Getting Freaky With An App

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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. My boyfriend, now husband, asked me to write a story specifically for him. After joking around about the future of technology, I decided to use one of the ideas we thought would soon be available to the general public. This story, as the website implies, includes sex of a graphic nature. I hope you enjoy a look into my crazy mind. If you do happen to enjoy it please leave a comment. If you do not enjoy this story please leave a comment and tell me why. Enjoy Getting Freaky With An App!)

I normally do not write reviews on apps but when the app’s creator asked me, a college buddy, to review his app, I had an obligation. During college this guy saved my ass in the homework sense several times. As we all know apps are created in the smartphone world almost every minute. My buddy has been working on his app for six years. What kind of app takes six years to develop? This app did and we should all stand and thank him. I normally write very serious journalism pieces about the human condition but this was actually my pleasure to write.

When my buddy, who prefers that I refer to him as just my buddy, downloaded the app to my smartphone I was a little hesitant. My resistance grew even more when he presented me with a pair of what looked like Ray Ban sunglasses. The sunglasses actually plugged into the headphones port on my phone. He told me that the app was best used when I was completely alone. I really thought this was going to be a waste of my time. Boy was I wrong!

After a nice dinner and a movie with my girlfriend I decided to forego any fooling around feigning work. She understood and took her leave of my simple apartment. I grabbed a spot on my sofa and plugged in the sunglasses to the headphone port. When I looked down at the phone, it didn’t appear as if anything magical were about to happen. I opened the app and once I was past the company logo and other initial licensing information there was a red button in the middle of the screen. I pushed the button and for about thirty seconds nothing happened. The sunglasses finally started to make a soft purring sound. The lens darkened and the contents of the app were now displayed right in front of my eyes. I felt like Iron Man as the directions and graphics played before my eyes.

From this point on the app was operated by voice command. I spoke the words, per the directions, “engage.” For a few seconds I panicked as the tips of the glasses that rested behind my ears actually sent a buzzing sensation to my brain. I almost snatched the glasses off when the screen in front of me reminded me not to disconnect the glasses. I waited for further instructions and was rewarded with a list of choices.

“Choose your partner,” splayed across the screen with the symbols for male or female. I being a very heterosexual male chose the female symbol. After several minutes and many physical female attributes later I had constructed out loud my “partner”. The woman standing before looked more human than my very real girlfriend that I had just kissed good night thirty minutes ago. This wasn’t a computer generated female character or some kind of Night Elf from World of Warcraft. This woman was so real that when my hand inadvertently reached out to touch her, she actually shied away. This virtual woman actually shook her head giving me a “tsk tsk” to boot.

“Not yet big boy you have not even bought me dinner,” she cooed in a soft petite voice. I actually thought I was hearing things when she spoke. My head instinctively whipped around to seek out the source of the voice, even though I knew I was alone in my apartment. After about forty minutes of going through the initial meeting with my woman, who informed me by the way that her name was Seraphim, we set up a date. Over the next three hours I had dinner and watched a movie with Seraphim. You read that right! We watched an actual movie and had dinner. I felt as if I could taste everything on my plate in our virtual restaurant as well as feel her soft skin when our hands accidentally brushed against each other. My stomach really felt full after our meal. We took a taxi to the movie theater and can remember the driver’s unpleasant odor. We watched a movie that was selected from the choices the app offered. After the movie Seraphim and I shared our first kiss. I could feel the softness of her lips and the wetness of her mouth when we kissed. I actually pushed back a lock of her hair that slipped from behind her ear. Seraphim blushed as we said good night. I followed the instructions and powered down the sunglasses before I removed them. As I sat on the couch I contemplated the app and the reality of what I was feeling. This couldn’t be? I should not have an emotional and physical response to a simple app on a smartphone.

I have decided that I am going to tell you in this review of this app the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most of the latter two involve my poor decision making skills. I tried that izmir escort first night to sleep but I just couldn’t. I wanted to see Seraphim again. After being separated from the app for three hours I was plugged back in. Down the rabbit hole I went. In this virtual world several weeks passed in a matter of about six reality hours. When my body began to shut down in real life I disconnected. I slept almost ten hours straight when I finally forced myself to bed. At this point Seraphim and I had been virtual dating for about six weeks in the six hours prior to my body’s collapse.

