Laundry Day

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Blacks, whites, darks and lights, I have never been one that likes going to the laundry mat. Being a single man, that is only renting an apartment, and doesn’t have the amenities of a full house, kind of puts a strain on the personal life when it comes to the chores. Especially Laundry!

Week after week, it’s the same old thing. Separate all of my clothing, and collect all of the quarters around the house, and my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and after collecting all of my dirty laundry, I head down to the mat.

Books, magazines, and my laptop, on the rare occasion that I remember to bring it, have gotten quite boring on a weekly basis. I also moved a ways away from the laundry mat that I frequent, so going back to the apartment while I am doing laundry is also out of the question now days. So what’s a man to do?

I mean, not to be sexist, but aren’t women supposed to do this for us? Cook and clean and do out laundry? I loathe certain chores, and laundry is one of them. I will mow the grass, fix broken things around the house, and even do the dishes over laundry. It’s so time consuming! But I digress… it has to be done.

One summer afternoon, I decided to take my laptop down to the mat, and I decided to get on the internet and read verses buying a book and taking it. So I jumped on and searched the word erotica.

I have always been into reading erotic stories. I love reading about what goes through other peoples minds, especially when it comes to sexual matters. So when the search results popped up, a link to a site called caught my eye and I decided to check it out.

The more I read, the more I sat in my chair and got more and more uncomfortable because my erection was throbbing against my jeans, just ready to burst out of my zipper. Ready to be stroked, sucked or rode until it spurted hot creamy jets of thick man juice all over the place. But I kept my cool, and kept my cock in its cage because I didn’t want to be put in jail that night for indecent exposure. I can just see the headlines on tomorrow’s paper, “Man in Laundry Mat Caught Masturbating.” …But I did get another idea as a beautiful blonde bombshell walked into the mat with two baskets of laundry.

She stood about 5’7″ with the nicest set of C-Cups that I had seen in a long time, and a tight little bum, and wonderful legs that sprouted out of a pair of booty shorts. She was enough to make an old man go into cardiac arrest! And as she came in and out with the two baskets of laundry, I felt myself staring, and I felt my computer straining against my wrists because of the monster that was trying to burst out under it.

“Hi,” she said sheepishly when she had brought the last basket in from her car.

“How are you?” I managed to choke out, half in shock, and half totally titillated that she even spoke to me.

“I know that I don’t really know you, but can I ask manisa escort a favor of you?” she asked boldly.

“I have to run back home for three more baskets of laundry. I couldn’t fit them in my car. It’s a VW Bug, and I didn’t have room for all of my baskets. Could you do me a favor and watch out for my baskets of laundry while I am gone. I like to wash everything at one time so I am here for the shortest period of time.”

“In a very short few minutes, I will be switching my laundry into the driers, and then I have to go meet my friend, so I can’t stay long after they get dry, but until I have to leave, I will watch them.” I told her.

“Thanks, I shouldn’t be that long though. I only live right down the street, and all I have to do is grab them and I should be back. Hey, excuse me; I’m going to use the ladies room before I go.” She said disappearing past the row of driers and into the family bathroom located in the back of the mat.

About two and a half minutes later, the blonde immerged from the bathroom with a pink ball in her hand, and as she walked past her baskets, she slyly slid the pink ball of fabric into one of them and continued for the door.

“Be back,” she cooed.

Once in her car, I realized that under the black shorts that she wore, she was now naked, because the ball of pink fabric that she placed so coyly in her basket was a pair of pink panties!

I stared intently at the basket, as thoughts raced through my head at millions of miles a second. ‘Should I go grab those panties?’ ‘Why did she take them off?’ ‘Was it a thong, granny panties, or boy shorts?’ ‘Does she have a smell, and if so, what does she smell like?’

All of these thoughts rushed through my head, and before I knew it, I found myself placing my computer underneath the bench, as I got up and approached the basket. Once I was there, I knelt down and dug gently for the piece of pink fabric that was placed oh so carefully into the pile of clothing.

I held the pair of cotton boy shorts in my hand, and brought the glorious treasure to my nose and deeply inhaled. The euphoric high swirled around my head as the raw spicy smell of unwashed pussy pervaded throughout the air. She had just woken up from a hot sweaty sleep and through her shorts over her panties and came down to the mat without her morning shower. It smelled so incredibly good; I almost came on the spot with out even touching my cock. And to my delight, she couldn’t quite make it to the bathroom; because a wet spot had spread right where her delightful pussy lips had lain on the fabric, as she must have dribbled a little piss on the fabric as she hurried to get them down to relieve herself.

Looking more intently, I a small white spot was evident in the crotch of her panties, where a little cum from last night had leaked and dried. Now my cock was about to explode if I didn’t do something maraş escort about this situation. I quickly got up, and stuffed the cotton rag into my pants pocket, and threw my clothes in the drier and shakily added quarters to each machine and then made a B-line for the bathroom as I slammed the door behind me.

