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When we got news of the scholarship I was in 2 minds. I was ready to leave my village and see the world but I realised things were very different out there.

To backtrack slightly – I’m Gayle. I was brought up in a small, tribal village in Zimbabwe. I lived in a pretty small house with my parents and 2 sisters. It was a pretty primitive life, but happy nonetheless. At 21 I was awarded a scholarship to go to train as a nurse in England, through a worldwide charity organisation.

I was so thrilled – a huge honour for my family and a great opportunity for me to break away from the rather backward life I faced.

Even the way we dressed was way behind city life, loose traditional clothing, often barefoot. Some of the women in the village still lived bare chested. I had never worn a bra before I went to the nearest city with my mother to buy clothing for me in England.

The day arrived and it was a wrench to leave my family. My boyfriend saw me off too. We had been together 4 years and would have married. But culture dictated no intimacy before wedlock so while we had kissed our relationship had gone no further.

The extent of my sexual experience was limited to my boyfriends kisses and one evening (when i was drawing water) an advance from one of the older village men (married) who kissed me and groped my breasts.

It was hard arriving in England, a coloured girl in a white society. But i was made very welcome by the other trainee nurses and soon settled in. I got on with my roommate, an Irish girl, which was a big help. Work was OK, I was always a fast learner and it was fun meeting new people, improving my English etc.

Time off was harder – the other girls went out a lot, had boyfriends and it amazed and even shocked me to see them so open with men and to hear them discussing what they did.

They were good to me, tried to get me involved, offered to set me up on dates – but I knew I wasn’t ready for that.

Eventually, after getting more comfortable talking to guys through work and on the few occasions I went out with the girls I agreed to a date with my roommates brother. I had met him a few times and he seemed nice.

The date was just out for a pizza and to a pub. We got on well, chatted a lot. I found myself relaxing and to my surprise enjoying myself. He drove me back to the nurses quarters and gave me a brief kiss on the cheek as I got out.

The following week we went to the first casino siteleri time in a cinema!

Well it was very quiet, few people there. I was fascinated by the big screen. It felt OK when he put his arm around me. I relaxed after a bit and sat against him. I must have sent out a message because to my surprise he moved and kissed my lips.

I was a bit surprised but realised this is what was expected of I let him kiss me. It felt OK, felt him open my mouth, his tongue in my mouth. I had done that a few times before so I let him continue. It even felt nice – I felt quite wild, so far from home.

Well…his kissing got quite passionate..his hands roaming over my back. Then to my horror they moved over my breasts through my sweater. I froze..rigid. Not sure what to do,I couldn’t make a scene. He was kissing my neck..then I felt his hands opening my bra.

I asked him to stop …that I wasn’t ready for that. To his credit he did.

I did up my bra…sat back..his arm still around me.

After the film we went for a drink then he drove me home. When he asked me out again I declined.

It was some months before I got the courage to go out with another guy. I double dated with another nurse. I was with her boyfriends friend. Again the guy was nice and we got on well. We had a few drinks ..went to a club. My friend was all over her boyfriend, lots of kissing and at one stage in a corner of the club he clearly had his hand under her top.

Well..we drove back to the nurses quarters, my friend went inside with her boyfriend. I had more to drink than usual and I suppose seeing my friend so intimate with her boyfriend had got me thinking, so when the guy moved to kiss me it felt OK and I kissed him back.

We were in a dark corner of the carpark. Kissing was so good. He kissed my lips,cheeks,ears,throat. It felt good to be wanted.

I got wrapped up in the kissing..then realised he was opening buttons on my blouse.

I stopped him, giggled..said “What do you think you are doing?”

“Nothing you dont want me to, you are so beautiful, I just want to touch you, nothing more”

I giggled again, too much vodka.

Then heard myself saying “OK, but no further”

But in my head I was remembering the only man who had touched me there before back home in my village. He had been rough, squeezing me, pulling at me, grunting.

He kissed me harder, deeper. Then he had my güvenilir casino blouse open, reached round undid my bra.

