Hiding Sandy Part 3

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Before reading this part, you should read parts 1 and 2 first to see the progression of the story, since each part is sequential, but very different from each other. It was hard to give a plot summary for the second part, so I think some potential readers for the second part did not know what the second part was about, and the number of readers went down a lot for Part 2 versus Part 1.

Sandy woke up and felt very confused. Mike was alternating between being very mean to her and being nice to her, and she realized she was giving into his manipulations since she was learning to tolerate getting painfully punished, since she knew afterwards she would get extreme pleasure. Her attempts at manipulating Mike were not working at all and she felt very much out of control. She got really scared that she actually might start liking the painful degrading things Mike did to her, which would make her become a submissive who got off on pleasing a man. Maybe she was even developing feelings for Mike, which abductees sometimes do with their kidnappers. This would be worse than death for Sandy. She needed to take a stand now.

She went downstairs naked, as for some reason Mike had locked up all her clothes and she had nothing to wear, which really annoyed her. She finally found him in the kitchen and walked up to him in a rage.

“Mike, where are my clothes for today? You didn’t leave anything for me to wear today for whatever humiliating activities you have in store for me, before you decide how you are going to rape me tonight! I hope you don’t think I enjoyed anything we did the last two days. I was just faking it. A loser like you could never satisfy a woman of my class.”

“Well it looks like the bad Sandy is here for breakfast, not the nice one. Remember what I said that I own you for a year and I don’t care what you want. It is only about my pleasure and you realizing that you are not better than anyone else. I can easily tell the men who might want to do you harm where you are, and I could even bring you to them.” He was just bluffing. He really didn’t know if they were after her.

“Mike I am not afraid of your threats anymore. I don’t think they even care about finding me, it is Steve they wanted. I don’t know anything about his businesses, and they must know that.”

“You think I am making up a story that they might want to kill you? I will call them right now so you can talk to them.”

Mike called a number on his mobile phone, but it was not to Steve’s former business associates. It was a friend who was the same nationality as the men who might want to kill Sandy and had the same accent that Sandy had heard when Steve’s killers had coming looking for Steve at Steve’s house. Mike had told his friend that he was just playing a joke on Sandy, not that he was holding her captive for a year. He put Sandy on the phone with him and Mike’s friend gave a great performance, telling Sandy that they knew that Steve had hidden money, that Sandy knew where it was and that they were going to find her, chop her into little pieces and feed her to their dogs.

Sandy had a terrified look on her face as she quickly gave the phone back to Mike. Mike play acted with his friend on the phone that he was protecting Sandy and they would never find her, which Sandy believed.

“So Sandy, do you believe me now? Forget about you running away and the coyotes eating you or your getting hypothermia in the woods and freezing to death as you moan in pain. Steve’s business associate who I just spoke to first threatened me, but then he offered me a lot of money to hand you over. I don’t need the money, but it might be fun to think about you becoming dog food.”

“Okay Mike. You win. I cleaned the inside of your house and your outside yard the last two days. What sick twisted plans do you have for me today?”

“I will tell you after breakfast. You are going to need a lot of energy, but since you have treated me disrespectfully breakfast will be a little different today.”

Mike took all the platters off the table and put them on the floor and took the covers off them. Sandy looked at him strangely why he would do this. He cut up the pancakes, French toast, bacon, eggs and hash browns into small pieces.

“Sandy since you might end up as dog food, you should feel what it feels like for a dog to eat its food. Now get down on your knees and start eating this nice breakfast like the good little doggy you are going to be today. You are going to need a lot of energy for today’s activities, and this might be your only meal today.”

“I will never do that! This is humiliating. You are a horrible human being. If Steve were alive, he would kill you right now.”

“Well Sandy, Steve isn’t alive because of you. I am actually a very nice human being, but you are a rotten gold digger and if Steve had not been killed you probably would have him killed so you could get his money. These men are not nice people, worse than you, so just let me know what you want to do so I can decide whether to call them back to make arrangements to turn you over to them.”

Sandy actually had thought about having Steve killed but making it look like an accident, since she always had a scheme and no conscience. “Okay Mike. You win again. For now.”

She got down on the floor on all fours and went over to the dishes and slowly started to eat the food. She was very hungry and realized how painful it would be for a human to be eaten by an animal since Steve’s associates might just torture her and feed her to hungry animals while she is still alive. Mike said that the man on the phone also said he had pet tigers, so Sandy knew that it wasn’t just dogs that would be chewing on her beautiful body.

She struggled to eat the food and Mike came up behind her with a cane he had hidden behind the kitchen island. He started caning her ass and back as she ate.

“Ow Mike, stop that. I am going as fast as I can, please taksim escort stop!”

“Sandy, you never stop trying to give orders. You need to eat faster. We have a lot for you to do today.”