The thought of watching that blonde’s clothes had long since left me, and especially now as I tore my jeans open with absolute fervor, and grabbed my throbbing cock by the base. I wrapped it in the pink pussy covering and I feverishly started jerking like it was my job.

I didn’t just beat my cock in the respect as I always did; you know the caressing of yourself, as only you know how. No one can make you feel like you can and everyone that masturbates can attest to that, but in this instance, I didn’t have much time to be kind. I was ripping my cock back and forth, up and down, trying so hard to squirt my man juice all over the gusset of this disgustingly hot girl’s panties before she made it back.

I felt the burn down deep after about five minutes of this physical abuse my cock was receiving. The wet spot that was left on the panties from the piss, now felt cool every time it touched my cock, as my cock felt as if it were on fire. I had to cum. I needed this like I needed air in my lungs. The pulsing of my heartbeat and the deep breathing from the pit of my lungs pulsated and rang out in my own ears as the thousands of tiny sperm traveled through the canal of my urethra and flying out onto the fabric that had moments before covered the sweetest smelling thing that I had smelled in a long time.


The euphoric high from the most powerful orgasm that had stricken me in ages blurred my vision and I actually stumbled backwards into the wall and hit my head lightly on the horrible flower pattern wallpapered walls of the laundry mat’s bathroom.

As I came down off of my high, I realized my surroundings and also realized what I had just done. I also realized that my huge sloppy load of cum was now plastered all over the wall, the toilet, and best of all, the pink ‘rag’ (yeah now they were nothing more than a cum rag) that was yet wrapped around my cock; that was rapidly becoming flaccid due to the exertive exercise it had just received.

‘Now what do I do?’ I thought. I wiped up all of the remaining cum that was on my fingers and cock, and stuffed the cum rag in my pocket. I washed my hands in the sink, and decided that I was going to leave the massive mess on the toilet and the wall for the next unsuspecting victim. Oh well, worse things have happened; and I left the bathroom.


As I sat down and picked up my laptop that I had stashed under my upturned laundry baskets and placed under my bench, I looked up and my heart dropped! The blonde walked back into the mat with her hands full of two baskets of clothing. The gentleman mardin escort thing to do would have been to offer the lady some help with her baskets, but I couldn’t move! Time in my little world seemed to have stopped and I couldn’t say anything, move, or even breathe.

“Hey, I’m back…” she said breathing heavily and setting the baskets by the others.

Millions of thoughts raced through my head. What if she notices they are gone? What if she questions me? What will I say? What will I do? What if she asks for them back? What if she calls the cops? What the hell? And right then I realized I was probably fucked if anything drastic happened. And if nothing happened, I would never do anything like this again!

She finished unloading the car by herself, (yeah I am an asshole, go ahead and say it) and she brought her detergent and bleach into the mat and started loading machines. The awkwardness of the whole situation was too much for me to handle! The bright green 3 that was on my driers plagued me horribly! Three Horrible, Long, Tedious, and Painstaking minutes were left on the driers and I didn’t want to wait for them to pass.

To make things worse, the blonde, (isn’t that a shame, I didn’t know her name) kept trying to prod information out of me. “So are you from around here? So how old are you? So what do you do for a living? So… SO… SO?” she begged, and prodded.

My cotton mouth situation didn’t help me answer her questions, and the sweat beading on my forehead wasn’t a tell tale give away that there was something wrong with me… No, not at all!

And then, as if an angel swooped down and picked me up, 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… BUZZZZZZZ. I could have done cartwheels at that particular moment. My driers had finally stopped. So I tried to gather up my things as inconspicuously as I could and I took the first two baskets to my car and returned to get the third.

Upon leaving the blonde said good bye and just as I was about to leave…

“Hey,” she called out. As I turned to face her, “I’m here every Friday morning…”

I was slightly lost by her comment, so I became a little inquisitive. I’ll know not to next time!

“Ok? Why do you say that?”

“Well just incase you would like to come do laundry with me. It gets lonely in here sometimes.”

“Ok, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.” I said turning to leave. My heart was racing at break neck speeds, but I was almost scot free! I could taste freedom. She didn’t say anything. Dumb Blonde! If she only knew….

“And incase you want anymore of my panties…”

I fainted.

When I came too, some twenty minutes later, my face was damp from a wet towel, and there was an EMS worker stationed at each side of me. Socks, jeans, and polo shirts lay strewn at my feet, a jacket under my head for support, and a wet spot now bled through the jeans I was wearing at the pocket where the massive sperm bank had made its way through the panties and my jeans. And a blonde supermodel towered over my head with a cell phone in hand.

Needless to say, this was an experience that I will never forget!

…Oh and her name was Ashley!

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