I sat there, rigid as his hands ran over my breasts. I’ve always been conscious of them, all those years braless had them heavy and loose. My cup size was 36D but I always wished them smaller.

He didn’t seem to mind, was squeezing them, holding them, tweaking my nipples. I relaxed, started to enjoy the sensation.

Then he asked could he go further..but I said no. He got a bit annoyed I think, told me I was frustrating. I dressed ..said goodnight. I was frustrated too because I had been enjoying his touch, the sensations it was giving me.

In the following months I let 2 guys touch my breasts, but no more. I was starting to enjoy how it made me feel but knew anything more was a huge step.

Well, Christmas came and with it the hospital Christmas party. There was food, lots of drink and a dance in the canteen of the hospital. Everybody was in good form and I was having a ball. As the night wore on my friends were with their guys or with new guys and I started to feel a bit left out.

I was a bit drunk, so when one of the doctors, cute but older and married asked me to dance, I did. We had a laugh and he offered to buy me a drink. But, as we came off the floor the bar had closed.

He suggested that he had a bottle of wine in his office if I would like to share it with him. It must of been all the vodka but I said I’d love to.

His office was nearby and we went there. He opened a bottle of wine and we sat on his black leather sofa and chatted.

I stood at one stage, looked out the window across the grounds. I was standing with my back to him when I felt his hands on my waist and then his mouth gently kissing my neck.

I froze as he kissed me…kissed my hair..ran his hands over my shoulders and my hair.

He turned me..kissed my lips. Very soft, gentle ..not like the other few guys I had kissed. I found myself responding, opened my mouth let our tongues meet.

He led me back to the setee, sat down, pulled me down on to his knee, my legs to one side.

We kissed for what seemed like ages. my head was spinning, thinking of his wife, but more of how good it felt then wondering what was next.

He brushed his hand over my breasts through my dress. My nipples just stood to attention. In my head I decided that I would let him touch my breasts, even wanted canlı casino him too.

I was waiting for his hand on the zip at the back..then realised that it was on my bare legs, moving on to my thighs. I just froze as he moved it right up to touch me through my panties. I was going to say NO but he kissed me, hard, his tongue deep into my mouth.

As he kissed me, he pulled my panties to one side and for the first time I felt a mans fingers on my pussy.

He looked into my eyes, watched my face as his fingers slid into me.

I must of moaned..because seconds later we were kissing again, his hand exploring me, rubbing me.

He lifted me slightly, slid off my panties then his fingers were back..exploring..coaxing.

Without warning I was cumming…nearly screaming with his fingers rubbed faster and faster.

He held me as I relaxed. I used his bathroom to clean up. Went back out and started putting my panties back on. He stopped me. Stood up, kissed me again, touched me, ran his hands through my thick pubic hair.

Then he moved, kept kissing me and I realised he had opened his pants. They fell to the floor and he slid off his shirt and sat back on the setee.

I just stared at his hard cock standing erect.I had seen guys naked back home but never an erect cock and certainly not a white one.

He fumbled in his pants pocket then I watched as he opened and started to roll on a condom.

My head spun, I realised what he expected and realised that I couldn’t do anything to stop it.

He stood again, kissed me, unzipped my dress let it fall to the floor. Then he sat back and pulled me on to his knee my legs straddling him. I couldn’t respond, felt him kissing my lips then his cock rubbing against my swollen pussy. Then he lifted me slightly and without any pain I realised he had entered me, felt his hard shaft inside me.

He moved very gently, getting us both comfortable. Then he asked me to take off my bra.

He sat back as I did, I just watched the look of desire on his face as he watched my breasts fall forward. Felt his cock move, twitch, even expand inside me.

He sat up, started sucking them , kissing them, nibbling them all the time moving himself inside me.

I relaxed, felt so good started to move with him.

Then he moaned loudly, felt him tense, then move really fast in and out, bouncing me up and down, my heavy black breasts slapping against his face. Then I felt him throbing deep deep inside me as he came.

We collapsed in each others arms.

After a while we came around, cleaned up, dressed. I left him with a long sensual kiss to return to his wife.

I left to start my new life as a woman!!

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