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JiuJitsu Boy Chapter 10 Check out photos of Jamie, Sebastian and friends on my WordPress site

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This story is an original work of fiction ©Copyright 2022 Andrew M. Thomas. Please do not copy or post without permission

Last time we left off…

Marlin, can I ask you a huge favor, I know we interrupted your work day, but could you take Jamie with Sebastian and hide him until we know what”s going on?”

“Sure, anything we can do to help.”

And now…

Jamie was excited to stay with Sebastian, but scared to be away from Mark, but he knew that this is what they had to do. He didn”t want to be separated from Mark. He remembered the fear he had when his mom didn”t show up and the comfort he had when Mark found him. He recognized him from the photos his mom showed him and, deep down, knew things would be right. He kept that thought while they went to Sebastian”s house. He knew things would be OK.

As they drove off, they didn”t see the tan Ford Taurus following them as they made their way to Sebastian”s house. The car blended in and stayed far enough behind not to be seen.

Back at the shop, Mark decided he needed to call Marlin. “Hey Marlin, I really do appreciate this. I hope we didn”t cause you any problems at work. Could I impose on you to buy anything that Jamie needs? I can”t risk coming by in case I”m being watched.”

“No worries, I think he would fit some of Sebastian”s brother”s clothes if we needed them, and we have plenty of food for growing boys. It”s not a problem. That prick of a cop has hassled me before. We were at one of Sebastian”s friends” birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese and I was watching the kids playing in the ball pit. Sebastian was amongst them when Patton walked up to me and confronted me about being a pedo. He told me he knew my kind and wanted me to leave. I had to explain that I was there with my son and pointed him out and the stamp on my hand. He made Sebastian come over to show that our stamps matched. The asshole threatened me with a warning that he would be watching me.”

“What”s up that guy”s ass? He must have been abused as a kid or something.”

“Mark, I think you are right. Either that, or it”s something worse. I know you don”t know me, but I”m not interested in kids in any way. I was watching to make sure my son was safe. There”s definitely something wrong with that cop.”

“Yeah, none of it makes sense. At first, when he accused me of wanting to molest Jamie, I understood from his point of view that a total stranger took the boy in, but I am his father. The birth certificates show it, even if he thinks it was all made up. I would never hurt him.”

“I know you wouldn”t, Mark. I can tell you”re a good guy. We will keep an eye out and let you know if anything strange is going on.”

“Thanks, I owe you!”

“No worries, we will keep in touch.”

The day dragged on for Mark. He missed his boy working by his side, but he thought this was just practice for when school started and he would be away for most of the day. When it was time to go home, Mark really didn”t want to go to an empty house, so he dropped by Bruce”s to see his evening class. The two went over to Mac”s for dinner and talked about the situation. Bruce had been there for Mark, and the two had history, so they were comfortable talking. Just then, Mark”s phone rang. It was Jamie”s number.


“Hi Dad, I just wanted to say hi. I miss you.”

“You must abidinpaşa escort have ESP. I was just thinking about you. I miss you too, son. We will get this all taken care of, but we want you to be safe. I don”t trust that cop.”

“I know, I don”t either. He gives me the creeps, dad. Sebastian”s house is cool and we”re having fun. He”s got his own TV and game console, so we have been playing, and I”m kicking his butt.”

“That”s great, son. I”m glad you”re making the best of it.”

“I love you, dad. Talk to you before bed.”

“I love you too, son.”

“That was nice of him to call. I”m sure you miss him as much as he misses you.” Bruce commented.

“Yeah, this is so strange. Not long ago, I liked being alone. Now, I can”t stand a minute without him.”

“I do envy you, I really do. Jamie is a special kid. I”m sorry if I overstepped by playing with him, but can you blame me?”

“Bruce, we need to talk about that, but right now isn”t the time. I need to get this Patton asshole off my back.”

“I know, and we will.”

“Why do you think he”s got such a beef with you?”

“I don”t know, but according to Marlin, there”s something with this guy. He”s even threatened him when he was at a birthday party with Sebastian. He accused him of being a pedo.”

“Marlin? Really, that man is as straight as they get and not into boys at all. Have you seen his wife? She”s fucking hot. I”m about as gay as they get, but I”d do her!”

“TMI Bruce, TMI.”

“You know what I mean? There”s no way he likes boys. Maybe girls, but never a boy. In fact, I wonder how he will deal with Sebastian when he finally comes out.”

