Grandma’s Makeover

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Summary: Grandma rediscovers her mojo with help from her granddaughter

Note 1: Thanks to Breezy, who suggested this very unusual tale.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing this twisted tale.

Grandma’s Makeover

When Vicky arrived at her grandmother’s for the summer like she had every year bar one since she was a young teenager, she could immediately tell things were different this time.

It had been four years since her grandfather had passed, leaving her grandmother living alone. Grandma Nancy had soldiered through, not showing any signs of loneliness or depression at all… but the past year plus of almost total isolation must have hit her hard. And last summer because of the pandemic, Vicky had skipped her annual visit for the first time in about a decade. She’d wanted to come, but everyone, even including her grandmother, had convinced her it wouldn’t be safe.

They’d always been close, Vicky far closer to her wild and crazy grandmother than to her conservative mother.

How wild you ask? Well for starters, how many grandmothers sunbathe nude in the first place, never mind doing it with their granddaughters?

Also, although it was legal in California, Vicky had been more than a little shocked during a previous summer when her grandma busted her with a joint in her mouth, because instead of staging a hissy fit about sinning like her mother would have done, she just calmly came over and took a hit from the joint. And then astonishing Vicky once again, she asked her, “What’s this weak ass shit?” She then pulled a joint out of her purse and shared the much better quality and stronger stuff with her eighteen-year-old granddaughter, promising there’d be more where that came from.

But alas, this past year and a few months because of COVID, and from her inability to do any of the things she normally liked to do, Nancy had gotten lonely and depressed, and had even gained a fair amount of extra weight. This new and definitely not better look also surprised Vicky, since her grandma had confided in her during one of their new pastimes… summer smoking at nights… that she’d used to be a topless dancer in the seventies, and had been very popular.

Vicky had inherited her grandmother’s big tits, wide hips, wider ass, and even her sass. These assets got her a lot of attention from men, especially from black men (actually from men of all races, she just preferred the black ones), but that sassy attribute also got her into trouble, since she often spoke up first and considered the consequences later, if ever.

So Vicky, who already knew something was wrong by the tone of her grandma’s voice, which was a lot less peppy and more listless, as well as the obvious weight gain she’d noticed on their video calls, knew that this summer she needed to help her grandmother climb out of her funk.

But she’d had no idea how bad it was, until she arrived.

Her grandma had gained a good thirty pounds.

Nancy was miserable, and she’d even considered suicide during her past year and a quarter of isolation, feeling so alone, and having lost any hope of things ever getting better. But her spirits rocketed the moment she opened the door and saw her sweet granddaughter standing in front of her!

“V-V-Vicky!” Nancy stammered, astonished to see a relative for the first time in months, and thrilled it was her favourite granddaughter, who was her favourite family member. But then she was immediately mortified to know the sight her granddaughter was about to witness… a house that looked like a tornado had struck it, and then been ravaged by a second tornado just to be thorough.

“Grandma,” Vicky said, saddened by how large her grandma had gotten as they wrapped their arms around each other.

“What are you doing here?” Nancy asked.

“School is out for the summer, the first year of my college completed, and I sensed that you needed me,” Vicky explained. “So here I am!”

“Well, I’ve certainly missed you,” Nancy said, having forgotten just how great it felt to be talking to someone you love face to face.

“I’ve missed you too,” Vicky said, as she walked into the disaster of a house that had previously always been immaculate. “Oh, my,” she couldn’t help saying.

“Sorry, I didn’t know anyone was coming by,” Nancy apologized, feeling totally ashamed at her beloved granddaughter seeing her house in such a state.

Vicky, who was majoring in psychology and who’d written a research paper on the effects COVID had on women, knew exactly what had happened. “No, it’s okay, Grandma,” she said, “I’ll help you get this place back to normal.”

“I just haven’t felt any urgency to clean,” Nancy admitted.

“Actually, that’s not surprising. It’s one of the most common effects of people’s isolation,” Vicky said. “Many people suffer from a lack of purpose when they spend long periods of time alone.”

“I suppose,” Nancy said; her granddaughter was likely right. She’d continued cleaning her house as mariobet güvenilirmi usual for the first couple months, but then she began to wonder why… what was the point? No one ever came over. So she began neglecting her regular schedule, and the longer she did that, the messier and dirtier the house became, so then just the idea of cleaning it exhausted her.

