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Dayana from A Not So Casual Chat comes back!

This story contains unrealistic portrait of human anatomy, excessive cum, hyper sized cock and cum inflation.

Consider leaving a comment to tell me what you think, feedback is always welcome! Enjoy!


Dayana felt herself wake up without opening her eyes, and at the moment she realized she was awake she laid in her bed for who knows for how long since she didn’t have any real reason to get up, for Dayana had dropped out of college several weeks ago. Her hyperness made it difficult to keep herself focused on boring shit and her “assets” controlled.

The fact she fucked pretty much anyone who got in her way and sparked the slightest interest in her didn’t help much, even going out of her way to get even more when one or two people were not enough. It was not hard for the college staff to find the one responsible for the classrooms and dormitories covered in cum with several people unconscious and lost in perpetual orgasm in each room. The worst of it was that Dayana couldn’t apply her old high school strategy of brain fucking her professors to make her pass for her professors had, and she quote mocking: “Professionalism and standards.”

“Fuck them.” She though and wished she had actually fucked them when she had the chance and stretch those pussies that had not seen the sunlight in years and give them a good shake.

Dayana sighed, comforting herself in the memory of her only college professor who actually wanted to have sex with her, man, what a fucking MILF she was, a woman in her late 30s that fucked like a doggie with a plumb ass, her massive breasts were even bigger than…

Dayana’s ruminating caused her balls to rumble and before she could do anything, a spurt of cum shout of her morning wood tip, staining her blanket turned into a tent with new fresh hot cum on top of the dry cum spilled throughout the night while she slept.

With a large complaining whine, Dayana dragged her balls to the edge of the bed before than herself. When her balls fell to the floor, a loud PLOP sound popped and her already hot sack immediately felt warmer. Her feet followed them shortly after and warmed up as well, Dayana’s tired face frowned further as she forced herself to look at the floor and find it covered in an inch deep in precum. She sighed at the notion of her having to clear that up later all by herself, but by the time being what was most importantly was getting some relief.

The moment she opened the door of her room all of the cum inside flooded into the rest of her house, luckily for her, it was not that much cum, so it didn’t spread too further, but she still sighed at the notion of having to clear that up later all by herself.

Her footprints and still leaking cock left a large trail of cum as she made her way to the bathroom and got in. She, as many other hypers, slept naked, both for habit and necessity. The last thing she needed was to increase her workload in cleaning.

Dayana cleared her mind and focused solemnly on her bathtub, she took her cock flopping between her legs and stroked it, started slowly, but her overflow in precum made its way to begin a new leaking in mere seconds. The cum level raised faster than the bathtub could drain it all away and Dayana’s output quickly filled the bathtub to the brim. She knew this was going to last a while and she let her mind run wild on where she wanted to throw her load, which turned out to be everywhere she could see.

Her fingers in her shaft began to draft apart as it grew in size. She always needed at least a third hand to cover her engorged meat tube. At a flaccid state her cock only reached her hefty breasts. The soft and whelming sensation of them took no time in causing an effect on Dayana and released its overflowing content. Every tile, corner and the ceiling just because she could. Among every splash of white seed, some of it fell into the toilet, but even such minor and inconsistent filling had no chance and just like the bathtub, ended up completely spilling their content to the floor.

By the time Dayana’s cock erected long enough to past her breasts, most of the bathroom floor was no longer visible, she just needed a slight tilt of her neck to suck her cock tip. She knew she had no chance of taking all of her cum production, but that didn’t stop her from trying or caring at all, she just needed to get off, at whatever cost.

Her cum was thick and hard to swallow, so she was told by her previous numerous sexual partners and personal experience. Experience she had by tons as well as she had her body used to endure large amounts of cum ingestion.

Dayana got close to the bathtub to get inside, putting her balls first before her body, for they hanged too low, next her cock, and then the rest of her body. She made sure not to let her body slip and fall too hard on her balls to cause her much pain. She checked the drain plug was put in its place, she didn’t want any of her cum go down the drain before time, even if she knew her cum was thick enough the draining bahis siteleri tube would have a hard time taking care of her jizz production.