I dreamed of Seraphim as we were knee deep in our fledgling virtual relationship. My brain refused to shutdown allowing me to sleep restfully. The visions of her lovely long blond hair fluttering in the wind as we walked hand and hand amidst a beautiful botanical garden in New Orleans continued to replay in my dreams. I could smell the pungent sweet odor of orange cosmos that permeated the area. My hand plucked the gorgeous orange flower from an obliging field and gave it to Seraphim. She placed the brightly colored flower in her hair. I was not sure how we arrived in New Orleans but there we were now walking along a bayou. The feel of the soft mud underneath our feet was no deterrent to put on shoes. Coneflowers, cosmos, hostas, oriental poppies, and foxgloves swirled around Seraphim in my dream only adding to her delicate beauty.

I awoke with a start the first morning after I plugged in and I couldn’t focus on anything but the vivid dream of flowers and Seraphim’s lovely face. I ate my breakfast, showered, checked a few emails, and returned two phones calls before I plugged in once more. Where the time went I am not sure but my body moved on autopilot when I needed to relieve myself or eat real food. I do not actually remember stopping to do those now mundane tasks. I was plugged in even when I wasn’t literally plugged in. And then it happened the moment that would leave me beyond bewildered and hopelessly lost to this amazing app. Seraphim initiated sex with me after our virtual life together had spanned almost three-month courtship.

“I want to please you in everyway,” she cooed into my ear. We were slow dancing on a pavilion as dusk fell upon the Big Easy when she made the suggestion. I was still struggling with how we arrived in New Orleans. I have never been to the city but in this virtual world it was as familiar as my hometown of Chicago, IL. I digress, until this point we had fooled around but had yet to become intimate. I worried how this would present with the app. During our make out sessions I could feel her and my body responded appropriately. What about sex? Would I physically respond to virtual sex as I had in the real world? Only one way to find out!

I had been plugged in for seven hours and my body was a mess of sensations right now. Seraphim and I have been having sex around the clock since her initial invitation. I will attempt to describe this as best as I can. It was fucking phenomenal! Does that say enough? Okay fine here are the nitty gritty details of our first encounter. I was smart enough to retrieve an extension cord that would give me enough room to maneuver, should I need it, and keep the battery on my cell phone charged. The last thing I wanted to see was the battery indicator telling me I only had ten percent power left.

Seraphim walked out of the bathroom of the master suite in a fire engine red chemise. The satin material was almost a duplicate of the texture of her skin. I ran my fingers over her supple full lips before allowing them to trail down her chin, past her throat, and finally resting on her perky nipples. She gasped in appreciation as I continued to massage the material against her breasts. Seraphim wasted no time helping me out of my clothes. Not only was this woman a fantasy come true, she genuinely wanted me. I could feel her emotional connection to me. She loved me and I loved her.

With me completely nude and Seraphim still dressed in the red lingerie I was completely at her mercy. The delicate skin of her left hand caressed the skin of my erection. I couldn’t stifle the sounds emanating from my mouth, neither in the virtual or the real world. The tips of the sunglasses pressed against my skin delivered the most realistic sensations directly to my brain. My limbic system was getting the most intense workout in its thirty-year-old history. The simple act of being touched had my body in overdrive. I could feel my legs go rigid in the real world and my erection strained against my shorts. Seraphim stopped touching me long enough to pull the satin lingerie over her head. The sweet smell of her skin and design of her body almost completed the act without further assistance. I was about to have sex, make love, or fuck, whichever term you want to use, with a woman that my imagination created.

The kisses always felt real but the instant our bodies connected I could hear what sounded like a button flying off a pair of shorts. I would later confirm that alsancak escort I completely vacated my shorts during this experience. Thank God my fly was unknowingly unzipped when this happened. Seraphim slid slowly down my dick as I literally started to scream. The pleasure was so intense that I could barely hold on to my threatening orgasm. I was going to embarrass myself both virtually and in the real world.

