Fun At The BBQ

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I felt uncomfortable at first when Gary home after working away again. While he was away I had gone to the Swingers Club alone for the first time, even though it had been his suggestion and he very much encouraged me I still felt ill at ease as he walked through the door.

I had sent him a text message to say that I had been and got home safely but decided it was best to give him all the details when he got back.

I was saved for a while as our son and daughter were both home and wanted to spend time with their Dad so it wasn’t until we clambered into bed that we were finally alone.

“What are you grinning about?” I asked as he snuggled up close to me.

“Well come on then? I know you went and that’s all. Tell me!” He said.

Gary just kept quiet, hugging me from behind as we lay in bed and I slowly filled him in with the details of what I did. I told him about first seeing Sue and David, a couple Gary had also met, and then said how they introduced me to their friends Jason and Tony. I told him that Jason was a black guy and very forward with Tony keen to join in the fun with us.

“Well did you all go off and have some fun?” Gary asked as his cock pressed against my bum.

“You like the thought of that?” I asked.

“Yes of course, well did you?” He asked urgently.

“Not quite, I went off just with two guys and had them both. Although when we were finished I did feel a bit sorry for David so sucked him off in the bar. Are you ok with that.”

Gary’s now rock hard cock nudging against my bum gave me the answer even before he said, “God that sounds so horny, I love it when you are a slut, I wish I could have watched you.”

I was already getting wet before Gary moved his hand around to finger my pussy.

“That feels good,” I whispered as he pulled me close and easily slipped his cock into me from behind.

“Tell me more Jayne.”

I knew Gary loves it when I talk dirty and tell him what I slut I am and wouldn’t last long.

“We talked in the bar and Jason said what he wanted to do with his big black cock while they fondled and groped me. They took me to a room and I really wanted to fuck Jason. Before I really knew what was happening I was on the bed spreading my legs for him. I couldn’t believe it as Tony just stood there and watched his black friend throw me on the bed fuck me.”

As Gary groaned and gently pumped my pussy, my back arched as I could feel an orgasm starting to well deep inside me.

“I really wanted Jason, he said he was going to fuck me hard. He was so strong and made me cum and before I could get my breath, flipped me onto my knees and I sucked Tony’s cock as they spit-roasted me until they both cum.”

“Fuck I’m cumming, take it slut!” Gary said filling me with cum.

“Oh yes, just like that.” I squealed. I rubbed my clit and closed my eyes as I started to cum my mind full of that night.

We cuddled in bed and slept well, I’m sure Gary having as many erotic dreams that night as I did.

Life was normal routine with work, family and everyday matters for a couple of weeks until sitting down at the PC one evening after work I saw I an email from Sue and David inviting us to their house for a BBQ and evening of fun.

“Gary come look at this, an invite to Sue and David’s on Saturday.”

I saw Gary’s eyes light up as he read the mail and mine did too when I read Sue saying Jason was coming but Tony couldn’t make it.

“Ok for me, an evening to have some fun. I remember Sue, great tits!

You game for whatever Sue and David have in mind?” Gary asked.

“Mm! I am game for some cock, want me to be your slut again darling?”

I replied straight away confirming we would be there. The thought of us all getting together kept me so horny, Gary really getting the benefit as we fucked almost every night that week.

Saturday evening came and Gary and I showered and he dressed and began fumbling around bursa escort in my wardrobe.

“I have picked out for you tonight, this is for you my whore wife,” he whispered. He had picked out my small black mesh minidress. I put it on over a silky black thong, matching bra and black hold up stockings and my highest spiky stiletto shoes. Slutty red nail varnish and bright lipstick applied I was ready to go.

“Well, I feel dressed like a slut. You like the look?”

“Like a whore, just perfect! Come on then let’s go,” he said holding my hand leading me downstairs and out to the car.

The directions were perfect and an hour later we pulled into the driveway of a large detached modern house on a small private estate.

As we parked Sue came out to greet us with a hug and a very sexy kiss for both of us. I was pleased to see she was seductively dressed to in a short skirt, heels and clingy top showing off her great boobs, I saw Gary looking at her very approvingly!

We followed her through the conservatory into the garden where the others were. I saw Jason eye me up as I walked in but go tense as Gary followed me in. Sue and David completed the introductions and made sure we all had drinks and set the conversation off light and interesting about work and their house. David was busy with the BBQ and over the next hour we ate, the guys making sure mine and Sue’s drinks were regularly and strongly filled.

“I need a wee, it’s all this vodka I’m drinking,” I said.

“Let me show where,” David said being the perfect host.

