Getting To Know the Family

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I read a story with a similar theme to this over ten years ago. I’d like to pay tribute to the author Orestes and have produced my version hoping the story reaches a wider audience.

After we have dated for a few weeks Pam says she wants me to meet her sister. I am happy to agree. Pam is such a beauty and so easy going, better than any girlfriend I’ve ever had before. I want our relationship to become more serious.

It is just a short drive to her sister Linda’s house. She is a slightly older version of Pam and leans in to kiss me on the cheek as I am introduced.

“Pleased to meet you, David.” She says smiling broadly. “Fred will be back soon. He’s gone to pick the kids up from school.”

Their two boys come charging into the house first. They look to be about seven and eight, typical boisterous lads. Linda explains who I am but in the manner of boys of that age they appear uninterested and run out the back door into the garden to play.

“Who’s this?” Fred demands, looking at me suspiciously as he enters the house. Then he notices Pam in the corner. “Oh you must be the new boyfriend. Dicky isn’t it?” He looks me up and down, sizing me up. He’s tall and brawny with a superior, swaggering attitude.

I feel nervous and try to meet his eyes. “N-No it’s David. How do you do.” I put out my hand to shake his but he ignores it, instead moving over to Pam and planting a kiss full on her lips.

“Hi there gorgeous. How’s tricks?” He pulls her close to him and then with one arm around her shoulder turns back and looks me straight in the eye;

“Listen Don or whatever your name is. You’d better treat her right or you’ll answer to me. Got that?” Taken aback by his rude behaviour I can’t think what to say so I nod my head and look away. Pam smiles at me and, with her back to Fred, mouths “Just ignore him”.

As we eat tea around the kitchen table Fred is monopolising the conversation telling us all about his day. A driver had pipped his horn at him as Fred pulled out of a side road in front of him.

“Bloody cheek. I put my anchors on and made him stop then got out of the car to sort him out. He backed up and sped away before I got the chance to lamp him one.”

Pam and Linda must be used to this sort of thing but their facial expressions don’t show annoyance or boredom. It’s almost as if they are both enjoying these Neanderthal comments.

After tea Pam says she wants to speak to Fred on his own so they go in the other room.

I have a chat to the two boys about their computer games thinking Pam will be ticking him off for the offhand way he’s been with me. But when he comes out his attitude hasn’t changed.

His attention is all on Pam squeezing her to him and giving her a goodbye kiss on the lips. I say goodbye to the boys and Linda then try to get his attention.

“Bye, Fred. See you next time”

He walks back into the house completely ignoring me.

“Well I think they liked you, what did you think of my family?” Pam has her arm around my shoulder as we drive back.

“Linda and the boys are fine. It’s just Fred. He looks at me like I’m a piece of dog muck he scraped off his shoe.”

“Fred’s okay, he’s just a bit moody at times that’s all. He works hard, has a good job. Linda thinks the world of him.”

She snuggles closer. “David?” I glance towards her then back to the road. “Yeah?”

“I’d like you to erzincan escort do something for me when we get back to mine.”

“Okay, sure, what do you want?”

“I know it’s probably not what you are hoping for. I can’t explain why but it’s all I can offer at the moment. It’s just…I’m feeling really horny right now. Do you think you could er… lick me when we get back.”

“Yeah, course I can, no problem.” This is a breakthrough so I am quite willing to accept what is on offer. Pam has so far allowed kissing and a gentle stroking of her breasts through clothing but nothing more. At her flat she would parade around half dressed seemingly unaware of my state of arousal. And I’ll get to see her pussy. She begins to nibble my ear as I drive the last mile. I don’t know why but I always find this extremely erotic.

Once inside the flat she can’t wait and stands there in the hallway, pushing down her jeans and panties. She leaves them round her ankles and, knees apart, begins to stroke herself in a frenzy.

“Don’t make me wait darling, get your tongue in there.”