“It’s okay, grandma,” Vicky said, giving her another hug. “I’m here now, so you’re not alone anymore.”

“It’s so good to see you,” Nancy said, feeling a glimmer of happiness for the first time in many months.

“It’s great to see you too,” Vicky replied with feeling, kissing her grandma on the cheek.

That night they ordered in some food, chatted about Vicky’s first year of college, and discussed COVID. They also shared a joint, which relaxed Nancy, who hadn’t had one in months.

They ended up watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Nancy’s favourite movie, before they both went off to bed exhausted.

As Vicky tried to sleep, she resolved to do her absolute best in helping to get her grandma back to her old self.


The next morning.

Vicky woke up early, gave the kitchen a thorough clean, and made breakfast for them both, tasks that were usually done by Nancy. She even figured out with the help of a google search how to operate the surprisingly confusing espresso maker.

Nancy walked into the kitchen just as the last of the bacon was frying.

“Good morning, Grandma,” Vicky greeted her warmly.

“Good morning, Sweetie,” Nancy smiled, finding it so strange, and yet so great, to see someone inside her house, especially her favourite granddaughter.

“You’re just in time to join me for breakfast, and then we’ll head out to the beach to work on our tans,” Vicky announced, the sun already shining brightly on this glorious summer day,

“Thanks for making us this lovely breakfast,” Nancy said as she sat down at the clean kitchen table, “but I don’t think I’m up for going all the way to the beach for any sunbathing today.”

Vicky had known her grandma would likely feel insecure about her weight gain, but she also knew from the courses she was taking, as well as the essay she’d written, that it was critical for her to push her grandma back in action, if only as much as going out to sunbathe, and not to allow her to stay home and sulk. So she demanded, albeit brightly, “What do you mean, Grandma? Tanning together has always been our thing!”

“I know, dear,” she sighed, “But now that I’ve put on all this extra weight, I know I won’t feel comfortable around anyone in a bikini.”

“Nancy Margola Meyers,” Vicky said, in a haughty way she’d used only once before, “Since when have you evah passed up a chance to show off your curvy body?”

Nancy couldn’t help laughing. Even at her age she was accustomed to getting a lot of looks, since her body had aged like a fine wine. Sure she was sixty-five and was even receiving an old age pension, but no one believed her when she told them her age. “You know me so well!”

“Then it’s settled,” Vicky said. “We’re going off to flaunt our stuff at the beach.”

Nancy sighed a heavy sigh, “It’s just that I don’t feel as sexy as I usually do because of the weight gain… So I’m sorry, sweetie, I’m just not feeling particularly sexy these days.”

Vicky couldn’t and wouldn’t take no for an answer, “Okay, you might have put on a few extra pounds, but almost everyone has during their isolation.”

“You certainly haven’t,” Nancy pointed out, her granddaughter’s body reminding her of what she’d used to look like.

“I inherited your metabolism,” Vicky shrugged.

“My former metabolism,” Nancy corrected her.

“Grandma, I absolutely forbid you to feel sorry for yourself. First of all, what would Grandpa say?” Vicky demanded, knowing she was playing dirty pool, but it was necessary.

“That I’m a foxy lady,” Nancy said, laughing.

“Not exactly. He’d sing it instead, “Foxy…” Vicky sang the classic Hendrix lyric, “…Lady.”

“Yes, he absolutely would,” Nancy laughed harder this time, even though she was suddenly really missing him. God, he would have been good to have around during this lengthy isolation.

“Grandma, your body still looks amazing. Even in your sixties, you still have the kind of natural curves that women these days pay top dollar for,” Vicky said, hoping she’d still look this fine when she reached her sixties.

“You’re sweet, honey,” Nancy said, enjoying the flattery.

“All you need is a little makeover,” Vicky said, finding her sudden idea of playing Barbie with her grandmother kind of fun.

“A makeover?”

Vicky looked her grandma over, who was still incredibly pretty for a woman her age, which was good news for her own future, and replied, “Yes, a makeover. It’s time to spice things up a bit.”

“I’m not even sure where to start,” the grandmother said with a heavy sigh. She hated that she’d gained all this weight, and she hated how mariobet yeni giriş it made her feel so insecure.

“You trust me, don’t you?” Vicky asked, a few ideas already formulating in her head.

“Well, usually I do,” Nancy said, “but the sneaky look on your face tells me you’re plotting something really out there,”

“I won’t do anything you’re not comfortable with,” Vicky promised, although if she carried through with some of her ideas, that wouldn’t entirely be the case.