She tried hard to eat the food faster, but it was hard to concentrate as he kept hitting her, leaving angry red stripes on her ass and back. After she finished, she looked up at him with little puppy dog eyes and said, “are you going to be nice to me now, and rub lotion on my butt and maybe go down on me?”

“Silly Sandy. That was yesterday’s games. Today is different and you were very disrespectful to me, so there might not be any pleasure today after today’s pain. Stand up. I have today’s outfit for you.”

Mike walked over to the couch and got one of her sports bras, a pair of white ankle socks and white sneakers, and handed them to her.

“What kind of an outfit is this?”

“It is your outfit to have a workout with me downstairs in the gym.”

“You have a gym? That is great. I have a personal trainer at home who keeps me in shape with yoga, some light weightlifting and some treadmill work.”

“Sandy, you had a personal trainer. I am now your personal trainer for the next year and your workouts will not be so fun anymore.” She slowly put on the sports bra and sneakers.

“Can’t I have some shorts to put on? I might get uncomfortable and get rug burns without shorts.”

“You don’t need shorts for what we are going to be doing.” She looked at him with fear in her eyes. She couldn’t figure out if he was just playing games with her again or if he was going to kill her and feed her to the coyotes.

“But first we need to get you ready for your workout. Come sit in the chair over here.” Sandy sat down on one of the dining room chairs and he got out some lengths of rope and tied her hands and feet to the arms and legs of the chair. She tried to look at him, but he was standing behind her. He then tied a blindfold around her eyes, and she became terrified again.

She felt the straight razor against the throat just lightly touching it. “Mike, what is that? What are you doing!”

“Sandy, it is a nice sharp straight razor. Maybe I should just slit your throat and get my reward from Steve’s ex-friends. I don’t think I can take another year of your insipid whining and demands.”

“Please Mike. Don’t! I will be a good girl for the next year. I promise.”

“Sandy, you will need to be a good doggy, not a good girl.”

“Okay. I will do whatever you want today. Just don’t slit my throat!”

“Anything Sandy?”

“Yes, anything.”

“Great. Now you are starting to become the nice Sandy again. We must prepare you for your workout. You are going to get sweaty so I want to do something that will make you more comfortable when you start sweating.”

“Thanks Mike, I appreciate that.”

He took put a pair of scissors and started cutting off her beautiful long flowing hair. Sandy was horrified by the sound of the scissors and the sensation of her gorgeous hair being cut off, falling to the ground in large clumps.

“What do you think you doing, you crazy bastard! I took me years to grow my hair this long and Steve spent a lot of money for a hair stylist every week.”

“Sandy, it will be much more comfortable for you to have short hair for your workout. Besides they cut your hair in the military to break down your sense of individuality so you will conform to the group, and you need to learn to conform to what I want.” He took out electric clippers and gave her a nice buzz cut. Then he untied her blindfold, then held a mirror in front of her face.

She started wailing, “I can’t believe you cut off my hair! I look like a man, not a woman. You are a psychopath. I am sorry for the day I ever met you.”

“The feeling is mutual Sandy. I think I missed a few spots of hair that seem to be on your throat. Would you like me to use the straight razor on them?”

She knew she had pushed him over the edge into insanity and decided to cooperate and just try to live through today.

“No Mike. I will do whatever you want. Please don’t kill me.”

“Great. Now let’s go downstairs for your workout.”

They went downstairs and Sandy saw that the gym was actually a complete fitness center taking up the entire lower level of the house. She marveled that it had a treadmill, elliptical, both free weights and exercise machines, a whirlpool tub for aching muscles and a sauna. It also had a huge bathroom with a steam shower. Mike looked really buff in his workout shorts and tank top and she could now see why, since he said he spent a lot of time down here.

“So Sandy, you said you like yoga. Let’s start with that.” She thought that he would do some standard 30-minute easy yoga program, but he did a much more grueling hour-long program and pushed her hard. She looked ridiculous with just a sports bra and sneakers on and the workout started making her pussy lips glisten with sweat.

When they finished, she said “Mike can I have a towel to dry off and can I take a shower?”

“No Sandy. Bad doggies just have to lick the sweat off themselves.”

“I will do no such thing.”

“Then you will just have to be uncomfortable, just like all the years you made me uncomfortable.” He next had her do a grueling program with the weights, working every part of her body with multiple sets that pushed her to her limits. She was going to feel this the next few days.

“Mike, can I have some water?”

“Sure.” He handed her a water bottle. She had hopes that maybe he was going to be nice again and maybe he might even rub her pussy, since all this exercise was actually getting her a little horny.

“Sandy, you look exhausted. Get in the whirlpool tub to relax your tired muscles.”

