of the waterfall a background symphony to our love. When we stopped we took a moment to look out at the glittering light. It really was magical.

Angel lay back and pulled at my hand, “I want to make my Sorceress happy.”

I lay down next to her and we shuffled up into the centre, facing each other. In the magical cave I loved how the light dappled her beautiful dark skin. How her face was framed and, if possible, made even more beautiful by the twinkling fairy light.

We kissed and I felt the urgency in my body. Even though we had made love only an hour before, I was ready. My nipples crinkled and I felt hers hard and pressed into my breasts. I felt Ankara escort bayan the warmth in my pussy lips and my clit. We moaned into each other through our kiss which was now becoming more urgent and passionate.

She pushed gently on me and I lay back and watched as she reversed herself and straddled my head. The ethereal light showed me her wetness. Her swollen, dark lips spread wide, her inner pinkness glistening, her clit as large and proud as I had ever seen it. She lowered herself onto my mouth with the familiarity that only a true lover can know. I cupped my mouth over her clit, glorying in her slightly sweet and musky juices. As I flicked my tongue in circles around her clit I felt her tongue on me and I groaned which only served to make small vibrations on her clit which were then fed back through her and into me.

It was glorious. Our psychic connection meant that sixty nine was something that we had become quite expert at with each other. As I sucked and flicked on her, it was almost as if I was doing it to myself, which meant that we could each control the pace and build. I could feel that I was close and I saw her contracting opening which meant she was right there with me. I felt the contractions in myself mirrored in hers and the build peaked. Suddenly my orgasm was there, spreading out from my clit, through my cunt, outwards, upwards and through me. I held onto her beautiful bottom and pulled her down onto me as we groaned loudly into each other. It went on and on, as it often does with us, and the ecstasy was almost too beautiful to bear. I finally started feeling the slow slide back down to whatever normal was for us now in our Forest of Dreams. We slowed and stopped and Angel swung her leg back over and she turned herself around, on all fours looking down at me, her damp hair framing us, our own little world within a world.

She lowered her lips to mine and we kissed briefly, tasting ourselves on each other.

Smiling she said, “Well, you were wrong, Sorceress. We can make love here.”

I smiled back up at her, “So it would seem, Angel. I don’t know how this happened, but I am so glad that it did. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Her eyes lit up even more as she said, “Siren is going to love this place too. I can’t wait to tell her and bring her here.”

“I know she will. I just hope we can get back here. Right now I want to explore more. Shall we see how far the cave goes back?”

Angel rolled up into a sitting position on the mattress and I joined her. We stared into the darkness.

We stood and started walking, hand in hand once again.

We started walking and I worried about the darkness that we were going to be walking into. I needn’t have worried. Our world was clearly going to look out for us. As we walked, blue crystals in the walls of the cave lit up ahead of us, leading us on.

Angel gasped, “On my, Sorceress. It is beautiful. Magical.”

We headed down the passage which ambled left and right, the sound of the waterfall slowly fading behind us.

We walked for a good twenty minutes seeing nothing but the rocks and glowing crystals and I was starting to wonder if we would just walk forever when Angel stopped and pointed, “The light. It’s different up there. Round the next corner, Sorceress.”

I looked. She was right. The warmth of the cave light was brighter up ahead. Like natural daylight. Slightly nervous about what we might encounter we walked slowly around the corner. About twenty metres ahead was an opening looking out onto a wonderful, pastoral scene. We walked forward and out of the cave. We were at the top of a gentle incline with a soft, earthen path down to a grey stone cottage with beautiful gardens and borders around it.

Angel looked nervously at me, “Do you think someone lives there? We can’t just walk up to someone’s house completely naked, Sorceress.”

I genuinely hadn’t thought that anyone else might be here. I had assumed this was just some manifestation of my dream world. We both peered at the house. The front door was open but there didn’t seem to be any signs of life in or around it.

I squeezed her hand and said, “Let’s walk cautiously, Angel. If someone comes out we’ll say we lost our clothes somewhere. If not, we’ll take a look inside. We won’t touch or take anything.”

“Okay Sorceress. It’s your world,” she said a little nervously.

We walked down and as we got closer we saw how beautiful the gardens and cottage were. It wasn’t enormous but it wasn’t too small either. It had large picture windows through which we still could see no movement.

When we finally got to the front door without seeing anyone we both gasped.

There on the door was an inscription:

‘The House of Angel and her Sorceress – Welcome.’

I was a little spooked if I’m honest, but again, everything in this world seemed to be made for us.