“Drew baby you feel so good,” Seraphim whispered seductively. The time for slow pleasure was over as she moved faster and faster. I could feel her. I mean really feel a woman on my dick. The wetness of her sheath was real to me in every sense. Our comingled cries would have been deafening to any innocent bystander. I could feel the wonderful crescendo as Seraphim’s grip on my dick dispensed any remainder of control I had left. I exploded with the force of what I am assuming could only be measured in G’s. My entire body shook so violently that my phone spilled out of my hand onto the couch. I could feel the warm spittle on my lips as my moans continued to escape from my mouth. Seraphim, was practically vibrating on top of me. It took more than five minutes for me to gain some semblance of the situation. When my eyes opened she was laying next to me, completely sated. I pulled her body close to me as sleep grabbed my remaining consciousness.

I felt Seraphim touch my face with the satin skin of her hand on my cheek. I awoke in both worlds as my brain replayed the events that led to my loss of consciousness.

“That was amazing Drew,” she purred. Watching her naked frame of perfection walk away from the bed to the bathroom was a sight to behold. The creaminess of her tanned skin, long legs, and blond hair trailing down her back brought my dick back to life. I couldn’t believe how real this was to me. My phone beeped that the battery was low. It had become disconnected from the charger during my nap. I signed off, to not only charge my phone but to inspect my physical being. The first thing I noticed was of course my current erection. A close second was the evidence of my previous pleasure. I had experienced everything in the virtual world and the real world. My body felt fabulously satisfied and weak.

I wanted to call my buddy and ask him something. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to ask him because truly nothing else mattered, except doing whatever I needed to keep my body working. I needed to keep my strength and health in check so that I could plug in. I wanted to be with Seraphim again. I wanted, as most men will agree, to get my chance to show her that I can do amazing things to her virtual body. Something in me had been unleashed and now I couldn’t restrain it if I wanted. My phone, not surprisingly, had a plethora of missed calls. I tried returning some of the calls, most were inquiries into my next few articles. I had deadlines that were approaching and the only thing I wanted to do was plug in. I made up my mind to spend the rest of the day finishing those articles and then I would officially put myself on professional hiatus. I needed to figure out if this app was a game, if there was an end, or if I could ever walk away from it.

Two weeks later I was on a regular schedule of interacting with Seraphim, eating, sleeping, and basically ignoring any other needs. I had all but severed my relationship with my very real girlfriend without meaning to. We had only been dating a short time so it wasn’t heartbreak, at least not on my end. I was never able to do the things with her that I could do so freely and without fear of rejection with Seraphim. Seraphim commanded that I keep her thoroughly pleased. I never wanted to disappoint her, ever. She always rewarded me with her willingness to step outside the box of pleasure. One minute I would be sinking my hands into her soft flesh, watching her reaction to my touch. The next minute I was behind her fucking with reckless abandon as she cried out her pleasure. It was the most rewarding relationship I had ever experienced.

“Drew, I am glad I caught you. I was just checking in on you and the critique of my app,” my buddy said into the phone. It was a rare moment when I was eating real food that I had disconnected from the app.

“Oh hey man,” I said nervously. “I am still writing that critique. This app is quite a lot to process and it takes time man.”

My buddy held on to the line, not speaking for a few seconds.

“Drew you know it isn’t real right? I mean it’s just a virtual reality fantasy game.”

“I know that man but it is not like this is the Sims or some shit like that. This is different. I can feel everything happening to me and that my friend is a game changer.”

“Do not let it take over Drew. I just wanted you to do a really sharp piece that identified the apps strengths and weaknesses. I want to know if I need to tone down the reality.”

“Tone down the reality? Are you shitting me man? That’s the beauty of the app. Do that my friend and all you have is some thirteen buca escort year old boy’s wet dream.”

“Okay Drew. Please remember this is just an app. I know how easy it is to get really into this app so be careful.”