Taking me upstairs to the bathroom, I thanked David and went in and locked the door. I took my time and put on some more make-up but was shocked to see David still outside when I opened the door.

“You really are very sexy Jayne,” he said looking me up and down.

As I stepped into the hall he moved right up to me, gripped my bum pulling me close against his chest and we kissed, hot open mouth kisses. He then gently pushed me against the wall, his body pressed against mine as he ran his hands over my body. The booze probably helped me be so relaxed as I let David kiss me and fondle while our partners waited for us downstairs.

“That’s a taster for later, I’m going to fuck you Jayne, you are so sexy.” David said. “I want to fuck in front of your husband.”

“That sounds good to me, let’s go back to them.” I said.

We could hear laughing as we joined them outside, the guys cracked jokes, each one getting dirtier and the flirting increasing.

As we drunk more the conversation turned to sex and we started talking about our fantasies and turn-ons. Both Gary and David agreed they loved watching their wives with another man and I confessed how much I was getting a taste for black men. I could feel the sexual tension in the air and as I stood between David and Jason I felt hands stroking my bum.

Jason was now very much at ease, whispering in my ear wanted he wanted to do to me, making it clear he wanted me again.

“You’d love to see him fuck me wouldn’t you Gary?” I said.

“I’d love to see him sink his big black cock inside you! Having fun?” Gary replied noticing Jason fondling me.

“So far.” I replied with a smile.

“You will have more fun later, you want my cock again Jayne, don’t you?” Jason said softly from my side as he put a very firm hand up my skirt fondling me above my stocking tops.

“Let’s go inside, it’s getting cool out here.” David suggested. “Sue has some ideas to get things started.”

I was shivering a little wearing such a thin dress and happily went into the lounge following the others. I found myself between my husband and Jason, my head feeling very light from the Vodka I had been drinking. As we all stood Sue moved to face me, her husband nudging her closer. I put my arms around her and gave her a soft gentle kiss.

“Sue would love to snog you Jayne. Do it Sue.” David instructed her.

Sue nonchalantly bursa escort bayan put her hand on behind my head and pulled me close, our lips met in a long lingering kiss. I wanted more and put my hands round the back of her head forcing my tongue into her mouth. As we kissed, she reached her hand her hand under my dress, fingering my pussy. I was aware of other hands stroking my back, down to my bum as the men moved closer to join in the fun. I looked to Gary for approval and saw his face, lust in his eyes.

“Sit on the settee Jayne,” Gary said guiding me down.

Sue got on her knees in front of me, her hands wandered over me softly pinching my nipples with one hand as the other made circles around my clit. Sue’s mouth got closer to my hot pussy, her breath on my stomach. “Suck her ginger pussy,” David said firmly.

I felt like I was going to explode as she pulled my thong down my legs and over my shoes and started licking my pussy. I watched as Gary moved around behind her, taking off her skirt and unclipping her top to fondle her tits. Jason and David sat either side of me on the settee, their hands fondling me. David knelt up close to me, pulled his zip open and put my hands on his cock.

“I told you upstairs that was just a taster for later. Are you enjoying it Jayne?”

I just nodded and moved my lips over his cock. As I sucked and Sue licked my pussy I could hear clothes being removed all around me.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

Suddenly I couldn’t hold back, my orgasm came from nowhere, I came hard on Sue’s tongue as sucked and massaged my clit, my thighs gripping her head. I clutched at the material on the settee as my body spasmed moaning softly. My orgasm was the cue for a change of position.

“Sue, why don’t you see what you can do for Gary?” David told his wife.

Between my legs Sue got up and took my husband by the hand over to the other settee. As Sue sat down, Gary now naked, slipped his thick cock between her lips throwing his head back in pleasure.

Jason was quickly between my thighs, his hard cock pushing against my wet pussy. I had thought about this moment for all week.

“I want your wet pussy on my cock, do you like my cock?” Jason said

“I want you to fuck me again,” I asked.

Gently Jason eased his cock against me but just left it there as I ground myself against him, his cock rubbing over my clit, as we watched across the room.

“I guess you’d like to watch Sue fucked by my husband?” I said quietly as David knelt beside me.

“Yes I would, we are going to watch Gary and Sue then we are going to fuck you while they watch us.”

As Sue sucked his cock Gary reached down and undid her bra, exposing her hard and pink nipples on her very large boobs.

“Slow down Sue, on the settee before I cum in your mouth.” Gary said.

