Hofner at the Coffee Shop

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I first saw Hoffner at the coffee shop sitting with his Sunday Morning group of friends. They always had a great time, laughing and teasing each other. I wished I had a close group of friends that would meet like this. He always smiled whenever I saw him, beautiful smile. After a while he started saying hi and then I we exchanged names. He was around 60 years old, but still strong and in shape for his age. He had powerful thighs, nice blond-ish grey down covering them, and he always wore jean shorts, tight and short, not these stupid shorts that looked like pants. He had a great bulge, nice round balls, big, and full. I could barely breath looking at them. He was slightly balding in a good way, pale blue eyes and a face that smiled broadly, with a thick white moustache. I found more and more, I couldn’t stop staring at him and his mammoth bulge. I would fantasize while talking to him, about getting on my knees and slowly peeling down his shorts and softly chewing on his delicious balls through the cotton of his briefs. It made me wet thinking about it. One day I came to the coffee shop and he was there all alone. I sat down across from him and we started chatting about fishing. It was really hot and all he had on was a white t-shirt and his ever present jean shorts tight against his bristling manhood. His short izmir escort has faint traces of sweat and it clung to his nipples and silvery chest hair, it was so hot, I could barely think and found myself repeatedly staring at his balls. I looked up and he was watching me, smiling. I blushed and he reached out and touched my leg and said,

“Do you want to come fishing with me some time?”

I smiled and said,

“Sure, I’d love to”

We made plans to go away and I left feeling excited and scared. Was I imaging it or did he feel the same way. I was sure he did, he caught me staring and smiled at me.

He picked me up the following Saturday in his pick-up truck. He had on a tank top, white and nylon hiking shorts, beige, short and formfitting. He looked so sexy. I had wore my boarder shorts with no underwear and I was feeling very erotic and horny. I had spent a long time shaving myself perfectly smooth all over my balls and ass, so that if anything did happen, I would feel sexy and hot for him. On the drive up I glanced down and saw that he wasn’t wearing any underwear either, his balls and semi-erect cock were straining against the thin material of his shorts and the sight of it made me crazy with lust. I told him I was going to shut my alsancak escort eyes for a bit and I leaned back, pulling my shorts up high on my legs, to give him a show and tighten my balls in my shorts. I woke up about an hour later and felt his hand on my leg, gently squeezing and stroking my thigh, high up on my leg, I could barely breathe. I stretched and yawned and he pulled his hand away, fast.

“You didn’t have to move that,” I said surprised by my forwardness.

“He looked troubled and apologized saying he only wanting me to feel relaxed and happy with him.

I smiled and assured him that it was fine, by reaching over and gently squeezing his leg by his upper thigh. He smiled and said,

“I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but I think you are incredibly good looking and a very good person. It’s why I wanted to get to know you; you are very attractive to me. I lost my wife a few years ago and always was attracted to men, not sure why, but there it is and I wanted to have something happen between us on the way up. I saw you staring at me and thought you might be interested too. Are you?”

I smiled back and told him that I thought he was the sexiest man I had ever seen. I was so attracted to his blue eyes, big strong build, buca escort white hairy chest, loved every inch of him.

“Will you touch me?”

I nodded and reaching over cupped my hands on his warm, thick bulge. His balls were beautiful, thick round, full and warm full of blood. He moaned deeply and I continued rubbing up and down slowly squeezing them and trailing my hand up his thick erect cock. He was beautiful, moaning and arching into my hand. I gently undid his drawstring and suggested he find somewhere to pull over. We pulled into a dirt road and he parked down off of the main road near a stream. It was perfect. I pulled his shorts down and saw it for the first time. He had white pubic hair lots of it, all around his cock and lightly around his balls, nice, and pink and full, veiny, bulging and his cock was thick and long, not too big, just right, beautiful round head. I bent down and smelt deeply, nestling my head in his thick hair, the warm smell of musk permeating my senses and leaving me quivering with passion. I gently tongued his balls and slowly swished around in circles, licking and tasting their perfect ness and tracing my tongue up the underside of his shaft. I took it into my mouth and sucked on it like a delicious treat, drinking up every inch of his beautiful cock, while squeezing those achingly beautiful balls. He bucked and moaned and arched and I begin sucking and sliding faster, riding that cock until he arched and grabbed my head in one motion and came rivers of cum into my mouth, I gobbled and drank it up as much as I could and slowly licked and cleaned his glistening shaft. Hoffner was amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32