It Started As A First Date

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As far as first dates were concerned, Roxy Fox, the 23-year-old, 5’11”, Barbie doll faced gorgeous, secretary, with a strong dimpled chin, high cheekbones, big almond shaped hazel eyes, thick wavy shoulder length fiery-red hair, and a very firm, but extremely curvaceous 38FF-26-38 hourglass figure that her skintight white spandex pants, tight red spandex top, and 3″ red stiletto highheels hugged perfectly, it wasn’t bad, nor was it great. Todd Waddle, the cute as a button, baby faced, 20-year-old, well tanned, 5’6″, mailroom clerk, with high cheekbones, big baby-blue eyes, thick wavy golden-blonde hair, and a very well toned 145 pound frame, that his tight gray sweater, extra tight white jeans and fancy gray shoes showed off a little too well, had been the perfect host, the Outback Steakhouse was a nice choice, and Trudy’s Dance Machine, although loud and very disco, was really the only nightclub worth going to in Chordville, population 69,000. They made an odd couple, after all she was much bigger than Todd and even outweighed him by about thirty pounds, but he had been after her since she started work at Spando Inc. six months earlier, and since the other male suiters were either too full of themselves, or just had sex on their minds, she decided to go along with the cute baby faced mailroom clerk, after all he was harmless. Todd tried very hard to get that first kiss, but Roxy wasn’t giving in right away, besides it was just a first date.

The odd couple found a small table far away from the busy dance floor, that they left after ten dances, that included three slow songs. They sipped their Diet Cokes while Micheal Valdez, the movie star handsome, olive skinned, 25-year-old, 5’8″, photographer, with a strong chin, big dark brown eyes, thick black hair, and a very well toned 165 pound frame that his tight white tank top, skintight white riding breeches, and shiny black riding boots showed off all too well, his frontal package got the attention of Roxy and Todd, snapped pictures of them. Michael sat down with the nervous first daters.

“You look very wholesome.” Michael said to Roxy. “Have you ever thought about being a model?”

“I’m too big.” Roxy blushed nervously.
“Full figured models are in.” Michael said. “I mostly do special request and a lot of my clients like a girl with real curves.”

“You look great.” Todd agreed. “What type of pictures do you usually take?”

“A lot of different subjects.” Michael said. “Lately it has been Detective Cover style photography.”

“What is that?” Todd asked.

“Well back in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, Detective magazine covers were popular, especially damsels in distress.” Michael explained. “It would be easier to show you.”

“When?” Todd asked, very curious.

“How about now?” Michael suggested. “I live at Playtex Pond Apartments.”

“Me too!” Roxy exclaimed, not sure where the movie star handsome photographer lived, although she lived in a studio by the main enterance, so didn’t meet many tenants there, and with 240 units, there were a lot of people around the spacious apartment complex.

“Wow!” Michael smiled. “Then meet me at C-3 in fifteen minutes.”

Todd talked about how lucky they were to meet such a talented man at Trudy’s Dance Machine. He also liked the idea of being close to M-5, Roxy’s small studio. Roxy was also curious, the idea of making a few extra dollars as a model appealed to her.

Michael met them at the door. They went inside and sat on the red leather couch in the livingroom, while Michael showed them a few of his albums, one was of landscapes, another contained portraits, another had dozens of social events, and then he handed Todd the mature album.

Todd’s eyes almost popped out of his head! He was stunned, but his thick circumcised 9″ cock throbbed like never before, and he had just spent five hours with the most beautiful buxom woman in Chordville. He looked at the pictures of the bound and gagged women and in a few pictures handsome men were restrained with them.

“You make konya escort a living doing this?” Todd asked, very excited.

“A good one.” Michael smiled. “I pay my models $40.00 for mainstream stuff, and more as the work gets more risque.”

Roxy was very stunned at seeing the beautiful bound and gagged models in the album, but felt a tingle between her thick muscular thighs. She blushed from embarrassment, mostly since she was the only woman in the room. She thought about the money, and how she could use it, after all a secretary didn’t get much of a salary.

“How much for something like this?” Roxy asked, as she pointed to a swimsuit clad model bound and gagged next to a bed.

“For a three hour session $200.00.” Michael said. “However if you want to do an all day session both in front of still cameras and a video, well that would pay $600.00.”

“But on an all day session how many breaks would I get?” Roxy asked, all of a sudden thinking about her full bowels, it had been almost four days since her last BM and the huge steak dinner really loosened her up.

“No breaks.” Micheal said matter of factly. “My cliente wants to see the struggles with bondage and nature.”

“But what If I had to you know?” Roxy asked.

“If you had to pee or poop, well you would either hold it, or lose control and soil yourself.” Michael informed the curious want to be model. “He is into realistic situations.”

