Going All the Way, Again

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Dick suddenly pulls his shaft from Cheyenne’s pussy and pushes it into my hungry mouth. When I taste her sloppy juice on my husband’s cock, I know that I’m hooked on sex forever. I am lying beneath Cheyenne on the soft grass next to the waterfall, while Dick fucks her doggy style, squatting with his leg next to hers. Her tits are squashed against my belly as her face is stuck to my pussy; her hands snaked beneath my legs to open my cuntlips wide for the camera. It is as if the essence of my being is exposed to the eyes of the world. There is no other place that I would rather like to be and if I have to be a porn star/director to continue to do this, so be it. Besides, the dual role as director of the fucking action and participating in sex on camera suits me to the tee.

We’re still on set of my first porn movie, directing my husband, Dick Philips and his costar, Cheyenne, in a pirate story. I play the female pirate falling in love with Dick’s nobleman character and Cheyenne as the owner of a tavern in the Bahamas. This is our first threesome, and I love every moment of it. I made my decision to stay and never be jealous of my husband. I also want to fuck more people and learn everything I can about the porn industry.

I, Kat Philips, MA Film from UCLA, have arrived at my calling. I found my niche.

Pushing Dick’s cock back into Cheyenne’s pussy, I turn my attention back on her clit. Her vulva is now bathed in sex juice and I drink from their combined nectar. I sense the camera at my head and move to give them better access to the action. Dick’s balls snuggle against the stem of his shaft while I tilt my flaming redhead backwards, flicking the tip of my tongue over her sensitive clit. Cheyenne and Dick moan as I increase the speed of my tongue. I’m getting good at this, at fucking and directing.

Then the attention turns to Cheyenne eating my aching pussy. I spread my legs wide open while she inserts two fingers into my fuck hole, and sucks on my clit. I loose all sense of time and place as I feel their two warm bodies against mine, inches away from the cock I love the most in the world disappearing into the most holy place of another woman. I don’t care anymore. Cheyenne is sucking all jealousy, envy and morals from my clit, giving me an exquisite feeling of depravity and well-being.

As Cheyenne and I reach our orgasms, Dick pulls out and we quickly turn around to catch his warm milky lava on our tits. We grab onto his manhood to squeeze the last drop from his prick. Dick falls backwards, leaving the camera trained on us, licking his cum off each other. I lower my head to Cheyenne’s pretty breasts and give her a thorough tongue bath. After I’m done she kisses me and licks me and fingerfucks me and, and, and.

That was a month ago. They’re somewhere in Prague, or Budapest, doing a series of Euro-porn for a transcontinental co-production. I’m putting the final touches to the DVD. The bosses were impressed at the rough-cut stage of the movie. They immediately organized a launch party for “The Sex Pirate,” – the title of my first effort. Another corny cliché, I know, but if it will sell copies, what the heck? I just hope Dick and Cheyenne will be back in time for the launch.

My faithful assistant, Melanie, is at my side, making my life easy. As always, her glasses is perched on her pretty nose and her short black hair is neatly combed. Her erect nipples stick out in her white t-shirt. Her long legs are poured in her blue jeans. We just finished watching the whole thing again for the tenth time.

“What do you think of “The Sex Pirate”?” I ask her.

“You are so fucking hot, my pussy is soaked.”

“But will couples buy this. Will they get off on it?”

“This will give the dead a hard-on.” She is so kind. I kiss her softly on the mouth and wipe my tongue over her pretty lips. By now, Melanie is used to my insatiable desire for fucking and quickly slides her hand over my soft thighs to my naked pussy. As I never wear any panties, except a certain time of the month, she gets her fingers past my wet lips into my love hole in no time. As I open my legs wider, my short black skirt rides up above my hips, exposing my naked bum. Before I could explore her body, Melanie removes her glasses, drops to her knees between my spread legs and runs her tongue over my valley of pleasure.

I let my head drop over the back of the chair, my long red hair cascading down. I raise my legs, prop them on the mixing desk and push Melanie’s head gently into my vulva. As I run my fingers through her short black hair, Melanie’s tongue penetrates my cunt and her nose rubs against my clit. The desire building in me drives me crazy. I don’t want gentle anymore. I want hard fucking. She senses my urgency, pushes three fingers into my hole, and fills the emptiness.

