Good Guys Can Win Ch. 02

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Several annoying typos have been fixed; which should’ve happened much a sooner. This is a continuation of the Good Guys Can Win, which follows the adventures of Candice, Mark, and Tom. Again, this is a complete work of fiction, and all characters herein are at least 18 years of age. Special thanks to The Seeker and Madam Sam for editing and general input; much appreciated! Similar to the last installment, the action is slow to build. Please leave comments, suggestions, and a score or vote if you’re so inclined.


It was a warm day several weeks later, when the guys are scheduled to return. Candice mowed the yard once by herself, which is required to maintain the budget. She also wanted to wait to let things sit for a while, so the guys could hopefully figure out where they stand with what went on the last visit, and if or how they’d like to continue. She hoped they were ok with playing in front of each other, and will continue to go down that road. Not that she’s trying to get them to cross any lines in sexuality, although that wouldn’t be awful. Candice does, however, prefer to keep the group together so they can keep it fun and informal, maybe a little less personal, and avoid the typical complications of relationships.

This is obviously a fine line, but her intentions are relatively pure, and she’s an optimist. So, bring it ON!

The guys show up about fifteen minutes early, which is a fantastic sign. They’d done some texting a few days ago to nail-down the date and time for this visit. However, it was all too brief and focused to get any kind of read on their state. She half-expected them to bail out, or for only one of them to show up. Seeing both Mark and Tom, earlier than expected, was a quick thrill for Candice. Mark is in a sleeveless T this time, which she considered a nice touch.

She met them near the truck, in jeans and a T again. Candice walked them to the back, throwing her hips around much more than necessary, and spoke briefly about some recent thoughts she had on the border between her yard and the neighbors. Turning to walk away, she looked back and offered that they feel free to come inside after finishing up, for this month’s check and a quick drink.

“The back door would be open, so just yell for me and make yourselves comfortable.” She offered.

It seemed safe to assume that they’d be looking in the windows occasionally, from here on out. Therefore, to bring the heat back up a little, she decided to ditch the jeans and walk around for a while in the T and panties. Candice had found a particular kind of undies that she’s very fond of at the moment. They look relatively normal but leave a lot of both cheeks exposed. She didn’t hesitate to make eye contact with both of the of the guys several times; just smiling away as if she were dressed normally, and kept going about some minor straightening. She can’t believe she’s doing this. Really, she can’t believe she’s still comfortable enough with them to keep going.

“The sexual potential in the air feels incredible!” She thought

Side note: a few days ago, Candice looked at one of those Hip Hop girly-magazines, The King, or something. She was half-drunk in line at a convenience store, and the rack was right next to her, so she peeked. On the cover was a woman in a thong, and this chick’s ass was absolutely humonstrous! Not way-too-big or anything, but pretty darn huge. It was a marvel, to say the least. So, as she’s does every now and then, she yelped loudly and picked the magazine up to have a look-see. This thing was like its own celebrity! It was the focus of the whole spread, with her pretty face and smallish breasts looming in the background. Candice made mental note of the poses on several pages, as “the ass” was emphasized in some very creative ways. “Men and their primal compulsions are beyond fascinating.” She thought

Candice figured if that if she were flat back there she could easily be saddened and frustrated by recent pop-trends, but as it turns out, she happens to appreciate her ass. After practicing a few of those magazine poses, she worked a few in while screwing around with a guy she was seeing. He seemed very happy. As it turns out, Candice has got quite a bit going on back there, compared to many women. She get comments now and then, and they make her feel good for the most part.

Right before the guys were scheduled to come back, she bought a very short skirt and decided to put it on. It’s got the loose ruffled-thing going on, instead of being tight, which is more comfortable and much easier to play around in. This thing can go from PG-13 to X-rated at a moment’s notice! She’d just have to walk or bend in a few different ways.

“THIS is exactly why I love being a woman!” Candice thought

She could wear this to any mall in the world, and without really breaking any social rules, can give people a very intimate show. Hey, they can enjoy or turn away, it’s up to them. So many women don’t appreciate that both men and women would probably take a quick peek, silivri escort and enjoy the accompanying quickened pulse. Candice identifies with that idea, however, and she likes to participate on both ends of that transaction relatively often. To her, there’s nothing wrong with going out there and spreading the peace and love.

