Friends Christmas Gift

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For the past four years Whit and I have held our annual Holiday dinner with our close group of friends. Trevor and his wife Lilah, Trenton and his wife Aly, and Whit and myself. Trevor, Trenton, and Whit grew up together and have worked together for a few years at Holly’s local police department.

Having husbands that grew up together and are just as close as they always have been, it only seemed natural for the three of us ladies to build a friendship. Over the years we have grown just as close, and although we have not known each other as long the guys have, we have a bond that is just as tight.

Tonight, as I get ready for our Holiday dinner, I can’t help but think back on last year’s dinner and how it forever changed the dynamic of the relationship that we all share.

~~~Christmas Eve 2016~~~

“You about ready?” The unexpected voice bringing my gaze up from the vanity in front of me. Looking in the mirror, I lock eyes with my husband, Whit.

My breath catches at his appearance, leaning there against the door frame to our bedroom. From the moment I laid eyes on Whit I was drawn to him, and to this day I still feel a shutter of anxiousness every time he catches me off guard like he did that day. Whit is tall at five foot ten, compared to my five foot four, although I never seem small in his presence, I feel treasured and safe. His hair a light brown and always cut short, while it’s not long enough to fall across his forehead, it is still long enough for me to run my fingers through or pull on just a bit when his mouth is doing what I like best. Tonight, there is a light smattering of stubble across his jaw. I know it is rough but just enough to cause the perfect amount of friction.

“Angie, you need to stop looking at me like that or you’ll be late for your own party.” His husky voice bringing my attention back to him.

My heart begins to race at the thought of what he could do to me to make us late. I watch his reflection in the mirror as his long strides eat up the distance between us. With one final step he is standing behind me, hands resting on the top of the vanity caging me in. Closing my eyes, I tip my head to the side, a clear invitation for his mouth. One that he doesn’t need further instruction to take.

Whit softly kisses the crease of my neck, before biting down, only to soothe the pain with the warmth of his tongue only to start over again.

As his mouth continues to suck and bite along my shoulder and neck moving towards my jaw, Whit lifts his hand from the vanity, running his şişli escort fingertips up my arm until he reaches the thin strap of my red dress. Hooking his fingers under the strap, he slips the strap over my shoulder, leaving it to hang loose on my arm. “mmm” a soft moan -mine- has my eyes popping open, meeting his once again in the mirror.

Lifting his mouth completely from my body he smiles softly before running the tip of his tongue along his lower lip, as if he just needs to savor the taste of me for another second.

“Angie, what did I tell you about this dress?” Whit’s voice just a whisper as he runs the tips of his fingers over my exposed breasts, before rolling my nipple between his fingers.

My head falling back against his chest, my long chestnut hair falling in waves against his white button-down shirt and red tie. “you said that the next time I wore it that I better make sure there was nothing under it.” I shift slightly on my stool, feeling the moisture pooling between my thighs.

“What am I going to find when I slip my hand under the bottom of your dress?” his hands already trailing up my thighs, lifting the dress with the movement.

“keep going and you’ll find out.”

I suck in a sharp breath of air as his fingers find their way under my dress and connect with my slick folds.

“Good girl.” He says, clearly pleased with the easy access that my dress provides.

“Whit, we need to finish getting ready. Our guests will be here any minute.” I say with little force.

His fingers lightly stroking along the seam, spreading my legs, I gasp when his fingers make contact with the bundle of nerves. When I lean back a little more he takes advantage of the position by slipping his finger into me. Bringing his mouth back to my jaw he sucks and bites at the sensitive flesh while thrusting his finger in and out of me. It isn’t long before I am at the brink of an orgasm, honestly, I should be embarrassed at how quickly this man can work me right to the edge. Just seconds before taking the leap, his fingers slip from my body.

I watch him through the mirror as he brings his fingers to my lips painting them with the juices that are coating his fingers.

At the sound of the knock at the front door, Whit leans in placing a kiss on my cheek “Leave it, I want the taste to linger on your lips.”

After Whit left to answer the door I freshened up, making sure not to put on any lipstick. A few minutes later I met him in the living room where our guests were seated. Trevor and Lilah sitting on mecdiyeköy escort the couch, with Whit in the chair next to Lilah’s end of the couch. On his other side was Aly seated next to her husband, Trenton. Taking the only seat left next to Trenton, I say my hello’s before grabbing the glass of wine offered to me.