I grab my breasts through the thin material of my white blouse and squeeze them hard. I tear the buttons off to get to my naked tits, and pinch my erect nipples. I need to come. I need release. I need the movie to succeed. Melanie returns her mouth to my clit while ataköy escort she continues fucking me with her fingers. I have stepped over the edge of normal behavior and moved into depravity. It is as if lust has taken control of my being and is toying with me. How far will I go down this cesspool?

Wait a minute! That is middleclass morality talking and not I. To condemn lustful women for fucking a variety of people as whores or sluts is an imposed morality, designed by chauvinistic men. Men can never enjoy sex as intensely as women. Poor fuckers. Well, I’m not going to let society prescribe to me whom, when and how I can fuck. My movies will reflect my rejection of this fucked up values of hypocrites.

Then, my orgasm takes hold of my body as Melanie expert tongue and fingers send me over the edge, shaking uncontrollably. I push her head away from my sensitive vulva and scream: “No more, please!” My body goes limp as I slump on the chair, my legs still spread out on the desk. I must look an awful sight. But I’m happy.

“I owe you one,” and lick my juices from Melanie’s face and fingers.

I straighten my skirt and tie the ends of my blouse together, exposing my full breasts to roving eyes. We quickly apply make-up, gather our stuff and glide down the passage to the office of Mr. Big. His secretary, Jeanie, a beautiful blond with oversized boobs, welcomes us with a satisfied smile. Mr. Big must have screwed her or given her a raise. I’m glad for her. My own smile is more than just from the orgasm Melanie gave me. My first porn movie is in the can and now I want to go on to the next project on my own terms.

“Mr. Big is expecting you,” comes the high voice of the secretary. “You may go in.”

“Thank you, my dear.” I bend over to wipe cum off the top of her tit. “You missed a bit.” I lick the cum off my fingers and taste Mr. Big for the first time. Jeanie fucks for other reasons, but I can spot a fellow slut when I see one. Melanie and I march in, feeling on top of the world.

“Congratulations, Kat,” says Mr. Big, smiling from behind his impressive desk. He belongs in Wall Street, not in San Fernando Valley. His navy blue Armani suit, light blue shirt and matching tie spell taste. His styled black hair, handsome face and beautiful smile should be on camera, but Mr. Big has decided to use his talent for making money in a recession proof business. He must also like to be close to the wet dreams of men all over the world. Sometimes, he can even fuck them if he plays his cards right. No porn actress will deny this guy any favors. Rumor has it that Mr. Big is not so big in the equipment department. Big dick, small dick, no dick, it doesn’t matter. What matters to me is how he uses his tools to satisfy himself and me.

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate that you gave me the chance to direct this movie.” We sit down, facing him across his expensive desk. I cross my legs and give him a glimpse of my wet naked pussy. He smiles.

“Your talent was obvious from the start. Your performance in front of the camera is just as breathtaking.” His eyes are fixed on my cleavage and my hard nipples sticking through my blouse. “The launch is two days from today and I want you to make a short speech.”

“Who is invited?”

“Everyone involved in “Pirate”, a few horny celebs from Hollywood and a lot of producers who you’ll want to meet.” Mr. Big gets up from behind his desk, walks to a cupboard against a wall and takes out a large poster. He unrolls it to reveal a photograph of me standing with legs spread, dressed in tattered pirate clothes, tits hanging out, and a drawn sword in my right hand. Cheyenne and Dick sit naked at my feet. They’re not going to like this. They were supposed to be the stars of the movie and now I’m steeling the show. How will I explain this to them?

“If you are concerned about Cheyenne and Dick, don’t be,” Mr. Big interrupts my thoughts. “I have given them other projects where they are the stars. This is the launch of your career, Kat.” Mr. Big sits on the edge of the desk, looking down at my cleavage. “You have something extra, something the fans are going to love.”

“But I am a director first.”

“You are both. You have a fucking great body, intelligent looks and a fresh approach to porn.”

I feel flattered and grateful that Dick, my husband got me into this business. Mr. Big puts his hand on my shoulder and slips it over my arm, touching my breast. I open my legs to give him a better view of my pussy. Melanie must have sensed the lust thundering between us and starts to get up. I grab her arm and force her back in her chair.

“I want Melanie as line producer and manager.”

“Good. You seem to trust her, why not?” The bulge in his pants betrays his weakness and my power. I get up, kiss him on the mouth and rub his average bulge. He continues: “We’ll take more after the launch.”

As Melanie and I walk to my car, I am happy as a lark. “Tonight we celebrate,” I said, hugging her with joy.