“Cool.” Todd blurted, without thinking. “Pinching a big smelly loaf while tied up and gagged, neat.”

“It can be.” Michael admitted. “Let me show you something.”

He opened the door to a bedroom and whispered for them to be quiet.

Trixie LaRue, the very pretty, well tanned, 21-year-old, 5’7″, model, with high cheekbones, big baby-blue eyes, thick long to the middle of her back curly platinum-blonde hair, and a very busty 38GG-30-34 figure, that her tight white knit turtleneck, skintight white riding breeches, and shiny brown riding boots hugged so well the outline of her very thick circumcised 11″ cock and huge set of hairless balls were clearly visible through the pissed in knit material, struggled on the canvas dropcloth, her well manicured hands were secured behind her back, her booted ankles held together with more red duct tape, her pretty mouth was stuffed with a very worn jockstrap and a wide red bandana was wrapped over her full pink lips. She had to crap in the worst way, not knowing that Michael always spiked his drinks with powerful laxatives. She only had an hour to go, but knew she would never make it without a major accident.

Roxy was amazed. Todd was so excited he rubbed himself to a climax! Michael quietly shut the door.

“Trixie has 55 minutes to go.” Michael said as he looked at the clock on the wall. “She has done a few shoots with me already, this is her longest though.”

“Trixie is a guy!” Roxy blurted out!

“So.” Michael said. “Do you want to try a few sample shots?”

“Alright.” Roxy said. “I have tomorrow off anyway.”

“So you want a real session?” Michael asked.

“Can I watch?” Todd asked.

“Sure.” Michael said, not wanting to lose Roxy as a bondage model. “One minute.”

Roxy finished her glass of ice tea, that tasted kind of funny.

Michael returned with some duct tape, rope, and a handful of scarves and a couple dirty panties in his pocket.

“Todd, why don’t you tape Roxy’s hands behind her back.” Micheal set up a video camera and began to snap still pictures with his 35MM camera.

“This is so cool.” Todd panted, as he knelt down and taped Roxy’s pencil thin ankles together with more red duct tape.

“Here hold this.” Michael handed Todd a replica pistol. Todd pointed it at his gorgeous buxom captive as she stood on the plush carpet awkwardly. Todd then caught the very skidmarked white spandex bikini panty.

“No!” Roxy complained as Todd forced the nasty panty deep in her luscious mouth. “Not that mmph umph uhgg!”

Todd then wrapped a wide red bandana konyaaltı escort over her full red lips, all the while Roxy was being photographed and video taped. Todd went as far as wrapping another wide red scarf over the first bandana, just because he could.

Roxy complained incoherently through her panty packed mouth that tasted of stale urine, and feces. She didn’t like the soiled panty in her luscious mouth at all and had to use the toilet very badly! Her pleas for relief were ignored.

“I’ll be right back.” Michael left the room.

He opened the door just as Trixie farted one time too many!

Todd was too curious to stay in the livingroom and dashed to see what the kinky host was up to.

The helpless bound and gagged crossdresser tried to stand up straight with the movie star handsome photographer’s help, but the need to pee and poop was just too great! She resoaked her tight white riding breeches with more warm amber liquid as all of a sudden a smelly, hot, soggy, load of greenish-brown fudge burst out of her sore asshole and forced the stretchy knit material to swell out prominently! Trixie became very erect as the warm mushy pudding gathered between her tight hairless balls right up her wide asscrack! The bound and gagged extra busty crossdresser climaxed intensely as the last of the football sized smelly shit deposit forced the riding breeches to balloon out almost to the bursting point!

Todd rubbed himself to another climax as he watched the helpless buxom platinum-blonde humiliate herself in front of two kinky men! He all of a sudden felt a rumble in his still full belly, and remembered it had been two days since he last took a dump.

“Now don’t you feel better Trixie?” Michael rubbed her full, hit, smelly poopload playfully. “All that struggling, and you had an accident anyway.”

The helpless bound and gagged model cursed him incoherently through her gagged mouth. She swore to herself that this would be the last time she worked for him.

“Let’s check on Roxy.” Michael patted her smelly poopy bottom. “Hop along now.”

“Wow!” Todd exclaimed. “She really shit herself.”

Michael snapped a few pictures of the embarrassed crossdresser as she hopped into the livingroom. He then grabbed a video camera and taped a few minutes of poor Trixie. He had a feeling this would be her last time with him, so wanted to get every last second of footage and film that he could.

The smell almost knocked poor Roxy over and was a cold reminder of how badly she needed to use a toilet. She tried to tell her date to untie her, but he was too excited and into the whole bondage shoot. She had a feeling Michael did something to the ice tea.

Michael finally released the upset crossdresser from her tight restraints.

“You bastard!” She screamed! “This is the third time you made me shit myself!”

