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Marissa Val Darehn was the queen of Ghetto New York in 2036. Ever since Merlin had died in December of 2012 releasing magic, she had been using her blood talent, alchemy, to make a super addictive blend of cocaine. The walled in city of Ghetto New York fell quickly to her power after she introduced her cocaine to the streets. Seventy percent of the population was enthralled to her, and this made Kelreigan feel glad to be her son as he walked down to the local grocery store.

Kelreigan Val Darehn was six feet tall with toned muscles, charming blue eyes, and bronze skin. His brown hair was thick and fell just past his ears in ruffled layers that were hot in the summer. He had just finished working out and was taking a walk to relieve boredom. Being a Val Darehn meant that he was safe from everything even the lackluster police of Ghetto.

The grocery store bursa escort was owned by his mother and like most places in Ghetto it was dimly lit, dirty, and poorly guarded. Kelreigan walked through the aisles contemplating cans of soup and vegetables in his white t-shirt and khaki cargo pants. He picked up a can of minestrone and headed to the checkout line. A cashier caught his eye and he headed to her lane.

She was maybe five feet tall with bouncy red hair that went halfway down her back. Her skin was pearly white and dotted with freckles. The lane she was at was clean and tidy, and she had an air of innocence around her. She was not one of his mother’s thralls that was for sure. She didn’t have a hollow hunger behind her eyes. She was pure.

Kelreigan handed her the can of soup and she scanned it. He watched her as she put it in a bag and took his money. bursa escort bayan She blushed, and he broke his gaze. Heading for the door, he kicked himself for being so brash without at least asking for her name. He walked home through the street littered with abandoned cars thinking about her soft red lips and baby blue eyes hiding behind long lashes.

He walked up to a three-story apartment building and went down the steps to the basement level. His apartment was number six of the twenty-four his mother’s building had. He preferred the basement for its privacy. He shut the door behind him and put the soup on the counter. That girl was still running around in his head.

Kelreigan was a virgin, but he could still imagine: her lips brushing against his as their bodies pressed together, the rhythm of their breathing as they thrust together in passionate escort bursa pleasure. Kelreigan readjusted his pants, went to his bathroom and closed the door behind him.

Taking off his shirt, he unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers letting his six-inch cock flop out. He turned on the shower and hopped in. Kelreigan only had to stroke himself a few more times before it was fully hardened and throbbing. Precum oozed out as he slowly stroked his cock from base to tip. He imagined her hips grinding against his, her soft breasts jiggling in his hands with every thrust. Kelreigan imagined her softly moaning his name and digging into his sides as she rode him.

He stroked faster as the water washed over him, imagining how it would feel to finally have his cock balls deep in a woman, to have her cunt wrapped around him, milking him. His breath came in shallow gasps as he stroked himself even faster. His cock was throbbing, hot, and he was so close to orgasm he could feel it. Kelreigan groaned as he came. The semen pumped out of him and splashed all over the shower walls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32