Isabelle , Simon Ch. 06

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AN: A much longer chapter compared to previous ones. We hope you enjoy it and as always leave us feedback and comments!

Disclaimer: Isabelle this was every guy’s dream! But something stopped me. If you ask me now what it was, I wouldn’t be able to say. Maybe it was that look of, dare I say longing? That kept briefly showing itself on Izzy’s face. Whatever it was made me reach down and gently remove Rachels’s hands from the front of my pants. I pulled her closer to me instead and moved a hand up to play with her soft breast, and we made out for about thirty minutes before stopping.

Then Rachel looked at her watch. “Sorry, Simon! My parents will be home soon. But this was a good start! Don’t you think?”

I nodded like an idiot.

Rachel gave me a sexy smile. “Are you up for more visits?

“Hell yes!” I said, Grinning from ear to ear.

“I’ll call you soon, Simon. Sweet dreams!”

Then she gave me a scorching kiss that just about melted my socks!

Rachel and I had made out numerous times since then, we had even gone as far as a hand job for me, and she had started me out on eating pussy! I think I was a natural at it, judging by her moans of pleasure each time. I was at her place again, but my heart wasn’t in it tonight, and she noticed.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Izzy. She has been having a hard time with everything. Just yesterday, it was her day to buy groceries, and when she was ready to leave, she asked me to come with her. Usually, I would have thought she was trying to shirk her duties, but it’s the new Isabelle, and she asked me to accompany her, not go in her stead, so I said okay and went.

“Isabelle was usually an outgoing shopper, jumping from one aisle to the next and zipping through the store quickly like she owned the place. This time though, she had me pushing the trolley, and she stuck by me the entire time. When we finally got to the cashier and started ringing up our items, she realized that she had forgotten the strawberry ice cream, which is both of our favourites, so I offered to fetch it. But when I started to walk away to get the ice cream, she looked terrified, and kept a hand on me the entire time, and looked tense until we were in the car again.”

Rachel continued looking at me patiently knowing I had more to say. It was nice being able to talk to her about these things. I had never had a female friend before. It had always been Isabelle and me until she changed for the worse.

“Go on, Simon, I have a feeling that’s not all that’s bothering you.”

You’re right; Izzy is still having nightmares. She wakes up every night screaming, and when I go to her room, she’s covered in sweat, and I can see the terror in her eyes. Mum and dad can’t calm her down no matter what they try, so I lie with her until she falls asleep, but it’s the same next night.

“Well, what happened to her is a girl’s worst nightmare. I know she wasn’t actually raped, but it was minutes away if you hadn’t intervened. It explains the shopping situation as well. She is scared of being around men she doesn’t know. That’s why she attached herself to you because you make her feel safe and protected.”

“I wish there was something I could do!”

Rachel looked at me and appeared to be thinking. “You know, when I was five, I watched a scary movie, Paranormal Activity, and had the worst nightmares. Tiny and I slept in the same room in bunk beds, and I told him he had to sleep with me because I was afraid. So he climbed down from the top bunk and snuggled behind me, and wrapped his arms around me. He was already bigger than me, and I felt safe in his arms. He slept marsbahis güvenilirmi with me for a week until the nightmares went away. Why don’t you sleep with Isabelle and see if it helps? We already know she feels safe with you, so it may help to keep her calm and help her get a proper night of rest.”

“That’s a great idea! Thanks, Rachel! I’ll ask her tonight.”

Rachel grinned at me. “I’m happy to help! She was and is still my best friend after all. Plus, we can’t have you moping around. Now that you have a plan. Do you feel better?”

I did! I was going to sleep next to Isabelle and keep her safe from her nightmares.

Rachel squeezed my cock through my pants. Are you feeling good enough to continue? I was and popped Rachel’s button and zipper effortlessly and had my hand down her pants within seconds. After she was moaning from my fingers, I added my mouth and tongue and started eating her pussy like a pro. I was getting good!

That night I waited for Isabelle to climb into bed and then went in and sat down on the covers. She looked over at me questioningly.

“What’s up, Si?”

‘I had an idea, Izzy. You feel safe with me, right?”

“Of course! You are my superman. You saved me from those assholes.”

