Fuck a Mom Club 03

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Big Tits

Nancy Fleming had to work Saturday. After 5:00, she got home and felt like something the dogs had been fighting over. It had been a very difficult day. As was her custom, she stripped off all her clothes.

“How was your day, mom?”

“No worse nor better than usual, baby.”

That was Theodore (Ted) Fleming, Nancy’s adopted son. He walks over to the refrigerator pours his mom a glass of wine and hands it to her. He then kneels to massage her feet.

“That feels so good Teddy.”

“I know you like it, mom, that is why I do it.”

“It also lets you get into my pussy.”

“Well, that too.”

He’s on her thighs now, Nancy said, “Lick me, baby, make mommy’s pussy.”

She opened her legs to give him full access. When his tongue touched the bottom of her slit, her entire body seemed to be electrified. She knew too that she would have an intense orgasm within minutes followed by the feel of his cock pushing at the opening of her love channel. He licked her twat the way she liked after a few minutes she was relaxed and in good spirits.

“Fuck me now, Teddy.”

She lay on the kitchen floor offering herself to him.

He didn’t need a second invitation, positioning himself between Nancy’s, legs he aligned his throbbing tool and then plunged in. His mother’s gasp filled the room when her stepson’s cock reached her cervix. He fucked her with a fast thrust he was balls deep inside her.

“OOoooo, momma loves it when to plunge in deep and hard.

“Yes, momma loves to feel your cock in her, Teddy. Now don’t take all night, Ian will be over in an hour. Go faster,”

Teddy loved to fuck fast like a rabbit so he had no difficulty ramping up the thrust into her. Nancy lay back and enjoyed herself. She didn’t even attempt to counter thrust, she just lay there getting pounded as if she were a sex toy. As expected, Teddy announced that he was ready to inseminate her, and true to his word he did leave a generous amount of spunk in her love cavern.

“Thank you for that Ted, now get off so I can clean up. for Ian.”

Since he has fucked her in the kitchen, Teddy handed her some paper towels which she held between her legs to catch his semen coming out of her as she made it to the bathroom. Teddy soon heard the water running knowing that mom was doing her toilet for Ian’s visit.

Ian had been waiting patiently for the time to elapse between his taking Marion Weber and his all-nighter date with Nancy Fleming. This wouldn’t be his first time with Nancy, mote like the 4th., but every time they were together it was always a memorable night. Looking at his watch, I saw that it was time to go. So he told his mom that he was going to the Fleming’s, She told him to have a good time. After securing the door, Ian was on his way to make love to Nancy.

“Mom, Ian’s here.”

“I’ll meet him in the living room.”

Nancy descended the stairs in her long nearly translucent nightgown barely hiding her feminine charms. She could hear the boys talking at the top of the stairs babbling on about something most likely girls or sports. As she got closer, she could discern that it was about girls.

“I am telling you Ted, your cousin Kimberly, is an awesome fuck. I’ve had her twice and each time was like pure bliss.”

“She is my cousin plus she doesn’t like me.”

“Your cousin? Hell man, you are already fucking your mother, right?”

“Yeah, but it is different, right?”

“Yeah, her tits and smaller than your mom’s, and her pussy is probably tighter”

At this point, Nancy injected herself, “Hello boys. What devilment ar the both of you up to now.”

“Nothing Mrs. Flemming,” Ian told her.

She looked slyly at them, then jokingly answered, “I suppose you expect me to believe that?”

“Yeah, mom,” her son, Ted, spoke up, “We’ve been chatting about…..”

“Fucking Kimberly,” she finished his sentence, “I’ve overheard hiltonbet yeni giriş you. So don’t try denying it.”

“We’ll we might have touched on the subject.”

“You horny young studs, fucking seems to be the only thing you ever think about, right?”

“No ma’am, we think about other things too.”

“We sure do mom, lots of other things.”

“Huh, you do, do you?”

She had moved to the chair opposite the couch where the two young men were seated. Feeling very naughty, she lifted her gown to above her knees, then, opened her legs wide open. While she was saying, ‘…do you?’ she parted her outer lips and then toyed with her clit.

“So neither of you would be interested in this, even if it was offered to you, would you?”

Ian spoke up, “I would love to eat your pussy, then after that fuck you.”

“O my, Ian, you are so bold.”

“Mom, I want to drink your nectar too.”

“Okay, both of you, strip and let me see those stiff cocks, Then I want you between my legs to eat my pussy after you’re naked.”

She could see their mouths water at the sight of her pink tempting pussy. She knew that both of them wanted them and she knew that she wanted both of them in her. It amused her to watch both get naked with all the speed they could muster. Soon, two semi-hard cocks were staring her in the face waiting for additional instructions.

