Jude’s Makeover – a Chloe Story

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(Author’s Note: This story, like The Funeral, are set quite a while after Chloe’s Introduction. Dedicated to my friend, Judeinthenorth!)

I sat in the car, next to a small string of shops, and twirled the calling card in my fingers, staring at it. It had seemed like such a weird thing when it was handed to me…

I had been working freelance as a sound engineer for Lioness Productions, a small film company based in the midlands. They produced a series of sexy, racy erotic films, the like of which hadn’t been seen since the early 90’s.

The owner of the company was a woman called Elaine and she had called me to a meeting in her office, last Friday. She was a very hot, attractive woman in her early forties and was always impeccably, and stylishly dressed, compared to my skin-tight jeans, bovver boots and tee-shirt. As usual, her personal assistant was at her shoulder. Her hair had been drastically cut short since I last saw her, now in a very sexy, Louise Brooks-style bob.

I had to admit, I wasn’t sure why I was there. Elaine could be very enigmatic and would make an awesome poker player, her cards were always so close to her lovely chest. Was she letting me go? I was used to work drying up but confident enough that I could latch on to another production quickly. After thirty years in the business, I had built up quite a reputation as a skilled professional.

“You are quite the skilled professional, Jude”, Elaine said. I almost spilled my coffee; it was like she was reading my mind.

“I like to think so, Elaine, I’ve never been out of employ long.” I wanted so much to match her level of confidence but without sounding cocky about it.

“Indeed. I’ve had Mia do some sums.” The girl behind Elaine smiled. Her haircut was pretty spectacular, the more I stared at it, the more I appreciated the work that had gone into shaping it.

“She’s worked out that on our last three productions, you have helped prevent any over-runs and on the last shoot, you actually managed to save us a day.”

I nodded. They had all been tight shoots, but I’d been able to bring some experience to them and keep things running smoothly.

“I’d be remiss if I let that sort of talent slip through my fingers, Jude. I would like to offer you an exclusive contract, be part of our permanent production team.”

Wow. It was a hell of an offer, as I looked over the contract and offer of salary. An actual salary — guaranteed money coming into my pocket without having to win new contracts. That in itself was tempting but this was a dream team to work with anyway, receptive to ideas and no egos to rub against.

“I’m in!” I smiled, scribbling my signature across the bottom of the contract.

“Excellent! This calls for something stronger than coffee. Mia darling…” The girl bent down and opened a small cabinet, fetching out an ice bucket containing a nice bottle of champagne. Usually, I’m a pint of lager girl but I could go with the sense of occasion.

“Cheers!” I said, clinking glasses with Mia and Elaine.

“I thought I’d have had more of a fight out of you, Jude.” I took a long sip of the cool bubbles.

“Oh, I think you sized me up just right, actually.”

Elaine smiled. “Care to explain?” she asked.

I took another sip.

“I know the dance. The negotiation, offer, counteroffer.” I said. “We both could have played that game. And I’m sure if I had pushed, you had some room to manoeuvre. But you also know that I’m a team player, Elaine. Mia’s confirmed that for you in hard numbers. You came in high, not quite all-in, but enough for me to feel wanted.”

Elaine said nothing for a moment, she just smiled that sparkling smile at me. Mia topped up our glasses and couldn’t stop grinning.

“Okay Mia, you were right. Stop grinning!”

“Yes madame,” she said. Madame! Good grief, I thought.

“It was Mia who suggested we go high; she had assessed you just as you said. I was looking forward to a bit of back and forth with you, to tell you the truth.” I honestly could have read volumes into that comment but decided to treat it at face value.

I looked at Mia, who was still grinning and had one arched eyebrow. I smiled back and gave her a wink, which made her blush somewhat. She was very sexy in her own right, and that haircut was really doing it for me.

“You’ve changed your hair since I last saw you, Mia. Just before we made that film, Wet Curves.”

“Yes, I had it done shortly after that wrapped. Do you like it?”

“It’s lovely, it suits you perfectly. Where did you have it done?”

For such an innocent question, I wasn’t expecting their response. Mia suddenly looked a little uncomfortable and looked to Elaine, the pair sharing a strange unspoken communication.

Then Elaine smiled at me, and nodded to Mia, who opened her folder (she was always carrying something) and took out a small card.

“Be there at 10am on Tuesday dear. You can consider it a welcome gift from Mia and I.”