She got naked and quickly got in the tub and he put the jets on, which felt great to her. “Thanks, Mike. Every time I think beşiktaş escort you are going to keep being mean to me, you do something nice. You must be starting to see I am not such a bad person.”

“Sandy, you are bitch on the outside, but I am still not sure what you are on the inside. I think we need to make sure we work the bitch out of you, so to speak, one way or the other. Time for your treadmill work now. You are getting a little fat and we need to get you in shape for what I need you to do for me for the next year.”

Sandy could not figure out what he was talking about. “Mike I am exhausted. I can’t do any more exercise.”

“Well then the exercise you will be doing is practicing running away from Steve’s associate’s dogs when they are hunting you down.”

“Okay. But I can’t run on the treadmill, only walk. I am too tired.”

Sandy got on the treadmill and started walking. After 10 minutes he started turning the speed up and she tried to keep up walking but had trouble. “Mike, I said I’m tired, please slow it down.”

“No Sandy, time to learn how to run from animals who want to eat you.” He turned up the speed again and she was forced to run. When she was ready to collapse, he stopped the treadmill and helped her off it. She was dripping sweat now but he wouldn’t let her wipe off with a towel and she was starting to smell. He brought her over to the weight bench, which had the back up at an angle and had her lie back on it, as if she was going to do incline bench presses.

“Mike, please. I can’t do anymore exercise. I can barely move.” He took out lengths of bindings and spread her arms and tied each to either end of the barbell shaft balanced on the rack above her head. He tied each leg to weight stands that were on either side of the bench. Sandy was spread eagle with her legs wide open, as her body starting sweating even more.

“Sandy, you don’t have to do anymore work for the rest of the day, or even the rest of the year. I will be doing all the work. You can just relax.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Sandy, I never found the right woman to marry and have children with and not sure I will. You are a beautiful woman though and hopefully have good genetics to produce a child.”

“So, you think I am going to marry you and have a child with you? There is no way I will do that. Besides, the contract is for a year. I don’t need to stay with you after one year with a child.”

“Sandy, I think you are misunderstanding. I don’t want to marry you and have a family with you. You agreed to do whatever I wanted for a year. I am going to breed you and you will have a child and then give it to me to raise. If it takes a year for you to get pregnant, you have to stay with me for nine more months after the year to give birth to my child. If you get pregnant faster, then you will finish with me within a year and never have to see me again.”

“No, Mike! I never agreed to this.”

“There was actually a clause describing this as a service during your employment. You should have read the fine print.”

Sandy started scheming how to get out of Mike’s new twisted plan.

“Mike, I’ll blow you every day. You can spank me, force me to take an enema, fuck my ass. But I don’t want to get pregnant and ruin my perfect body and go through the pain of childbirth just to give you a baby. Please be reasonable.”

“Sandy, I am surprised you even know the word reasonable, since you never are. We are actually going to avoid oral and anal sex, since I need to save up my sperm for impregnating you. I am not going to hurt you, but I may end up being able to fuck the bitch out of you, since we will be fucking as often as I can get it up.”

Mike slowly pushed up her sports bra and started caressing Sandy’s breasts. Then he leaned down and started alternating sucking on each one. “Mike, why did you have me wear the sports bra but no shorts?”

He pulled her breast out of his mouth and said, “because I didn’t want to damage those beautiful breasts by them bouncing up and down while you work out. My baby and I are going to suck on them a lot when they are filled with milk.”

Sandy started getting wet. She loved having her breasts sucked and the thought of Mike and a baby feeding from them actually turned her, but she was disgusted with herself that she even had such thoughts.

Mike pulled down his shorts and got on top of her as she was helplessly attached spread eagle to the weightlifting bench. He lined up his erect penis with her opening, which was now sopping wet and he gentled eased into her. She was shocked that he was being so gentle with her. But it was for his own sake that he was being gentle.

“Sandy, I am going to be gentle when I breed you. I don’t want to wear that pussy out or my cock before I can impregnate. I also don’t want my child to be conceived through violence. It may be difficult enough for you to give up a child and never see it again.”

He started rocking back and forth in her, alternating between short strokes and longer ones. She actually started loving the feeling of not being in control and thinking about how to manipulate her sex partner, and just enjoy sex without any thoughts. She came with a soft moan, trying to avoid Mike knowing, although she knew deep down that her hard shell was crumbling. Mike came into her hard, his little swimmers trying to connect with her egg.

“Mike, can you please untie me and let me take a pee and a shower?”

“I’ll untie you Sandy, but no peeing yet. We don’t want to wash out my sperm. I know your tricks. We need to have lunch and have a conversation.”

He helped her upstairs, as her legs were wobbly, as his baby making fluids slowly dripped down her leg. Before having lunch, he walked over to a portion of the wall that had a bookcase and pressed a hidden button. The bookcase opened out on a hinge, showing a large windowless room nişantaşı escort hidden behind it.

