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Hello every one now i am going to write a story which happned in my life

My name is kumar I have a good muscular body with a 6feet height .with good health . unsatisfied ladys can mail me .you can get details at end of the sotry i am very much intrested in sex .so i used to post add in some adult web sites.lets get into the story

One day i got a message from one lady .she intorduced her self in that .after we exchanged our number and we chat in whatsapp ( in between we had some chat ). she said she want sex badly .i said i will give you lots of satisfaction with pleasure. she said about her .age is 34 and she looks so beautyfull in pic .

One day she said we need to meet she only decided place and time .she booked me tickets .i reached their .I reached her place in the afternoon and she welcome me in her house with a big hug. Gosh!! The feeling of her boobs pressing against my body got me excited. She was having a glass of wine and was preparing lunch. She offered me a glass of wine but i refused because i wount drink While she was cooking, I was sitting and talking to her and admiring her beautiful body.

She was wearing a semi-transparent black short nighty that day. I could easily see her sexy pink lingerie through her nighty, and it was barely containing her big boobs. Her deep cleavage was visible and it was shining since she must have nicely massaged it with some cream.

The nighty was above her thigh, so her full legs were visible. And they looked so smooth and shiny. I was dreaming of fucking her in my head while we were talking.

After a while, we had our lunch.

“How was the lunch?”, she enquired.

“Amazing as always, . Uncle is very lucky to have a wife like you!!”, I said with a naughty smile..

I helped aunty clean the dishes and we both sat on the sofa to relax. We were sitting very close and then she placed her head on my shoulder.

“I love meeting you, You are very sweet and good ”, she said.

she turned towards me and whispered in my ears,” my husband and I haven’t had sex in years. That man doesn’t know how to satisfy a woman. I can be your wife for this weekend and you can show me how you would satisfy your lovely wife!”. izmit escort bayan Saying this, she bit my ears and started licking it and at the same time, she also placed her hand on my dick!

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Hearing all this, a shiver ran through my body, I couldn’t believe my luck. My dream was actually coming true and I was really gonna fuck such hot aunty! Omg!! Wow!! The mere thought gave me an instant boner and I was so horny. I turned and started making out with her,

me and she are horny were wildly making out now, our tongues were overlapping and our saliva was swapping and mixing. she surely knew how to make out. She was sucking my tongue and biting my lips.

I ripped her nighty open and grabbed her boobs and started pressing them. she pulled my t-shirt out and started kissing my neck, chest, and abs. She licked and bit my nipple. I unhooked my aunty’s bra and released her beautiful melons. They were so soft and smooth, yet firm. I wildly started sucking on one boob while squeezing the other. She was softly moaning with pleasure.

Her nipples were erect and she had big areoles which were light brown in colour. While sucking her melons, I put my one hand inside aunty’s pantie to caress her pussy. It was nicely trimmed and was wet. I slowly guided one finger over her pussy, aunty spread her legs to welcome my finger inside.

I teased her by rubbing the outer part of her pussy and making her more wet. Then I slowly guided one finger inside her, it was so wet and slippery inside. she let out a gasp as I went deeper exploring her pussy.

It was so warm inside, I pushed my finger till the end and touched the pussy wall and then slowly removed my finger. Now I entered again and this time, with three fingers! she wasn’t expecting that and let out a loud moan, “Ahhhhhhhhh!! Omg !!! Ahhhhhhh!! You naughty boy!!

I started rapidly moving my fingers in and out and her moaning kept getting louder. Then she let out a huge scream and had an orgasm. She cummed so much amount of juice and the sofa got wet. She was breathing heavily and looked at me with a horny face and said, “My babe I love you so damn much!!”

I lifted her up, carried izmit eve gelen escort her upstairs to the master bedroom and threw her on the bed. she removed my pant and my erect cock quickly jumped out. she grabbed it and licked the tip while having eye contact with me.

“Show me how good of a wife you are and nicely suck my cock babe”, I said and pushed her head towards my cock. Aunty took my 6-inch cock fully in her mouth like a pro. Aunty blew my cock for the next 15 minutes and was using her tongue in such creative ways. My precum kept coming out little by little, which she would lick and also use as natural lube while jerking my cock.

I pushed her back and then spread her legs as wide as possible. What a sight it was, her lovely pink pussy with tiny trimmed pubic hair was welcoming my tongue to enter and satisfy her.

I licked her pussy nicely and drank her cum. Then I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and licked it all around. Her pussy had a strong musky smell and tasted amazing. she pushed my face deeper into her pussy with her hands and said, “Yes! Yes! Deeper! Eat me!! Eat me, babe!”

My cock was feeling left out so I made her come over me in 69 position and we both satisfied each other orally. “Your cock is so big and thick, . It is amazing and I can’t wait to put it inside me”, she said in a muffled voice while my cock was in her mouth.

I threw her back on the bed and started fucking her in the missionary position. My cock easily entered her pussy since it was so wet. I started fucking her deep and fast. She was having immense pleasure which she conveyed with her loud moaning and rolling eyes.

ahhhhhh!! Ahhhhh!! Yes!! Faster! Faster!! Satisfy me , she said.

We were both having a wonderful sex session, all sweaty and passionate and warm. I made her turn and now was fucking her in doggy style. her husband photo was on the bedside and we were fucking right in front of that! While fucking aunty, I kept slapping her lovely ass and made it red.

I asked if I could ass fuck her, to which she denied and said that she is scared it will hurt a lot and promised to give it a try next time.

Wow, next time? So this means izmit otele gelen escort I get to fuck her again and again in the future, I thought to myself with excitement. Next, I made her come on top of me and continued to fuck.

her horny expressions while having sex were unbelievable and it made me more horny. By now due to our hardcore fucking actions, the bed was creaking a lot. I was sucking her boobs while she was on top of me getting fucked

“I wish I could drink your milk, ”, I said while nearing climax., she said while kissing my forehead. I was about to cum anytime soon and asked her where she would like me to cum.

“Cum deep inside me, ! You want my milk, right? i said yes i drank all the milk and then she said I want your warm cum inside me!”.

I was shocked by this but hearing it also made me so horny that I couldn’t control anymore and shot a huge load of cum inside her

I could feel 6-7 big spurts of cum bursting out of my penis into her sticky warm pussy and filling it. I removed my dick and played beside her while the cum kept dripping out of her pussy. She collected it with her fingers and rubbed it on her lips and licked it off.

she kept put her arm around me and kissed my cheeks and said, “Thank you, dear. You are the best .she said in my ears .we slep naked that night .our fucking section was ended at 2oclock that night .and early morning we started our section under hot shower .i fucked her every place in her .i stayed their for three days .i am fully naked for three days . when i she want she fuck me at that time . she was fully satisfied by me .i am soo happy for that ( i satisfied a women with pleasure)

i am geting ready to come to my home town .while leaving she offered me 10k .but i refused to take .she didnt allowed me to go out with out taking money .i have taken money .

i asked her permision before writing her story she agred thats y i have return .

unsatisfied ladys ,girls ,women ,widow e.t.c can cantact me or mail me. mainly from chennai and andhra and telangana and banglour.no age limit you can have fun with me . my mail id is


you can ping me in hang out also

one more its your life dont think about socity .the are not giving money and not feeding you .thay are like crows .if we through stones they will fly .

your identity will be safe with me

love you all i am waiting for your comments

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