Candice is wearing that skirt, sorting laundry in her room, when she hears Tom’s voice.

“Hey, Candice?! We’re coming into the kitchen and I’m going to hit the John.”

“Cool, I’ll be out in a sec! Feel free to check out the fridge.”

On the way down the hall, she reminded herself that she needed to appear very happy and at ease with what had happened so far. She is, indeed, very pleased with everything so it wouldn’t be faking; it just had to be immediately recognizable to these two.

Mark was seated at the small, 4 seat table in the eating nook, drinking a glass of water.

“Hey man! Thanks again for working with my scheduling requests. It probably seems weird, but I like getting out there and mowing and whacking everything myself, whenever I can.” Candice explained

Mark chuckled

“Hmmm, I guess I whack a lot of things around here. But, of course I was….you know what I’m saying. I’m not some spoiled chick who never touches the yard, that’s all.” I said

He nodded, not really trying to hide staring at her skirt as she got herself some water. Tom emerged into the hall from the bathroom, wiping his hands on his pants, and telling me that there was no towel.

“Gotcha, it happens to be laundry day. Which, by chance, is a big reason I need lawn help.” she answered, going on to explain that this line of thinking may be the reason she finds herself getting very horny when preparing laundry; that their visit a few weeks ago was alive and well in Candice’s memory.

“You guys got me into some kind of Pavlovian conditioned state of horny!” Candice closed her eyes and shook her head, embarrassed by admitting that so openly.

“Ha! I’ve been thinking a lot…well we’ve been talking about that too.” Tom quickly chimed in.

He looked nervous but also excited. He reached down and rubbed his crotch, subconsciously perhaps. He noticed her looking and stopped quickly.

Mark agreed, and explained that they were very happy and wanted to continue things.

“We’re not sure how to exactly…what do you think you….both of us being involved is sorta odd, but we’re willing to deal with it.” Mark added. “…to a point!”

Candice nodded and smiled. A part of her wanted to push the point he mentioned, but none of this can be rushed.

“How about this; what do you guys have planned for the rest of the day?” she asked

“Well; we thought something might come up over here, so our day is free!” Tom answered with a huge dorky smile. Mark looked at him, shook his head at Tom’s obvious eagerness, and quietly laughed.

Candice smiled widely too. “That’s awesome! I’m really happy to hear that….thanks.”

She then paused.

“Ok, what if we just chill-out here? Rent a movie, order a pizza, whatever. Maybe screw around later? I don’t know.” she rambled a bit.

They both nodded and smiled.

“I have some girly alcohol in the fridge…uhh some bottles of spiked tea and lemonade. You guys want one?” They both said “yeah” in unison.

“Great! I’ll be right back. Head on over to…” she said when Mark interrupted.

“Hey, uh, sorry. Would you be willing to take your bra off? That happens to be a huge thing for me. You know, a woman walking around with no bra.” He looked nervously at my chest.

“Yes, I can. See, that’s small and really fun! I would love to.”

She started pulling the straps down with one hand while pulling the other elbow into the short shirt sleeve.

“Thanks for not blurting out that you want to suck on them, or something! Please know that I probably want both of you to suck on my tits, maybe even at the same time, but I want to make sure we take small, sexy steps. The gradual progression to comfort is vital, I don’t know, probably 95% of the time. The other 5%, well….hopefully you’ll just have to pick up on it. You’ll probably know when it’s just time to stop everything and fuck! Your instincts should let you know when you get to that point, which is NOT now. Not yet.”

“That makes sense.” Mark nodded. Tom looked like a scientist making observations and detailed mental notes.

She finished snaking her bra through my shirt and tossed it to Tom. He was jolted from his thoughts, and caught it against his chest. The bra became his new focus, and he looked at it VERY intently.

“Hopefully, we can all just relax and have fun! I’d love for this to be a judgment free, environment that’s comfortable for everyone. I have an inkling how much you both think about sex, and bodies, kissing, oral sex, sixty-nining, condoms, blow jobs, and uhhhh cup sizes.” Candice noticed Tom was inspecting the tag on her bra.

She definitely bakırköy escort had their attention though.

