Gina Ch. 03

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Gina 3: The Wedding Weekend, Saturday

It was a beautiful morning for kayaking. The water was calm, clear. You could readily see the crabs walking on the sand below. Gina was in a 14′ sea kayak. She was an experienced kayaker. Being in unfamiliar territory, though, she decided to paddle parallel to the shore around the bay. When she got to the far side of the bay she spotted movement on the deck of Sue and Rob’s sailboat and decided to paddle over to say hi. On her way over she saw Sue and Rob jump into the water in their all together. She smiled. As she approached closer they saw her, waved and swam over to the kayak, coming to the side and hanging on. The water was clear. Gina could readily see Sue’s breasts and Rob’s cock. She smiled. Knowingly, they smiled. They invited her onboard for coffee. She accepted and began paddling them all over to the sailboat all talking animatedly about the beauty of the morning.

Climbing aboard, Sue and Rob dried themselves off but didn’t bother putting on any clothes. They were comfortable just the way they were. Gina appreciated the view. She recognized and appreciated how self-confident that they both were. Their bodies were beautiful. Well toned, nicely proportioned. Sue’s breasts standing proud with pea shaped nipples, Rob’s cock dangling down, slumbering. He had broad shoulders and good muscle definition. By the ease of the interactions with one another and with Gina it was evident that they were very comfortable with whom they were. Gina felt very much at ease. She liked being with Sue and Rob. And, Sue and Rob liked being with Gina. Good vibes all around. They chatted. They laughed. They teased one another. After a while Gina excused herself to continue kayaking the bay. They agreed to meet early Sunday morning for coffee. Sue and Rob were continuing their sailing Sunday afternoon.

Gina returned to her room early enough for a nap. She took off her bikini and slipped into bed falling off to sleep quickly. She wanted to be able to enjoy the reception after the wedding. Kayaking was good but exhausting. Shortly afterward Michelle returned to the room and seeing Gina curled up sleeping, she decided to join her. Removing her clothes she eased herself into the bed behind Gina and spooned her. Gina was aware of being spooned and pushed back until she felt Michelle’s nipple poking her back. “Nice” she whispered.

Michelle snuggled into her neck and kissed her wetly on the nape of her neck, wrapped an arm around her, capturing Gina’s breast, Ankara bayan escort and they both fell off the sleep.

The alarm woke them. They hustled into the bathroom. The shower was large enough for both of them. As they showered they acted like school girls exploring and appreciating their sexuality, a touch here, a pinched nipple there. They washed each other’s breasts. They laughed. They giggled. They enjoyed the intimacy.

The wedding ceremony was wonderful. The bride looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle. Like all babies are beautiful so are brides. As the bride and groom walked up the aisle, a married couple, their love for one another radiated and filled the room.

Michelle moved up behind Gina and whispered in her ear: “He has a treat for her tonight. I have a treat for you tonight.”

Gina leaned back into Michelle and smiled.

The reception was a grand party–much frivolity, much dancing, much good cheer and much, too much, alcohol. Gina and Michele barely made it back to their room. Once there they fell into their own beds fully dressed and were asleep before their heads hit their pillows. The lights were on.

About 3 in the morning Gina stirred, awoken by the lights. She got up and turned them off. She undressed Michelle and herself. Looking down upon Michelle, Gina decided to join her in her bed. Gina removed her panties and slipped in behind Michelle, spooning her. Michelle turned over whispering “Hi baby”.

She moved to kiss Gina. It began as a warm kiss but quickly grew more passionate. Mouths opened. Tongues stroked one another. A mutual need emerged. There was a hunger.

Michelle began making love to Gina. She made love to her lips. Sensuous kisses, all consuming kisses, passionate kisses, open mouthed, closed mouth, a teasing tongue, a searching tongue, a stroking tongue. Gina lost herself in the intimacy of it all. Michelle moved to her ear … kissing it, teasing it with the tip of her tongue. She whispered: “Oh baby, this feels so right.”, “I feel so good doing this with you.”

Michelle moved her lips lower and began teasing Gina’s neck … kissing it wetly, teasingly, sucking on it but not hard enough to leave a hickey (she already knew where she’d do that), stroking Gina’s neck with the flat of her tongue. Doing the same to Gina’s pussy came to her mind.

