Jamie and the Neighbour Peepshow

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Jamie stepped out of the shower, the cold air-conditioned air teasing tantalisingly at her nipples and pulling them into hard nubs. She tweaked them gently and sighed. Oh, that evelator fuck was a good one. Some men just had it on them to please a woman to the n-th degree.

Wrapping a towel around her voluptuous frame, she pattered barefeet towards open space of her living room and kitchen. She was hungry and she wanted something sweet. After orgasming to the chambermaid’s tongue and then having her pussy filled to perfection, she needed sustenance. Going through the fridge, she couldn’t find anything that caught her eye. Being an accountant for a Top 50 international conglomerate meant that she travelled a lot and scarcely spent time at home. Hell, there was one year where she had spent two weeks only in her apartment. The other 50 were spent in strange hotel rooms, and if she chanced upon it, the beds of strange, exotic, gorgeous men, who worshipped the ground that she walked on and would willingly satiate her lust from dawn until dusk.

Speaking of dusk, it was just about sunset. The sun was setting in the far horizon seen through the ceiling to floor glass-paned windows and the last rays warmed her body, just a little bit. She had nothing to do tonight. Just unpack her bags, go through a few memos, and prep for a presentation next week.

Still nothing in the fridge, though. The food was largely expired, and there was a tub of yoghurt that the housekeeper had bought upon her request that she missed having yoghurt at home. Taking out a bowl, she spooned a healthy portion and popped a teaspoon in. That’ll do for now.

A few quick taps on her phone and 5 minutes later, an Ubereats was on the way with an order of kungpao chicken, pot stickers, Asian slaw, and three portions of rice. 15 minutes, the voice over the phone had said.

Huh, she thought. Enough time potentially to paddle the pink canoe.

But she stood at the windows, still clad in her skimpy little towel that barely curved over her ass cheeks enough to keep her decent. Any shorter and her plump, juicy cunt would on on display for everyone looking out of the 45th floor of the apartment complex to see. Idly licking her spoon clean of yoghurt, she turned back to the kitchen and as she did so, her elbow snagged enough on the towel to pull it completely free.

“Oh, fuck it,” she grumbled, escort izmir standing in her delicious nakedness still clutching the bowl of yoghurt in one hand and the teaspoon in the other, towel lying discarded on the floor. Her blinds were wide open and literally anyone looking in the direction of her apartment would see her all and sundry on display. It was only the saving grace of the dying sunlight that offered her some modesty left.

Oh well, at least they got a view, she thought.

As she headed over to pull the blinds, movement in the apartment directly opposite and just below her caught her eye. The apartment was dark but there was a boy with a dark mop of hair, standing at the window, staring up directly at her. The movement she had caught was his hand in his pants, absent mindedly stroking his sizeable package.

Ahem. Not a boy, then. Perhaps, a man.

Wasn’t that David? The Simmons boy that only just a year or two ago, was coming around asking the different apartment residents if they had chores they wanted done so he could pay for his school gymnastics competition trip? Jamie remembered getting him to clean the windows and paying him a twenty. She had cast an admiring glance at his physique which was filling out nicely from all the gymnastic ring work he was doing. He would be what, 18, 19 now? Definitely ripe for the pickings.

A delicious shiver ran down her spine. How often had he been looking at her through his window? She would often eschew clothes, not bothering to put anything on – she kept very irregular hours and oftentimes, when she was home, she was often home during the hours of the day that people were at work. Hey, she was considerate in some ways, not always willing flaunting her curves. But now…

She waved at him, hoping in that in the dying sunlight, she could tease him. Perhaps for a little bit. She blew him a kiss.

He smiled. And winked.

Ooh, that little pervert. He sure knew what he was doing.

Her nipples started to ache and swell as it pressed against the chill of the window. Risking a quick glance around the opposite apartment block, it did not appear that anyone else was getting an eyeful apart from David who was getting probably more than he had ever thought he would see.

