Harem Girl

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Claudia answered her phone on the second ring. “You got one too, didn’t you?”

“Uh huh,” her friend Leslie replied with obvious excitement. “But I haven’t read through the whole invitation. It’s as big as a book.”

“Do you know what a takeover is?”

“Not exactly, but I’ve got a pretty good idea.”

“It’s what you’d think. Except that Jonathan is hosting it, so it will be over-the-top. “

“Are you and Gabe going?” Leslie asked referring to her friend’s husband.

“If we can. We haven’t been out and had fun in a long time.”

“Hey!” Leslie exclaimed with fake offense. “You don’t consider going out with me and my husband fun?”

Claudia laughed recognizing the tease. “That’s not the kind of ‘fun’ I was referring to. We do enjoy going out with you and Mitch. And we’d love to have the kind of fun the four of us did at the Halloween party. It’s just every time we get together we wind up drinking, dancing, and talking until it’s so late that we’re all too tired to do anything more. Maybe next time we should all be a little less ‘fun’ so that we can actually have ‘fun’ together.”

Leslie laughed. The previous Fall she and Mitch, after a fiery night of sex, decided to expand their sexual boundaries and dip their toes into the lifestyle. Their friends Gabe and Claudia had been swingers for years, so they sought out their guidance before doing anything. They all met at Jonathan’s Halloween party and by chance showed up wearing matching costumes, Zorro and Cat Woman. Amped up by a combination of powerful drinks and the sexy outfits, Leslie had mistaken Gabe for her husband, and pulled him into a back room for some impromptu sex. Claudia had made the same error with Mitch. When they all realized the mistake, they didn’t stop, and instead engaged in a wild four-way sex romp that ended only after Leslie had experienced her first spit-roast (twice) and she’d prodded Mitch into fucking Claudia. It had been an amazing night, especially for their first lifestyle experience, and one she and her husband often talked about repeating. But just as Claudia said, even though they’d gotten together often, they hadn’t had that kind of ‘fun’ since.

“Are we setting a date for Jonathan’s party thing? What’s he calling it, ‘One Thousand and One Nights’?”

“It’s more than just a party, it’s a whole weekend, Friday through Sunday. Gabe and I have been to the hotel before. It has an awesome pool and it’s super private. That’s probably why he chose that place.”

Leslie heard the front door rattle. “I’ve got to go, Mitch is home. We’ll talk again after he and I read through the whole invite. Love you.”

“Love you too, bye.” They ended the call.

Leslie and Mitch caught up with each other’s day while he mixed martinis for them. “We got something interesting in the mail today,” Leslie said holding up Jonathan’s invitation.

Mitch raised his eyebrows. “I can guess what it is just by looking at the envelope. You’ve read it I assume.”

“I just the first page. There’s a ton of stuff and I didn’t have time to go through all of it.”

“Gabe and Claudia get one too?”

“You hoping to re-live our Halloween adventure?”

Mitch chuckled, “And I’ll bet you are too.”

“Maaaaybe,” she said in a teasing, sing-song voice. “But not without you.”

Mitch swooped her into a bear hug and kissed her. “Let’s see what Jonathan’s cooked up.” He opened the fat envelope and began reading. Jonathan had rented an entire sixty room boutique hotel at the edge of town and invited what he called “a select group of like-minded friends” to party the weekend away to the theme of Ali Baba, Aladdin, and Scheherazade.

“I remember learning about the “One Thousand and One Nights” in college,” Leslie said. “It’s very erotic, nothing like the G-rated Disney version.”

Mitch made another round of drinks. “Tell me more about it.”

“It’s a collection of folklore stories that first appeared in the ninth century. One of the main characters is a king, who kills his wife after she had an affair while he was away at war. He decides to remarry and then kills the bride that same night so that she can’t ever cheat on him. He vows to keep doing it until there are no more women left in his realm. Scheherazade, the other main character, is the daughter of one of his advisors. She devises a plan to save herself and every other woman in the kingdom. She marries the king and spends their wedding night telling him an engrossing story, but leaves it unfinished promising to complete it the next night. Scheherazade does this again and again for one thousand and one nights engrossing her husband. Over time the king falls in love with her, and abandons his murderous scheme.”

“How’s that erotic?”

“All the tales include lengthy and detailed descriptions of sexual acts. The women in the stories are lust filled, and embrace their sexuality as much, if not more so, güvenilir bahis than the men.”