I was already on my knees and begin to lick her furiously hanging on tight to her bum cheeks as she bucks and shakes above me.

“That’s it. You’ve found my little bud. OOOh, don’t stop. AAAAARGH.”

As she comes down from her orgasm she is lewdly rubbing herself up and down my face, holding on tight to my hair.

I look up at her and smile. “That hurts dear. You really got into that didn’t you? Was I okay?”

“Yeah, not bad. I might need that again if you don’t mind.” “That’s fine. Anytime.”

Pam asks me to move in with her a couple of days later. I’m delighted. I then find that there is a different meaning to the words “They slept together”, where all you actually do is sleep. Saturday comes round and we go for tea at Fred and Linda’s.

“Why don’t you get yourself a decent motor, those Ford Focus cars are crap. Didn’t you find out until after you’d bought it?” Fred is his usual obnoxious self. I try not to get drawn into an argument with him. You can’t win with guys like that.

After the meal I help Linda with the washing up whilst Fred and Pam walk round to the off licence to buy wine. Linda puts the boys through the bath.

“David? Could you do me a favour? You couldn’t read to the kids from this book could you? It helps them settle.”

They sit either side of me on the sofa and I read part of the first Harry Potter book to them. They are good kids and listen quietly. Fred and Pam are outside in the garden. I notice Linda looking at me strangely. I look up from the book and she nods encouragingly.

Later we sit out on the patio. They drink wine, whilst I have a soft drink as I am driving. As the wine flows I notice the three of them looking at me, then at each other, they get a bit giggly as if they are sharing a private joke but leaving me out of it.

“What’s so funny?” I say, a little annoyed. I check my flies and wipe around my mouth.

Fred’s face becomes serious. “It’s nothing. We’re just happy you’re being so er, … cooperative.” The serious look disappears and he lets out a loud guffaw. The two women smile, I can see that they are both trying hard not to start giggling again.

As we drive back to our flat Pam is squirming in her seat and becoming amorous like after the last visit. With her mouth touching my ear she whispers;

“David erzurum escort darling, can you do that thing you did last week?” I nod my head, happy to oblige.

If anything she’s hornier than before. I kneel there in the hall as she writhes above me.

“Oh David, good boy. Find my clit. That’s the way. Suck it. It gets quite big when it fills with blood. You’re my little cocksucker aren’t you dear? AAAAAArgh.”

As soon as she comes down from her orgasm she’s pulling up her panties and jeans and going into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. “What about me” I think. Her comment about cock sucking strikes me as odd and causes me to think twice about our relationship. Still, she is clearly a woman who enjoys sex and she’s so attractive and nice natured. Before we’d started dating I considered her way out of my league. I realise I’m still besotted with her, and am happy for her to take the lead where sex is concerned.

We’re sitting watching TV the following Wednesday night when a phone call comes through from sister Linda. She goes through into the bedroom to answer it and they are on for over an hour and a half. I notice that Pam is flushing bright red as she comes back through. I’ve seen that look before and as she pulls her jeans and panties off I move my head between her legs. It doesn’t take long for her to orgasm and her cries are louder this time.


We’re sitting together on the sofa, Pam still just in her thin top.

“Something got you excited dear. What were you and Linda talking about?”

“We were chatting about the old days. About what happened before Linda and Fred were married. Fred often came round to our house. We girls were very inexperienced sexually and Fred wasn’t. He’d been around and liked to brag about it. He’d be telling us about blow jobs and things like that. I suppose we were just curious at first.” Pam notices the bulge in my trousers. “Would you like to jerk off while I talk?”

I nod, blushing a little.

“Well Fred said he would show us and we agreed to go along with it. I went first and Fred was annoyed I’d pulled away when he started to come. He said I should have swallowed it all down. I remembered the next time.”

“You mean there was another time?” My cock is stiff and my fingers pull a bit faster.