Once she was comfortable, she took her cock between her hands and made it stand straight to wrap it around her hefty breasts. Her bust and body began to get warmer and warmer, to the point tiny drops of sweat began to run down her face. The precum dripping off her tip didn’t help either, instead making her body heat increase even higher, making her feel like she was in some kind of lewd sauna.

Dayana opened her mouth as wide as possible to let her tip enter inside, but once she wrapped her lips around her tip, she glued them to it and began to suck herself like there was no tomorrow. Dayana felt how her throat expanded to make room for the excessive flow of cum she made herself indulge.

Despite how much cum her stomach was receiving, Dayana knew she had nothing to worry about becoming a balloon, for her hyper metabolism would take of her not so unusual meal, not for nothing she managed to keep such fit figure even though she never worked out–supposing sex didn’t count as exercise–.

As her breasts took care of her tip, Dayana put her hands work and failing to envelop them around her shaft only by mere inches, she started to move her hands up and down as fast as she could, her mouth was doing just fine in taking her precum stream, but her hand’s input increase her cock output hitting the insides of Dayana’s mouth and began to push her tip outside of it. Her lips unplugged from her tips with a loud POP sound and her cock’s cum flew straight to the ceiling. Some of it hit back at Dayana’s face and some on her eye, barely causing a reaction.

Dayana’s tongue in her cock skin sent an electric charge to every bone in her body, making it twitch and shake. Her pleasure demanded so much of herself, Dayana was barely able to keep up with what her body urged for. No matter how much of her cock she licked, there was always “clean” space.

One of her hands left her shaft covered in precum and descended to her balls and immediately squeezed as much as she could of them. Dayana knew one hand only would never be enough to cover one of her balls, but just like her previous sexual partners, her size never stopped them from trying.

The squeezes and dents to her balls increased the amount and speed of cum coming from her tip, it no longer came out as a leak, but as constant cum spurts, flying several feet in the air and falling back to where they came from. Dayana’s face and hair damp in her cum in just a few seconds, only for that cum to be washed away over and over for new cum.

Her cum had already filled half of the bathtub, going all the way up to the bottom part of her breasts and quickly rising as her cock kept shooting her overflow seed, in a matter of seconds her nipples sank as well until the bathtub got completely filled and poured its content into the floor.

But she felt and knew this was not enough for her, the bathroom floor and parts of the ceiling could be painted in white for the thousand time, but she knew she was capable of much, much more.

Despite having started several minutes ago, Dayana was still going strong, her arms and muscles barely ached at all, so she had no problem speeding up her hands up and down with the help of her cum as a lubricant cream. Dayana rolled her stare at the ceiling as her tongue was kept out for her immense pleasure, even if she tried, she could not control her lustful expression even if she wanted to.

Not only her cock, shaft and ball sack tensed as her orgasm approached at an almost immediate speed, but also her body at once. In a second her view got obstructed by a large white fountain coming from her tip, her cum was so thick it got blasted at high pressure, like if there was not enough space for all of her cum to get out and went straight to the ceiling and her stream’s leftovers fell back to her. Dayana’s face got covered in a heavy layer of cum as she just opened her mouth as wide as she could to take as much cum as possible. She let go her cock and put her hands to work on her breasts, squeezing them until they started to milk to their liking, their breast orgasm was nothing but drops in the bathtub full of cum as it was both flew and topped away by the thousand times bigger amounts of white seed Dayana shot every second. Finally, Dayana could feel how her balls shrank to a more manageable size of oranges.

Her cum was hot enough to raise the temperature in the room and left a thin draw of smoke going up and filled the room. At the moment she started, she thought she was in some kind of those saunas a porn director would film a porn movie in, but now that the walls around her got covered in a deep fog, she seriously believed a porn actress would come in and do as Dayana pleased. She let the last remnants of her load run free as she let her mind do the same with that scenario in her head.

The cum stream coming from her tip eventually decreased to a leak, then to drops, and finally to a complete halt.

