Fraternity Backdoor

1 Aralık 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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My fraternity brothers were practical jokers in college and as usual I was the brunt of their fun..I’m not even safe when it comes to sex.

We started fucking as a group in college and still do occasionally now. Our last get together put me in the center of one of their pranks, even though it some what backfired on them. Ted brought several sex toys and playing with the rubbery gadgets was amusing for a while, the best part, my girlfriend Julie fucking me with a thick rubber cock. I decided that I would take myself and julie off in another room to fuck with out games….But it wasn’t meant to be…..

I was ravaging Julie’s clasping,dripping pussy when suddenly all of my frat brothers were holding me down, pressing down on my ass to keep my cock buried deep inside her and my legs pulled wide apart, I craned my kneck back to see Ted sitting between my legs. He had a plastic vibrator and a large tube oflube in his hands and a big smile on his face. I struggled but couldn’t break free, I had no where to go, but I was sure where that vibe was going.

I heard the vibrator buzz above my butt then felt the first tingling in my cock and balls as Ted massaged them and pressed it to my ass crack. I didn’t really mind fingers in my ass but şişli bayan escort not sure about anything bigger. I began to squirm my dick got hard and my asshole seemed to just want it and opened right up as Ted slowly but firmly pushed the vibe into me. Ted said I had 8″ of the rubber toy buried in my ass and I loved how it felt to be filled up. Soon I was the one being ravaged with long 6″ strokes, I was getting a serious fucking. My ass trembled and shook around the whirring intruder and I started again to fuck Julie’s moist pussy, doing so, meant I was also fucking the vibrator. I rammed deeply into Julie as Ted’s plastick dick plunged in and out of my expanded asshole with increasing speed. My cock was swollen and red, my nipples hard and swollen too. The best part of it was the feeling of having no where to go my brothers having every part of my body secured

I screamed when I came, my dick exploding, my ass bearing down on the vibrator, my entire crotch on fire! I’m sure everybody thought I was screaming in pain, my body quivered around my release,stunned!

I collapsed with the last burst of cum after 8 solid, back arching spasms, Ted yanks his toy out of my butt! My asshole pulsed within my sweaty crack as I gasped for air! My frat şişli escort brothers were all in shock from the way I had got off being rear-ended and had a lot of questions about the experience. Everybody wanted to be butt-fucked like me! Away we went, taking turns being held down and ravaging each other late into the night.

About 4 a.m. we were all about spent. I myself had a sudden urge to be fucked real good once more for the day. I packed my ass with lube and grabbed a big thick rubber dick and went around the room offering my rubber lover and my ass. It was the craze of the moment! I managed to get up to the 10th fucking before I had to rest for the day. But now they all want to be banged too,so I lay there watching all of my brothers banging each other’s asses with that big rubber dick.

It was getting so turned on watch everybody getting their asses gaped and gang banged with the dildo, I invited who ever was free at the time to come over and fuck my face. I love sucking cock especially when it is force into me and down my throat . A line started to form and soon I was being held again and cock after cock was put into me. I was picked up and taken to a table and was layed on my back with my head over the edge so that when my head was tilted mecidiyeköy escort back ti was a straight line down my throat and gang bang started again but with my throat. My ass still got some attention too when I told everybody to finger my ass with as many fingers as they wished, in hopes that I will stretch enough to be fisted. that was answered when four fingers went into me,twisted around till I felt the whole thing plunge right into me and sat there gasping foe a few seconds and then began working my ass around on the fist.

Another scream was brought out of me when I was yet again pinned down and the fist buried in my ass began to fuck me like a piston, slowly a few strokes then a few really deep strokes then a few hard pounding rams..this went on over and over..all the time different cocks were being pushed down my throat. I heard another scream and realized I had lost track of Julie till she was brought over in front of me on her hands and knees. she smiled at me and then screamed again as a fist was shoved into her and she was enjoying the game too it seems. So it seems also that it wasn’t such a bad joke after all and I think it did turn around a little for Ted….Julie and I invited Ted over for dinner the next week and got even with him, tying him up and Julie had her way with him with her favorite strap-on, I got to suck his cock a lot and of course Julie and I both took a ride on him.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32