“You think about those things a lot, and so do I. A lot of women do, but unlike me, it seems like most of them feel dirty and ashamed of it, or they’re fucked–up and use sex mainly as a tool. Now look, I MAY do that every now and then, but more often I just want to revel in shared enjoyment, and when I feel confident that I’m not being played, or videotaped (I glared at both of them and lingered there for a few seconds to silently let them know how I felt about phones and cameras) I want to sit and enjoy it!”

With that, she pulled her shirt tight, smashing her breasts against the material, and highlighted the pointed nipples. All three looked for a few seconds. She then bounced up and down on her toes, letting a gentle wobble develop in her shirt and then shook them from side to side.

Tom was very surprised that a woman was so willing to sexualize herself. He knew that it wasn’t uncommon to meet an unattractive woman who’d really put herself out there like this, but Candice was at least a 7 on his “1 to 10 Scale” and it seems like she even dates a lot. If he didn’t experience what he did the last time they were over her house, and the two friends dissect the hell out of each recounted detail, he might think she was some kind of hallucination.

Candice went to the kitchen and grabbed a few “Hard Core” Lemonade bottles from the fridge and start the deliberately slow, bounce inducing, walk back to the living room. The guys were very generous with their attention, and visible appreciation. Both of them openly starring and smiling; Mark may have actually be erect already.

The guys were standing together at the entrance of the living room as Candice sauntered back from the kitchen. They didn’t move, only watched as she came towards then, setting the bottles down on a small table next to an older recliner. She was extremely smooth from one movement to the next, seeming very comfortable, which made the guys that much more comfortable in turn. Somehow the room was calm yet fully electrified at the same time!

Deep in these thoughts, Tom’s penis asserted itself. It demanded something; to be fucked, sucked, freed, or at least rubbed. He did the latter, boldly on the outside of his tight khakis instead of through his pocket. He was a little concerned about how this may come across to the rest, but more so he wanted it clear that he was very much enjoying this environment. He was gaining confidence by the minute. Everything was making him very horny, comfortable, and happy, and he hoped Mark was also heading that way. If one of them were losing steam, the whole thing could crash before really getting off the ground. Tutoring his way into some decent-looking-chicks pants sounded like a dead-end road, all of a sudden.

Candice noticed Tom’s bold rubbing and wanted to show appreciation. She reached a hand out and joined Tom’s at his crotch. She squeezed both his large hand and the equally large shaft he was holding. They both moaned, while Candice stared into his eyes with a slightly open-mouthed-smile.

Candice could feel the fluids rushing to his quickly thickening penis, as he squeezed the lower part and she moved to the head. If not for the load Tom coaxed-out before meeting up with Mark, he would have a good wet-spot growing on his pants. It just so happened that this was as turned-on as he had even been, and he was thrilled that he had decided to clear the pipes ahead of time.

“Holy shit! Who the hell” He paused, desperately thinking. “Where did you come from?! You must be a super advanced species of woman!” Said Mark

Tom laughed though his eyes were glued to Candice’s face; her mouth and smile. She had a front tooth that stuck out a little from the others, a little higher in its placement. Tom noticed it almost right away and thought it was one of her sexiest features. Mark also noticed and it was later discussed by the two of them. They decided her smile looked like Patricia Arquette in “True Romance”, which happened to be Tom’s favorite movie.

Mark wanted to progress things himself and decided to be bold, reaching slightly under her loose miniskirt. He stopped before getting a handful and asked “May I?”

Breathing deeply, Candice nodded.

Mark reached in further and somewhat crudely attached his left hand to her right cheek. The edge of her snug waist band dug into her skin a little above her ass, and below that her cheeks darted outward into two wonderful globes. She was warm, smooth, and an exhilarating mix of soft and firm. He made a mental note to ask her to wear a thong sometime soon. He might actually buy her several that caught his attention in the store the other day.

Candice took Mark’s other hand, which was rubbing his crotch, and brought it up to her right breast. He was slightly startled by her touch, but recovered and began squeezing the soft flesh very enthusiastically, and pinching halkalı escort the large and hard nipple through the t-shirt.