It isn’t long before the conversation is flowing smoothly. I try to keep up the best that I can, but my mind keeps wandering back to the bedroom and the need for the release that I was robbed of. Normally one to enjoy a party, I’m a little thrown off by the need for everyone to leave.

“You ok?” Trenton whispers. His eyes pulled together in concern.

I nod, afraid of what I might say if I was to open my mouth. Placing my glass on the coffee table I excuse myself and head towards the den. One inside, I walk towards the desk sitting on top of it, hoping that the cold wood will ease the ache inside.


I snap my head in the direction of the door, surprised to find Trenton standing there. His sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the top two buttons on his shirt open. He is almost as tall as Whit, with darker hair and dark eyes. His face covered by a short beard.

“You sure you’re ok?” He asks. Closing the distance between us.

“I am. Just a little warm I guess.”

“You sure?” His eyes dip down to my nipples that are hardened and showing through my dress. “Seems like you may be a little cold. No?”

Forcing a swallow, I stand trying to calm myself.

“Maybe I could help you warm up, or is it cooling down that you need?”

Slipping his fingers into my hair he closes his lips over mine. His tongue seeking entry. When I gasp at the sudden dampness I feel, he takes advantage slipping his tongue in to my mouth, seeking more.

“Fuck you taste good, Ang.” He says against my lips.

Grabbing his wrist, I slide his hand up the inside of my thighs until I feel his fingers moving against my opening. With a moan I release his wrist and reach for the button on his pants. Popping it open I slip my hand inside finding him hard and hot.

I slid his pants down just enough to free his cock, before dropping to my knees opening my mouth and sucking him in.

“Fuck.” He bites out on a moan. Grabbing my hair in his hands he guides my mouth up and down his shaft.

I continue sucking on him until I feel a soft touch between my thighs. Releasing his shaft on a gasp, I look down to find Aly on her back with her head in front of me.

With a reassuring smile, she shifts a little more bringing her face closer to my center. With my eyes locked on hers, she offers a small nod telling me that she wants her mouth on me. I’ve never once been with a woman not that I haven’t considered it before.

Aly brings her hands up to my hips, guiding me down so that I am open to her and just a breath from her face. A shudder escapes me when her tongue connects with my sensitive skin. She works my center by running her tongue up and down me in slow motions.

Sinking down further onto her face, my hips begin to move, seeking more. Getting the hint, Aly moves her tongue to my opening before slipping her tongue inside me.

“Oh god, yes, Aly. It’s so good.” I nearly cry out.

Looking back up my eyes connect with Trenton’s heated gaze. He has taken a step back and is watching, stroking his hard shaft.

Needing more, and wanting Aly to feel as good as she is making me feel, I lean down and place a kiss against are soaked core. Opening my mouth, I suck her in. working my hips in a faster motion as her moans are vibrating against me.

“Shit, Angie.” Whit says, as he kneels on the ground at my side. “You are so fucking hot eating her. Does she taste good, baby?”

Unable to answer with words, I release her from my mouth, pulling Whit to me, I kiss him hard slipping my tongue inside giving him a taste of Aly.

Just as I am about to find my release I am pulled off of Aly. Trenton drops down in front of me, lifting me by my hips, and sliding himself inside of me.

“Oh, fuck, yes.” I cry out shaking with the force of my orgasm. Trenton holds me to him, as I ride out my release. Just as I come down, he begins to thrust slowly into me while Aly sits beside us, exposed and fingering herself.

It isn’t long before I feel the hand between my shoulder blades and her the sound of suction. Looking back at Aly I see her sucking on Whit’s cock. After a minute he pulls out of her mouth and moves behind me. With a small sensation of pain, Whit uses the moisture from Aly’s mouth as lubricant to make his way into my tight asshole.

Crying out in pleasure, I begin to rock faster against Trenton. Trenton grabs my hips holding me still until he and Whit can set the pace.

Aly’s whimpers from beside me are almost enough to push me over the edge. Not wanting to go alone, I lean a little to the side closing my mouth over her once again. Sliding two fingers into her, I thrust in and out working her until her release takes over, taking me with her, and Trenton and Whit right behind.

Falling to the side I will my breathing to return to normal. “Merry Christmas everyone. I can’t wait until next year.” I say just as my eyes close.

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