Last Dance

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Ellie Swanson was a 45-year-old beauty. Never married with no kids. To busy usually to get out and enjoy herself. She got talked into going clubbing with her oldest and dearest friends. She was wearing her shortest sexiest dress, which to her girlfriends looked old lady ish.

She was out dancing, she always enjoyed dancing, and as a slower song began she started to leave the dance floor. Suddenly, she was swept away, strong arms seem to enveloped her, they glided around the dance floor. It was so hot, exciting, she had never danced like that before. She got back to the table on weak legs, Her girlfriends wanted to know what the hell was that.

Her friend Ginger told her, “you looked like you were fucking out there.”

Thinking it was time to leave, Ellie started toward the exit, suddenly she was swept out on the dance floor again. So hot, she was pushing herself into him, his hand on her ass pulling her in tighter. She was wantonly grinding on his hard-on, the back of her dress came up above her stockings, she didn’t care.

She is being swept out the door, being led to a car.

“Where are we going?”

“Private after-hours club, more dancing,” he answered.

As he drove he placed his hand on her leg and slid it up to her crotch, to her amazement she didn’t stop him he began to rub her wet pussy through her panties. She was so hot, it didn’t take long to orgasm. What the hell was she doing, she didn’t even know this man. She felt his hand on the back of her head guiding her to his lap, not thinking she unzipped him and took it out soon it was in her mouth It didn’t take him long to fill her mouth with cum, she had to swallow to keep from making a mess. Appalled by her behavior, she had never acted like this in her life.

He escorted her into a beautiful home that had been converted to dinner, dance club. The inside was spectacular. They went and sat to have a drink, it was an open booth, and he sat across from her.

Looking at her, “open your legs.”

“What?” she replied.

“open them.”

As if mesmerized, she opened her legs, it was turning her on. He urged her to open them wider. About that time, the waiter bought our drinks. She quickly closed her legs. She got up to go to the lady’s room.

“Lose the panties,” he told her.

Once in the stall, she realized her panties were soaked. To wet to even stuff them back in her purse, She dropped them in the trash on the way back to the table.

“Show me,” he said.

She opened her legs, He grabbed her, and they were on the dance floor. She couldn’t believe what he could do to her on the dance floor, it was like she was in a trance. She was pulling him into her, almost humping his leg. There was someone behind her pressing into her, she had not noticed till now. Pressed between two hot bodies, almost too much. She moaned as an orgasm hit her, the gentleman behind her pushed down the top bonus veren siteler of her dress and began to squeeze her exposed tits. She started to complain, and the dancer’s mouth covered hers, his hands on her ass. He pulled up her dress, she was practically naked. The man behind her pressed his cock against her naked ass, the dancer spread her cheeks. Suddenly, she felt the man behind her pushing his cock into her ass, then she felt the dancer push into her pussy. She was being fucked on the dance floor by two men, in front of everyone.

The sensations were overwhelming, two cocks in her at once orgasm after orgasm hit her, she had to be held up till they both shot their loads in her. The dancer held her up and walked her back to the table while she tried to cover herself. She had never experienced anything like that in her life.

“I need to go,” she said quietly.

On the drive home he put his hand on her thigh “No more please she whimpered.” as he began to finger her. Her face was soon in his lap again, he came in her mouth just as they pulled in her drive. She almost ran into the house, slamming and locking the door. What the hell happened, confused and aggravated at her behavior. A relaxing shower helped her spirits. Laying down, she was asleep almost instantly.

The next day she recounted all that happened, that couldn’t have been her doing all those things. She sucked someone she didn’t know twice and swallowed both times, she never swallowed. Two guys fucked on the dance floor, too intense to describe, but so not her. Well, she won’t have those problems again.

Things were quiet for a week except for the dreams, she always woke in the middle of an orgasm. It was three weeks when she pulled up in front of the dinner club. She walked quietly into the front door and was greeted by a very nice gentleman.

“I was here three weeks ago, I would like to join the club,” she said boldly with a boldness she really didn’t feel.

“Yes, I remember you quite well, come into my office.” he had a quiet but commanding manner.

Once in the office, he played a video of her on the dance floor being fucked. “You made quite a hit with our members, We were hoping you would come back.”

“What will it cost me,” he told what the financial cost was.

“You will, of course, have to be examined by the board, five members each will charge you with a task of the sexual nature. If you complete the tasks satisfactorily, they will vote on you.”

“What if I am unable to do what they want?” she asked timidly

“You may leave at any time, you may never return.”

Ellie thought about the last ten years of her life. An occasional spur-of-the-moment fuck. The last few days. She sucked a cock twice and swallowed, she had never done that before. She was fucked on the dance floor by two men she didn’t know. The intensity was almost overwhelming. She bedava bahis couldn’t go back to the occasional fuck. She had tasted what this world had to offer, her mind was made up.