“I see. Sounds racy.”

“That’s putting it mildly. The stories were very arousing when I read them in college. Most of my friends felt the same way.”

“So, Jonathan’s invited a bunch of ‘like-minded’ people to a sexual Persian themed weekend at a remote hotel in the countryside.”

Leslie nodded her head and took a sip of her drink. “That about sums it up. You do know what he means by ‘like-minded’ don’t you?”

“Code for swingers.”

She nodded and took another sip from her glass. “Claudia said that Jonathan’s probably going to invite all kinds of people, not just swingers. Oh, and do you know what a ‘take over’ is?”

Mitch tipped his head and looked down his nose, “Really? Yes, I know what a take over is. It will be a swinger free-for-all.” They both sat quietly while they thought about that.

“There’s more info in the packet that we should check out.”

“Here’s the price sheet. Two-hundred and fifty dollars per person isn’t cheap. But it’s all inclusive; breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day along with a twenty-four-hour open bar, entertainment, and unspecified activities. There are massages by the pool and boudoir photo sessions for an extra charge.”

“That actually sounds pretty reasonable.” Leslie kept reading. “There’s a dress code. ‘Guests are encouraged to dress in theme appropriate wear.’ We can bring our own, or costumes will be provided for us at check in.”

Mitch pointed to the paper. “It also says that the weekend is clothing optional as guests prefer.”

“Missed that detail, sorry.” Leslie grinned.

“Here’s a list of rules,” Mitch pulled out yet another sheet of paper. “No means no. No drugs. No smoking indoors. No extreme BDSM (he gives examples) in public spaces. Look at this,” he pointed to the page. “Everyone has to sign a hold harmless document that relieves Jonathan, the hotel, and any other guest from any liability. Everyone also must bring proof that they’ve recently been tested for and don’t have any communicable diseases. And all the women must attest that they are on, or don’t need, birth control.”

“Wow, very extensive. But it makes me feel kind of safe. Know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I do, and I agree. Did you see this?” Mitch held up the RSVP card. A handwritten note at the bottom read, “I’ve got a special treat just for you, but you have to come to get it.” Jonathan had signed it and added X’s and O’s.

“That’s mysterious.” Leslie put down the papers, sat back in her chair, and took a big swallow from her drink. “So, are we going?”

Mitch hesitated. It sounded like fun, but kind of crazy. Was it too much?

“I’ll go first,” Leslie said, “But promise that you won’t just go along with whatever I say.”

“I promise.”

“We’ve never done anything like this before, gone away for a sex weekend with a bunch of swingers. It’s a little scary. But it’s the kind of thing we’ve talked about doing, and I love the idea of having an erotic, clothing optional weekend together. Jonathan has put together a very elaborate event, and all his rules makes it feel safe. I especially like rule number one, ‘No means no'”. She took a deep breath. “Your turn.”

Mitch began, “Going to one of Jonathan’s parties could be a ton of fun (like the last one we went to), and I like the rules too.” He reached across the table and clasped Leslie’s hand. “And I also love the idea of having a sexy weekend away with you

A wave of excitement swept through her. “So, do you want to go?”

“I do,” they said in unison.

“Wow. We’re really going to a lifestyle hotel takeover weekend? Who would have thought that in less than a year we’ve gone from boring old vanillas to sex crazed swingers?”

Mitch and Leslie spent the next few weeks talking about their weekend away and shopping on-line for party outfits, even though they signed up to get costumes at the hotel. Leslie also ordered two very skimpy string bikinis to wear by the pool. “It’s clothing optional, dear,” Mitch said. “Just go without.”

“Tell me you don’t want to see me in this,” Leslie said modeling the suit which crumpled small enough to fit in the palm of her hand.

“I definitely want to see you in and out of that.”

“Don’t worry dear, you will, I promise.”

They talked at length about what they hoped would and wouldn’t happen at the event, and planned how they would handle different potential situations. Ultimately, they abandoned all the what-if planning and decided to relax and figure things out in the moment; trusting each other to do (or not do) what felt right. They also tried to figure out Jonathan’s “treat”. Neither had any idea that he knew them well enough to even consider giving them anything, much less something “special”. That it would be part of an erotic weekend, made it even more intriguing.

