I Swallowed My First BBC

18 Temmuz 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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I was searching nervously for my first black guy to try giving a blowjob to. I had read all the stories, saw all of the pics, you know, the usual stuff, but was looking to try the real thing, if I could find the guy that had what I was looking for. Well I got pretty close.

Like I said, I was searching for a BBC, the one I found was pretty nice, bigger than average but not what you see pics of online. I am still looking for one of those monsters to try.

I had placed an online ad, and waited anxiously for a reply. I got an answer to my ad late that night, a guy answered who said he had a big cock and his pic was just ok, but I was anxious so I agreed to meet him. He was staying at a local hotel with some family and needed release, so I met him in the back parking lot, he said he couldn’t go far so we decided the parking lot was the place.

He looked to be about 20years old, 6′ tall and about 180lbs, with a pretty nice build. He jumped into the passenger bonus veren siteler seat, and we talked for a minute, as he was nervous as was I. He told me he was up for the weekend to see family and a few other minor details, just something to break the tension. Then I asked him if he was ready and he said he was, but was nervous so it might take a minute for him to get hard.

He leaned the seat back, and raised up and pulled his jogging pants down, with no underwear on. NICE!! So then I leaned over and took his cock in my hand and began to rub and stroke it. I asked him how big it would get and he told me he was around 7″ hard. Well I stroked him a bit more, then when I thought he was fully hard, I moved closer so I could put the head in my mouth. I used my tongue softly on his cockhead then swirled my tongue around it, and licked up the lower side of his cock.

His cockhead was really hard and smooth as glass, as I opened my lips and bedava bahis slowly slid down his cock shaft, engulfing his cock with my mouth, and flattening my tongue so I could take his entire cock all the way into my throat. My saliva was flowing heavily as I felt his cockhead press at the entrance to my throat, then I eased down and felt the head go into my throat, and his balls were now against my chin. Oh yes this is what he liked, he said that felt great and he began to thrust his hips against my face and he put his hand on the back of my head and began to slowly face fuck me, his cock slowly sliding in and out, between my lips, but his cockhead staying in my throat. I put more pressure on his shaft with my lips, and my throat tightened on his cockhead. I was loving this, my first BBC and I was handling it like a pro!! lol

He was getting harder in my mouth, I will tell you he was bigger than the 7inches that he told me, he was probably 8 1/2 inches deneme bonus fully hard, and I could feel that his cock was beginning to pulse. His breathing was getting faster, and he was moaning. He started telling me he was gonna cum and should he pull out? I muffled no and slid as far as i could down on his cock, his hand pressing on the back of my head holding me down, and his cock swelling and pulsing at the same time. I wasn’t about to come up for air, I was enjoying my face fucking by this black cock.

When he erupted, it went straight into my throat, and I pulled back an inch or so so I could get some onto my tongue and taste it. I wasn’t disappointed, so I just held his cockhead in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it to get every drop until he quit shaking and squirting. Then I swallowed and came up for a breath of air, still tasting his cum in my mouth.

Her looked at me and smiled and said “Thank You” and said that was awesome. I told him to message me when he got ready again, and he stepped out and closed the door.

I sat there for a minute, asking myself “Did that really just happen?” Then I swirled my tongue around, still tasting his semi-sweet cum, and said “yes and I want to do this again”!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32