I’m Still “Straight” Right?

5 Ağustos 2022 Kapalı Yazar: analsex

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For me, the rabbit hole started when I first got into futanari. I just found it so hot watching a girl with this big thick cock plowing another girl. I told myself I was straight because it was two girls.

Then I stumbled upon futanari x male and that solidified the direction I was headed in this rabbit hole. I was so turned on various futanari on male series and how submissive some of the male characters were. How they looked so happy when they would drink the cum right from the thick cocks of those sexy voluptuous women. The looks in their eyes and how they would meekly thank them after their feeding. I wondered what it must be like pleasing a cock and that warm, gooey reward that comes after.

Then I stumbled on sissy hypnos and I knew I wasn’t coming back anytime soon. The way they turned me on was unlike anything I had ever watched before; The flashing captions, the looks in the girls eyes, the binaural moans, or the dominant woman telling you how dirty of a “man” you are. The DSP series and hypno videos were regular go to’s. I would play with my clitty, edging and edging for hours. And then hours became months.

Over the span, I did everything. I ate my cum, which I found mortifying until I suddenly I started to like it, and craved doing it. I would play with my ass, deepthroat my dildo, cum in my face, everything, and regularly.

I was still straight, “it was just masturbation”, right? “Who cares”?

It pendik escort was changing me and what made me tick.

I don’t know how long it took but I found myself thinking about cock randomly throughout the day. When I was bored I would get myself hot and bothered at the thought of pleasing a good looking guys hung dick. I needed to try it. One go around would be fine.

So I made a Craigslist post one night in a hornied frenzy and it was all she wrote. I got a message back from a good looking older white guy with a COCK on him. The veins, the head, and the way it hung was intoxicating to me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to practice much with something that big, but hey worth a shot. It was sort of like an out of body experience walking up to his house. I couldn’t really believe how far my craving had gone. He let me in and we smoked and chilled with some cocksucker hypno playing in the background just talking. He was a great guy and there was no pressure at all.

He had a massage table set up in the living room and offered to give me a rub down. I happily excepted because massages are incredible, and hopped on the table. At his behest I took off my pants so I was just boxers and he broke out the massage oil and started rubbing my back. I was extremely submissive throughout all of this and the way he took control was just so hot to me. He played with my ass a bit and I was hopelessly horny pendik escort bayanlar and loose for him. I took his dick right out if his pants and sucked his manhood like I had seen it sucked in the months of hypnos I had been watching. It was all instincts at that point. I played with the head, licked the shaft, sucked his balls all while give him unflinchingly naughty eye contact. It was like I switched over to this alter ego in my head and she was the one calling the shots. Once my jaw had become warmed up enough, I deepthroated his delicious white cock, and I was God damn proud of myself. It certainly wasn’t easy. He was basically facefucking me while my neck was hanging off the side of the table and it was the hottest thing I could have ever imagined. The way he was moaning, the smell of his balls, the taste of his precum, I hadn’t realized this but I was cumming slowly while doing all of this and I never wanted it to end. Periodically he would scoop my cum from my aching cock, and finger feed it to me while I took breathing breaks from being facefucked. My eyes were watering and my throat was raw, but I was loved every second of the dirty whore I had become. We continued on like this for about 10 minutes and I could tell he was getting close. His balls would clinch up and I would get these small spurts of salty warm precum which I savored mentally and physically.

I got off the table pendik eve gelen escort and he went over to the couch. I promptly followed and got on my knees, in a total trace state ready to continue servicing that impressive meal till it exploded in my throat.

I had completely forgot this up until I got up and started walking but I knew my ass needed to be penetrated. I had posted in the ad originally asking to be topped. I think he could tell how much I wanted him to cum, but he wanted me to be addicted.

He told me to stand up and turn around, in which I happily obliged. I sat on his saliva slicken cock and it was the perfect level of lubrication to slide right in. The way I had had my hips splayed while sucking his dick earlier allowed my pussy to be perfectly relaxed and prepared for him. It wasn’t painful in the slightest. He slid right in and waves of pleasure shot through me as 8 thick inches of his hot dick penetrated my needing pussy. I just about came instantly but somehow didn’t lose my want, which was pretty common after I came. I rode his dick for a solid 10-15 minutes until he mentioned he was going to cum. I really wanted to taste it, so I sadly got off his cock, got back on my knees and put my face right in front his manhood as he stood up and shot 7 or 8 hot thick ropes of cum all over my face and hair.

I knew it was over for me being “straight”. I had crossed into the deep end, and there was no turning back. That was about two years ago, and I think about that moment and cock daily. I’ve had straight relationships but the urge is always there. I love pussy and always will, but there’s nothing like bowing down to a hung alpha male, letting your inner beta take full control and drinking your hard earned reward.

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