Lesbian Slave Love in Ancient Rome Ch. 01

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I was a fortunate young woman in Rome, the capital of the greatest empire. I was wealthy and of the patrician class. My family owned estates and thousands of slaves who worked our huge farms.

Even though a young lady at age 18, I was not yet married off. I was also expected to learn the businesses of my family. So one day I found myself in the countryside, at our estate in Tuscany. Little did I imagine I would find my life passion there.

While learning the lay of the land and the basics of the operations, I started to take my horse around alone.

One day one of the slaves smiled at me. She was my age, sweating, scantily clad. I smiled back as if to a friend, for something about her made me relax, and reminded me of friends of my own social class.

I continued my tour, but the next day, feeling lonely, I purposefully went back to that spot.

She was there again, thankfully. She stopped working, looked up and smiled again, her perfect teeth white in the sun, bright against her tanned skin. Still on horseback, I went closer.

To my surprise, my eyes were irresistibly drawn to her much-revealed perfect body, glistening skin. feminine muscles shaping a perfect outline. My heart beat faster. I felt strangely alive near her.

I knew what was happening with me, and I was ok with it, for in our society, same sex relationships were not unusual, though more frowned upon among women.

She curtsied and bowed her head quickly, recognizing from my clothing, horse and bearing I must be of the patrician class.

She smiled that dazzling, world-stopping smile again, eyes squintly slightly in the sun. I felt she wanted to talk but probably knew to wait for the free person.

“Hi, I am Claudia, of the family that owns these lands.” I instantly regretted being so formal, anxious to find a friend, though knowing she and I could not be friends in the way other patricians, or even any free person could fully be with a slave.

She kneeled, head bowing, “I am Julia, and then you are my owner. I am a slave on this farm.”

“Stand, Julia, my sweet slave,” I smiled, dismounting.

We were of the same height and so were looking directly into one another’s eyes.

“Our lives are very different, but we have much in common too, I feel,” knowing that most owners of slave did not start conversations this way kocaeli escort bayan upon their family’s slaves, which under our laws are property. Yet I was lonely, and this person had an elegance, athleticism and grace that dazzled me.

She smiled her captivating smile. My heart suddenly yearned … the aliveness in her was not subdued by being owned. I wondered if it was because she worked mostly outdoors and away from my family and workers, perhaps managed by slave overseers.

“My family owns thousands of slaves, but we are still people too.” I found myself saying, wanting to relate to this remarkable person.

“And you and I are especially similar. Same age, probably, similarly athletic, similar in appearance… “

Still smiling, she said “As you say, similar, with a major difference: you can change my life at your whim, and leave to travel on your horse, whereas I have no freedom.”

“You have some influence now though. For…” I hesitated … “I already like you.” I smiled with the confidence of power, though she made my heart race and feel warm, and I knew once I told her I liked her, without knowing her well, she might start working the opportunity. But then again, I really had total power.

Julia blushed. “It may seem like flattery, I like you too. You seem different than other free people. Your words, your friendliness, your beauty.”

I could now feel warmth in my own face, and I hoped my cheeks did not blush as clearly as hers.

“One of the things we have in common: we speak directly what we think and feel.

I am looking for a personal slave. I believe you might do, though you work the farm rather than the house. You speak clearly and well and you do not seem to hide the truth. In fact… I am surprised you are not a house slave, because you are young and beautiful.”

She looked around at the other work slaves and toward the supervisor. Looking more seriously at me, she said “I know I would like that. What can I do to show you that I am suited for such a position?”

“First, tell me where you learned to speak so… you have the speech of a Roman like me, raised in Roma, and not out in the country.”

She laughed softly. Her laugh delighted me. “I was raised in the city, actually. I was born free but my family was destroyed in the civil war. She looked down sadly…

“I am sorry kocaeli sınırsız escort to hear that. You truly have my empathy. Friends of mine have been exiled, enslaved or even killed. Roma has been through difficult times lately. Sadly, you are only one of many who have suffered… there are many Roman slaves now.”

