Hookup App Helping my Speedo Fetish

10 Ocak 2023 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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Beata Undine

Wanted to share this story with you guys, it happened last night and I’m still enjoying the afterglow of the experience.

I have a VERY specific hookup app profile: I love speedos and playing around in them. It’s the first thing on my profile. Most people don’t care about the speedos and message me about sex. I hadn’t found any luck finding any cute guys that were also into speedos.

Last night, I received a message from a guy reading, “I like speedos too. I’ve been wearing mine all day. Want to come over and we can swap?” The thought was electrifying. I’m not a bold person, and my heart was racing with a mix of fear and excitement. I was thinking of letting this opportunity go, but speedos make me so horny that I just wanted to check it out. I messaged him back a few pics of my ass in a speedo and he shared his. I’m a tall, 6’2 guy with a lean body, piercing blue eyes and light brown hair. I have a very average cock and lot of guys compliment my on my cute ass. This guy, Mark, was 6’3 with a beautifully toned body and a winning smile. From his pictures, it was clear that Mark swam varsity in College and had the muscles to prove it. He was staying in a hotel a mile away from me, so I headed over. I got to the hotel and Mark came down to the lobby to get me. He was impeccably well dressed and looked even more incredible in real life.

We went upstairs to his hotel room and started talking about our speedo fetishes. We had both gotten ours at a very young age while we were swimmers. He told me how when he was in high school, he used to wear jammers, but envied the kids that wore speedos. He had a huge crush on the captain of the team and stole his speedos out of his bag and took them home. Smelling the captain on those speedos was izmir escort the hottest thing in the world to him. He put them on, and came almost immediately. All while he’s telling me this, he’s stripping down to his speedo.

He had a bright red speedo with 1 in seams that he was bursting out of. His cock outlined the fabric as it strained to get out of his skimpy shorts. I decide to put on a show for him, so I start to slowly undress myself. I had a blue tyr suit with stripes down the side. I slowly bend over to take off my shorts making sure to give him a good view of my ass. I turn around and his cock is practically busting out his speedo. I get on my knees and start licking his cock through the outline of his speedo. I run my tongue back and forth tasting the precum leaking through the speedo. He tastes delicious. I start to play with his ass with one hand and stroke his cock with my other. I can’t believe how lucky I am. Speedos are the hottest thing in the world to me and I can’t believe I’m playing with a guy who’s a toned college swimmer with just as big of a speedo fetish as me. His speedo smells of a mix between chlorine and his own musk, it’s intoxicating.

He stops me and looks down. “I want to try something. Wear my speedo and model it around for me. When you cum tonight, I want you to cum in my speedo and give it back to me. I’ll wear it to the pool tomorrow and have something to remember you by. If you want, I can do the same thing for you.”

Fuck yes!!

We swap speedos and I try his on. His cock is massive and seeing it hang free as he changed made my mouth water. He slides my tier suit on and it fits snug. His ass is framed perfectly and in the front he fills it out very well thanks alsancak escort to his well endowed member. The feeling was amazing. It was so hot to see this stud in MY SPEEDO, the same speedo I swim laps in and masturbate in occasionally, and see him so turned on from the same speedo. He loved modeling around for me and showing off his ass and bulge. I tried his speedo next. It was so small on me but the feeling was electric. This was my biggest fantasy and I was actually doing it.

The speedo was still warm from his use and I could feel his warmth against me. I dropped to my knees, took out his enormous member and took him in my mouth. I arched my back so he could see my speedo-clad ass wagging back at him. I started going faster and faster taking more of him in me. I was in heaven. ‘Slow down, I’m going to cum’ He moaned as I kept sucking him. He stopped, pulled me away from and smiled at me. “I also have a fantasy of a hot man in a speedo sitting on my face. Can you do that for me?” Say no more! He lies down and I slowly lower myself on his face. He starts to lick my through the fabric, slapping my ass and playing with the fabric. He pulls the fabric towards my ass crack, giving me a wedgie and starts licking and kissing around my asshole.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I start to stroke his cock again. He moans with ecstasy and his moans get louder and louder. ‘I’m going to cum!’ He says and I stuff his raging cock back into his speedos. No, MY speedos 🙂 As soon as I stuff him into the speedo, thick ropes of cum spill out of his cock through the speedo. I eagerly lean over and lick all the cum that leaks through my speedos. He tastes amazing and its taking me close to the edge. Mark takes this opportunity buca escort to take my cock out of my speedos and start sucking. His lips feel amazing around me and he takes me completely in him. He works on me for a few minutes as I get closer and closer to coming. I take Mark’s cock out of his speedo and start to suck it again tasting the remnants of his cum on him. Mark starts working my dick at lightning speed and I realize I’m going to cum. I quickly roll off him and roll up my speedo. I shoot a huge load into his red speedos and he eagerly licks it all up.

We look up at each other, speedos drenched in cum and utterly exhausted. We switch back and I realize that I wore my speedo under my shorts to come over and I don’t have a change of clothes. I decide to put on my speedos now drenched in his cum to walk home. It feels cool and sticky and oh so hot. ‘Mark, that was fantastic. I’ve been fantasizing about something like this for a long long time. Your story about stealing the speedos is really hot too. I wish I had worked up the courage in high school to take home and smell any of the speedos from my teammates. ‘

Mark looked at me. “Do you want to steal one now? I have an old extra suit from college that’s getting to worn out to wear anymore. Why don’t you have it.” He handed me a black skimpy speedo practice suit I was overjoyed. I left the hotel and walked home in my cum filled speedo and shorts, with a smile as big as the sky.

As I’m writing this, I’m wearing Mark’s practice speedo and looking at the cum stain on my own speedo. It still smells like him and makes me so horny. Mark had to leave Washington DC (where I live), but he’s back for business pretty often. He sent me a pic this morning of him at the pool in his bright red speedos with my cum stain still visible. “Jealous” I sent back. “When you come back to DC, we should swim laps together and have a rendezvous in your hotel shower. I’d love to soap you up.”

I’m already itching for when he gets back so I can see him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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