Jog On

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She really was the most fabulous bitch I’d ever seen.

Long hair, white against the darkness of the woodland behind her. A big toothy grin that reached all the way to her bold, piercing blue eyes, made of ice and diamonds. Eager to please and always ready to play, I longed to roll around with her. Such stamina, she’d run like the wind all day and all night. And that tongue, ready to lick you all over if you’d only let her. I was in love the moment I first saw her and couldn’t wait to play with her. An absolutely stunning husky.

And her owner was a hell of a looker, too. Late twenties I’d estimate, bleached-blonde hair in a high ponytail that regardless fell to the small of her back. I didn’t know the colour of her eyes, yet, as she always wore those mirror shades as she ran. But God, what a body. Just over 5 feet and under a hundred pounds, a disproportionate amount of which was being constrained by a sports bra that deserved some kind of award for going above and beyond the call of duty. Nice peachy ass and strong legs, in painted-on lycra short-shorts that cut straight through the crease of her cheeks. God, how my hands, cock, tongue wanted to follow that crease.

We jogged past each other one day, when I was doing my usual laps around the wood – a little later than usual as I’d indulged a bit too much the night before and had a rare lie in. Ever since, I made a point of leaving the house that same half an hour later, hoping to see her (and her dog) again. We became nodding acquaintances – sometimes passing, as we jogged in opposite directions; sometimes alongside, with brief small-talk about the weather but mostly running in silence, until one of us would choose a different path.

I could watch that ass run forever, and always tried to sneak a glance at beads of sweat sliding into that deep bouncing cleavage. And I’d sometimes catch her eyes, through the side of those shades, flicking up from my chest to meet mine, and the slightly curled lip smile that went with it.

Yeah, I noticed the ring. The diamond was fucking massive. But it didn’t stop her flirting, so I thought… what’s the harm in flirting back?


As I knelt, I heard the rapid sounds of something approaching across the gravel; there was the sound of heavy breathing, and something was probing at my asshole through the lycra of my shorts.

“Lupa! Lupa, stop that this instant!”

I’d gotten a stone or something in my shoes, and had to deal with it before I could carry on. The snowy husky had taken that as an invitation and started ‘investigating’ me. As her owner approached, she skitted round to in front of me – putting me between her and her owner – and shifted attention to my crotch.

“Lupa!! Oh fuck, I’m so sorry! Get away!”

I started messing with Lupa’s fur, running my hands through her hair, and letting her play-bite at my fists, to try and get her back out of my lap. With her gorgeous owner now standing over me, I’d become bizarrely self-conscious about how revealing the lycra was.

“Don’t worry about it. You have a beautiful dog,” I said, trying to shrug it off.

“I don’t know what got into her. Bad doggie. Going straight to third base and she doesn’t even know your name!”

I stood, smiling. “Scott,” I said, offering my hand.

She took it, a firm grip for a delicate hand, nails perfectly polished, and that huge fuck-off engagement ring. “Bobbi,” she noted. “I guess we should have done that a while ago. I don’t have to keep thinking of you as the Ripped Runner any more.” Then she faux-blushed, pretending to be embarrassed about what she’d just said, but the curl of her lip betrayed her.

“I’d rather you did,” I replied. Then decided to chance my hand. “After all, it’s been a too long since I had such a great looking bitch’s face in my lap.”

Her mouth went straight to an over-the-top shocked O. “You’re a bad one. I’m gonna have to watch you.”

And I can’t stop looking at you, I thought.

We slow-jogged along the path for a bit, continuing to flirt and find out more about each other. She was engaged, her fiancé worked for some accountancy/legal firm in the City. I told her about the construction company I worked for, how I was looking to break out of the big firm and set up with a couple of the guys as an independent outfit. She said maybe she could get her husband to help with that. “Anything for a friend,” she said, with an interesting tone on the anything.

“We’re friends, now?” I asked.

“Well, I think Lupa’s already got beyond the friendzone.” A pause. “And I believe that friendship should come with benefits, don’t you agree?”

I spluttered some kind of reply, and she laughed. “I meant to help you set up your business. What on earth did you think I meant?” But there was that smile, again. She held her bottom lip between her teeth and seemed to come to a decision about something. “What’s your best lap time round the wood?”

“About 9:45,” I boasted.

“Hmmm. Not bad,” she considered. “D’you reckon you 1xbet yeni giriş could catch me?”

I looked her up and down. “If, no when, I do – what then?”