Dayana canlı bahis siteleri laid on her bathtub limp with her eyes closed, relaxed only in the only way she was familiar with, her post orgasm bliss, she let herself get lost in her feelings as long as it could last. She had heard males orgasms pleasure lasted at most several seconds, on the other hand, thanks to her hyperness, her post nut feeling could last minutes or hours even, their cocks still rock hard after nutting inhuman amounts of cum and still being able to go again for several rounds nonstop.

Dayana felt she could do that right now and rejoiced in knowing that damn well, until her mind sank the meaning of that fact and she opened her eyes at once.

One of her hands went down to her balls in the water and carefully brushed her sack to not arouse herself further, only to discover they were still full. She had gotten rid of her overflow cum, but Dayana knew it wouldn’t take long for her body to produce it again, making her last efforts in vain.

Dayana needed a real release. Fast, no matter how.

Dayana let water run free in the bathtub and started to wash herself as she thought of a plan, which included her most favorite choice, using someone as a human condom, for that she’d go to a bar, with provoking cloth eventually someone would be interested on her, they talk for hours and get along with each other miraculous well, they’d go to their house and the rest would be easy game.

Yeah, she maybe would floor their place, okay, most likely, okay no, absolutely surely she would do, but why would she have to care? She would not be the one to pay for a hyper cleaning service, it was not like she could even if she wanted to. Her unemployment made sure of that.

She finished her bath, got out of the bathroom and walked to her room, not bothering to put a towel on her body. Most of the bathroom floor was still covered in her cum so her feet left a trail of white footprints, but she didn’t bother to get bothered, she had done worse things to her own house.

She combed her hair just enough so it didn’t appear like two cats on a rooftop in the night fought over it. Then, she scanned her closet in search of something clean and found a blue shirt with the logo of a band from the last concert she went to get other people laid. The only reason she borrowed without asking and never returned it was because of its size, big enough to cover her abdomen, and still let her breasts denote through the fabric.

Next a long and extremely baggy black pants. She always sighed at the struggle of her having to stuff her package inside. The real challenge was not to stuff it, but to do it without arousing herself and causing an undesired erection she would have to deal with and lose a considerable chunk of her day trying to get herself to “calm down”.

After she was satisfied with how her penis was inside her pants, she decided it was time to go before she had a libido spike.

She got out of her house and into the crowded streets. Contrary to the times Dayana would just ignore the world, this time she scanned everyone she passed by looking for someone to unload her overdue de-stressing time. One would think she didn’t have the time to be picky, but she had to find someone resilient enough to take all, or well, enough of her lust to keep herself at bay. But no one caught her attention.

She got on a train to arrive faster and sat down while waiting, there she kept inspecting the people around her. Fucking damn it she just remembered why she never tried dating, this was so boring! Go out and buy them shit like, what? Flowers? Do they seriously think Dayana had money for that? And then stick to just one person and no one else!? What are we!? Crazy!?

Agh, and if that was not enough, those seats were ridiculously small, she had to spread her legs to make room for her balls hanging from her seat. Dayana thought she would die of boredom right there until she spotted a girl in front of her looking straight at Dayana. This girl dressed up like a classic goth straight out of her high school years. A white skin with gray tones from makeup, a large long locks hair, dark purple and black shirt with a hole in her chest to show off a large portion of her breast, short black pants with large leg lingerie, one leg on top of the other. The goth girl kept looking at Dayana like she could see right through her. Eyeshadow black tones in her eyelids. She was distracted biting her dark lips while staring at Dayana she didn’t realize Dayana was looking back at her, but instead of startling and avoiding eye contact, she smiled at her.

The goth girl spread her legs, letting Dayana show her purple underwear, the goth girl moved her fingers right there and started drawing circles in her pussy discrete enough so no one but Dayana watched her.

They kept looking at each other, like if they were trying to undress the other with their eyes. If Dayana kept looking how the girl played with her fingers, she might not be able to keep herself together and get into action right canlı bahis there, the goth girl caressed and fondled lightly some of her erogenous points around her body, like her chin and her legs, then, her fingers played with the edges of her cleavage. Dayana couldn’t remember the last time she felt played over like a basketball, when in fact, she never was, she was the one on command, always. She’d made sure to make her pay for teasing her like that.

