Halloween Job

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Throughout college I took several opportunities to work what could best be described as seasonal jobs to give me some extra spending money. So at the beginning of the school year, I’d work at some of the last festivals of summer, Oktoberfest, then Halloween and usually some extended work for the holiday season. It sometimes paid cash but always allowed for maximum flexibility. What happened during the Halloween season of my sophomore year was certainly the most interesting.

My friends know that I’m bi-sexual, historically more sexually active with females but I’ve enjoyed a fair amount sexual play with guys. It started simply with some mutual jerk-off sessions with friends in high school but then advanced to trading blow jobs and some ass play. Curiously I had no interest in penetration, either giving or receiving. In college, I started openly masturbating with my roommate during our first week and by the second week we were masturbating each other and sucking each other’s cocks. He was bi-sexual by experience but leaning toward preferring guys — also not particularly interested in penetration. Bottom line, we just enjoyed all forms of masturbation, showering together, cock sucking, rimming, and just regularly getting each other off.

I was a little curious when I started looking for some Halloween opportunities during sophomore year. In high school and during freshman year I had worked primarily at some Halloween “superstores,” and one year I had worked at a Haunted House. What had me curious this year was a new Haunted House announced as opening in a few weeks — and located in a section of town that was primarily gay clubs and housing that was known to be gay friendly.

The Haunted House was still under construction when I went for the interview. It appeared to be a fairly typical Haunted House with individual rooms being decorated with all the typical spider webs, black lights, smoke machines, and lots of black paint being applied. I knew they were looking for attendants to take tickets and guide visitors through house. I also suspected they might be looking for some costumed performers to play ghosts and other scary monsters to frighten visitors. I was certainly surprised when one of the owners asked me if I would be interested in being considered for one of the “sexually active” jobs. My shock clearly prompted a “let me explain” from the owner. He told me they were going to have two rooms with sexual content. He asked if I was interested, telling me that it appeared I was physically what they were looking for. I hesitated and asked if he would tell me more about the positions.

He told me that one room was going to be a scene where a monster was going to be “whipping” a prisoner. It would be carefully staged but both the monster and the victim would be naked in a black lit scene with the prisoner tied to a “rack.” The “rack” would be positioned so that observers of the scene would be able to see the entire nude bodies of both performers.

The second room would be a ghosts and goblin gay bar scene, 8-10 actors in costumes portraying skeletons, monsters, etc. partying, dancing, etc. They’d be wearing costumes but their butts and cocks would be exposed. All actors in the rooms would work a one hour on, one hour off schedule — but would be paid for all hours.

When he told me torbalı escort about the higher rate of pay, I wasn’t sure if my potential embarrassment was worth it but the money being offered was certainly good, about triple what an attendant or ticket seller would make. I’d been naked and played around with two or three other guys a couple times but I’d never been naked, or messed around, with a group and certainly not a group of strangers.

When I asked if I could think about it, the owner interviewing me told me that first he’d have to decide if I was a good candidate. It was more than just being interested in the job. I asked what that meant and he pretty bluntly said that he’d have to see me nude and if I was willing to strip, he would decide immediately whether or not I “qualify” for one of the actor’s jobs. I was hesitant, at the same time confidant. I was just under 6′, weighed about 160, and had a solid in shape body, a few years ago clearly a “twink,” but now a pretty solid college guy. I agreed to strip and quickly removed by shirt, jeans, then pulled down and removed the boxer briefs I was wearing. I don’t know if it was stripping in front of the owner, or the scenarios he described, but I was clearly aroused. The owner smiled and said, I’m glad you’re already a little hard — I would have asked you to at least show me a little if you hadn’t been. He asked me to turn around to he could see my ass — then with just a couple of more seconds, he said I could get dressed and if I wanted one of the acting jobs, I should let him know.

I took a couple of days to think about it — but it was a very bizarre couple of days. It seemed like I was constantly horny — even more than usual for a 20 year old guy. And my roommate even asked about why I was so horny. For two days I was almost jumping him in the shower and wanted to jerk off with him three or four times every day.

What only one other person knew was that I was fascinated by the first room where the simulated “whipping” was going to take place. I have been interested in spanking for as long as I can remember. I was rarely spanked as a child but hearing about, and sometimes seeing, friends being spanked always turned me on. I wasn’t really into the brutality of much of the spanking porn that was out there but I’d found multiple spanking scenes that seemed almost playful — and very erotic. One of my teen friends since childhood frequently received spankings growing up and to his embarrassment I had been witness to several of them. He’d be told to remove his pants and underwear and receive several firm hand spanks to his bare bottom. I remember frequently thinking about some of these scenes and, once I hit puberty, I’d end up masturbating to them.

After one completely nude spanking he had received, his parents left and we were alone in his room. He was lying face down on his bed with a pretty red butt. We’d seen each other naked a lot so it was no big deal even though he was embarrassed. I asked him if he wanted me to rub some lotion on his bottom. He said yes and while rubbing his butt, I asked him why he’d had gotten a hard on while he was being spanked. He told me that for as long as he could remember he’d gotten aroused during a spanking. When he started masturbating a few years earlier, that was the first thing urla escort he did afterwards. “So you would be jacking off right now if I wasn’t here?” His response surprised me: “Yeah, sure would and I think you want to jerk off too. I could see you were pretty aroused watching my butt get it.” With that I got naked and we jerked off together.

