Her Night with Him

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USS James T. Wilson amphibious landing ship

0200h Somewhere in the South Caribbean Sea

The soft tropical breezes offered an unparalleled sensation against her oleander skin while she thought about her lover from whom she’d been separated for almost two months and would still have to wait yet another before seeing her again. Annalisa was the only lesbian aboard the Wilson amphibious vessel. She was one of, if not the most beautiful women on the ship and the attention from her male contemporaries was appreciated in the beginning — the joy in knowing she was desired across the sexes — but the luster of which had faded quickly and left her longing after the lover she was to be without.

The heavy footsteps of thick soled boots approached as a young man came onto the deck for a cigarette. He was surprised that anyone else was out there at such an hour, let alone the Sapphic beauty about whom he had heard so much, typically in pejorative senses through the wishes of the other Marines in his unit about how they could “change her” in a single night.

She’d seen this man before and respected his solemnity. He was younger (or at least seemed it) and worked with a Marine Captain and Staff Sergeant as a designated marksman for the small craft company attached to the Wilson.

“Good evening, Petty Officer.”

“Good evening, Marine.” She replied.

“Cigarette?” He offered. She declined and the two, keeping a space between them of about six feet, stared off into the docile sea, glistening in the autumn moonlight. He took a drag from his cigarette, but a cough had snuck up on him. The cigarette fell out and instinctively he attempted to catch it, burning the fleshy part of his palm, under his thumb.

“Oh shit, are you okay?” She asked.

“I think I burned myself,” he said, laughing a little to extinguish any sense of emergency.

“Let me see it.” And he extended his open hand to show the small circle of blistered skin.

“Come with me, we’ll get it patched up.” And he followed her, pleasantly stuck in the aura of her perfume that had been concealed by the sweet, tropical air outside. She knew exactly where to go and the corpsman on duty, a woman, gave her an almost suggestive smile, and before the young man could make a proper introduction, the angelic beauty of the Wilson had vanished.

A week later at dinner, after several members of his unit had gotten up to leave, the unoccupied seat opposite the young man had been filled by the same woman he’d been trying to find since that night. She asked about his hand and he showed her. He thanked her for her help and, in concealing his nervousness, introduced himself with his first name, Fabian. She smiled as she said, “I’m Annalisa”. The conversation took a more upbeat turn and suddenly the young Marine had forgotten that he was speaking with this woman of simplistic, yet raw beauty — shoulder length black hair and rich white skin that bore the tint of the slightest sun kissed color, big brown eyes, round, mesmerizing, piercing all in one — and the two casino siteleri became lost in talk of movies and music, which evolved into his confession of a passion for acting and her inquiring further about the life of a man of whom she’d only thought in passing.

“I LOVE that movie, you have it on you, here?!” She asked.

“Yeah, it’s in my room, did you wanna watch it again?” Fearing he’d said too much, he was ecstatic and relieved at her insistence that they do just that. He was swept up in the fluidity of the succeeding moments and was only able to catch up with himself at the moment after he set up his laptop with the DVD and sat platonically spaced with a woman whose scent would have been enough, let alone anything else.

They watched quietly and about an hour in, the young man got a call to be in his uniform on deck in fifteen minutes. He invited her to stay in his room and excused himself as he switched undershirts. She felt herself strangely attracted to his naked torso and his plum boxer briefs. He felt her watching him and when he looked up at her she was smiling, a degree less than seductively and the two held their gazes until she came over to him and ran her hands over his body, pushing herself onto him as they kissed deeply.

The young Lance Corporal had left high school having never been close to a woman, but knew what he would do when the moment finally did present itself. He was lost in her. He had imagined what it would feel like and the joy that would accompany it and he was right, but he couldn’t have anticipated the euphoric spike as their tongues rubbed along one another and the softness of her skin, the light scent of her femininity. His hands travelled up her shirt, across her stomach and around to her back to pull her in even closer. He was indebted to it.

They moved back to the bed and onto the wool blanket. He wanted to do everything and was helpless to his own desires. He felt warmth between her legs as his hand reached down to touch her, palm up, and all he could think about was putting his face there. Then another call.

“I’ll be there in five minutes,” he said and looked over Annalisa, shirtless on his bed.

“It could take up to an hour…”

“Just come to me, I’m in 18B.”

After about forty-five minutes they were cut loose and he ran to B section, but stopped himself, relaxed and calmly walked up to room 18. She stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her. They smiled at one another nervously and made their way to the bed.

He took off his camouflage top and green skivvy shirt as she slipped her heather gray “NAVY” t-shirt over her head to leave her with only a black, satin bra. He reached around and fumbled with the clasp. She laughed slightly and commented, girls never mess that up! They kissed the way lovers do and she couldn’t pull him in close enough as he softly brushed the tips of his fingers up the sides of her body, over the sides of her generous breasts; soft, white orbs, less firm than he had imagined they would be, but rather güvenilir casino more delicate, and perfectly sized, easily a C he thought to himself. He had longed to feel and taste a pair of breasts ever since he first saw a topless actress in a movie in his youth. He pulled away gently only to plant his face into the flowery softness of the nape of her neck from which emanated the perfume that enslaved his senses.