Somehow, both of them stood up from their seats at the same time, Dayana led the way into a different, emptier railroad car. Dayana only turned her head to see and make sure that her new prey was following her, and following she was. They reached a railroad with no one inside but them.

As soon as Dayana turned around, the goth girl glued her body to Dayana’s and started to devour her lips with a hard and deep kiss. Dayana startled for a second in impression and surprise. Finally, someone with as much initiative as her. But she wouldn’t let herself be cornered and quickly mimicked the goth’s efforts and pushed her against one of the train’s walls.

As soon as they did this, each other’s breasts rubbed against their bodies, with their erect nipples poking against their skin and saw each other face to face. There, Dayana saw directly into the goth’s eyes and found the eagerness fire pleading Dayana to fuck her with her cock, she just didn’t know it yet.

In no time they started to remove each other clothes, tossing them to who the fuck cares and put their hands to travel every inch of their bodies with their eyes close, trying to savor the moment as much as possible, that was until the goth girl felt something poking against her legs. At first she thought it was just Dayana’s own legs, when she separated herself from Dayana for the first time to look down she saw a large bulge in Dayana’s pants growing bigger than her own legs. The goth girl hawked at it and froze for a moment.

“Having second thoughts?” Dayana teased.

The other girl snapped out of her mind, with a bit of hesitation she walked back to Dayana and focused on removing her pants.

Dayana was more than happy to let the girl do the dirty work for her and let her discover her bulk secret. At first as the goth girl started, the first thing she saw was a tube of pale meat as thick as her forearm with strange red lines covering all of it. The only thing certain she could tell about it was that it was incredibly hot even through the fabric.

“Was she one of them?” She wondered. Curiosity got the best of her and continued to pull down Dayana’s pants, only to realize the further she went, the flesh tube never ended, even as it reached her knees and kept getting thicker to the point of outgrowing her complete arm. But then keeping pulling her pants became an almost impossible challenge. Something round, big and hard, and for some reason burning hot. The goth girl couldn’t keep going without stretching her pants and risking tearing them apart and making this girl angry if she was what she thought she was.

“Let me help you,” Dayana said, and with one hand, she finished the task in a moment, before the goth could react, the tube of flesh she saw packed tightly sprang free from its prison and hit directly on her face, causing her to fall to the ground over her back.

Dayana lost no time and put herself on top of the goth to not let her go anywhere, the goth recovered from her hit, but before she could stand up, a big weight fell upon her legs. At first, she didn’t understand what she was seeing until Dayana started moving, not just whatever was crushing but what was above it. She could only describe it as some kind of third leg prosthetic with several large veins thicker than fingers, and like a leg, it was long enough to touch the floor and still have some length to spare.

It was thicker than Dayana’s legs as well, but the goth could tell there was something else behind that unbelievable endowed display of virility, the thing that was crushing her legs. The goth thought that maybe crushing was a bit exaggerated, since it didn’t cause her pain or too much discomfort, but she couldn’t move an inch no matter how hard she tried. And judging by what she felt against her legs, it felt like they were getting bigger. The only reason she knew they were her balls was because they were attached to the menacing-looking python in front of her, they looked like massive brown eggs ready to burst their content at any moment at their helpless prey on the floor.

But the goth couldn’t focus on them much longer when Dayana kneeled and moved her cock in top of the goth’s body and restrained her on the floor from doing pretty much anything, other than enduring the large heat aura Dayana’s cock gave her and started to sweat, ruining her dark makeup and turning her face into a painting mess. Her breasts, although big, even bigger than Dayana’s by a notable shot, did a poor job on wrapping Dayana’s flesh tube. Not satisfied with this, Dayana opted instead for turning the goth’s body upside down and using it as a human-sized rubber for her cock, proving to be a good alternative when it started to grow and become even larger, reaching the goth’s head. Dayana took several steps back until her cock tip was right above the goth’s plump ass cheeks.

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