Gina separated herself from Michelle, pushed Michelle onto her back and made love to Michelle’s lips and face and neck. She didn’t stop there, though, she continued down Escort bayan Ankara and started kissing and licking Michelle’s breasts avoiding the nipples, on top, underneath, in between. Finally she focused on Michelle’s nipples. Michelle’s very long and beautiful, cock-like nipples. Oh, how she enjoyed them. Gina’ mewed. Michelle moaned. “Oh, baby, that feels so good.”, “Oh baby, you’re going to make me cum doing that.” But Michelle wasn’t ready to cum yet.

She flipped Gina onto her back and made love to Gina’s breasts but not for long. She had another destination in mind. She had an objective. Michelle kissed and licked down to Gina’s pussy and once there she stretched out between Gina’s legs and proceeded to lick her pussy. She dragged her tongue through the depth of her pussy to her clit. She didn’t gather nectar. She wanted Gina to be as wet as she could. She wanted to arouse Gina to beg for release. When she felt it the right time, she whispered “Wait right there baby, I have to go to the bathroom.”

As she walked away Gina turned on her side and watched her with a hand between her legs gently teasing her pussy. A few minutes later Michelle exited the bathroom. She left the light on so that the room was partially illuminated. Gina stared. There were Michelle’s nipples sticking out and something else. Michelle was sporting a “penis”. She had inserted a feeldoe in her pussy. Gina watched Michelle walk to Gina’s bed, pull the covers off, prop the pillows up and lie down in the middle with her back propped against the pillows. She turned her head to Gina: “Come on over her baby and go for a ride.”

Gina jumped up and quickly straddled Michelle’s waist. Michelle dragged the phallus through Gina’s pussy lips. She let go, put her hands on Gina hips: “Guide it into you pussy baby.”

Gina positioned the phallus to her entrance and slowly lowered her body. At times she would inch up a bit before continuing downward. Gina was wet, well lubricated. Once she was mons-to-mons with Michelle she sat their quietly letting her body adjust to the incursion. When she felt comfortable she began rotating her hips feeling the phallus make contact with the sides of her pussy. As she was doing this she began rising and lowering herself feeling the tip graze her everywhere. It felt wonderfully. When she raised herself high enough she felt the tip move slightly and hit a very sensitive place. She moaned, oh how she moaned. She had found her G-spot. Gina explored: up, down, clockwise, counterclockwise. She closed Bayan escort Ankara her eyes and concentrated on the feeling. When she lowered herself fully her clit made contact with the feeldoe clit feature. She discovered what felt best for her and worked the feeldoe for several minutes before experience a body, mind shattering orgasm. She collapsed onto Michelle kissing and thanking her. When Michelle felt that she had recovered sufficiently, she whispered into Gina’s ear “Now fuck me!”

Gina raised herself from the phallus, Michelle bent her legs. Spread them apart and raised her pelvis so that Gina could remove the feeldoe. It was covered in both Michelle’s and Gina’s nectar. Gina very conscientiously cleaned both end of the feeldoe with her mouth all the while maintaining eye contact with Michelle. When she felt it to be adequately clean she inserted the bulb end into her pussy, positioned herself back between Michelle’s legs where Michelle guided the phallus into her pussy. Gina fell forward until she could go no further. As she began to pump slowly she leaned forward and sucked and nipped each of Michelle’s nipples. She picked up the pumping pace, a long, slow withdrawal; a quick, forceful reinsertion. Michelle wrapped her legs, locking them around Gina’s waist and helped Gina make the reinsertion more forceful. After several minutes, Michelle orgasmed then did Gina. Both were spent. Gina collapsed onto Michelle who turned them to the side. Entwined and still connected they fell off to sleep.

Michelle was awakened when the sun crept into the room. At some point in time Gina had awakened and had removed the feeldoe. It laid on the bed stand. She picked it up and took it into the bathroom with her. When she came out she had installed the feeldoe. She moved to Gina and slowly turned her until she was lying on her back. She spread Gina’s legs and climbed onto the bed between her legs and began slowly licking Gina’s pussy. When she felt Gina’s hand on her head directing her licking she raised her head: “Ah, you’re awake. It is time for you to be fucked!”

She pushed Gina’s legs into a bent position and apart. She positioned the phallus over Gina’s pussy and whispered “Guide it in baby.”

Gina did just that. Michelle fucked her to two orgasms. Gina was hanging on with her legs locked around Michelle’s waist. As Michelle sank to lie on Gina, Gina whispered into her ear “Thanks mommy.”

After a while Gina reluctantly got up to shower. She had to meet Sue and Rob for coffee before attending the Sunday morning wedding brunch.

As she left the elevator to enter the restaurant Gina was smiling. Gina no longer had an itch. She was radiant. Every woman looking at her smiled. They knew. She had been royally fucked. What a wedding night!

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