A week güvenilir bahis siteleri before the event, Gabe and Claudia backed out of the party due to a schedule conflict. A part of Leslie was disappointed that her friends wouldn’t be there to guide them. A bigger part was relieved that she and Mitch could go alone and that they wouldn’t feel any unspoken pressure to be coupled with their friends. By the time the weekend was upon them, she and Mitch felt at ease and were excited.

The drive to hotel just outside of town went by quickly. They pulled into a parking space and climbed out of their car, at the designated 3:00 pm arrival time. A warm breeze carried the scents of Spring and there wasn’t another building anywhere in sight, just lots of green grass and tall trees. It was just about as perfect as one could imagine.

“Welcome to One Thousand and One Nights,” a hotel bellman said meeting them at the front door. “May I see your invitation please.” He carefully checked their names against a roster and politely insisted on seeing photo ID’s. “Please follow me to check in,” he opened the front door. The foyer of the hotel was elaborately decorated with panels of chiffon cloth that hung from the ceilings. Oversized jewel toned pillows were strategically strewn about and flickering candles covered almost every flat surface. Soft Middle Eastern music played from unseen speakers and the air smelled of sandalwood incense. The impression was that they’d entered a lavish old-world Persian manor.

“Welcome,” the young woman behind the counter said. She was dressed in a loose-fitting white gown and was dripping with faux gold and gemstone jewelry. She asked again for photo identification, confirmed their reservation, and collected their credit card information, “For any extra expenditures,” she said with a smile. “We have you in one of our garden suites, an attendant will show the way. The package that you ordered and a fruit basket, our treat for your first time with us, is waiting there for you. Your host wants to meet with you after you’ve settled in.”

Mitch and Leslie followed another bellman to their room. It was gorgeous. There was a sitting area with a large sofa, cocktail table, and a love seat. Beyond that, separated by a lattice screen, was the sleeping area, which held a king sized bed, an old-fashioned armoire, another cocktail table, and padded chairs. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors opened out to a stone patio. It was one of the nicest hotel rooms they’d ever stayed in. Fifteen minutes later, a member of the staff arrived at their door, and led them to a large drawing room that was as elaborately decorated as the check in area. Jonathan was sitting in an oversized armchair wearing a colorful satin gown, and a purple turban studded with jewels. He looked regal and was obviously thrilled with himself. “Mitchel, Leslie. I am sooo glad to see you. You both look marvelous.” He opened his arms wide, welcoming them into a hug. “But you’re not dressed. You don’t like the outfits I picked for you?” He said with a pout.

Leslie smiled. “We haven’t had a chance to change. I know we’ll love them.”

“Whew. I’m relieved. I can’t wait to see. I know you’ll both look incredible. Perhaps not as eye-popping as Cat Woman and Zorro, but I’m sure that you will turn plenty of ‘heads’.” He winked.

He remembers all of us from Halloween? Leslie wondered. What else does he know about that night?

Jonathan gestured to the small group of people sitting nearby and said, “We were all just talking about meaningful times in our lives. I hope this weekend will be one for you.” Jonathan turned to his friends and imperiously shooed them away. One woman stayed. She was about the same height as Leslie, and equally well proportioned. A gauzy top showed off her unrestrained D sized breasts, a tapered waist, and a well-toned build. Hanging off her otherwise naked hips was a skirt made from twisted gold ropes, similar to a Hawaiian grass skirt. It was easy to see she had plenty of womanly curves, and no cellulite. Her raven black hair was plaited and wound in an elaborate bun atop her head. Piercing green eyes completed her alluring appearance. “Jasmine,” Jonathan said with a formal tone, “I’d like to introduce Mitchel and Leslie.” The woman dropped her eyes and curtseyed. Who the hell does that anymore? Leslie thought. “I’m the only one he lets use his formal name. Everyone else calls him Mitch.” Jonathan smiled and returned his attention to the couple. “I promised you a special treat if you came to my party, and I always make good on my promises.” He paused for theatric effect. Waving his hand first toward the woman, then to them, he said, “Jasmine is my gift to you, your special treat. She is your harem girl for the weekend.” He sat back with a huge, self-satisfied grin.

What the fuck?! Leslie and Mitch looked at each other flabbergasted, sharing the same thought.