“It’s our house?” Angel said.

“It would seem so. Shall we go in?”

She looked deep into my eyes and just nodded.

Both Escort Ankara a little nervous about what we would find we crossed the threshold. As it was outside, so it was inside. Warm, inviting and beautiful. A rug lay on the dark wooden floor leading up a wide hallway. There were two doors on the left and two on the right. They were all closed. A window at the far end of the hall gave perfect lighting. We walked up to the first door on the left and opened it. This was a lounge, with a beautiful sofa in pale green, a Persian looking rug on the oak floor and a large picture window looking out on the gardens.

The first door on the right opened into a magnificent bathroom appointed with a large walk-in shower, a conical bath big enough for four and all the usual plumbing requirements. The floor was solid black veined white marble, the walls were tiled in a pale blue.

The next door on the right led into another hallway that led further back into the house.

Angel said, “We’ll explore there in a minute, Sorceress. Let’s check this other door.”

She pushed the door open onto an enormous bedroom. Like the bath, the bed was large enough for four. The warm, soft orange patterned throw rugs around the bed felt wonderful on our feet as we walked across them.

There were two large closets on two walls, a picture window looking out onto the back of the cottage where in the distance we could see the meadows and fields we had seen on our way to the waterfall.

We slid one of the closet doors open. It was large enough to walk into and had clothes racks but no clothes.

We looked at each other. Angel said, “Well, as long as nobody else is here and the weather is warm we don’t really need clothes, Sorceress, do we?”

I smiled, “No, I suppose we don’t. I just wish we’d opened it to find a closet of perfect, sexy and gorgeous outfits for both of us.”

As I used the word ‘wish’ we both looked expectantly but nothing happened. So perhaps there were some boundaries and limits on what we could wish for.

I had a thought and closed the door to the closet and then opened it again. To our amazement it was now filled with racks of clothes. Some labeled ‘Angel’ and some ‘Sorceress.’

I thought I understood what was happening.

“So, I think the magic works this way, Angel. I was quite literal when I said that I wish the clothes were there when we opened the door. We had to close and open them again.”

She smiled and said, “My Sorceress always knows how the magic works. It works with me all the time.”

We took a few minutes to leaf through the exquisite tops, skirts and dresses. They were gorgeous and the colours matched us perfectly.

“We are going to have to spend some time playing dress up, Sorceress,” she said, “But right now I want to find out what’s in the other closet.”

We closed the door and as we were about to open the door of the other closet, Angel said. “I hope… and wish… that when we open this door we’ll find the most wonderful lingerie and a collection of toys of ultimate pleasure.”

I giggled, “Are you ready for a toy of ultimate pleasure, Angel?”

She stared deeply into my eyes and said in her beautiful, low, seductive voice, “Oh yes, Sorceress.”

We slid the door aside and we were faced with a wall of drawers. Once more, some had ‘Angel’ inscribed on them, others had ‘Sorceress’ and the bottom one was blank.

We opened an Angel one and it was full of beautiful underwear. Panties, bras, basques and all sorts of other wonderful looking hosiery all in colours that were perfect matches to Angel’s dark skin and black hair.

We pushed that closed and opened a Sorceress drawer. It had a similar collection all more suited to my fair skin and red hair.

When we finally opened the bottom drawer there was just one thing in it. It was clear what it was but it was like no double dildo we had ever seen. The dildo protruding from the base was about twenty centimetres long and looked like a realistic cock with a pair of balls at the base. The whole thing was pale blue. The base itself was a sort of cup like affair. It was obviously shaped to go over one’s pubic bone and between your legs. The other end was a dildo but didn’t look at all like a cock. It had a narrow neck and a bulb shape, maybe ten centimetres long and four wide. It seemed to have little perforations in it.

Angel reached in and picked it out and gasped.

“Sorceress, it feels different as well as looking different.”

She pulled on the shaft and I was surprised to see that it had a sort of functional foreskin that retracted as she stroked. I reached out and laid my hand around the shaft. It felt so life-like.

Angel looked at me, “We have to try this. Now.”

I felt a huge twinge inside me at the thought. “So who gets to try it first, Angel?”

She got a mischievous look on her face, “Oh you have to use it on me. You know how I love doggy style.”

I giggled, “Okay, Angel, you win. It’s odd that there aren’t any straps. I wonder how it stays in place?”

She looked at me, those dark brown eyes making my insides turn to mush.

“Let’s find out,” she said, “if madam will lie back on the bed I’m sure I can help her with the fitting.”

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