Anyway I called the owner of the Haunted House, expressed my interest particularly in the “whipping room,” and was immediately offered the job. During a training/rehearsal week, the actors prepared for many of the positions but we were also able to express preferences. I concentrated on alternating between the monster and the victim. The scene was carefully staged so that there was no physical contact with the whip or the cane — but there were parts of the scene where the monster delivered some hand spanks to the victim’s bottom. I found myself highly aroused playing either role.

After one of the rehearsals, I ended up at the apartment of one of the other actors and two others. We’d grabbed some burgers on the way to his place, sat around getting acquainted and talking about the job. I had rehearsed with all of them so we’d all seen each other naked and had some mild physical contact. After we’d finished the burgers, one of the guys, Mike admitted that the sessions had kept him hard during most of the sessions and he commented that he saw my hard on too. He asked me if I was getting turned on by the spanking and I really couldn’t deny it. He immediately started wrestling with me a little bit and trying to spank me — I fought back (a little) but was also trying to spank his butt. The other two guys watching this were clearly getting aroused.

After just a few minutes of this, Mike and I just stopped. We stood up and started removing our clothes. Mike was only about 5’6″ but he was a rock solid athletic guy and when he removed his boxers, showed he was already rock hard. When I dropped my boxer briefs to the floor, there was no doubt I was equally aroused by the play.

I agreed to be the first to be spanked and was immediately laying nude over Mike’s lap, my rock hard cock pressed against his. He started delivering a series of about 20 medium hand spanks to my naked bottom and I couldn’t believe how much more aroused and how much harder it was making my cock. I really don’t know how I didn’t cum from the spanking but I somehow held off. Mike was actually eager to change places but he didn’t let me get off his lap without gently rubbing my butt for a couple minutes with some regular touches of my cock, balls, and asshole. When we switched places I looked over at the other two guys. They had both stripped naked during my spanking and were jerking each other’s cocks.

As I started spanking Mike’s bare butt, and reaching to finger his hole and play with his balls, he actually started humping me as I spanked him. Before I could give him the 20 spanks he gave me, we both came with a force I’d never experienced in any of my mutual jerk sessions I’d had with friends. When we both sat back to come down from our experience, we saw our other friends sucking each other off to their orgasms.

The Haunted House was only open for the month of October, four days a week and opened at 6 p.m. Closing time varied for weekdays and the weekend. buca escort But there was plenty of hours and it was likely you’d get chances for extra shifts if someone had a schedule conflict or wasn’t feeling the best for the shows. I took several extra shifts during the month — the money was too good so I just decided to push for the month to take the hours and maintain my grades. And…

The month flew by. One thing that we knew would happen was that we’d get to play our “preferred” roles as much as possible but we’d also be assigned the other room at times. I loved the spanking room but enjoyed the other almost as much. The “club” scene was highly erotic. Everyone wore costumes but they were all very revealing with most of the featuring exposed cocks and butts — and several were bare chested as well. Guest could interact a little. There was no sex but there was lots of teasing. I got to wear a “chaps” cowboy costume for a couple shifts — my shirt was “torn” open and my cock and butt were fully exposed. Other actors and guests would be regularly touching me during the hour — it was almost an hour long “edging” session. There was also an “escaped con” in the club — almost all the costume’s clothes were torn off.

The sessions were all highly charged and after work almost every night, groups of the actors would get together. After a few hours of naked or almost naked fun, everybody was sexually charged and we all admitted we needed release. The group of four that started during rehearsals got together several times, often joined by two or more others. Sometimes it was pretty calm. We’d all be exhausted yet horny enough that we needed to get off, like those nights growing up where you couldn’t get to sleep without jerking off. One some of these nights, the group would just sit around chatting about the night and there’d be a quick jerkoff session — sometimes solo but most of the time we’d pair off for a mutual masturbation.

We also did a lot of erotic massages. One of the actors was actually trained as a masseur. There were several times, particularly early, where one or two guys were really sore from some of the running around in the gay bar scene. So he offered to give some massages and that escalated into him teaching some of us some basic massage techniques. Several of us, certainly including me, began to enjoy lying naked on a bed receiving a massage from a naked guy. The massages obviously included some play and the typical “happy ending.”

But there were other times, like weekends, where the sessions would be longer and wilder. If I’d been performing in the spanking room, I usually wanted to do some mutual spanking with someone. Some guys weren’t into it at all but a lot of guys had never tried erotic spanking and they really got into it. I found myself really enjoying the oral aspects of sex with different guys, I loved sucking cock and being sucked. I really liked adding rimming to a mutual spanking session — and enjoyed any of the sucking and rimming more if it took place in the shower. I did maintain my anal virginity throughout the month. There was a lot of fucking going on each night. I’ll admit I started to like watching a couple of my new friends go at it, I was asked several times to either top or bottom — but nobody pressured a few of the guys who always said no to that.

One thing I knew for sure, as the Halloween came and went. I was no longer at all hesitant to play around with a lot of other naked guys participating or watching. And I had a whole new group of friends who would be having parties on future weekends. Happy Halloween!

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