“If you had only seen them at the pool. They were playing grabby, feely with Taylor and each other. Marlin was clueless. I think you”re right, he would have noticed, and it seemed he didn”t notice at all. Liam and I definitely noticed it. Taylor was nodding at Liam to look at them as they sat next to each other at dinner. Everyone was naked since we had just swum. “

“Wait, you had a nude boy party and I wasn”t invited? Shit, dinner”s on you now. Next time I need an invite.” Bruce joked.

“Well, we may have more of them since everyone is getting along. I don”t think Taylor minded the younger boys. He kind of needs someone younger around since he”s done with school and working. Once things calm down, I”ll invite everyone over again.”

The two finished dinner and decided it was time to head to their homes. Mark was dragging his feet, but finally decided to go.

Mark got into his car and began the drive home. When he got there, he noticed a tan Ford parked across the street. It wasn”t usually there, so maybe it was just visiting a neighbor. Mark pulled in and went into the house. He didn”t think twice about that car, other than that he hadn”t seen it before.

He sat in silence, almost in tears. He felt something was missing. He missed Jamie. He had brought so much happiness to him. He sat there for an hour or so, just lost.

He turned in for the night, but had difficulty sleeping without his cuddly boy beside him. The night dragged on.

As Mark was finishing his breakfast the next morning, there was a loud bang at the door.

“Mr. Owens, we need to talk to you. My name is Alicia Parker, and I”m from Child Protective Services.”

“One moment, I need to get decent.” Mark stalled. He closed the door, grabbed his cell and dialed the number for the attorney. It rang and was answered immediately. “Mark, what”s up.”

“CPS is here, at my house, help!”

“On my way, don”t let them in and don”t say anything, just like we discussed.”

Mark left the phone on and set it on the coffee table before opening the door. He glanced to see that the cameras were recording on the porch and that the sound was on. He grabbed a shirt and pulled it on as he re-opened the door to talk to Alicia.

“How may I help you, Ms. Parker?”

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“I need to speak with Jamie.”

“May I ask why?”

“It”s none of your business. Where is Jamie.” She was determined to get to the boy.

“I have a right to know why you need to see my son.”

“I have a judge”s order here that gives me access to your boy. I have an officer waiting to arrest you if you fail to comply.”

“I refuse to say anything more until my attorney arrives. He is on his way.”

“Are you refusing to let me see Jamie?”

“Again, we can wait for my attorney. Please have a seat on the bench over there and when he arrives, we can all chat.”

Just then, officer Patton came up to the door. “Is there a problem, Alicia?”

“He”s refusing to talk or let me see Jamie until his attorney arrives.”

“Owens, you pervert, you don”t have that right.”

“I believe I do. And for the record, everything you are saying and doing is being recorded. Look around you and you will see the security cameras.”

“How long until the attorney arrives?”

“He said 10 minutes.”

“Fine. We will wait, but you don”t get to close the door. You can wait with us.”

Mark thought this was going to be the longest 10 minutes of his life. He was right. When Jacob arrived, he had hoped things would be better.

“Hi Mark, you were right, this asshole definitely had it out for you. Thank you for the footage from the shopping center. I”m sure the footage from yesterday will be important too.” Jacob had ignored Alicia and Patton to this point. Turning to Alicia, he said, “Hi, you must be from CPS, I represent the Owens/Martin family.” He handed her a card. “How may I help you?”

Patton was pissed that he had been ignored.

“We need to see Jamie. We have an anonymous report that he was beaten and had a black eye. We need to see him to determine the cause.”

“I am well aware of the black eye that Jamie received from an accident in the Jiu-Jitsu studio when practicing. I am also aware that Officer Patton here has been harassing my client. I would ask that you remove him and we will cooperate.” Jacob stood his ground.

Patton just huffed and walked off to his patrol car. Instead of waiting, he took off. Before he even got a block away, he called his friend. “Hey, where the fuck is the boy? I don”t think he”s here.”

“I followed them to that other kid”s place. I think his name is Sebastian.”

“Yeah, his dad is a problem. I ran into him at the kiddie mart. Give me the address and meet me there.”