“Well, I had an idea. What if I sleep next to you? Like we used to do back when we were kids? I could wrap my arms around you and keep you safe, and maybe the nightmares won’t be as bad.”

I looked at her nervously, waiting for a response but a smile broke across her face.

“You’d do that for me, Si? I mean, you know I’m a restless sleeper, even without the nightmares.”

“Of course, Izzy, I love you, and I want to help, and this is the best way I can think of.

“Okay, but don’t blame me if you don’t get a good night’s sleep!”

I climbed into bed behind her, and she snuggled into me. I lay my hand across her tummy so that she was sheltered, and we were asleep in minutes.

I had no idea sleeping with Izzy was going to be so exhausting and dangerous!

She was a wild sleeper and rolled around a lot. At one point, her hand nearly whacked me in the face. Luckily she eventually settled down, and we ended up spooning.

She was really close with her curvy ass snuggled into my groin, and my arm draped across her thinly clad breasts, and my cock woke me up. Down boy!

And she smelled nice! She had a shower every night before bed, her body smelled lovely, and her hair smelled like coconuts from her shampoo. It wasn’t a bad distraction, but it was still a distraction.

Unfortunately, those distractions paled in comparison to when she started to dream about the rape. She tossed and turned violently and began to utter louder and louder moans and whimpers of distress until she screamed in fear. The first night it scared the hell out of me! It was one thing to hear a scream from a room away. It was another to hear it close range! She woke up in a panic and panicked even more when she saw a male beside her! I was the rapist in her fear fogged brain, and she started kicking and clawing at me with her nails, screaming the entire time, until I was able to rouse her properly, and she realized it was me. I eventually calmed her down, and we fell back asleep. The rest of the night thankfully passed in peace. Whew! That was intense and painful, and I had scratches and bruises in the morning! But it was worth it!

The next night was worse because I knew what was coming and anxiously slept until the cycle repeated itself. Izzy woke up again in a panic and started thrashing around, lashing out with her long nails, until she realized who marsbahis yeni giriş I was. Remind me never to forget what potent weapons long nails can be.

I was on pins and needles the third night, waiting for Izzy to wake in distress. It was close! She started to toss and turn and moan, but I quickly moved closer to her and hugged her, and her fear subsided. Perhaps she’d gotten used to my scent or body and knew instinctively knew who I was even though she was sleeping.

She finally slept through the night on day four. There had been a few minutes when she had started to moan softly but pulling her closer to me seemed to remedy it, and she settled back down.

The fifth night went perfectly. What a relief! I was exhausted.

Izzy looked bright and refreshed that morning and was thrilled that she hadn’t woken up and gave me a big hug! I hugged her back and held it until she eventually pulled back.

My work was done, and I was quite pleased with myself and for Izzy but was almost sad I’d have to sleep in my bed that night. The last night with Izzy was probably one of the best nights of sleep I’d ever had, and when I crawled into my bed, I felt lonely. I tried to ignore it and was almost asleep when Izzy came into my room.

“Simon! Aren’t you going to sleep with me?”

I actually did want to sleep with her again. It was lovely being so close to my sister after being so far apart, and it also didn’t hurt that she was probably the hottest girl alive, and we spooned together perfectly. I dragged myself out of bed, pretending to be reluctant! Isabelle’s face lit up like a candle. She held my hand and practically dragged me back to her bed.

I was still a bit wary that night! You don’t easily forget waking to frantic screams and kicks and punches. But Izzy seemed better except for an occasional roll here and there.

I did wake in the middle of the night but didn’t mind this time! Izzy had rolled into me and draped her leg over mine, her breasts were plastered against my chest, and her face snuggled into my neck! I could feel her breath! She was only wearing a short nighty and panties. No bra! And there was a lot of skin touching! It was a very pleasant sensation!

That next night Izzy didn’t need to find me as I was waiting in her bed when she appeared after her shower. She smiled at me before climbing into bed.

When Izzy snuggled her butt into my groin and pulled my arm over her bare tummy, I got hard. I couldn’t help it! I tried to pull my groin away, but Izzy kept snuggling into me.

