Fucked On The Water_(0)

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Fucked On The Water
We had known Joe and Liz for about a month and had spent many days on their boat. At first, everything seemed friendly and we had a good time with them. Then one day, they said they were going to take us to their favorite cove and show us the beauty of the place. We agreed and enjoyed the trip over. We talked and laughed just like before but had no idea what was in store for us once we arrived.
After dropping the anchor, Joe suggested the two women go below and start lunch while he and I finished settling the boat. I watched Liz and my wife disappear below and had just turned towards Joe when I felt sharp sting in my arm. I looked down and saw that Joe had injected something into my arm with a syringe. I looked up and he had a smirk on his face while he pumped whatever was in the syringe into my arm.
I felt dizzy right away and could hardly stand up. In my state, I stumbled but Joe caught me and with his arms around me, led me towards the ladder leading down below. I tripped down the steps and landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. Only lying there a few seconds, I felt Joe helping me up to my feet and leading me down the hallway towards the bedroom area.
He led me into one of the bedrooms and told me to stand leaning against the bed while he got the bed ready for me. I watched him through hazy eyes, turn down the bed then come around to me. Very quickly, he undid my shorts and pulled them down around my ankles. He then had me step out of them before pulling my shirt up over my head.
Now I was leaning against the bed totally naked and at Joe’s mercy. I felt his hands running up and down my spine then my legs before landing on my protruding ass. He pulled my cheeks apart and ran a finger up and down my crack several times. I couldn’t do anything to stop him as whatever he had pumped into my arm had me totally helpless and he was taking advantage of it.
I then heard a muffled scream and turned to look şişli bayan escort out the door., I could vaguely see the door of the bedroom across the hall was open and I could see through the haze, my wife and Liz in the other room. I couldn’t quite make out what they were doing but I knew it wasn’t good as I had recognized the scream as being from my wife.
My attention was brought back to Joe when I felt his finger pushing against my ass hole. He was trying to stick his finger up my ass but was having trouble as he couldn’t get it in very far because of the way I was standing.

He removed his finger and grabbed my arm to lead me around the bed. Without a word, he pushed me down onto my stomach on the bed and went around behind me. I felt his weight on the bed as he got behind me, pulling my hips up into the air while forcing my head down. I then felt something wet against my skin and realized that Joe was licking up and down my crack.
I heard another scream and because Joe had forced me onto the bed facing the doorway, I could lift my head a little and look out the door. This time I could see more of what Liz and my wife were doing in the other bedroom. I could see Liz above my wife, her hips thrusting forward and backwards as she forced a large black strap on dildo in and out of my wife’s cunt. She had my wife’s legs up over her shoulders and was really pounding in and out.
Suddenly, I felt something other than Joe’s finger at the entrance to my ass hole. It was his cock and he was forcing it into me, pushing it in as far as he could without stopping. I felt pain like I have never felt before and then a feeling of fullness as he cock filled my canal right up to his balls until they were resting against my thighs.
Thankfully, he waited for me to get used to his size and thickness before starting to fuck me. He started slowly but before long, he was using long strong thrusts that would refill my canal completely. şişli escort I could feel his engorged head rubbing against the walls of my canal as he fucked me faster now than before. His balls slapped against my skin every time he thrust up into me and even though I was in a hazy state, I started to feel good about what he was doing to me.
Joe was talking to me while he fucked me telling me how tight I felt and how good it felt to fuck my ass. He continued for quite some time, or it seemed like a long time before he stopped and pulled out of me.
He then very quickly man handled me until I was on my back. He got between my legs and put them up over his shoulders. He moved into me again, this time thrusting fully up into me with one move, filling me up again completely. I now had started to enjoy the feeling of his big cock pounding my ass so I told him so and to keep fucking me. He pounded and pounded away at me, raising me up more onto my shoulders so he could get deeper inside me.
After several more minutes, I felt a warm then hot sensation inside me as he came, gushing his hot come deep into my hole and surrounding his still pounding cock. His groan was one of deep satisfaction as he pumped his come into me. He stopped thrusting and held his cock at the end of my canal as he filled me with his come before pulling his deflating cock out of me with a slight pop. I felt come running down the back of my thighs after he pulled out of me and pooling under me as he got off the bed.

I was still finding things hazy but I could see into the bedroom across the hall. Now Liz was behind my wife and had the big strap on in her ass hole. I watched as Liz fucked my wife’s ass for quite some time before Joe blocked my view by walking out of our bedroom and across to where the women were.
I saw Liz look up when he entered the room and she immediately pulled the strap on out of my wife. She got off the bed and giving Joe a little kiss mecidiyeköy escort on the cheek, came across the hall. I watched her approach the bed and get on it, the big strap on waving in front of her as she walked. She then took my legs and put them over her shoulders and I felt the head of the dildo against my hole. She pushed it into me and was soon fucking my ass with fast strong thrusts.
I heard my wife in the other room and turned my head to see Joe had her on her stomach and was fucking her ass. I knew in the back of my mind that this was the first time my wife had ever been fucked in her ass and she was getting it from the real thing this time in Joe’s big cock. He straddled her hips so he was above her more and started to really thrust strongly in and out of her while she half screamed and groaned at the same time.
Liz brought me back to her as she continued to fuck me. Now, I know I was enjoying what she was doing as I was asking her to fuck me deeper and harder. Fuck me faster was coming out of my mouth now, louder and louder. She did what I asked and I could feel the fake balls slapping against my skin in a matter of moments. I didn’t want the feelings I was having to end but I heard Joe’s loud grunt as he came inside my wife’s ass and with that, Liz pulled the strap on out of me.
After a while, we all got dressed, not saying a word about what happened as Joe and Liz had raped both me and my wife so what was there to say. After getting back home, my wife discussed what had happened and we soon found our way to our bed and were fucking furiously in just a few minutes. That was the first time my wife ever let me fuck her in the ass but it wouldn’t be the last. We bought a strap on the size Liz had and she fucked my ass many times with it. We would even go down the the parks known for casual sex and in the trees, would fuck each other in the ass. A few times we let others fuck us there too but it didn’t happen very often.
We still went boating with Joe and Liz but this time whenever we went to the cove, we fucked with them and them and quietly thanked them for opening up a whole new world to us.

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