She giggled, dirtily. “Catch me and find out.” And then she was jogging off down the track, looking back over her shoulder, Lupa tagging alongside.

I started to trot along behind, matching her pace, watching her move. She was solid, lean muscle. I started to realise how awkward it was to run with a semi.

“Ha! Is that the best you got?” she taunted, upping the pace. I put a spurt on, still well within my limits, and started to close up. Twelve yards, ten, eight… just before I’d closed to touching distance, she let out a squeal of delight – and then she was just gone, no more messing about, just flat out sprinting along the edge of the wood. The chase was on properly now.

We came to a fork on the path, and she followed the trail into the wood. I’m a track runner usually; I prefer the hard surface. But I wasn’t letting her get away. The promise, the prize, was too great; the beast she’d woken in me would not be denied. I pounded over the soft bark-covered trail and tried to keep her in view. She was faster, for now, and more familiar with the terrain; but I was confident my longer stride and natural advantage of male stamina would win out in the end.

Indeed, after a minute or so I was catching her again. She looked over her shoulder, an accepting smile, as I closed back in on her.

Maybe I should have paid more attention to the ground conditions rather than her spectacular ass in that spandex. One second I was reaching for her arm, the next I felt my toes crumple and I had a face and mouth full of bark and dirt as I slammed to the ground.


I came to with a cool dampness on my face; Lupa was licking at my cheek. I tried to bat her away but there was something wrong with my arm. And where was that terrible ringing noise coming from?

Sound slowly returned. “…okay? Oh my god, Scott, are you okay?”

I looked up, and a pair of twin angels were looking over me. In sync, they removed their mirror shades to get a closer look at me. I blinked and shook my head – ouch – and they resolved back into just the one Bobbi, as she knelt beside me and reached for my head.

“How many fingers?” she asked. Her face and hand swam into view.

“Two, and a thumb,” I said. You’re not catching me out that way, I thought. But she didn’t look convinced. “I’m fine, just winded.” Then I tried to stand; I moved my arm to steady myself against the nearest tree, and that’s when the adrenaline ran out. “Fuck!” I shouted, and looked at my shoulder. Something was very wrong, and I didn’t just mean how my vest was torn to shreds.

“Let me…” Bobbi started, reaching for my arm.

“Get the fuck off me!” I was defensive and hurt, but didn’t mean to have a go.

“I’m a physiotherapist, jackass!” she snapped back. She passed me a snapped branch. “Bite this.”

“Why the fuck would I do that?”

She huffed. “So you don’t bite your tongue off when I do this.” And before I realised what was happening, she’d grabbed my elbow and shoved at my collarbone; there was a spear of pain and a pop, and suddenly the pain was bearable. “Dislocated shoulder. No heavy lifting for you for a while.”

Fuck’s sake, I couldn’t afford any time off. I berated my damn cock for the bad decisions it made for us. But it was unrepentant, drawing my attention back to those impressive breasts trying to escape the sports bra as she leant over me. Dammit, libido, this is not the time.

“Let’s get you to back to my place, I can patch you up better there.” She ran her fingers across the scratches on my chest, lingering slightly too long. I met her gaze. Her eyes were hazel, her blonde hair clearly bottled as the brown roots were just starting to reveal themselves. “Can you stand?”

Of course I can, I thought, and pushed myself to my knees. That feels weird, I thought, as I went to place my foot flat to the floor. A bit of a twinge. I took a step, and I fell back to my knees.

“Fuck’s sake Scott, your face is green!”

I nearly hurled, and had to wait for the trees to stop spinning. I must have twisted my ankle when I tripped on the root, or whatever.

“Lean on me, it’s not far to where I’m parked.”

We tried, and she was surely strong enough, but the height difference made it too awkward. We had to stop after a few steps. She leant me against the nearest trunk.

“Wait here.” She looked down at Lupa. “Stay.”

I went to object – I didn’t need guarding! – but doubted my ability to fight off anything wilder than a squirrel. She jogged off down the track, and I rued my luck. Blown my chances here, I thought. I’m a patient now, not a lover; what kind of pussy sprains his ankle playing kiss-chase in the woods. What’s more, I was gonna have to call in sick. That renovation was never gonna get finished at this rate.

Before I sank too far into despair, Bobbi was back with crutches. 1xbet giriş I tucked one under my good arm and, with some guidance on best usage, we made our way to the car park. Every step, every jolt, twinged my foot, but pride stopped me from crying out.