She came this far, she wanted that explosive sexual feeling again. “I will do it.”

“Very well, make arrangements to spend the weekend here.”

Ellie had her overnight bag as she was shown to a huge, elegantly designed room. She was impressed. There were clothes laid out on the bed and a note to meet with member

in two hours, you are to wear the clothes provided, nothing else. She put on the plain black dress, no panties or bra, just the black dress.

She entered the quarters of board member

It was a very comfortable sitting room with four men sitting around with drinks in their hands.

“Well, recruit, do you know what you’re doing here?”


“Yes,” Ellie answered.

” Good, you may leave at any time. You are going to be gang banged right here, right now, are you ready?”


“Well put your hands upon the bar spread your legs as wide as you can, lift your dress up over your ass.

Ellie assumed the humiliating position, somehow it excites her she felt hands on her hips and a cock pressed against her entrance. It was plunged quickly into her.

This was not going to be pleasant sex, this was going to be some hard fucking. They all four had their turn, she was a little sore. She knelt surrounded and began sucking cock. Each of them shot their load on her face.

She sat in a chair on display legs spread finger fucking herself while they had another drink. A small table was rolled in. she laid on her back, her ass at one edge, her head hanging over the other edge. She had a cock shoved in her pussy and one shoved down her throat. Ellie had an almost instant orgasm, she was thoroughly enjoying this. They rotated around the table till they had all had cum on her pussy or her face. She laid face down on the same table her leg hanging over her feet on the floor, she felt hands on her hips a cock pressing against her asshole. They were going to gang fuck her ass. She could not even tell you how hot that experience was. She had orgasmed so many times she was completely drained.

excused her, and she went back to her room on shaky legs. She looked in the mirror and realized what the black dress was all about. It was completely cum stained. She smiled, thinking of the number of loads dumped on her. She pulled off her dress, laid on the bed and drifted off, asleep almost instantly.

With a sharp knock at the door, she got up quickly, realizing she was still naked and her face and belly caked with dried cum. To hell with it, she opened it was a servant with a champagne bottle and a glass on a tray. An envelope was also on the tray. Not feeling the least bit uncomfortable with her nakedness or her condition, she took the tray and deneme bonus thanked the servant. She read the Invitation from

. She was invited to an open show after dinner.

She found an evening dress in the closet that fit perfectly, of course, no panties, no bra. After masturbating in the shower, she dressed and went to dinner. She found sitting uncomfortable, her ass was sore. After dinner, she was directed to a large room with a low stage set up.

happened to be a woman who directed her to a chair next to her. There was a woman on the stage being gang fucked, she was oozing cum and was covered with it,

leaned closer and told Ellie.

“Clean her up, inside and out, no hands, just your mouth.”

That almost did it, Ellie’s commitment wavered, but then she found some inner resolve and went and began licking the cum from the young ladies’ legs. It was nasty slimy but she loved it. After licking up the drippings and the runs, she was staring right into her pussy. It looked inviting, she had never been with a woman, but that wasn’t going to stop her. She began licking the slit, cleaning the spent cum. She probed it with her tongue, as she did, more cum poured out. She caught it all and swallowed as she continued to lick. Her face was pulled in tighter, the young lady began humping her face. Cumming more than once. Thinking she was done, Ellie backed away.

“You forgot her ass.”

reminded her.

The girl rolled over to give Ellie access. Sticking her tongue in her ass, Ellie got another load as the young lady’s ass drained into her mouth. Suddenly, there was a loud round of applause. There on a big screen was a close-up of her tongue in action. A week ago, she would have been embarrassed She got the word that evening that no more trials would be required. The next morning, she was given an invitation to the boardroom.

A little concerned about the trials being cut short, Ellie was nervous as she entered the room. The young lady from last night was there as well. She was going through her trial last night, the same as Ellie.

stood up “ladies, your spectacular performances have led us to shorten the process and offer you full memberships and positions at the club should you be interested.

Ellie was truly surprised, as was her companion.

“You Miss Swanson, we would like to offer a position on the in-house staff as well as a recruiter. You, Mrs. Wilson, we would like to offer a recruiter position.”

Later, the positions and salaries were explained. Ellie was excited, but her main question was about the dancing. She was informed that there was extensive dance training for recruiters designed to elicit intense sexual arousal. She completed the dance training in a little over three weeks. She went to a local nightclub as part of her recruiting effort. She began dancing with a young man and using her newly learned techniques she had him drooling and latching on to her throughout the night. The people at his table kept trying to distract him. The dance ended.

“I have to talk with my friends for a moment,” her told her.

Smiling “yes,” she told him just remember “I have the last dance.”

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