“Oh yes, Fred was round at our house a lot after that. He said it was our training. A few weeks later he was showing us off to his friends. He’d get us to show them our breasts, then strip off completely. He’d click his fingers and that was our signal to get onto our knees and give blow jobs. They’d fuck us too, back and front but he’d always go first. Fred didn’t like sloppy seconds. I can see it excites you to hear all this and think about Fred with his cock in my cunt doesn’t it dear?”

She’s right. As proof I spurt as she says the last sentence.

Over the next few days I am unable to get those images out of my mind. Why am I so turned on all the time? It seems that the more disgusted I feel about myself the more turned on I get. There has been an increased need to masturbate with the thoughts of Pam and Linda taking it in every orifice with Fred and his mates playing on my mind. Pam wants to make another trip to her sisters and I don’t really want to go. But I don’t esat escort want to rock the boat so we set off for their house in the car.

I manage to survive Fred’s usual rude comments. Shortly before it’s time to go Pam says she wants to talk to Fred on his own leaving me in the living room with Linda and the boys.

“There’s the election coming up. Are you going to vote this time?” Linda says.

I try to give a coherent reply but I’m finding it difficult to think straight and don’t want her to spot my uncomfortable erection. I notice Linda looking at me in that strange way again.

Pam eventually joins us. Did I miss the fact that her hair looked a bit mussed up and her makeup smeared the last two times we were here?

It’s a hot day and Pam is wearing a thin summer dress. She sits beside me in the car as I drive back, stroking upwards from her knees causing the dress to ruck up showing more of her luscious long legs. She moves her fingers higher and begins to rub herself.

“Are you going to be a good boy for me again when we get home darling?”

Was I ever! I nod my head dumbly, finding it difficult to concentrate on my driving. My penis is threatening to burst out of my pants.

As soon as we get to the door of the flat, Pam is ready. If at all possible she is even more excited than on the previous weeks. I drop to my knees in front of her as she wriggles out of her wet panties.

Something is different. My heart is racing. To my disgust, her pussy is covered in a thick layer of semen. I look up at Pam. Her eyes are smouldering. This is the final moment. There is no pretending now, and no going back.

“Come on David, you know who’s come this is. Don’t you?”

“Yes” I whisper. It has been seeping out of her on the drive home, and I can see some of it in her panties.

“I just …know…that you’re going to lick it for me …mmmm.” Her body shivers a little as she says it. She is so excited, I think she has a little orgasm just from thinking about it. More of the mixed come oozes out of her used pussy.

“Start with the crotch of my panties,” Pam instructs. “I was rubbing myself all the way home, and I’m sure they’re just soaked.”

I’m disgusted and aroused all at the same time. While she watches me from above, I lower my face into her panties, and begin to lick up the juices that have pooled there. She continues to talk as I humiliate myself.

“Oh, I’ve been looking a long time for a guy like you, David. I knew from the first time I saw you that I had to handle you just right. Oh, but it was worth it. I’m going to marry you, you know. You’re just the kind of guy to treat me right. Fred wants more kids and I just know you’ll help me to raise our children.”

And to lick the crotch of her dirty panties, apparently. The taste of Fred is strong in my mouth. When the panties are clean, I raise my mouth to her upper thighs, and begin to lap up the come that is dribbling down her legs. She’s shaking, and takes hold of the back of my head.

“You’re cute, and hardworking, and sensitive… you’re everything a girl could want in a husband. But you’re also my little cock sucker. Unngh… you like to lick up cum… don’t you… oh god, you like to lick Fred’s cum from my pussy lips.” Finally I stick my tongue into her, and begin to suck the juices directly from the source. Pam is grinding herself into my face.

“Oh. God. That’s right. You cock sucking bitch… drink my cum, you love the taste of it… oh, this is soo good…”

I can feel a powerful orgasm beginning to wrack her body.

“Fred is going to be so glad to hear that you’re ready for your…training.”

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