She looks in our diary and shakes avcılar escort her head: “I’m afraid not. Tomorrow you have a DP scene for PT and you still need an enema.”

I forgot. My first scene for another director, and I’m already wet and excited. I can learn so much from one of the masters of the art.

“We’ll have a glass of champagne, skip the fucking and go to sleep.” I am determined to do my best for him. Since Cheyenne and Dick left on their European tour, I buried myself in the work, with Melanie as my only companion. When she moved in with me, we made love three times a day. I don’t love her as much as I love Dick. With no one to take care of my needs, Melanie became a substitute. She knows it is only a temporary arrangement, and when the loves of my life return, she has to move back to her own apartment.

Tom is between my legs, lapping my cunt juice while I have Harry’s cock in my mouth. We keep our positions for the still photographer to take her pictures. PT calls for a change of positions and Tom moves up to penetrate me with his seven-inch cock. I keep sucking on Harry. Another set of stills is called for before we can continue with the action.

We’re in a beautiful lounge of PT’s mansion and this is to be my first DP (double penetration) scene. Earlier, Melanie helped me with the enema, cleaning my anus. I threw on a sundress with thin shoulder straps. I didn’t wear a bra or tight-fitting clothes that might leave ugly marks on my body. PT welcomed us warmly, told me what my scene was all about and introduced me to Tom and Harry, two very good woodsmen.

We’ve been at it for an hour, stopping and starting, waiting for the light change, or make-up or the stills.

“Take five,” calls PT and we disengage ourselves and flop on the sofa.

“How do you manage to keep it stiff with all the interruptions?” I ask my two screen lovers.

“I love pussy, and with a beauty like yours, I have no problem,” says Harry.

“Fucking is my life,” comes the shy answer from Tom. “All I have to think about is how lucky I’m to fuck all these beautiful women and get paid for it.”

“Don’t you dry up during breaks?” wants Harry to know.

“Having a cock or another pussy close by was always a turn on for me.” I fondle their still hard dicks. “Feel it.” I open my legs wider to let both men slip their fingers between my wet puffy lips to confirm my answer. A deathly quiet surrounds us. I look up to see the crew staring at us, not moving. I frown. These guys are supposed to be professionals, having watched thousands of naked people fuck on camera and now they stare at us. Why?

“It’s your beauty and ease you handle us, that amazes them,” answers Tom my unspoken question. “Some girls will come in, do her scene, and between setups disappears into their own little worlds.”

I got up, grab my bag and walked over to the three lighting guys having a problem with a filter. I fish out a piece of soft cloth. “Try this,” and hand it to them. “It will soften the glare and still give you enough fill light to get quality pictures.” Their mouths drop open as they stare at my shaved pussy, naked breasts and long red hair. I gently close their mouths with my hand under their chins and say: “PT is waiting.”

They spring into action and in no time, have the scene lit for the next take. I move back to my companions, their cocks still hard as rock. The precum on their purple heads make my own juices to run down my legs.


I bend over Tom sitting on a chair and lick the precum off his gland before swallowing his cock deep in my mouth. Harry moves in behind me, and wets my bumhole and pussy with his long tongue. With two cameras rolling, we can continue without interruptions.

Grabbing Tom’s cock at the base, I bob my head and hand up and down his shaft, all the while sucking on his manhood. The slurpy noises coming from my movements match the sloppy sounds Harry produces in my pussy. His tongue is now buried deep in my cunt and his nose at the door of my pincher. My knees weaken as Harry inserts a thumb in my anus. I increase my action on Tom’s dick and enjoy swallowing him. Relaxing my throat muscles, I manage to sheath his sword to the hilt. Both sensations leave me wobbly.

As on cue, we break our connection, and Harry moves me around to sit on Tom. He bends down, takes Tom’s cock in his hand, lubricates it with saliva and pushes it gently in my wet backdoor. As soon as I’m settled, Harry moves closer and penetrates my cunt with his rod. We quickly find a rhythm and I feel completely stuffed. It is the first time in four weeks that I have a cock anywhere near my pussy and now I have two beautiful penises filling my insides. This is pure bliss, heaven, nirvana or paradise.

We hold our positions for a while – to give the photographer to get her shots for magazines – and on action continue to fuck. Tom caresses my tits from behind while Harry sucks on my nipples, sending pleasure sensations through my body. I come as they pound my pussy and ass beylikdüzü escort with their raging cocks.