She had to help me into the low-riding coupé. In other circumstances I’d’ve really appreciated that car. But I was too busy counting the moments, the breaths, until I could get some really good painkillers. I barely even registered those powerful thighs as she drove us back to her place.


I lay slumped on the sofa as she packed ice around my swollen ankle. Maybe I was a little high from the painkillers, because I chuckled to myself.

“What?” she asked, massaging my foot, running her professional hands over my ankle and calf muscles.

“Been a while since a hot babe knelt between my legs,” I was thinking.

I must have said it out loud, because she slapped my thigh. “Pervert,” she muttered – but not unkindly. Her hands were slowly moving further up my leg, appraising me. Her touch seemed too light for massage, but what did I know?

She stood and looked down at me, eyes burning across my chest. She took a tube of ointment, squeezed in onto her fingers and started to rub it over the grazes. I flinched as it stung. “You pussy,” she teased, lingering slightly too long over the wounds. “And how’s the head?”

She leant forwards, and my eyes automatically fell to her cleavage as her breasts swung forward in the tight lycra halter. She brushed back my hair to check the bump on my temple, and that’s when I lost control. My arm snaked round her back and pulled her down onto me, my mouth finding her lips and my tongue dancing across to find hers. Her lips parted and we were kissing deeply, passionately, exploring each other with a desperation borne out of so much teasing.

Her hand found my hardening cock through my shorts, and she purred with anticipation as she slowly stroked it. I twitched under her palm, and I heard her groan.

I needed to feel her skin against mine. I pulled at the strong elastic of the sports bra, untucking her soft breasts, and lifted it over her head, tossing it away. Her flesh pressed back against me, soft and warm and pliant. My hand fell to her ass while the other held her head by her hair.

Eventually she broke the kiss and slid down my chest, falling back to her knees. “I’ve got to have this,” she said, pulling my shorts down and taking the tip of my cock between her lips, licking around the head before sucking me to the back of her throat. I cupped her head in my hands, feeding myself to her, thrusting slightly as she looked up into my eyes, gulped and took me fully inside her throat, her lips right to the root of me.

“Oh fuck, that’s so good…” I breathed, and despite wanting to watch her work, my head and eyes rolled back, and I could only feel.

Slowly yet expertly she worked her tongue and lips over my aching need, hands roaming my thighs and chest. It was the most impressive blowjob I could remember getting.

I felt her move. “Please, don’t stop,” I begged – but she was already standing, sliding her tight shorts over her hips.

“I need you inside me,” she demanded, stepping over my leg and lowering her smooth, slick pussy over my pelvis. She took me in one hand and guided me between her lips, wet and swollen with need. She lowered herself, and I felt her stretch and shape around me. She closed her eyes as she squatted down, filling herself. “Fuuuuuck,” she breathed, as she slid the last several inches to bury my hardness deep inside her.

I ran my hands up her thighs, one hand grazing over her abs and up to caress her tits as the other fell to her lap. She leaned back, giving me access to stroke at her clit as she rocked on my cock. “Oh yeah,” she said, fucking me harder as I teased at her pleasure.

I watched her tits ripple as she snaked her hips, grinding on me. I could feel her cervix stroking the head of my cock, as she worked her muscles over my hardness, milking me. I tried to push those thoughts from my mind – I didn’t want to come just yet. But that body was something else.

I sat up, pulled her to me. Her clit mashed on my pelvic bone as I brought her tits up to meet my mouth, taking one nipple then the other into my wetness, teasing with tongue and teeth, then letting the chill of the air harden them before licking them warm again. She was watching me, eyes slightly unfocused, hips thrusting with increasing urgency. Buried inside her there was little movement or sensation for me although I could feel her getting wetter. As I held her ass, she lifted and wrapped her legs round my waist, and I slid a little deeper inside her, making her growl and fuck me all the harder.

I pulled her down for a kiss, and she ate hungrily at my face, trying to take my tongue as deep inside her as my cock had been earlier.

Too soon, she broke off the kiss, gasping for breath. “I can’t… oh god… I…” she panted, “fuck, 1xbet güvenilirmi here it comes….!” And she was coming, body twitching and head thrown back, my cock buried completely inside her as her cunt convulsed, pulsing pleasure through her body. My eyes fell to her neck, exposed as her head lolled backwards, and my mouth consumed her, teeth running over her jugular as her back shivered with the orgasm.