“Calm down.” Michael tried to quiet her down, besides it was 2:30 in the morning and the last thing he needed was a knock on his door by the police to quiet down. “Hey may-be you can help me.”

“Do what?” Trixie rubbed the back of her very full riding breeches.

“The hero gets caught trying to save the damsel in distress.” Michael said.

Trixie grabbed a fat roll of wide white adhesive tape, and walked behind Todd, who was too busy admiring his sexy date. She grabbed his hands and before he had a chance to react began to secure them behind his back!

“What the mmph umph mmph!” Todd complained nervously as a worn white cotton brief was jammed in his mouth and a wide white scarf wrapped over his lips!

Michael yanked Todd’s pants and shoes off, and Trixie taped his ankles together! The helpless cute as a button captive was so nervous that he soaked his extra tight white jockey shorts with warm yellow piss as he farted out a very hot, super thick, extra odorous, semi-solid, copper-brown log in the tight seat!

Todd got very hard as Trixie massaged his erect cock with one well manicured hand and patted the ever konyaaltı eve gelen escort increasing load of pliable shit with the other. Todd came as the last of the three cantaloupe sized crapload settled in between his tight hairless balls and wide upper bumcrack! Trixie pumped his cock hard and made sure he spurted out all of his sticky cum!

Roxy was stunned! It was bad enough that she was secured and gagged, but her so-called protector was now a helpless captive, and with a big load of crap in his underpants to boot! She had no idea what to do, but realized that she no longer felt safe.

Todd was scared! He had no idea he would also be a bound and gagged captive. He felt Micheal’s hands against his hefty poopload and then on his semi-erect cock. He got hard and felt the hardness of Michael’s frontal bulge in his skintight white riding breeches. It made him excited!

The helpless ultra buxom redhead could no longer control her bodily functions! Roxy soaked her shiny white spandex pants with warm yellow pee as she blasted out a very hot, 3″ in diameter, solid, extra smooth, golden-brown turd in the seat! The helpless buxom beauty grunted, moaned, and farted out more super large smelly rock solid turds between her quaking smooth shaven vulva and lovely wide upper asscrack! She had a few intense orgasms as more hard poop logs gathered between her well toned, thick muscular thighs! She felt Trixie’s long pink fingernails against the huge four melon sized poopload, another toilet blocker, as she continued to climax uncontrollably!

“God!” Michael gasp! “That is the biggest poopload I ever saw!”

Roxy cursed at the kinky photographer incoherently as he patted her enormous accident, and for a change it was a real accident! He made her more aroused, which angered her even more! She had another series of wild orgasms and dropped an egg sized turd in her already too full once white spandex pants!

Todd came in his poop filled jockey shorts, just watching Roxy wet and soil herself. He wanted to touch her so badly, but was unable to. Trixie rubbed his piss and cum stained underpants. She then kissed his neck seductively. The cute as a button captive backed into Trixie’s huge frontal bulge and squished his hefty shitload against his firm rounded buttcheeks and wiggled.

Trixie came in her piss soaked and shit filled riding breeches! She then headed to the bathroom to clean-up.

Michael was so excited as he touched Roxy’s enormous poopload, it was the biggest he had ever seen and he saw a lot of people poop. He rubbed his tight riding breeches until he came! He then went to th bathroom to clean-up and see Trixie.

Roxy saw the pocketknife on a small table next to the couch. She hopped to it, and felt the huge still warm poopload smack against her firm rotund derriere, which excited her. She was able to grab the small knife on the third try. It took a little work, but opened the knife and soon cut herself free.

She undid her ankles and then pulled off her effective gag.

Todd made pleading noises through his gagged mouth.

“I should just leave you here.” Roxy snarled, but felt bad for the naive young date and cut him loose.

Todd was removing his gag, as Roxy stormed out of the apartment and strutted to her simple studio across the parking lot.

Todd dashed to the bathroom, but the door was locked. He heard Michael and Trixie having passionate sex. He was a mess, but didn’t know what else to do, so slid his tight jeans over his poop filled underpants and waddled out of the apartment. He went to Roxy’s

apartment and knocked on her door.

“Go away Todd!” Roxy snapped from inside of her cozy studio apartment. “I have had enough of you and your friends tonight.”

“But I need to clean-up.” Todd pleaded.

“Go home!” Roxy said.

Todd meekly went to his car and drove home. he got hard driving as the poop gathered around his cock and balls.

Roxy stood in front of a full length mirror and looked at the enormous bulge in her once crisp white spandex pants! She jammed a white thong panty deep in her luscious mouth and rubbed herself to a few more climaxes, each time squishing the huge lump between her thick but well toned thighs! She almost wore herself out before she jumped in the shower and cleaned herself off.

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