Back at Mark”s, Alicia was informed that, for his safety, Jamie was off at a friend”s house. Little did they know that letting Patton go was their biggest mistake. Mark showed her the video footage from the studio showing the kick to the eye. They also showed her the footage from the shopping center of Patton taking their picture. Alicia was satisfied that nothing wrong had happened and took a few notes, asking Mark to send her a copy of the video and saying that things would be fine.

Jacob looked at Mark. “You did the right thing. The boy is safe. That cop, he”s going to be a problem. We need to dig into him. We haven”t discussed fees since I”m a friend of Bruce, and today is all on me, but we need to hire an investigator and figure out what this guy”s angle is. I”m sure it”s not going to end here.”

“Oh, shit, I forgot to tell you. Marlin told us that Patton was hassling him and accused him of being a pedo because he `knew his kind” whatever that was supposed to mean.”

“EI have a guy we can use. He”s not cheap, but he did help us take down a child porn and trafficking ring in the hills a few years back. They work in the shadows, and I think they could get some background on Patton before he becomes a real problem.”

“Look, I have my own company. I”m not rich, but I have resources. We can”t let anything happen to Jamie. I”ll do what I have to do. Let”s get this adıyaman escort asshole off our case.”

Jacob went out and called his friend. He assured Jacob that he would get to the bottom of Officer Patton.

“Mark, I just called my buddy Mac. He and his team are on it. They”re going to investigate Patton to see if we can figure out why he”s so interested in Jamie. They have contacts in the department.” Just then, Mark”s phone rang. It was Marlin.

“Mark, I”m so sorry, Mark, fuck. They”re gone. Help!”

“Marlin, slow down.” Mark put the phone on speaker.

“What”s going on.”

“They”re gone, Mark, they”re gone! Two men broke in and took Seb and Jamie. They wore hoods, had guns, and just put the boys in big hockey gear bags and dragged them out of the house.”

“Address.” Jacob barked.

“Who”s that? Um, Its 14729 Lamplighter Court,” Marlin said. Mark and Jacob were out the door. Mark locked the house.

“That”s my attorney. We are on our way. Hold tight and don”t call the cops.”

“We haven”t yet. They told us if we did, they would kill the boys.”

“I doubt they would. They”re watching too much TV. We need to figure this out. We are on our way. Jacob says 11 minutes according to Waze.” Mark told him. The two men hopped into their own cars. Jacob was calling in the army of Mac. Mark was calling the two friends he knew he could trust. Bruce and Liam were on their way. Liam”s special forces training may come in handy.

Liam was at his shop with Taylor. “Taylor, lock down the shop. We have to go. Someone took Jamie. We have to go help.”

“Fuck, one second. Can you shut down the compressors and back room? I”ll lock up the shop and meet you at the office.” Taylor was already making the rounds to each car and turning off the shop lights.

“You”ve got to drive, but we can”t get stopped. I”ll put the address in to Waze. “

They quickly got into Liam”s truck and took off.

Bruce was in the middle of a class. Mark”s ring tone alerted him that something was up, so he paused the class. He listened to Mark fill him in on what happened. He turned back to the class. “I”m sorry everyone, one of our fellow students was just kidnapped, I need to go.”

The students quickly picked up their stuff and headed out.

“If anyone needs to wait and you”re not comfortable outside, go over to the Tech Tribe. Mark, the owner”s son is the one that was kidnapped along with Sebastian. Could someone please go tell his staff?”

“Sure, Master Bruce.” A sexy boy named Brian offered. He had stripped off his gi and was putting on some silky shorts right in the middle of the studio. He had no shirt on and was just stuffing his things into a duffel bag. Bruce was just drooling over the boy, but knew he had to get to Jamie. Maybe Brian can be one of the boy”s friends. He”s almost ready to advance to that class. His little boy abs were just perfect.

“Thanks Brian.” Bruce followed everyone out and locked up. He took off for the address that Mark had sent him.

The calvary was on its way to Sebastian”s house. As they arrived, there was just a strange feeling in the air. Mark, Jacob, Bruce, Liam, and Taylor all arrived within minutes of each other. They were greeted by a guy named Mac. The man was an Adonis. He was chiseled and looked just like a superhero. He had black hair, blue eyes, perfect teeth, and, unfortunately, he wasn”t wearing superhero tights, but his designer jeans did accentuate his bulge. Liam and Taylor arrived, and both got a good look at Mac. Taylor was drooling when she saw the man. Liam noticed, but wasn”t jealous. He wanted to see it as well.

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