John’s April Fools

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John and his wife Karen had entered a new type of life. That of forced chastity and extreme female pleasure. After months of being taught how to be a great lover, John was both tired of the new life and excited for the experiences it would bring.

The new living arrangements that both John and his wife had become the new standard for him at this point. They had built a new relationship together, and it all started with him being forced to learn control over his own body. For the first several months John was required to wear the device at all times unless he had made his wife cum hard enough that she decided that he had earned an orgasm for himself. As a result, John has become a very attentive lover who never took his own pleasure above hers any more.

Once Karen had decided that he had learned his lesson, she began allowing him to go to work without the device on, the only problem with that being that he now associated being released with an impending orgasm. John now only taught his classes sitting down or behind his podium as he was unable to teach without getting hard in anticipation for his wife.

Friday afternoon after his final lecture of the day he sat down to do paperwork before heading home. As he worked his way through the stack of papers needing to be graded he came upon one that didn’t seem to fit. Mainly because it wasn’t an original work of literature, this seemed to be a list of clues. Thinking that it was nothing he placed it to the side and continued on grading his papers, allowing it to slip to the back of him mind until just before heading home.

As he was packing up he saw the forgotten paper on his desk, deciding to give it a brief look just from curiosity. His curiosity, it seemed, was to be rewarded tonight. The paper had no name but only the initials KLB, John knew it instantly he had been married to her for years.

So, Karen has decided to play a bit of a game tonight then? Very well, lets see what she has got here.

Further investigation of the list made it seem like it as a scavenger hunt that would take him move of, if not all, weekend. Very Well, he thought I’ll try this out, let’s see what I am in store for. The first clue was not hard in the slightest, but at the same time took a bit to find.

“I live in desks but some would say,

I am not happy and do not stay.

Look for me and you will find,

A list of rules to make you blind.

After reading the clue twice John began digging through his desk. Enjoying the thrill of a puzzle. Eventually, he found what he had been searching for. The device. Karen had said that he was doing great, and that she enjoyed every second of his love making these days, however she also enjoyed keeping him (and his cock) under her control. Next to the device was a letter that told him to put the device on and to start on the puzzle to find her, any not to try any funny business without her there.

With the device firmly on his cock, John got in his car and took off in the direction indicated by the letter. Stopping at various points and doing different activities and collecting different items as he was told to by the letters. The next spot was about fourty miles from his home which was not truly the big deal. The hard part was the instructions left to him by this newest clue.

“Its almost time to come find me, but first you must be ready yourself. First you will take a bath in the stream, quickly as I do not have all night. Then you will put a generous konyaaltı üniversiteli escort amount of lube on your hand and rub it on your asshole. Once that is done you will put the butt plug inside yourself before you head to your next stop. Just to give you hope, the next is the last one.”

In his unwavering obedience to his wife John inserted the butt plug and followed the map on the back of the note. Leaving his car behind he began on foot down the trail in the woods. Night was falling, and although he was not afraid of being out in the dark, he didn’t want to take the chance of injury while making this walk. After about a five-mile hike, he found a campsite with the fire beginning to die and a note on the door of the tent.

“You have earned a reward for finding me here, come on in my husband and enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

Excitement level rising significantly, John opened the tent flap slowly and crawled in. The dim light from the fire only accentuating the curves on the perfect shape in front of him. It had been a fantasy of his for years to find his wife pleasuring herself and he joining in as if it were seamlessly planned. This time, it seemed, it had.

Karen was dressed in an incredibly sexy red and black corset with low cut cups seeming as if they plunged down forever into her cleavage. Stockings rose up legs that seemed to go on for days before connecting to the corset. John felt inferior in comparison to the pure unbridled beauty in the woman in front of him.

As he sat there in the entrance to the tent he felt a slight vibration inside him as the seemingly normal butt plug came to life. As he watched his wife he became more and more aroused almost enjoying the now familiar pain of the device holding his cock hostage.

“Well?” Karen said, “Do you like what you see or should I just start packing up to go home?” Fearing that she would follow through with the threat John hoarsely replied, “No, My Love.” Falling back on the title that he had given her as she was never comfortable with being called mistress. Crawling on his hands and knees John softly touched one of her silk clad legs, slowly kissing up her body till he was even with her beautifully perfect pussy. Giving her clit a kiss and a light suck he noticed that she had shaved herself for this night. As he continued up her body kissing and worshipping her form, he felt her thrust her hips and grind her clit against his body as he rose higher and higher.

Once even with her breasts he reached downward with his hand, intending to send a slight shock to her body by taking her nipple into his mouth while simultaneously rubbing her incredibly swollen clit. At this touch, her body immediately tensed in pleasure while she took in a quick gasp. “It is about time you got here, I have been holding off my orgasm now for five hours. I figured that if you couldn’t cum without me, I shouldn’t without you… right?”

“Yes, My Love.” He replied as he rose higher, kissing her neck, her chin, and finally ever so softly, her lips. “I have missed you My Love. I love you even more for waiting for me on this. Now though, I feel like I need to make you cum.”

Taking my chin in her hand, she kissed him again before he began his decent down her flawless form. Kissing, touching, caressing every part of her that he knew so well before reaching her waist. Repositioning himself, he began to kiss her knees, moving slowly down the inside kurtköy escort of her thigh. The closer that he got to her pussy the more forceful the kisses, until naturally they evolved into soft bites right around her pussy lips. As he crossed her labia to her other leg, he breathed out directly onto her swollen clit before giving a soft bite on her other leg. Once he felt her anticipation rise even higher he dove down, between her legs again to taste her from the base of her all the way to her clit. Tasting her in her most intimate way lovers can, knowing that hours of her juices were mixing in his mouth at that moment.