“Sandy, this is my safe room. It is for if the house is ever attacked. As you can see, it has some food, water, a sink, toilet and bed. It is going to be your room for when you are bad or when I just get bored with you and need to have a break from your whining and pouting. I am going to breed you whenever I feel in the mood. What food you eat and what clothes you wear will be determined by how nice you are to me.”

Sandy knew that she had to at least pretend to change her ways to survive the year. After a long lunch Mike got up and said, “we need to go down to the basement again.”

“But Mike, I am so tired. I can’t exercise anymore.”

“No Sandy. Your exercise is done for today.” She was terrified as she walked downstairs with him, not knowing what he was planning.

He walked her over to the sauna room and told her to take off her clothes and she complied immediately, just glad there were no more exercises planned. He had her walk into the sauna room, and he closed the door behind her. She panicked and banged on the window in the door, thinking he was going to roast her alive in the sauna.

“Don’t worry Sandy. I am not going to kill you. I just want to try to sweat the bitch out of you, so to speak.” He waited while the steam built up in the room and she started sweating profusely. He took off his clothes and walked in the room. “Get up on the bench Sandy on your hands and knees. It is time for us to try to make a baby again.”

“But Mike, we are both sweaty. It is gross, can’t we shower first?”

“Sandy, you have just earned your first night in the safe room for talking back.” She resignedly got on the bench on her hands and knees and he entered her with no emotion. “This is how animals breed, doggy style. Now be a good doggy.” She started getting excited with the thought of Mike making her pregnant and he was being so gentle, like an actual lover would be, but she thought she had now totally lost her mind. Mike silently ejaculated into her womb, while Sandy came in wave after wave of convulsions.

“Let’s take that shower now.” They went into the huge marble walled bathroom and got into the shower. He bathed her like he was carefully grooming a dog. He started rubbing her belly in a circular motion and said, “Sandy I can’t wait to see this stomach expand with my baby.” Sandy started thinking that the faster she got pregnant the faster she could get away from Mike.

After dinner, Mike locked her in the safe room and turned off the lights. She felt like she was in prison in solitary confinement and the night crawled by, with every minute feeling like a century. She finally fell asleep. She woke up to Mike opening the door and the light hurting her eyes. She knew it would be a long year.

They fell into a varied routine. He would fuck her in different positions each time they had sex, in different rooms in the house, and sometimes he would let her blow him just long enough to get him hard. He would occasionally go down on her and he made sure she had a nice orgasm each time they had sex, through stimulation by his cock, fingers or tongue. When she got disrespectful, he would lock her in the safe room for a few hours or overnight.

He worked in his large office area for part of the day, and she had free roam of the house to read, watch televison, eat or workout. He even let her outside to take walks around the property or sit by the large pool in his backyard. She was curious about his businesses, as she actually enjoyed working, before she found Steve so she could live a life of leisure.

As time went on, she learned to be civil to Mike and he in return was civil to her. She spent less and less time in the safe room and more and more time with clothes on and even learned to cook. They started taking turns making each other meals. He didn’t know how much she was faking this new positive attitude and she didn’t even know herself anymore either.

One night at dinner Mike asked, “Sandy you seem like you have changed, but I can’t tell if it is real or another act of yours. Were you born a bitch, or did it just evolve over the years?”

Sandy let her guard down and said, “Mike, I’ve never told you about my growing up. My father left my mom when I was very young, and my mother became an alcoholic and a drug addict. She ended up sleeping with a lot of guys in return for supporting us and her habit. Luckily, they never touched me, as my mother was very beautiful and kept them satisfied. I came to believe that a woman was only worth anything to a man for sex, although I tried to change as a teenager and even got into a good college on a scholarship. I fell back on my old thinking though after college and started looking for men I could live off because I had no confidence that I could make it on my own with a career.”

Mike looked at Sandy with astonishment. Her attitude seemed to be learned behavior, not genetic, but he was not sure. Sandy started feeling very isolated from the world, with Mike as her only contact. Even though she felt he was just breeding her like an animal, when she was alone she started craving when he would come to her and have sex with her, just to have any feelings of connection to someone else. He became more and more gentle and nice to her, and she became nicer to him.

One day he came into the living room from his office area and she thought it was baby making time again. “Sandy you seem very bored. I have a new way for you to spend your time starting tomorrow, when we are not baby making.”

Sandy was both excited and scared. She had no idea what tomorrow would bring. But she didn’t hate Mike anymore. She knew that he was starting to feel bad that he didn’t know what made her the way she became before he hid her away from Steve’s associates. However no matter what he had done to her, he had kept his promise to protect her, and he had stopped threatening her with handing her over to those whose might be hunting for her, or even threatening her with kicking her out of the house to find her way out of his isolated property.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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