“Ohhh, try to ignore the nipple to some degree. I mean, squeeze my breast, but focus on just the boob itself for a few seconds, then brush over the nipple, really briefly, and go back to just the breast. If you delicately tease her nipple, while squeezing and kissing the other parts of her breast, she’ll jump on top of you and shove her nipple into your mouth.” Candice explained while also breathing raggedly, enjoying the moment.

“Then you’re a foreplay hero.” she added.

Mark nodded and tried his best to comply. He gradually moved his hand underneath her shirt and cupped and squeezed her tit, avoiding the nipple. The weight was more than thought it would be. He then quickly pushed her tit upward several times, causing a rhythmic bounce, which was like a beacon, and he had to remind himself to move to the other parts she mentioned. While still stroking and squeezing her ass cheeks, he moved up to caress the side and top of her breast. Before settling at the top, his thumb brushed over the nipple and then back for a slight pinch. Candice’s eyes rolled and her hand joined his, helping him pinch the nipple harder to her satisfaction.

“Or she’ll just swoon and pinch her nipple along with you. Either way, you look like a sexual genius. Too many guys must think that immediate and prolonged nipple play will make a girl cum. Just like the all-important-button-down below, a nipple needs to be slowly brought into the fold, and then pounced-on as the night progresses! Not right away in the beginning.”

After a few seconds of squeezing her ass and tits, Mark’s throat was well beyond dry and he tried to clear his throat. He badly needed a drink and decided to break away and walk over to the table for his lemonade.

“Holy hell, this is crazy! You’re pretty damn incredible, let me tell you. If you asked us to kill your neighbor or something, I’d have to consider it at this point. That sucks for the neighbors, but that shit is TRUE!” Tom stated as he pulled away and straightened himself out.

“Oh my god- The neighbors are fine, so you can relax!” she laughed “I actually caught the wife walking around topless once, which was pretty cool. I’ve tried returning the favor for them, but I don’t think they’ve noticed.

Candice was going to suggest they close the blinds, but reconsidered. “Hey would you all mind if I leave the blinds partially open? It’s a little extra fun if the neighbors happen to see; whatever it is we end up doing.” She concluded, and both guys nodded.

“Hey, how about we put on a movie? Let’s calm down a bit and play some more later on.” The guys nodded, while glancing at each other. In the end, they were both still coming to terms with the idea of playing with Candice so close to one another. It wasn’t an optimal situation for either, which they discussed earlier, but this chick was SO far from anyone they’d met so far, that they decided to go with her flow.

Candice pressed Play on her DVD and Boiler Room took over the TV. It was about 30 minutes into the movie itself. The guys were familiar enough with the movie, and neither minded getting into it. Candice offered that they sit on either or the recliner or the couch, and she would lie on the floor.

Getting as comfortable as they could with raging hard-ons and drinks in hand, the guys watched intently and Candice crawled on her hands and knees to get the remote control and drink from a side table. Noticing where the guys were both looking, she stopped and looked down into the collar of her shirt. Her breasts hung down, the t-shirt hanging a few inches lower than them, exposing both nipples. Her breasts gently swung side to side with each movement. They all watched, with a significant amount of fascination, as she recreated the motion.

“It’s weird, but I can appreciate how awesome that is. I once watched a girlfriend of mine pack a suitcase for about 15 minutes, without letting-on that I could see her breasts when she bent over to arrange things. It was early in the morning, she just woke up, and there was just so much movement going on that I was a little shocked; and sort of hypnotized.

She was a new friend of mine, who asked to sleep over because I was her ride to the airport. She started rearranging her clothes to make room for a couple of things I was loaning her. I went to the kitchen to make coffee, and when I came back her bag was on my bed almost completely unpacked. She was standing bent over, examining her stuff. I sat on the bed, and happened to look up to see the material of her shirt pull away from her hanging boobs, exposing her nipples! I was shocked, and my voice caught in my throat. Then a second later, she stood back up and the “show” was over. No harm done, I guess, so no need for me to say anything.

As it turns out she bent over many more times, and I just started watching her boobs jiggle and swing around. Her nipples were much larger than mine, and light pink, whereas mine are darker. I don’t know why but I just wanted to enjoy watching without her knowing. She had large C-cups, which I found out later, and they were pretty sexy to watch. So I continued and hoped to GOD I wouldn’t get caught. If I had a dick, right then, it would’ve been hard!” admitted Candice.

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