She nodded and continued.

“As for being in the fields, I believe I was sent here for the planting seasons because I am physically strong.”

“Oh? Let me see.” I found myself ordering her. The words shot out of my mouth as I was accustomed to ordering slaves to do things. This time I felt awkward, and I realized I I was because part of me wanted to be her friend, another had a crush on her already – perhaps like this love at first sight I’ve heard of – and another part was irresistibly attracted on a physical level.

She smiled and picked up a large rock.

I laughed. ” Yes, that is one way to show me.”

I looked into her eyes and saw the joy of life in this one. And so attractive.

She seemed to like me too, I imagined.

I felt awkward at my next thought, though I’ve ordered many slaves to many things.

“Another is to take off that dirty work tunic and show me your muscles. What you’re wearing now hides only a little anyway… and it’s filthy and in shreds – I will get you a new one – throw it into the grove.”

She hesitated. She looked me in the eyes and I did not waver my gaze… I smiled slightly, to encourage her. But she did not move fast enough to avoid my asserting myself. as I was accustomed to with slaves.

“Go ahead, off with it all. That is an order. Don’t forget, I’m of the family that owns all this, including you.”

Her reasons to delay gone, she suddenly hurried.

She blushed a little. I liked her even more for that.

“Ok, pose for me. Like this” as I flexed my own biceps.

“Yes, strong, for a nubile female.” My voice uncharacteristically wavered a moment, as an unexpected wave of passion unsettled me.

“You also have wonderfully athletic legs… those thigh muscles! Perfect.”

My delivery of the first sentence was fine, but I lost control of my voice for the word “perfect”… I was choked with admiration. This won’t do, for a slave to see me weak for her.

She seemed to begin enjoying izmit anal yapan escort the praise, probably noticing my discomfort.

“Your abdomen is perfect too. You should be a model in a sculptor’s studio, not a field slave.” She smiled more, though still blushing.

“Interesting that you are completely shaved in the groin area. I can clearly and fully see your loins.”

Now she blushed and smiled more, and almost covered up with her hands but fought the instinct.

“Yes mistress, it and all other body hair was shaved to keep lice out, and for general health and cleanliness.”

“And yet they let you wear those filthy rags.”

I told her to turn around.

I reminded her flex, and not only her biceps.

When she flexed her glutei I almost moaned aloud at the perfection of her derrière.

“Yes,” I breathed, “you should be a model for a sculptor.l, or painter. I am surprised that you were not bought by a brothel.”

“Thank goodness, my owner, for I do not like men.”

My ability to breathe simply stopped for a moment.

I tried to appear and sound nonchalant but failed miserably as my voice cracked and I experienced difficulty asking, “Um, you do not like men… in that way?”

“Mistress, I am a follower of Sappho. I am attracted only to women.”

She looked down.

“I hope you do not think badly of me for that.”

“Ummm no… slave… that is …”

I reminded myself I was in control here, though acting like a love-struck pre-teen.

“..that is fine… that is actually very very good.”

She looked up and smiled with her perfect white teeth. She now seemed confident even though nude and a slave, and I had become uncertain, even though fully clothed and of the family that owned her.

After more conversation, made more exciting because she was naked and I dressed, she said she had to work or risk punishment for not accomplishing her task. I nodded and ordered her to proceed, but to continue naked, as I watched.

She smiled a that, and seemed a little excited.

I marveled at her perfection and grace. She occasionally flashed a flirty smile at me, and after the second one I returned smiles with similar flirtatiousness. Soon we were grinning at one another.

I learned what her task was, and fought the desire to help her.

We exchanged personal information. I learned she had sisters, as did I.

As she worked, I fell in lust with her lean, athletic build.

Eventually, I joined her to finish the task. To show her that we in the family are not only administrators, financiers and politicians. And to be with her.

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