“Oh iddaa siteleri goodie,” Jonathan exclaimed. “I can tell that my surprise is a hit. I’m so glad.” He stood up and motioned for Mitch and Leslie to sit on a nearby couch, then gripped Jasmine’s elbow and led her to them. “I will let the three of you get acquainted. Jasmine will answer any questions you have and I’m confident that she will make your time with us extra special.” Jasmine looked a little wide-eyed, but remained silent. “I’m so looking forward to seeing you two dressed up at the meet and greet social this evening… and everywhere else the rest of the weekend.” He glided away, leaving Mitch and Leslie sitting stunned.

“I’m glad to be with you,” Jasmine said. The flicker of stunned surprise that had crossed her face was gone. Her voice was calm, confident, and self-assured. “I’m sure you have questions. Please ask me anything at all, nothing is off limits. I want you to feel comfortable with our relationship.”

“What kind of ‘relationship’ do we have?” Leslie asked. “And please, sit down.”

Jasmine pulled a chair close and sat. “Thank you. The answer is, that it’s completely up to you. My role and my desire is to serve you, to please you, and to be your pleasure. However I can best do that is up to you. You, both of you, are in complete control. If you are happy, I will be happy.”

Mitchel blew out a deep breath. “Whoa. Sounds like a harem girl is a slave.”

“There are plenty of lurid myths that harems were filled with sex slaves. Harems were actually the protected areas reserved for all the women of a household. It was the 2004 book by Mariyah Saalih that popularized the fairytale of young girl, who willing enters into an erotic life as a harem sex slave. That book is kind of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ fantasy, and has little to do with reality. But this weekend is all about, fantasy. I am here to serve you, satisfy your desires, and perhaps uncover some new ones. There’s very little I won’t do, but I am not a slave.”

“Is Jonathan paying you?” Leslie asked.

Jasmine visibly bristled. “No, he’s not. I’m not paying the fee that you did, but I am not being reimbursed in any way. I am not a prostitute.”

“Sorry, no offense intended. May I ask why you’re doing this?”

“No offense taken, and yes, you may ask me anything. I have a good job as a paralegal. I live a high-pressure life and have to conduct myself in a manner that’s not always consistent with my inner longings. Doing this is liberating.” She looked back and forth between Mitch and Leslie. “I do this of my own free will and to meet my needs as well as yours. But do not think of me nor treat me as a slave or a prostitute. I am neither.” Mitch and Leslie nodded agreement. “One other thing,” Jasmine said. “It can be a fine line between being a servant and a submissive and I am not the later. I will gladly and willing do almost anything you ask, but you will not find me meekly kneeling at your side like that silly character in the ‘Fifty Shades’ book.”

The three sat silent for a moment. Jasmine sounded very poised, and seemed invested in her harem girl role, but neither Mitch nor Leslie had any idea exactly what that would be.

As if reading their minds, Jasmine continued. “I am bisexual. Both men and women equally enjoy the delights I can deliver, and I as well appreciate them. I find oral, vaginal, and anal sex all very gratifying. I am an exhibitionist as well as a voyeur. I am available to you 24 hours a day. That means I will stay by your side day and night, but I can be more distant if you’d like. I will sleep on the pull-out sofa bed in your suite unless you wish otherwise. I will be physically ready for you any time, all the time. Of course, I will also address your non-sexual needs.” She turned to Leslie, “My queen, I would like to help with your hair, makeup, and dressing, especially before the meet and greet and the dinners. I can do the same for you, my king, if you like. I’ll run errands, retrieve things from the room, take messages to whomever, and so forth.” Mitch and Leslie sat speechless, taken aback not only by how Jasmine was offering herself up, but also by her directness. “I will be my pleasure to serve all of your needs and wants.”

“Wow,” Leslie finally said. “I’m not sure what to say.” Mitch nodded his head agreement. Then she settled herself and sat up straight. “First, you’ve got to lose the ‘my queen’ thing. I’m Leslie and this is Mitch, please call us that.”

Jasmine held up her hand. “That will be fine in private if you wish, but in public you are my king and my queen and I am your harem girl.” Jasmine’s tone made it clear that she’d not accept any disagreement. “I’m sure that you’ll have more questions, and I encourage you to ask me anything at all. And to ask absolutely anything of me.” Her smile was so inviting, so sincere. “We’ve been talking for a while and many of the guests have arrived. We should get you ready for the social tonight, which will be starting before long. It’s when everyone reconnects with old friends and meets new ones.” She stood and encouraged them to follow her toward their room.

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