“Fine, why not then?” Nancy said, feeling bad she’d allowed herself to get into such a funk, that really wasn’t her, and figuring she should just go with the flow, since her granddaughter always made her feel decades younger. And even if some people thought she should act her age, where was the harm in that?

“Good. Now go change into your bathing suit, and meet me outside in five. I need to formulate a plan for bringing your sexy back,” Vicky said.

“My sexy back?” Nancy asked, that sounding so weird. “What are you doing with my back?”

“No, silly! I’ve always loved your sexy side, so now I’m bringing it back. Like this!” And she sang, “Yeah, I’m bringing sexy back! Yeah!”

“Okay, I get the idea now. But am I supposed to know that song?” Nancy asked, as she watched her granddaughter singing and dancing.

“Justin Timberlake,” Vicky said, as she danced around, really shaking her white booty.

“Who’s he?” she asked, having stopped following popular music somewhere in the eighties.

“It’s time to introduce you to this century,” Vicky teased, and repeated, “Go get your bathing suit on.”

“Fine,” Nancy sighed. “Hopefully I can still get into one of them.”

Nancy went to her bedroom and changed into a bikini that was rather skimpy, and might be considered downright slutty for someone her age. But for some reason, she wanted to impress her wild, live-for-the-moment granddaughter who obviously loved her dearly.

Once they were at the beach and had removed their outer clothing, Vicky approved, “Very nice, grandma.”

“I’m probably showing way too much skin,” Nancy said, looking at her granddaughter, who was wearing an equally skimpy ‘Check out my curves, world!’ bikini.

“There’s no such thing as too much skin,” Vicky said, “especially not in California.”

“I guess that’s true,” Nancy laughed, as she looked around, seeing both women and men wearing as little clothing as conceivably possible.

During the next couple of hours they tanned, they chatted, and they both received a lot of looks from lust-hungry boys and men. It made Nancy feel good about herself for the first time in a long, long time… because even with her weight gain, she still got the looks.

Vicky noticed her grandmother must not have shaved her pussy in a long time, which the bikini couldn’t completely hide… but that would have to wait for another day.

They went for lunch, and then Vicky and Nancy went to a salon for pedicures and manicures. Which got Nancy finally feeling like a woman again. A little rebellious. A little sexy.

Over the next three weeks Vicky and Nancy worked out every day, went on a strict diet, and tanned at the beach.

Then, Vicky feeling her grandma had gotten her groove back, and seeing she’d lost half of the weight she’d gained, declared first thing over breakfast, “Today we’re going shopping!”

“We are?” Nancy asked.

“Makeover part two,” the granddaughter explained, without giving anything away.

“Okay,” Nancy said, having begun to feel alive again ever since her granddaughter had arrived and taken her in hand.

They spent the entire day out.

Had a massage for each of them.

New hairdos at the salon.

Then new wardrobes, including new shoes, stockings, garter belts, thigh highs, and nylons. Even new lace bras, but no panties.

Vicky, recalling she’d noticed Nancy’s bush, finally announced, “And now to deal with the forest between your legs.”

“Hey, it was a cold winter,” Nancy protested.

“In Southern California?” Vicky refuted, “That thicket needs to be shaved.”

“I never shave it completely,” Nancy said.

“Well, trimmed then,” Vicky said. “A lot.”

“Fine,” Nancy sighed, knowing her granddaughter was relentless, just like she was.

Vicky left to return with a powerful pair of hair clippers and said, “Let’s do this.”

Nancy gasped, and her eyes went big, “You’re not doing it!”

“Of course I am,” Vicky said, turning it onto its highest setting, which was very loud.

“I don’t think so.”

“Look, you’re my Barbie Grandma, and I’m going to transform you into something simply mahvelous!” Vicky insisted.

“I don’t know,” Nancy said, still feeling a little tentative. This new step seemed to be crossing the grandma-granddaughter line. Sure, they’d sunbathed nude together, had shared some pot and tried on lingerie together, but having her granddaughter trimming her pussy seemed to be crossing a definite line.

“I wasn’t mariobet giriş asking,” Vicky said, as she gently pushed her grandma onto her bed.

“You’re sure?” Nancy asked as her granddaughter spread her nylon-clad legs, still dressed in the lingerie they’d tried on not long after arriving home, so neither of them was wearing any panties.