So there I was on Tuesday morning, sat in my car, outside the address on the card. It had “Edwina’s Salon” scrawled in joined-up istanbul travesti writing on one side, with the address, and on the other, was a symbol, the fleur-de-lis.

I looked out at the salon. It really wasn’t what I expected. Mia’s hair looked like it had been cut with skilled precision, whereas this place, on the outside at least, made Supercuts look good. It was situated in the middle of a line of shops, including a grocery and an artisanal bakery, and two takeaway restaurants. There was a large picture window in which I could see two hood dryers. Do people even still use those?

And the way Elaine and Mia had handed this card to me…as if it were some sort of esteemed gift. Were they being serious, or was this some sort of gag between them? I admit I was very sceptical but nevertheless got out of my car and walked up to the door. It had a “closed” sign on it, but I pressed the buzzer as I’d been instructed.

It took a moment, but a young woman opened the door. A Beautiful young woman, with a perfectly shaped bob haircut and engaging smile. She wore a simple salon smock with buttons along one side.

“Yes?” She asked. I handed her the card. She flicked it over and registered the symbol on the back.

“Ah, Elaine’s guest. You must be Jude. I’m Chloe, pleased to meet you.”

“Hi….” was all I could manage.

“Come on in!” She locked the door behind us and took me along a short corridor which opened into the side of the salon floor, which stretched further back than you’d have thought looking from the street.

I had a look around and caught sight of myself in the mirror. I’m taller than most women, and if I may say so, very fit. I hit the gym just about every day that I can and have a very toned body. If there was one part of me which I’d neglected, I admitted to myself, it was my hair, which had grown into a bit of shaggy mop on top of my head. The back-to-back productions hadn’t left me with much time and between going to the gym and sorting my hair, the gym was going to win each and every time.

I stood watching Chloe, as she went and closed the blinds at the front of the salon, which I thought was a bit weird. Still, I was in an alien environment, so who was I to guess at their customs. She came over to me.

“Can I take your jacket?” she asked. I shrugged out of my denim jacket and handed it to her. I was a good six inches taller than her, and I liked the way she tilted her head to look up to me. She swiftly hung it up in the corridor and returned.

“Why don’t you take a seat, here.” she said. There was a leather and chrome chair, in front of a styling desk with a forward sink built into it. I’d been in a few barbers over the years, for a quick buzzcut and had always wondered about them.

I sat down as she asked, stretching out my feet. She came up behind he and rested her hands on my shoulders. The felt soft and warm. I looked at her in the mirror.

“So, Jude, Elaine’s booked you in for the full package”

“What? I thought I was here for a haircut” I said, a little perturbed that Elaine had been so presumptuous.

“Well, we’ll get to that but first you’re going to have a mani-pedi, facial and neck massage”

“Hang on, Chloe, do I look like the kind of woman who goes for that stuff?” I really wasn’t. I’m not exactly butch but I’m no dainty femme, either. I wear very little makeup as a rule and have no time for skin regimes — except for my feet that is. I spend a lot of time on my feet, so it made sense to me to take care of them.

“Don’t you fret Jude; I’m not going to barbie-fy you. Consider this a long overdue service to tune you up.” That was language I could understand.

“Okay girl, I get you. I’m in your hands for a while then.”

“Great. Then the first thing you need to do is take off your clothes.”

“What??” She had to be kidding, right? Apparently not.

“Not here silly. Out the back is a small changing room. You’ll find a robe there and you can leave your clothes inside.

In for a penny, I thought, as I stood and walked out the back as Chloe had pointed. There was indeed a small changing room, with a cream-coloured spa robe inside. I took off my boots, peeled off my skinny jeans and tee-shirt, leaving my pants and bra on. I wrapped the robe around myself, tying the belt tightly around my waist. There were some slip-on slippers for my feet, and I shuffled my way back out to the salon and Chloe.

“Looking good, gorgeous,” Chloe said. Was she flirting with me? I was pretty sure I was twice her age.

“Yeah, thanks” I said and sat back down. Chloe brought over a small stool and sat on it, and had a small trolley prepared by her side.

“Left foot first” she said, beckoning me. I lifted my foot and placed it on the towel on her thigh. Her fingers pressed into it, her thumbs rubbing my sole. I have to admit, seeing her down there, holding my foot, was a bit of a turn-on.

“Wow, Jude. Your feet are in great shape, just like the rest of you!”

“I think it’s important to look after them as I’m up and about so much”, I said.