She raised up her arms over her head, pressing her breasts against the window, squishing it against the cold glass as escort izmir her pussy started getting a bit moist. The warmth started radiating from her innermost core and the goosebumps that surfaced on her tits were incredible.

“Oh fuck,” she thought. David’s eyes were bulging now, his cock firmly in his hand, a firmer grip and a long, oh, nice long stroke starting to happen. That little pipsqueak had a good 8 inches or so going for him. Horny fucker. He would be tearing through the college dorms soon enough. But for now…

She dripped cold yoghurt onto her tits and lifting up a nipple to her mouth, started sucking on it. Another hand set the bowl of yoghurt down on the floor and with a quick spit on her fingers, she started spreading her legs and reached down for her honeypot.

David stared directly into her eyes as she stared back at him, the rough skin of her nipple swelling and contorting inside her mouth and her tongue danced over it, the rush of adrenaline drenching her pussy and her fingers as she fingerfucked herself for the benefit of the man across the apartment divide. Her clit was slightly raw from the amount of action that she had experienced from the last two days, but like the hair of the dog, a roughed-up pussy seemed to benefit from a bit more rough-housing.

She coaxed out a small orgasm and her knees buckled a little and she caught herself on the full length glass window, leaning heavily, breath fogging up the glass whilst her ponderous breasts left large round damp imprints just below. She chuckled to herself, thinking of the dirty imprints that the neighbours would see when they opened their blinds the next morning.

David continued to stroke, from balls to head, watching her intently, never taking his eyes off her like he did not want to miss a single detail. Huh, he’s lasted longer than some men that she’s been with. What’s he like in bed, she wondered. Then, she had an idea.

She blew him another kiss and then held up a finger, asking him to wait. Running into her bathroom, she grabbed a silicone, suction cup dildo from the bathtub and brought it back out to her private peeping tom. Making a show of it, she licked it along its length and for good measure, deep-throated it for David’s benefit. Even from this distance, she could see him groan as he tried to keep himself from coming. She smiled. She was good, oh yeah. She knew that.

Plugging it to the glass at just the right height, she spat on it, watching David’s eyes roll back in his head as another wave of desperately keeping himself from coming hit him. As his eyes refocused, she took her nipple back in her mouth as she lowered herself onto the wet dildo.

She started gently, by running along the head and sliding it in all the way until the silicon balls caressed her taint. Pulling back out, her vagina so tight and turned on that she felt every artificial vein, she drove it back in her, humping the glass window and plastering her quivering clitoris onto the quickly cooling glass.

The sun was starting to disappear and in the dim evening light, her pale curvaceous body was like a beacon frantically pounding itself onto the dildo and against the window.

The chill air, her squelching pussy clinging onto the dick inside of her, her nipples rubbing against the cold glass, knowing all the while that the neighbour’s kid was stroking his cock in time with her hip thrusts against the window brought her to the edge.

She squealed like a stuck pig (literally) as an overwhelming gush of pussy juice sprayed and coated her window. She drew a shivering breath in and screamed again, the strength of her orgasm driven by the public display of her masturbation. On the other side of the glass, David came, ejaculating so hard that the splatter covered the window from the top, slowing dripping down as though he was window cleaning. Watching the fountain made her pussy ache and squeezed out another orgasm, imagining the force of his cum against her cervix and into her womb. She shuddered, forearms plastered against the window, pressed up and supported by the suction cup dildo that slowly but surely, slid down under her weight until she ended up kneeling, quivering, on the tile floor.

Shaking her head to get rid of the stars that clouded her vision, she smiled. Oh, that was a good one. A very good one. Looking across the space, she saw David smiling at her and glancing up at the mess he had made. She blew him a kiss again and waved.

He collapsed on the bed, tired, worn out and blew her a kiss back.

As she finally drew her blinds, too tired to care about the sticky juices on her window and the still dangling cock stuck at the base, she headed off for a nice soak in the bath…and the scheme about how she could get to feel that 8 inch monster in her already hungry pussy.


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