Delicately the two moved into a prone position on the narrow twin bunk, Annalisa’s black hair spilling out like ink on the white linen of the pillow case. He kissed down her neck to the base of her throat, the top of her chest, onto each tender breast, the tip of his tongue circling and smothering her pink nipples enticing them to join in the pleasure of the moment. She quivered as he licked from the cleft of her breasts down to her belly button, his tongue slipping into it like a shallow bath and one final kiss just above the waistband of her jeans.

He looked up at her and she smiled approvingly to which he undid the button and zipper and the two worked together to pull from her soft (and ever so lightly tanned legs) the jeans that stuck to her like a second skin. He tossed them to the floor and swiftly hooked his fingers into the waistband of her black lace boy shorts at which point she quickly covered herself, smiling innocently under the intensity of the moment. He leaned in and kissed her on her lips and she was instantly at ease by the youthful innocence in his face and she wondered if he even needed to shave; her hands reached back behind her and her legs parted waiting to see how well he would do what he was about to do.

Fabian was in a state of ecstasy that he could never have imagined even existed. He took a lot of abuse for his shyness, which despite his soft, innocently seductive face and deep textured brown eyes, had never kissed a woman before this chance encounter, for which he was grateful beyond measure. Annalisa, being a newly self-discovered bisexual was almost in awe of the passion that went into his technique, as though he had been doing it forever. His hands caressed her thighs, moving sporadically to her hips and the flat of her stomach. He licked her so deliberately. His tongue moved up and down her vagina as he placed his mouth, around the whole of her sex, from the tight pocket of her opening, in which his tongue naturally delved, up to her clitoris, stopping there as he did on her nipples, the tip of his tongue voraciously flapping across it, up and down and side to side, and at one point lightly circling the tight pink star of her anus, to which she softly moaned despite her best intentions to remain quiet. He thought of something he’d read one time and sucked the bead of her clitoris into his own mouth as his tongue flapped rapidly over it. Annalisa felt herself leaving the final plateau of her arousal and approaching what was sure to be the most intense climax she would ever feel. A blast of pleasure rendered her helpless and the intensified sensitivity made her almost scream. canlı casino Fabian wore an expression of hesitant pride, fairly sure of what he had done.

“Did you…?” He asked.

“Oh… My God, that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.”

She caught her breath as he watched, gently kissing up her body, stopping at her neck to lie next to her. They shared a kiss while her hand wandered to the crotch of his uniform pants, underneath and felt the tip of his completely erect penis. Slowly, she grasped it, worried by the sheer girth as it was bigger than she ever thought one would be. She slid her hand all the way to the base and back up before she broke the kiss to finally see a dick for the first time. It seemed even bigger out in the open.

“Get comfortable,” she said, “I’ve never done this before.” And they both shared a small nervous laugh together.

She lowered her face to it and took as much of it as she could in her small mouth. Wanting to mimic the pleasure she had just received, she sunk her mouth over it until the head was up against the back of her throat and she fought hard to not gag. She stopped to admire his penis, having never seen one in person.

“This is… a really nice one.” She said nervously and he smiled proudly before thanking her.

“I want it inside of me.” And in the heat of the moment, she straddled him, her back to him and Fabian was entranced at the sight of her shapely ass appearing to swallow his member as Annalisa slowly inserted it into her sopping wet vagina.

“Oh my God, this almost hurts…” she said half-jokingly, but captivated by the pleasure of the sensation it gave her

“Wanna stop?” Fabian asked.

“No! No, it’s-it’s fine now.”

Fabian was in heaven as he placed his hands at the top of her hips and admired her butt, the tiniest brown mole on her right cheek, slightly whiter from her bikini bottoms and the pink pucker of her butthole that he greedily thought about fucking. He was living a dream and thought she might reconsider ever seeing him again since she already had a lover at home. He softly lowered his hands to the flesh of her ass as she bobbed up and down on his cock. He gently rubbed her tight anus with his thumb. He felt it open slightly and replaced his thumb with his index finger, just to feel the inside of it to satiate his own carnal curiosity. She didn’t resist and he withdrew, saving it for the next time.

He warned her that he might come any minute and she dismounted him. She positioned herself at his center, grabbed his stiff member and sucked on it, hungrily. She slathered the tip with her tongue on the upstroke and let it rub the back of her throat when she got all the way down. She started using a hand around the thick shaft, masturbating him at the same time and worked into a rhythm that minutes later culminated in a burst of a warm, mucus-like substance that hit the roof of her mouth and throat. She held it in her mouth, unsure of what to do before deciding to swallow. She looked down at the slender, defined torso of the young Fabian and was astonished at what she had done, enthralled and trying to savor the moment as much as she could.

“Maybe tomorrow you can stick it in my ass.” She said coyly. The two smiled happily at each other, lied together in her bed and fell asleep.

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