“Oh, istanbul travestileri I totally agree. I’m the same with mine. You could argue they are a tool of the trade as it were” She smiled that lovely winning smile at me.

She spent the next ten minutes massaging my feet, rubbing some scented oil into them. Her fingers slide between each toe, and her thumb deftly massaged my instep before concentrating on my heel and ankles. Her hands felt warm and welcoming. I was getting somewhat aroused.

She moved onto my hands. These, I have to admit, were a different story to the state of my feet.

“Oh, dear Jude”, she smiled. My nails were uneven, chipped. I wore gloves most of the time at work due to the heavy lifting involved and sorting out electrical wiring, and didn’t pay them as much heed. Chloe spent some time evening them out before coating them in a clear gloss varnish that she said would help keep them rock hard.

“Just like your abs,” She smiled. I couldn’t help myself.

“Oh, you noticed, have you?”

“Couldn’t miss them, Jude. I can see the gym must be like your second home. You’re in amazing shape.”

“You’re not in bad shape yourself” She really wasn’t. It was clear to me that she got a lot of exercise and the naughty part of my brain wondered how much of that was in the bedroom.

“I like to swim, and cycle mostly, I do some free weights now and then.”

“Good girl” I heard myself say. I don’t know why, exactly, but it seemed right, and from the look on Chloe’s face I think I was bang on.

After my nails were done, Chloe reclined my chair, so I was looking up at her. She massaged various creams and ointments into my skin, her fingers felt so dainty and slender sliding over my cheeks, my forehead, my chin. Were facials meant to be sexy like this? Had I been missing out on something all these years? Or more likely, was Chloe deliberately making this as sensuous as possible?

Chloe had placed the obligatory slices of cucumber on my eyes, keeping them closed. I heard her voice next to my head,

“How do you feel, Jude, right now? I want you to be perfectly honest with me. How do you feel…about being here…about me…?” Her voice was soft, almost breathless as she spoke.

“I’m bloody turned on, honestly, Chloe. I feel you’ve been flirting with me and your touch, the way you’ve been touching me…. I can’t quite pin it down, but it all feels highly sexualised and its working 100 percent. I’m really hoping that all of this is leading somewhere and it’s not just a big old tease at my expense. That’s how I feel.” I wanted to sound aloof, but I could hear the desire crackling in my voice.

I could feel her stroke my cheek, and then her hand slid over my throat, and inside the robe. My breathing deepened as I felt her palm slide over my breast.

“Aww, you left your bra on. Panties, too, I bet.” I heard her say. I felt the material pull taut then there was a “snip” and the bra fell loose. My tits now freed, Chloe’s hand snaked over them, making me shiver, giving me goosebumps. She teased my nipples til they were like pebbles, and then…nothing.

“Back in a few minutes, Jude dear. You can either just lay there or have a little play if it helps relieve your state of arousal. You’re quite secluded.”

I could hear her footsteps recede out the back near the changing room. Bloody hell she had me worked up. I moved my legs, and the friction down below told me how soaking wet I was. I decided to take off my knickers, kicking them across the room when they got to my feet. I had a quick peak from under the cucumber slice to make sure I was indeed alone. I mean, you see stuff on the internet where people have been set up like this, thinking they’re alone, and, well…

I was alone. could just about hear Chloe out the back. I took off the remains of my bra (someone was going to pay for that) and lay back down, one knee raised, the robe open around my waist. A little play wouldn’t hurt, just to see exactly how aroused I was….

Oh my bloody Christ I was soaked. The little minx had been effectively edging me without even touching anywhere intimate. Except, everywhere she touched me felt intimate, like every inch of me was attuned to my sexual core and she knew the exact code to deciphering it.

“Ohh wow Jude. You are soaked!”

“Your fault”, I called, not knowing exactly where she was.

“Well let’s see it I can help you out. Just lay back and think of….me.”

I did, and it wasn’t long before I felt her palm press down firmly against my bare mound. I heard a low, loud groan, and it took a moment to realise it was me making it. The heel of her palm pressed against me, rubbing up and down, making me squirm on the reclined chair, spreading my thighs more, lifting one knee, exposing myself for her and wanting her to take the bloody hint.

She did. Two fingers, side by side, slowly pressed into me. Oh god that felt good. Even better when she pushed deeper inside and started to pump them in and out of me. She had me moaning loudly with each thrust of her fingers travesti istanbul and it wasn’t long before I was ready to flood her hand.