“I have this under control my friend. I will get back to you soon with a first draft of my complete review.” My buddy reluctantly hung up the phone.

I did not see what he meant with his warning, especially when Seraphim and I were celebrating our one-year anniversary in the virtual world. Seraphim, was on her knees in front of me and I was ramming my dick into her waiting mouth. My mind was completely engrossed in what we were doing. Every fiber of my being was responding to the pleasure I was receiving. I could not remember Drew’s warning as I delved deeper into the rabbit hole. I cried out mercifully as I exploded hitting the back of her throat with everything I had to give her. Dutifully and as expected she swallowed everything I had to give. With trembling legs I barely made it to the virtual bed in our new apartment. I didn’t want this feeling to ever leave. I wanted Seraphim to be real. I wanted to marry this woman whose mere existence actually wasn’t. She didn’t have parents, or a social security number, or a physical form except in my mind.

One month into the app, I was barely holding on to any semblance of real life. Several times good friends, including my buddy, tried to persuade me to step outside the apartment. I finally relented taking my phone and sunglasses to the rooftop of my apartment building. I would sit on a lounge chair and allow the sun to give me some much-needed color while I continued the life with Seraphim that I dreamed could be real one day. My bank account was dwindling and my work was suffering as I lost my desire to write. The only thing that mattered was Seraphim.

To say this app exceeded my expectations would be the understatement of the century. I have never been into the reality TV shows, or virtual online games, or even the aforementioned Sims. This app had taken my life and turned it on its ear. I lived for my days and nights with Seraphim. We moved around in our virtual world much like the real world dating, talking, and sex. It was the perfect existence or so I thought. Seraphim possessed not only the physical attributes I found sexy ass hell on a woman but her mental capacity to learn was nothing short of phenomenal. She remembered everything I said to her and every mundane detail of my life. I was ready to make this virtual vixen my partner for life. It never occurred to me that could happen only in the real world.

My life came crashing down when it was time to update my operating system on my smart phone. I spent as much time with Seraphim as I could in the virtual world. I knew that I was not going to plug in for hours and that turned me into an insatiable sex demon. I wanted to have her in anyway possible but I still felt some hesitation in getting too aggressive with her. Seraphim being the nymph of my dreams peeked into my thoughts and made them come true.

“I am your willing slave tonight,” she said softly. Her voice was so dainty and submissive that I almost felt bad for the things I wanted to do to her. She, however, erased those bad feelings by demanding that I take her in any fashion I deemed fit. Within minutes I had her in my favorite position on her knees taking me deep into her throat. I spared her the pleasure of coming in her mouth preferring to save that for later. Seraphim contorted and withstood any position I put her body in. I fucked her on our bed, on our floor, while sitting in a chair, and on the kitchen counter. When my own body could no longer keep the momentous orgasm at bay I unleashed into her mouth. Seraphim dutifully took every drop down her throat with a smirk of complete satisfaction. After she dozed off to sleep I unplugged.

For several hours I watched my phone like a hawk waiting for the system to finish its business. I had thought of some rather creative things I wanted to do with my beloved. When the phone restored and I plugged in Seraphim was cooking dinner. We ate a quiet meal but what she lacked in vocabulary she made up for in body language. She wanted me and I wanted her more than words could ever convey. Immediately she stepped away from the table removing her clothes seductively. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever witness. She made regular strippers look like crap. When she was completely naked she walked over to me taking my hand. Seraphim lead me to our bedroom. What took place over the next few hours could only be described as debauchery. Seraphim allowed me access to any part of her body I desired. I did not disappoint as I had my fill of several key orifices.

Watching her face twist with satisfaction was singly the most gratifying experience of my life. No matter what I did including but not limited to fucking her plump ass to her fabulous tits. It was a free for all and we both took advantage. Seraphim, was not only a willing participant but she commanded me around as her willing puppet. I have never been that great at oral sex but in the virtual world I lavished copious amounts of attention on her clitoris and various other body parts. She had to crawl away from me, unable to take the pleasure I was lavishing on her.

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