“Yep,” Vicky said, as she used a powerful hair clipper, beginning with the largest guard, and working her way down to the smallest one.

This process took a good fifteen minutes, and while it occurred Nancy became more and more flustered. She wasn’t sure if it was from having a woman between her legs (she hadn’t been with a woman in over four decades), or her not being intimate with anyone in years, or from the vibration of the clippers against her long neglected pussy… but she was by now confusingly flustered and undeniably horny. She tried to limit the growing feelings inside her, but while Vicky was focusing on the area around her clit, she felt an orgasm about to burst.

Vicky heard her grandma let out a moan, and she looked up.

Nancy had closed her eyes, was gripping the sheets with both of her hands, and involuntarily bucking her hips.

Vicky was shocked, as she realized her grandma was about to come, and she asked, “Grandma, are you…?”

“Oh, God, please don’t stop now,” Nancy begged, mortified she was about to come in front of her granddaughter, yet desperately needing an orgasm. “You’ve already gotten me so close!”

Vicky smiled deviously as she asked, having gotten off more than one woman before, although none of them related to her, “Are you asking me to get you off, Grandma?”

“Yes please, Vicky,” Nancy moaned, knowing what was about to happen was so wrong, yet it felt so inevitable by now.

Vicky deciding to go all in… literally… shut off the razor… and rubbed her thumb over her grandmother’s clit while sliding two fingers into her very wet pussy.

“Oh my God!” Nancy screamed, feeling her granddaughter’s fingers inside her pussy adding to the utter wrongness of what was occurring, yet unable to lift a finger to stop it… not wanting to stop it… just needing the pleasure to erupt right through her.

Come for me, grandma,” Vicky ordered, as she brought her face to her grandma’s clit and sucked it between her lips.

“Viiiiiiicky, oh Goooooooooood!!” Nancy was stunned to feel her granddaughter’s lips on her clit, as well as from the intensity that followed, as she experienced her first orgasm in over a year, and her first one from another person in several years.

Vicky pulled out her fingers and drank her grandma’s sweet nectar as it oozed from her pussy… feasting on it like it was the final meal of her life.

“Oh God, Victoria,” Nancy moaned, still coming intensely.

Vicky, who was a very experienced pussy muncher, kept licking her grandma throughout her orgasm with the intention of giving this long-neglected pussy a real working over and multiple orgasms.

Nancy knew she should push her granddaughter’s head away, this had already gone way too far, yet the eager tongue still working her pussy over better than her husband ever did, had her body on fire, and a second orgasm building, even as the first had yet to completely dwindle away.

Thus Nancy allowed this spur of the moment lesbian incestuous act to continue… the pleasure she was receiving overruling all her moral responsibility and guilt. She moaned, “Yes, more Vicky, more.”

“You’re enjoying my eating your pussy, Grandma?” Vicky asked, finding this taboo act so fucking hot… her own pussy on fire from the twisted, forbidden interaction.

“It’s so wrong,” Nancy moaned, gazing guiltily down between her legs at her pretty granddaughter .

“But it feels so right,” Vicky said, “and you taste so good.”

“I can’t believe we’re even doing this,” Nancy moaned, still knowing it was wrong, yet unable to do anything but allow the pleasure controlling her decisions and actions.

“Let me get you off again at least once more,” Vicky asked, “this is one of my main extra-curricular activities at college.”

“You must excel in it,” Nancy said, as she closed her eyes again and allowed the overriding pleasure to continue its journey.

Nancy, getting close again from the eagerly expert tongue, grabbed the back of her granddaughter’s head and pulled it deep into her pussy.

Vicky took the action as a hint, so she seized her grandmother’s clit between her lips… sucked on it… tugged on it… and shook her head like a tiny terrier.

“Oh yes, yes, oh my God yes!!” Nancy screamed, as a second orgasm exploded out of her and poured into her granddaughter’s eager mouth.

Vicky lapped up the second flood of pussy juice until Nancy apologised a couple minutes later, I’m so sorry, dear. I don’t know what came over me!”

Vicky, always able to twitch a straightforward sentence into a dirty one, responded with a wicked smile, “Maybe you don’t, but I know who just came all over me!”

“You’re so bad,” Nancy said, shaking her head as she looked down at her wet-faced granddaughter.

“And I’m also so horny,” Vicky said as she got off her knees and pushed her grandma onto her back. “So how about you return the favour?”

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