“I’m going to cum” I managed to warn her, a split second before my back spasmed and a climaxed hard and wet, my cunt muscles clenching and pulsing.

As the post-orgasm fog lifted from my brain, I realised that Chloe was raising the chair back to its original position. I took off the cucumber slices and almost gasped when I saw that Chloe had changed outfits. Instead of her salon smock she was now wearing a shiny, black pvc dress which only half-covered her mound and arse cheeks. She’s also slicked down her hair, sweeping it straight back, and had applied smoky eyeshadow and a deep red shade of lipstick.

She could see I was staring so the minx gave me twirl.

“Like it?” she asked not-so-innocently.

“Fucking love it.” I replied.

“Well, be a good girl and I might let you have a touch.” She said, smiling at me through the mirror.

“You better”, I was almost angry, for some reason. My blood was up, nearly at boiling point, even with the orgasm I’d just had.

Chloe stood behind me and stroked my shoulders, which felt lovely. Her hands slid into my hair for the first time. I realised how hot I must have been because her slender fingers felt cool to the touch.

“Your hair is a mess, Jude. It’s good that Elaine sent you to me to take care of you. She likes her team to look their best at all times. She wants you to be the pinnacle of who you can be.”

“Does that include you? Are you part of her team?”

“Elaine and I are on the same wavelength. We want the same things for the people we care about.”

Chloe pulled my robe down off of my shoulders, exposing the tops of my tits, and placed a rubber matt around my neck. I’d been to enough barbers to know that it was clippering time.

“What are you intending, for my hair?” I asked.

“As I said, the very best, dear Jude.”

She wet my hair down with a spray-bottle, then I felt her hand take hold of the top of my hair and push my head down, exposing my nape and pressing my chin into my chest. The whirr of the clippers suddenly placed on my neck, pushed slowly upwards into the thick of my hair. I could feel the thick clump being shorn off.

She kept me there as her hands worked through the back, shearing off thick patches of hair, leaving god-knows how much stubble. I didn’t dare touch just yet. I sat still, letting Chloe work her magic. And that’s how it felt. Like magic. It was like she had a picture of my new style in her head and was methodically ridding me of all the hair which no longer belonged in her vision of me.

My hair was pulled, combed, tugged, and snipped away. I glanced down and saw my shoulders and even my boobs were starting to be covered in small snippets of dark grey hair.

It was hypnotic, almost, how her hands controlled me. How she touched my scalp, shifted the angle of my head. How she combed through and lifted sections of hair to cut at deep angles which to the layperson (me) just made no sense. But I trusted her. I remembered from school, the story of Michelangelo obtaining a huge piece of marble which had a flaw running through it. He stared at it for days and days, until he saw the perfect object to sculpt out of it, a horse rearing on its hind legs. At that moment I was that marble, and Chloe that maestro. I closed my eyes and felt her work.

I came out of my daze to feel hot air blasting my head, as Chloe tugged a brush through, blow-drying whatever was left of my hair. I looked at her through the mirror and could see that she was in a near-orgasmic state herself, getting worked up purely by doing my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw someone who was about ten years younger. My hair had been cut very short through the back and sides, and left with some length through the top, which was currently being styled in a diagonal streak, pulling away from the front. I felt like a model.

She dusted me off with her soft brush, making sure to pay special attention to my boobs, which got my nipples stiff again. She rested her hands on my shoulders.

“What do you think, Jude?” she asked.

“I think I look bloody amazing, and you are a miracle worker!”

“Aww, thank you.”

I stood up, turned, and took hold of her. Her head tilted upwards; she knew what I wanted before I did it. I leant down and kissed her, instantly sliding my tongue past her lips, making her gasp as I took ownership of her mouth. She took a step back and opened a drawer, pulling out a familiar looking phallus.

“Have you used one of these before?” She breathed. It was a feeldoe. I had one at home. I nodded and lifted my foot on the seat. She helped ease the knob into me, where my muscular walls gripped hard. The shaft was about 6inches and navy blue, sticking up at a 45-degree angle from my mound. Chloe sat on the edge of the sink, her knees apart. Her dress peeled upwards, her thick triangle of fur glistening. I stepped closer and rubbed against her labia, pressing her open easily. She moaned, looking at me. Her hand went to my neck, pulling me closer, impaling herself on the she-cock. She looked at me through heavy lidded eyes and parted lips. I pushed my hips, thrusting the shaft the rest of the way til I was snugly nestled between her thighs, my mound pressed against her own.

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