They pull out simultaneously and wait for me to kneel between them. I grab their dicks and take turns in sucking and masturbating them. Pushing both cocks in my mouth, I twirl my tongue around the helmets, kiss the small slits and rub the two heads against each other. They are so comfortable with their sexuality that my action doesn’t disturb them. I enfold both cocks in my hands and wank them together.

I feel their throbbing cocks getting ready to erupt. Again on cue, they both spurt their cum on my face, my tits and in my hair. I clean their dickheads before I slowly stand up and kiss them on their mouths. Without a flicker, they lick the cum of my face and squeeze me between them. I feel their cocks slowly going limp against my thighs.


PT comes out behind the array of monitors.

“That was great,” he says. “You three better go clean up. The rest of you, get ready for our next scene.”

Harry and Tom take me to the luscious bathroom and together we get in the shower to continue our fucking. By now, their flaccid penises have grown back to hard raging cocks. Standing between them, I let them massage soap all over my body, my breasts, between my legs and the globes of my bum. Tom pushes his rod up and down between my ass cheeks, while Harry plays with his dick between the folds of my pussy. The soapy water cascades over my rounded boobs, down my flat tummy, to the v of my sex and between my ass globes. My two holes are so well lubricated by now that both lovers have no problem sticking their cocks deep into me. Tom grabs hold of my legs while I hang onto Harry. Their combined thrusting efforts have me bobbing up and down like a cork in the sea. My tits scrape against Harry’s strong hairy chest and my clit against his groin. For the second time today, two raging fuck muscles fill me, making me come repeatedly.

Then they shoot their loads into my pussy and ass as I contract my cunt muscle and pincher around their cocks. We collapse in a heap on the shower floor, with the water jetting from the showerhead. I slowly regain strength in my legs to leave this fuck nest. I wash the cum from my holes and kiss both lovers as I leave.

Melanie is waiting for me in the car. She is fuming.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why did you have to fuck them again?” she asks.

“It has been awhile since I had a cock in me, something I need.” I shrug. “I wanted to thank them.” I take her beautiful face in my hands and softly kiss her on her lips. “Please don’t be jealous. We can’t afford it.”

Dick and Cheyenne will arrive later tonight for the launch of our movie. I bought Melanie beautiful blue contact lenses, a sexy black cocktail dress and a great pair of shoes. She insisted on wearing a black lacy thong underneath the short dress. I, on the other hand, am dressed in a very short black lace dress, with nothing underneath. My nipples and shaved pussy can clearly be seen. I feel like a million fucking dollars in my high heels. Mr. Big sent a limo to take us to Hustler Hollywood for the launch.

Fans line five deep on both sides of the red carpet as we arrive. Melanie let me out first. I show more than legs as I step on the curb. A flash my pussy for those close by. With Melanie on my arm, we walk the hundred steps to the entrance accompanied by wolf whistles and screams. I wiggle my laced covered naked behind as we moved into the shop. A roar of applause greets us.

Mr. Big takes my hand, bends down and kisses it like I’m a queen. Somebody stuffs a glass of champagne in my hand and the rest of the evening flashes by as if in a dream. Producers push themselves onto me, showering me with flattery and their business cards. I suppose everyone wants to see my tits and cunt from up close. Well, that’s why I’m wearing the lacy dress.

The Cheyenne and Dick make their appearance. Fans flood their space, begging for autographs, a little chat and a photo opportunity with their favorite porn star. They look like two lovers and not just costars. It looks like Dick has found another pussy to feed his ego. He gave me the push in the business and now he rejects me.

I walk up to them and see their elated faces drop to guilty expressions. I give him a kiss and Cheyenne a hug. They don’t respond in kind. I cut to the chase.

“She can move in with us. I will come to love her.”

“But I don’t want to share him,” lashes Cheyenne back. “Besides, he only loves me. Don’t you, baby?”

Dick looks down at the tip of his boot, kicking the side of a shelf. “I’m sorry, Kat. In our business love comes too easy, because it throbs in our cocks and cunts.”

“Bullshit. One can love more than one person and no one can possess another.” I am angry, disappointed and heartbroken. What am I supposed to do now?

I slap Dick on the cheek. “Both of you belong to middle class mediocrity.”

I turn around and pull Melanie closer to me. She puts her arms around me and tries to console my shattered soul. I gave everything to Dick, my heart and my loyalty and now he throws it back in my face. Tears flow over my cheeks and burn my eyes. Melanie, bless her soul, gently wipes the tears from my face and takes me to the restroom. There she splashes water on my face, applies make-up and gives me another glass of champagne.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32