How My Sister Took My Virginity Ch. 02

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If you haven’t read it already, I advise you to read part I first. It is on here too. Enjoy your read.

After my sister took my virginity, my life continued. With one major change, I was her slave now. Serving her became the purpose of my life. I called her mistress all the time. Except when our parents were around. Then we had to pretend to be normal siblings. It sucked. It was a tough stunt to pull. We had to keep our distance. She had to stop giving orders. I had no one to obey. But we pulled through.

Luckily our parents weren’t around that often. Now that we, their children, were old enough to take care of ourselves, they began to travel again. To explore the world. They were away nearly every weekend. Time for sis and me to be our real selves: I was her slave, she was my mistress.

She took good care of me. She kept me locked up all the time. She trained me a lot: From behaving the right way to sucking dick. As a reward, she let me give her massages. Sometimes she even fucked me up the ass. To help me with my nasty, disgusting urges. She always kept me close to her, she even allowed me to sleep on the floor next to her bed. Naked, on the ice cold floor, but next to her. I was the happiest man on Earth. Sis enjoyed it too.

But there was one thing I couldn’t do for her: Taking care of her urges. Curing her horny. She told me, that I just wouldn’t be up to the task. And she wanted to spare us two the disappointment that would come with me trying to satisfy her. I accepted it, because she was always right.

So she was hooking up with other guys from time to time. She hit on them while I was standing or sitting next to her. It was really tough for me in the beginning, because I wanted her for myself, but I accepted bahis siteleri it with time. Because she told me that it had to be done this way.

I even began to be happy for her. To be happy for her when some men banged the shit out of her in the alleyway behind a bar. I always stood a few meters away when it happened, with a wet spot on my pants, listening in on her moans, dreaming that it would be me that was fucking her. But me fucking her, she told me, that that will never happen.

One Sunday morning — after we were out the night before, I was sleeping in my room, because she had someone to fuck over in her room — she texted me: Clean out your dirty hole. Come over to my room. Something that she hadn’t to tell me twice. I was in the bathroom within a few seconds, fixing myself up, brushing my teeth, getting my hole ready to be penetrated. It had been two months since she relieved me the last time.

When I came in her room, I quickly realized that she wasn’t in there alone. The guy from last night was still there. They both were naked. Laying on her bed. She was kissing him, jerking off his rock hard dick. Fuck, she looked beautiful. I said that I am here now. She transferred her attention towards me: “That took you some time. And why are you wearing some clothes? Get undressed. Now.”

“Yes, mistress.”

I got rid of my clothes. I put them on the chair next her desk. Then I stood still. Looking towards the bed. Looking at her hand gliding up and down a rock hard dick. A rock hard dick that wasn’t mine, unfortunately. Then sis gave me my next order: “What are you standing there? Come over to us, join us, wrap your lips around his rock hard dick. Show him, how well trained you are.”

Yes, she ordered me canlı bahis siteleri to suck on her dildos for hours every week. She trained me to take them deep. And now I knew why she did that. No, she didn’t only wanted me to suck her strap on on the few occasions she fucked me up the ass, she wanted me to suck some real dick.

An inner fight broke out. On one hand, I wanted to please her. On the other hand, sucking some other men’s rock hard dick, just no. I clearly wasn’t into men at all. But somehow thinking about it made me all tingly inside. And yes, horny me, as mentioned before, I had been some months without any relief, was into it to. While I was fighting that battle, she got impatient: “Now. We are waiting.”

The other guy just had a big smile on his face. He looked at me. He looked at my caged dick. I think I made his dick even harder.

Finally I did what I was told. I went over to the bed, placed myself onto it, sucked his dick. It was my first real dick. It tasted different. It felt totally different then sucking a toy. At first I sucked on his glans. My hands playing with his balls. It made him moan out loud. My sis looked at me, with a very proud expression on her face: “Take him deeper. Balls deep.”

I couldn’t get out a “Yes, mistress” because his dick was in my mouth. But I did as she ordered. I slowly took him deeper. Until his whole dick was down my throat. It felt great. His dick was pulsating. I throat fucked him. While my sister kept on kissing him.

It didn’t took long until his body began to tremble. Until his balls dumped their nasty load down my throat. I swallowed it all. After he pulled out, they both smiled at me. Sister called me a good boy. But she wasn’t done with me: “Good canlı bahis boys deserve to be rewarded. Get me my strap on and some lube.”

“Yes mistress.”

I hurried over to the dresser. I grabbed the toy and the lube. Then I helped her putting it on. Then I went in position: On all my fours, my ass up in the air. A few seconds later she was fucking me. It felt great. Fuck, I needed it. I was elsewhere pretty damn soon. I moaned out loud. I was in heaven.

After some time, I heard her saying: “Now that you are hard again, take over. Fuck the shit out of my little slave boy.”

I was too far gone to care about it. All I wanted was to get fucked. To cum. To jump over the edge. In that moment, I really didn’t gave a shit about what was going up my ass. And yes, he pounded me good. He knew how to fuck. He knew what spots he had to hit. He turned me into his cum dump. He made my legs go weak. He made me tremble. He made me cum. He made my limp dick spit out my nasty load.

But he didn’t stop there. He kept on going. He went in harder, he went in deeper. God, I was nothing but a moaning mess. It felt so good. It felt so right. Then he dumped his big and nasty load up my ass. Sweat covered, exhausted me came in the moment after his balls finished emptying themselves inside me. A gigantic orgasm. I collapsed on the floor. It took me some time to regain myself. I just enjoyed laying down, doing nothing but smiling, being relieved and happy.

The other guy left soon after he was done dumping his second load inside me. Sis thanked him for the night and the beautiful morning. Then she went to the door with him and said goodbye.

When sis came back to her room, I was still on the floor. She just smiled at me: “You are a dirty little cock slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes mistress, by the looks of it, I am.”

She wanted to say something, to give me some order, when all of a sudden we heard someone opening the entrance door: “Fuck, they are home early.”

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