That night I woke against Izzy, and my cock was so hard the top half was peeking out of my undies and was pressed against her back, and precum was leaking out! Not good! I tried to back away, but Izzy had draped her arm over mine, and I couldn’t move. It took a LONG time before my dick cooled down.

Izzy looked positively perky in the morning.

“Sleep well, little brother? You seemed a little restless.”

My guard went up! What did she mean by that? Had she felt my erection lodged between her ass cheeks? Please no! She was going to think that I was a pervert, getting horny and hard over my own sister!

“Um, I slept okay.”

Izzy grinned at me. “Are you sure? I seem to remember waking up with something lodged between my ass, and it felt rather big and very hard.

SHIT! “Izzy! I didn’t mean to! Honest! It just happened! You were so close to me, and your body was so warm and soft, and you’re so hot! I tried to pull away, but your arm was on mine. I couldn’t get away! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for it to happen, you’re only just recovering, and now marsbahis giriş you have to deal with this.

Izzy grinned again. “Poor Simon! All that sexual energy coursing through your hot teenage body, and you’re stuck in bed with your sister with no place to go for relief!”

I was surprised. “You’re taking this better than I expected! I thought you would hate me or at least be upset or disgusted with me.”

“Nope! I feel rather honoured that I had that effect on you.”

“But I’m your brother. I’m not supposed to get horny over my own sister.”

“Come here and sit down,” she said.

I sat next to Isabelle, and she reached over and took both my hands in her own.

“Simon, I will never EVER be disgusted by you or hate you. It’s simply not possible. You’re my brother, yes, but you’re also the only guy who has genuinely ever cared for me. Even when I was a bitch to you for a whole year, you stayed awake at night to ensure I got back home safely. And when I was in trouble, you didn’t hesitate for a second and dashed in to save me, at severe injury to yourself.

“I love you, Simon.”

The sincerity and love in her voice was overwhelming, and I pulled her into a tight embrace.

“I love you too, Izzy.”


“Yes, Izzy?”

“Do you think I’m hot?”

I smile before answering her. “You’re pretty much the hottest, sexiest, and most beautiful girl I have ever known!”

“Si, can I tell you something. I’ve never told anyone this, and even now, I am afraid you will hate me if I tell you.”

“Isabelle,” I said and held her hands in my own. “I will never hate you, no matter what! I’ll always love you and care for you.”

“Promise?” she says in a small voice.

“I promise.”

She cleared her throat before continuing.

“Do you know why I stopped hanging out with you and started dating and going to parties all the time?”


“Well, as you know, before last year I’d never had a boyfriend or anything like that. The reason for that, the real reason, is because I was starting to develop feelings for you. Romantic feelings. You were so good-looking and so funny and kind, and you always put me before yourself even. You made me feel special, and I was afraid of what I was feeling for you. That’s why I started dating guys, to try to make myself forget about my feelings for you. But after what nearly happened, I know there is no way I will ever be able to be with a guy without reliving memories of that night.”

“But you encouraged me to call Rachel and hang out with her; why do that then?”

“I just wanted you to be happy, and I was trying to bury my feelings.”

Wow! I sat back stunned. I’d not expected to hear anything like this in a million years.

“Why tell me now?”

“So many reasons Si, from you getting horny over me and admitting that you thought I was hot and sexy and beautiful! But mainly because every time you went to Rachel’s house, it tore a hole in my heart, and I couldn’t hold back my real feelings any longer. I know incest is wrong, but what I feel for you doesn’t feel wrong. It feels right, so right. I have never felt this way about any of my boyfriends. I barely remember any of them, to be honest.”

“Does that mean you never did it with any of them?”

Isabelle looked confused. “Do what with them?”

My face went bright red as I stammered out, “You know, have you ever been intimate with them? Not that it’s my business, but…”

Isabelle raised a hand to stop my rambling and looked amused.

“No, Simon, I haven’t ever had sex with anyone before.”

I sighed in relief, and she smiled.

“I’m still a virgin, Si.”

My heart surged with happiness, but then I felt angry!

“THOSE PRICKS WEREN’T JUST GOING TO RAPE YOU; THEY WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOUR VIRGINITY!” My nerves felt like lightning was flowing through them, and I was about to explode, and I saw red!

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