Kimmie’s nightmare

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This is a new story. The basis for this story was an actual nightmare that my friend had related to me. Part true part fiction. The best part was that we acted out the dream as it is told below. my friend loves to be tied up. Mind blowing experience

The story begins with a young girl, Kimme, in bed on a stormy night the lightning is flashing outside her bed room window and she can’t sleep. She thinks that she sees a shadow on the wall next to her bed. She lays perfectly still and listens, watching the wall. In a few minutes everything is quiet so she tries to go back to sleep. The shadow on the wall still has her whole body tense almost waiting for another sound indicating that there is someone in the room with her. She covered her long brown hair with the blanket as she tried to calm herself. Her breathing becomes more rapid.

Her 46 double D cup tits are heaving. Very large, but natural 46DD , they surely turn heads. He stood five foot eight inches tall and her waist was a nice 36 inches with a flat stomach and killer ass. She was what her Father called, shelf ass when they argued. Her ass was actually one of her best features, as it did a slight upturn with the Jennifer Lopez look. Her boyfriend had loved to spread those cheeks and lick the little red hole that rested above a tight pussy She was a knock out and very popular with the boys in school , even though she did not have the small petite cheerleader figure that belonged on the beach in an endless Summer.

As she tries to sleep, her mind goes to the possibility of her fantasy lover being in the same bed with her. She has done this a lot when it was impossible for her to sleep. The boy in her imagination is faceless, a little like the boy up the street and the lawn boy that cuts her grass, in her imagination she does not know who he is. She has dreamed about him a lot when she was horney and alone. Sometimes she has the big black dildo inserted in her ass when she has been so craving for a cock that she will try to please herself to get relief. It has been months since any boy has given her the pleasure and relief she desperately wants. She drifts off in her fantasy and the black dildo begins izmit rus escort to work its magic. She is grows nearer to an orgasm that will help her sleep.

That noise… is there someone in the room with her? Kimmie is starting to cum hard as she nears orgasm when she realizes that someone is in her bed with her and has grasped the black dildo and ripped it out of her ass in one pull. She is completely naked on her stomach. Her ass cheeks get spread far apart. Her asshole is well lubed from the dildo, so she is unsure how big the new cock is that has entered her ass, It tore her flesh as it was shoved in in one hard push. She now is near panic as the new cock is moving in and out of her ass hole at a fast pace. She realizes that the cock is bigger than the dildo as it reaches the extreme depth of her bowel. She feels in substantial pain as the cock is splitting her in half with it’s in and out thrusts.

Someone’s hands are now on her tits and the nipples get pinched hard. More pain, but the pain is good and she yells for more… Suddenly from the back of her head her hair is grasped and her head is pulled back and turned to the side in a jerking motion until someone’s cock is pressed into her mouth. He uses the hair to move her mouth with an up and down motion. She tries to suck the cock but the intent of that cock, as with the other, is to cause pain not her pleasure.

In a swift motion the cock that has left her ass hole a bloody mess now is dropped down into her pussy. The true size of the cock becomes apparent as the head is all the way into her pussy and will not go in any farther. The pounding action continues and she is getting starved for air with the cock in her throat.

She senses that the cock in her pussy has begun to pulsate and then a blast of his cum fills her pussy and over flows onto the bed. The cock is out of her pussy but the cum still gushes out of the lips like there was over a pint of his cum in her pussy so deep. She squeezed her cunt as hard as she could; to make it leave her pussy. She suddenly remembered not taking her birth control pill and if pregnancy was possible, it was certain izmit escort with the volume of this load of cum. It was the right time of month for this to happen. She struggled even harder against her captors.

The cock in her throat sent shot after shot of cum directly into her stomach. She choked on the white thick fluid as he pulled his cock out and released her hair. He then wiped his dick head on her mouth, cheek, and hair to clean himself. The cum was all in her hair and crusted on her face, it smothered her as all she could taste and smell was unwanted lover’s cum.

She was thrown on her back and immediately hand cuffed both hands to the bed post. A gag was inserted in her mouth as she started to realize the hopelessness of her situation. A very rough rope was used to tie her ankles to the lower bed posts. She was on her back thrown open wide with her legs as far apart as they would spread.

They were not going to be satisfied with just filling her full of their cum but wanted more torment. This would be the beginning of a long night. The cum continued to flow out of her pussy and she lay there trying to calm her wild heart and heavy breathing but this just made it easier for her tormenters to keep her on the edge of panic. The dark hid what was in store for her next.

She lay there for what seemed like hours before she felt a hot burning sensation on her right nipple. The nipple, already distended from the rope coiled around her breasts. Extreme pain screamed in her head. Kimmie realized finally that hot wax was being poured on the nipple from her scented candle she liked to light for special occasions.

Just as she realized what was giving her the pain, a large volume of hot wax was poured all over her left breast, the wax running down her belly and into her pussy. The pussy was being tormented by the hemp rope inserted just inside the lips to keep it open. Wax burnt the inside lips of her pussy. When the wax came in contact with her ass hole she practically went crazy pulling on her rope restraints. She wanted to scream but no sound came from her open mouth. The wax pooled and plugged her butt hole and ran on the bed between her legs.

She kocaeli escort tried to see her tormentors but only saw shapes on the wall from shadows created every time there was lightning flash.

There was a sensation of something pressing on her throat. She became aware of a cock moving deep in her throat. Was it a cock or was it her dildo being worked in her opening by the unseen hands of her tormentor. Trying to breathe was a job in itself with a huge cock hitting the back of her throat. She did not react or cry out, just let the intruder work his cock back and forth in her mouth and throat until the end came. The cum shot out his cock with a violent force. The head of his cock must have been up in the front of her mouth when the volume of cum jetted out her mouth and nose as well as down her throat. About that time she must have passed out from the pain.

When she awoke that next morning the bedroom was dimly lit as she looked around for any sign of her tormentors. As she sat up quickly, she inspected her body for the wounds she knew must exist on her breasts, nipples and pussy. What she found made her gasp, beside for a few open wounds on her breast and nipples there were no signs of the aggravated assault that happened last night. Her pussy was sore to be sure and a light trail of blood was dribbling out her butt hole as she held a mirror up to see. It was sore and was really one gaping hole, but that may be from the work out with the large dildo. No rope burns and no sign of any cuts from the rough hemp rope. She started to question her sanity as well as question if the rape so violent actually happened. There was no sign of forced entry and her scented candle was where she had left it the day before.

As she got into the shower, she noticed a cut between her sore butt and her pussy she had missed when she looked in that area with the hand mirror. It burned when she put soap in that area to clean her wounds. Looks like she had stiches there just recently exploring the area with her fingertips. Were they stiches to close a wound when her attackers had gone too violent last night or just her imagination. The area was sensitive, if there were stiches they, were sewn by an expert’s hand. Confusion set in almost like she was coming off a drug high.

She could hardly wait until the next Spring thunderstorm.

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