I kissed and nibbled my way down to her tits, licking the salt of her sweat from her cleavage, feeling her ride the waves of pleasure.

Presently I felt her return to the land of the living. “That was fucking amazing, I so needed that. You’re not done…?” she hoped.

“Nope,” I laughed, flipping and rolling her onto her back on the sofa beside me, plunging deep back inside her.

“Thank fuck,” she said. And that was the last intelligible thing she managed, as I drew back and thrust deep and hard back into her, over and again. Her eyes bugged out in surprise and delight as I drove myself relentlessly into her willing, hungry cunt. “OoooOOoougghhhhh!” she grunted, almost continuous moaning as I used her body, the pain in my shoulder and ankle forgotten as the endorphins took over. She clawed at the sofa cushions, beside her and behind her head, not knowing what to do with her hands as I relentlessly pounded into her.

The sofa cushion was soaked, her pussy flooding with pleasure as I watched her cum again. I didn’t even stop, I just pulled her knees up and pushed them back towards her tits and pounded her harder, her guttural screaming urging me to greater efforts, my balls slapping her ass with every thrust. Sweat ran down my back into my ass; her chest heaved and glowed from her own sweat.

I could feel the end approaching, and lost control of the rhythm, my hips thrusting faster and faster. I watched another orgasm tear through her body, abs convulsing and forcing another scream from her raw throat; my balls answered her cries, pumping load after load of hot sticky cream deep inside her, drawing a growl that was almost a sob from her ravished body.

Her pussy stayed clamped tight around me while I watched my cock twitch inside, each jerk depositing another load in her. Never before had it felt that intense.

My eyes ran back up her body, shining with sweat, over her breasts to her beautiful face. I watched as her soul returned to her body. As my cock eventually softened and slipped out of her, I lay down beside her on the sofa, hands caressing the soft skin that ran over her toned muscles.


“Well, it’s been a while since I got so thoroughly fucked,” she purred, stroking my chest as she lay beside me.

“I take it you don’t usually sleep with your patients?”

“Only the hot ones.”

“You think I’m a hot guy?” I smiled.

“I know what I said.”

It wasn’t until later that I realised she’d never said ‘guys’. That realisation kept me hard and awake the following night. “But what about your fiancé? Does he know?”

“For a smart businessman, he’s real stupid sometimes. Besides, he’s so shit in bed. I deserve this for the crap I put up with.”

“Tiny cock?”

“You see, that’s the frustrating thing. No. Just no stamina. He’s not overweight, but can’t hold himself up on his arms. And he can go for like 30 seconds at best.”

“Can’t you take that as a compliment?”

She gave me an icy stare. “The first time maybe. But after five years? And I’ve got to marry that pile of shit.”

“That rich pile of shit,” I pointed out.

“If you’re just gonna insult me, you can fuck off now.”

“Yeah, but then who would do this?” I sucked her nipple and slid two fingers inside her, beating a fast pace on her g-spot.

“Get off me you fucker… oh shit, that feels so good…” she breathed as she fell onto her back, drawing her legs up and out to give my hand better access. It didn’t take long before the bed was ruined, a swamp made from her lust spraying over the sheets. She was wanton, desperate, insatiable – but I wasn’t one to give in. When I was given a job, I finished it – my reputation depended on it.


The guys gave me such a ribbing when I turned up to work on crutches.

“Such a pussy’s injury, didn’t even break your leg?”

I told them I had to see a physio; how she’d given me these crutches and exercises…

“Bet that’s not all she gave you, eh? Eh!”

Somehow I felt I had to defend Bobbi’s honour. “It’s not like that. She’s a professional.”

“Oh, you mean you had to pay her to fuck you? Yeah, that’s more your style!”

I dunno why I put up with those fuckers sometimes.

Mid-afternoon, the office phone rang. Since I was confined to desk duty, I picked up. “Ratcliffe and Sons,” I answered.

“Is that Scott?” Bobbi’s voice.


“Thank fuck. I need you, badly.”

“Music to my ears, babe. But I’m working right now.”

“Seriously! It’s wet everywhere.” She was panting, sounded like panic. “I can’t stop it. Please, help me!” She did sound desperate.

“Okay, I’m on my way. Don’t worry.”

“Hurry…” she said, as I hung up.

I grabbed my toolbox and belt and hobbled to the door. As I headed to my car, I called out to the guys. “Gotta go – emergency!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32