Savoring the taste of her he sucked on her clit, pulling it into his mouth he ran his tongue across it in quick succession. Feeling her moan and writhe beneath his touch. With his hand, he reached up and slid two fingers inside of her and in that moment felt her tense up again as if she were about to cum from that simple action. Karen never allowed anything inside of her when she knew that he was coming, she wanted to always be as tight as she could on that first entrance before loosening up to his touch.

Slowly, John continued on bring Karen to the brink of orgasm ever so slowly following every movement of her body with his and never allowing his attention to waiver from her.

“John, Oh John,” Karen cried, “I am so close John, Oh I love you, use this to finish it, make me cum!” Karen shoved a long, thick dildo toward John. Knowing exactly what she wanted from it he ever so slowly slid it into her, at this point she was so wet that she needed no lube at all. Refusing to change his pace he fucked her with the long dildo, feeling her tense and release as if she were having many small orgasms. Finally, pressing his hand onto her womb and forcing her G-spot to hit the dildo with every stroke she came.

It was the most amazing experience of his life; the slow long orgasm broke as a river breaking a damn. Screaming and moaning at the top of her lungs Karen came, squirting what felt like gallons of her own cum into his mouth. He drank of her pleasure as fast as he could, not wanting to waste even a single drop of her inner nectar. As her orgasm died and she became coherent again, Karen pulled him up to her mouth kissing him deeply.

“On your back, husband of mine.” She purred, radiating pleasure as if she were the center of the universe. “It is your turn now.” Till this point John had done his best to ignore his own body, but turning his attention back to himself he felt the deep ache telling him that so much cum had built up inside of him that his body couldn’t contain it all. As Karen repositioned herself she swung a leg over his head, sitting on his face before beginning to work on removing his cloths. “Oh, what is this?” she said, sounding surprised. “I did not tell you that you were allowed to cum did I?”

“I didn’t, My Love, I swear I focused on you the entire time.”

“Well then, care to explain why your pants are full of cum that isn’t inside of me?” Her decision to punish him with what he loved most was not hard, sitting back onto his face she cut off his air while forcing him into her pussy again. After some time she allowed him to breath again. “Did you learn your lesson?”

“Yes, My Love.”

“Good!” she said quickly and matter of fact. She reached around her neck to the chain with the key to the device. Unlocking it, she allowed his cock to emerge from its prison. ankara kurtuluş escort Leaning forward, she took it into her mouth feeling it harden while messaging his balls, noticing how swollen they had become. This will be fun she thought to herself as she licked up and down his cock.

Feeling the sudden change in her husbands’ body she pulled his cock from her mouth and, in order to stop him from cumming, bit down hard on the underside of his cock. The pain and pleasure combined jerking John back from the brink and to his senses. Feeling that he was still close she grabbed his swollen balls and squeezed just hard enough to stop his orgasm. The amount of cum now flowing from his cock was astounding.

Wanting to push him even further, she turned up the speed on the butt plug and felt him moan into her pussy. Wanting to help him enjoy her even more she leaned forward off of his face and told him to put her bullet up her ass and turn it on high. She was tight back there and she knew that he would enjoy licking her ass before shoving it into her. Rubbing her clit while he licked her ass she felt that she wasn’t too far from another orgasm herself, and while it wouldn’t be as intense as the first she could have this one with John. Suddenly she felt him push the bullet into her and turn it on. It was time to allow him to cum inside of her, if only to make him clean her up after.

Turning around she grabbed his cock and lined it up with her hole as she descended. Taking his cock into her was always felt great as her pussy molded itself to fit his cock. Wanting to draw this out as long as she could she fucked him slowly, very slowly. One of her favorite ways to stop him from cumming wat to pull herself off of him and rub her slit along his shaft, until he was ready to continue on. Every time he was close she would stop, slide him out of her, and wait patiently until he was ready to go again.

Knowing that he was getting close she bent down and bite hard on his chest. His moan of pain and pleasure loud and deep, knowing how much he loved it she did it again. And again. And again. Until there was no surface left on his chest that didn’t have the wonderful burn of pain from her bites. As she bent down for one more she whispered into his ear “Cum for me, cum in me!” and she bite down hard on his neck.

At that moment John felt as though he were in heaven, he began to cum. The first shot of his sperm inside his wife triggering yet another orgasm for her. That was nowhere near the end however, he came so much he felt it leak out of her and down his balls. It was as if there were no end to the massive amount of cum leaving his body. In her ecstasy Karen’s nails scratched lines into his chest before she collapsed in post orgasmic bliss.

After a few minutes Karen gathered her strength and pulled his still hard cock out of her, moving quickly she turned around and sat back on John’s face knowing that he would do more than like up the cum. He would suck it all out of her pussy.

Seeing a drop of cum on his stomach from when she turned around, Karen scooped up the cum and took it into her mouth. She didn’t love the taste of cum as much as he did, but she loved it none the less. Bending down she cleaned off his cock with her tongue and placed the cage back over his cock. Feeling him tense up in protest she locked it down tight. As he continued to eat the cum from her pussy she paused in putting the lock back around her neck.

Later, as they were laying in the tent holding each other Karen said, “John, I just wanted to let you know. I am disappointed with your speed with the clues, because of that your cage will be on for two weeks.” Feeling John deflate in despair she held the key to him. “April fools dummy, your one of the best parts of my life. You have earned the key and don’t have to wear it any more…. For now.”

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