“Ted get two dish towels from the kitchen. I don’t want cum stains on my carpet or furniture.”

He came back in a flash with the towels giving one to his buddy, Ian, and one for Nancy to sit on.

She motioned for them to come forward. Looking at Ian she said, “Offer me your cock.”

He stood on the left side of the chair, offering Nancy his manhood, she took him into her mouth and began to suck him. Ian groaned as her wet hat mouth slid up and down his shaft. When she tickled his balls with her tongue, he let out a loud moan of pleasure; but, that was nothing compared to the excitement he felt when her tongue licked and sucked the head of his cock.”

“Mrs. Fleeming, you suck cock better than anyone

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you Ian?”

“O yes, Mrs. Fleming.”

She felt that he was hard enough for fucking her, so she stopped and went to Ted. She took his balls in her mouth licking and sucking them, with her free hand she was cupping Ian’s family treasures just as she had cupped Ted’s when Ian’s cock was in her mouth. Soon Ted was rock hard as well.

“My two horny studs are ready to fuck, aren’t you?”

“More than ready mom,” Ted spoke out.

“I cannot wait to feel my cock inside you again Mrs.Fleming,” Ian confessed.

“Okay boys, let’s go to the bedroom and relieve our sexual tension,” Nancy said being assisted up by her two lovers.

The trio stopped at the kitchen to get drinks and snacks. Nancy was standing by the counter when a shock hit her, someone was violating her ass by inserting a finger into her. Shortly thereafter a second finger was slipped into her ass.

“Boys, what are you doing to me?” she said as the shock was being replaced by pleasure.

“We’re finger fucking your ass, Mrs. Fleming. Do you want us to stop?”

“No, you two horny pervs, violate my ass,” she said with a breathless sigh.

After a few minutes, she heard, “Ted, let’s each insert another finger in her.”

The pain was intense, but the groans soon turned into peaceful sighs as her bowels adjusted to this latest violation.

The boys were finger fucking her ass for a few minutes. Nancy’s pleasure was increasing and she felt that she was going to have an orgasm. “Fuck me harder, make me come, ” she shouted. They increased the pace and soo her pleasure boiled over, “AAAAaaaaagggghhhh!! Fuck. Aaaagghhh.” They caught her before she hit the floor and sat her on a kitchen chair.

“Boys that was wonderful, unexpected, but still wonderful. Come here hiltonbet giriş for a kiss, both of you,” she grabbed Ian’s head first lowering it to her lips, then the two of them shared a passionate kiss. Ted was on her other side playing with her nipple, flicking it back and forth. Nancy felt little electrical shocks from the kissing and the nipple play. Her juices were staining the chair cushion.

“Are you ready to fuck Mrs. Fleming?”

“Yes I am, let’s get upstairs.”

The horny trio ascends the stairs. Once in the bedroom, Mrs. Nancy Fleming lay in the middle of the bed spreading her legs wide open. Then with mirth in her voice, she looks at Ian,

“Well Ian, don’t you want to fuck me?”

He gets up on the bed crawling toward her inviting canyon and his cock is swaying nearly driving Nancy mad with lust. When he gets close, she raises her hip making it easier for him to enter her love cave. At long last, she feels the head of his manly cock pressing against her folds. She pushes against her and he’s in.

He’s in, she gasps as his log think tube opens her walls at last her at her cervix. He bends down and the kiss her, as they do, the kiss he begins his slow piston action in and out of her. She hugs him to her and the fucking begins as it had six or seven times since he turned 18.

Then something happens that she doesn’t expect, she hears Ian a call out to her son,

“Hey Ted, don’t beat your meat and get all frustrated. Remember she got another hole which needs plugging.”

Ian rolls over so that he’s on the bed, Nancy is on top of this with her ass in the air. She had only been DP’d twice: once was pure hell and the other time was so-so. Now it was about to happen again should she refuse or accept? Ted comes to the nightstand to get her lube with his cock in his hand looking confused and unsure whether or not he should violate her other hole. he’s heard her protest about being taken there, and he doesn’t want to hurt her. She hates seeing him suffer, so she says,

“Teddy, lube my ass and you’re cock well. Don’t forget to lube my ass hole and when you’re in all the way, fuck me gently.”

Looking down at Ian, “You stop fucking and wait for him to penetrate my ass.”

She was enjoying Teddy’s touch as he lubed her anus. When he inserted his finger, Nancy nearly screamed her head off, but she held it because she knew if she did that, Ted would stop immediately, so she held her fear and anxiety and wait for his cock to sodomize her. Then she heard,

“Mom, I am ready to enter you. Is it okay?”

“Yes dear, it is; penetrate me.”

The feel of his cockhead was against her opening. She felt him pushing and she felt her body trying to keep him out but by a steady but gentle pressure against her tight hole, she felt the head of his man tool push into her past her rectum into her colon.