Sue lay back on the bed settee naked, legs apart her cunt glistening as Gary clambered up on beside her. Gary rubbed the inside of her legs and dipped his head between her thighs and began to suck her pussy.

“You ok Sue? Gary is going to fuck you while we watch!” David said.

As he said it, Sue started to shudder and cry out, her whole body spasmed in a mighty orgasm. She let out a shriek and pulled Gary up onto her.

Gary grinned as Sue raised her knees and exposed her wet pussy; kneeling between her thighs he pointed his cock at her dripping cunt.

“Fuck me,” we heard her murmur as he started to ease between her wide-open thighs, I saw his cock against her wet slit as he penetrated her slowly at first. Then as he gripped her hips and rammed his cock deep inside her, she let out a loud groan and began to push back against him.

“Do you like that?” I said placing my hand on David’s cock as he knelt next to me. Not wanting to neglect David I held his cock between my lips and licked him gently as he watched my husband fuck his wife. I was so hot and wet, watching Gary escort bursa fuck Sue, Jason adding to my frustration, teasing me by slight movements of his cock rubbing my pussy.

“You like that Sue?” Gary whispered.

“I love it,” Sue hissed back. “Fuck me harder!”

Keeping one hand under her, gripping her arse for control, the other hand groped her magnificent tits. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he fucked her furiously. She groaned, cumming again.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah take it. Oh fuck!” Gary said as he pulled his cock out and straddled Sue’s chest. Holding her tits together, Gary stuck his cock between them unloading a huge stream of cum. The first thick, white jet hit her neck and dripped down her chest, he carried on cumming until spunk covered her boobs.

As they relaxed, they both looked over to us, Gary smiled and said simply, “Your turn.”

“Spread your legs, I’m going to fuck you,” Jason said.

As he spoke Jason suddenly impaled me with his cock, taking my breath away, grabbing my hips he began to pound me hard, fucking me deep. As I got my breath back I took David’s cock gently back in my mouth.

I felt so turned on knowing my husband was watching, sitting quietly as I was used like a black cock slut. I opened my eyes to see Gary stroking his cock on the edge of the settee.

“You’re beautiful, looks like you’re having a good time,” he said smiling at me.

“I love you,” I whispered.

Jason pulled my legs up over his shoulders and fucked me hard, I gasped as he thrust deep inside me.

“Keep looking at your husband, turn him on by letting him see you cum.” I opened my eyes and looked directly at Gary, his hand on his cock.

“Oh yes, just like that.” I said as I rubbed my clit. I shook and tensed and came hard with a loud moan of satisfaction.

I lay back limp and breathless as Jason pulled out of me, sweat pouring off us both. David and Jason manhandled me onto my knees, David behind me and Jason’s black cock shiny with my pussy juices right in front of my face. He just sat back on the settee, his thick cock in his fist, stroking it before me, right in front of my face. I licked my lips and moved forward wrapping my lips tight around him; I flicked my tongue around the shaft tasting my pussy on him.

“Suck it Jayne, I love the feel of your lips on me.”

“Open your legs Jayne,” David said as his hands slid up along the sides of my legs. I groaned with pleasure as he nudged behind me and rubbed his cock against my pussy and slid gently into me.

“Your husband is getting a good view of his wife being fucked.”

As David started to fuck me hard I was pushed harder onto the cock in my mouth, my hands worked on the shaft and on his balls, as Jason took a grip on my hair. Holding my head as he started to fuck my mouth, I gripped his hips for support, as I heard him gasping, I knew he was going to cum in my mouth.

“Oh, I’m cumming!” Jason said gripping me.

Grinding my hips back into David, he pressed his cock deep into me and grabbed my hips firmly, holding me tightly, fucking me deep.

“Ah! I’m cumming in you,” he grunted and made one hard deep thrust into me, I felt his cock throbbing as he came.

Jason held my head steady as he pumped his cum into my mouth, I sucked and swallowed until I had milked every drop from his gorgeous black cock. I then let him out of my mouth, watching his shiny saliva coated cock shrink.

All three of us stayed in position breathing heavily, then slowly untangled as I reached for the tissues to mop up the cum running down my thighs and face. I picked up my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror, make up smudged, my hair was a mess and I had dried cum on my face. But as I glanced at Gary and saw his face I knew he had enjoyed it as much as me.

Sue and Gary dressed as David and Jason gave me a cuddle and lots of compliments before we also dressed. We stayed for a coffee and a chat, the atmosphere no different to the end of any dinner party.

As we went to the door I said to Sue and David, “Thank you for a wonderful evening, we must do it again sometime.”

I am sure we will have a repeat!

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