“Honey, stop a minute while I adjust to you.”

“Okay, ma.”

In a few seconds, “Honey, give me a little more.”

Then she felt comfortable enough for him to go all the way in, “Give it all to me.”

“Hey Ted, I feel your cock rubbing on mine. It is simply, wonderful.”

Once Ted was all in she speaks up to tell them the ground rules, “You guys are going to fuck me in sync. You will start slow and only pick up speed when I say so. We will all climax together. Got it!.”

“We ma’am.”

“Yes, mom.”

“Okay let’s begin and you two will give me the best orgasm I’ve ever had”

She’d had never felt so full. This experience is memorable she thought as her moaning was nearly continuous except for the times to announce, “This feels good, boys. I am feeling a lot of pleasure because of you two studs.”

They were like this for nearly 15-minutes with the sexual tension building in Nancy all the while. The tell-tale signs of orgasm were building within her, “I am getting ready to come.”

They were hiltonbet güvenilirmi too, so they built it up to a crescendo and then released their loads inside Nancy. For her part, the equine feeling of her two holes receiving hot man milk took her breath away. She felt her son pull out and when she rolled off Ian, he slid out of her. She felt wonderful this time when she was DP’d. and she felt a warm love for her two lovers.

While she was still panting she felt Ian’s cock replace Ted in her ass, then she felt ted’s cock in her pussy.

“OMG boys, you are killing me with passion. Fuck me you two horny studs.”

Fuck her they did. She became their sex toy which both shared equally.

“Mom, our pussy is snug even after Ian’s sausage cock has reamed you. Man, how do you do it?”

“Practice dear, practice.”

“Yeah man, her ass is so tight that I doubt you were even in her.”

“He was in there Ian, opening my bowels with his cock was as you are doing now.”

“Boys fuck me. I want several orgasms from you mother fuckers.”

Nancy was beginning to love anal sex. Teddy’s cock felt wonderful removing her fears and apprehensions and allowing Ian’s cock to fill her with ecstasy. Of course, she could never get enough of Teddy’s cock in her pussy. He always fucked her with such loving passion and lust.

“OMG that feels heavenly boys, fuck me,” she said again and again. Time melted and her love had a lot of stamina. Finally, the balls of both young men began to fill and they announced to Nancy that they were going to ejaculate in her. Soon, for the second time in one night, Nancy felt hot seed fill both her vagina and her bowels.

“That was awesome Mrs. Fleming.”

“Yes, I agree,” Ted said when his cock slipped outnof her twat, “You’ve really outperformed yourself, mom.”

“Thank you, I was brought to bliss by the ministrations of you gentlemen,” Nancy answered.

For a long time, they lay kissed and hugged as they came off the throes the copulation. After a deep sigh, Nancy said,

“Okay boys, I am tired and I don’t want to fuck anymore tonight. Let’s get cleaned up into bed and sleep.”

A combination of sperm and pussy nectar was dripping out of her pussy and she felt their man cream oozing from her ass hole. She didn’t want to stain her newly cleaned carpet so she had Ted get her a towel which went between her legs, she then hobbled to the bathroom sitting on the budget to clean off her crouch.

As she was enjoying the relief of the water splashing upon her crouch, she noticed the two studs standing at the doorway cocks in hand. Ian spoke, “Mrs. Fleming, just one more time, please?”

Had they been a bit older, she would have denied them, but when she beheld those two boy-like faces, her maternal instincts got the better of her.

“Okay, once more in the shower, after that, it’s done!”

They the showered together and both boys fucked her again adding still more spunk to the spunk already there. But to their credit, after they had sexually taken her again, both proceeded to wash her bottom and rinse it along with her entire body as well as dry it for her.

The three slept naked in her bed, Ian on the right side, Ted on her left. Soon sleep overtook them. It was the sun and Ian’s cock pressed in her as that awoke her. Ted was still asleep, so she checked to see if he had a morning wood too. Ian’s cock was aware though Ian wasn’t. Laying the side sleeping man on his back, she mounted him and began her morning ride.

Ian was awakened by Nancy Flemming inserting his cock into her pussy.

“Good morning Ian.”

“Good morning Mrs. Fleming.”

It didn’t take long for Nancy’s snug cunt to make Ian fire his first ropes of the day. It felt so good he thought, why didn’t his mom wake him like this.

After dismounting Ian, Nancy immediately mounted Ted. He was already awake and waiting for her. He counter-trusted while a still sleepy Ian did not. He fucked her hard so that when Ted came, Nancy orgasmed as well.

“Time to begin the day boys,” then she hopped out of bed.

Ian mused, “I am going to have to tell mom about this night!”

To be continued,

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