Life as a Sub Ch. 02 Pt. 03

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This is the continuing story of my life, from my late teens when I was outed as a sub, to now, living the everyday struggle of wanting to be of service to Doms, Masters and Mistresses.

Chapter 2 – Part 3

I was positive that Bob said to me, Ruth wasn’t ready to be fucked. So what was Clive doing?

Sinsa stopped wanking me and held the base of my hard cock in her fist. I looked down at what she was doing. It looked like she wanted to see how much of my cock would poke out of her fingers as she squeezed me. She deliberately pressed her fist into my groin, trying to make making more of my cock stick out.

I also wanted to look bigger for her, so I pushed my hips out, making a tiny bit more of my cock slide out of her fist. I was proud that another inch at least was now sticking out. She wiggled me, then bent down to kiss my cock.

As Sinsa bent down, I reached for her bum because I wanted to touch her wet pussy again, but as I touched her lovely rounded bottom, I looked over at Ruth. OMG, I loved what I saw.

She was moaning, and fucking back on Clive’s cock. Oh, I so wanted to do that. Her head was now pressed into the carpet, leaving Claire sat over her on the sofa, legs open, fingering herself and looking into Clive’s eyes.

Ruth was obviously enjoying this cock sliding in and out of her, just as I could just feel Sinsa give me a gentle kiss on my condom covered cock. The condom somewhat deadened the sensation of lips on me, and I just wished she would suck me properly.

I looked at Claire. She was deliberately playing with herself for Clive to watch and enjoy as he fucked Ruth. Her heels on the sofa, legs open, she was stroking her fingers up and down her pussy lips, tempting him. The look on her face said it all. She was doing everything she could to excite Clive. It was like she was urging him on to fuck Ruth while he was thinking of her pussy.

In hindsight, as I describe everything that happened that evening, it really shows how much I was being manipulated and moulded. My senses were being bombarded with sensations, and my thoughts were being guided by erotic situations they put me in. I was always in a state of confusion, and need, wondering what was going on.

It was still frustrating, because this group always had me on the edge of having sex. I was a horny young man. I wanted to participate in these decadent activities, I desperately wanted sex.

Clive looked over at me. Once he saw I was looking, he turned his body just enough, so that I could see exactly what his cock looked like inside Ruth. He pulled out slightly, and with at least half of his cock inside her, I could see her hole was stretched around him. Smiling at me, he pulled out of her a tiny bit more and I could see his cock was wet, and how much her pussy was gripping him.

Then as he pulled all the way out of her, his cock sprang free and swiped a wet trail on her bum. He sat back on his heels and holding Ruth’s bum in his hands, opened her vagina with his thumbs. He was looking inside her, but what was he looking for?

Then he stood up, his wet hard cock waving in our direction as he walked over to us.

Ruth was left there, head on the floor, bum in the air, her vagina wet and open. Oh wow. The sight of her like that made me pulse my cock in Sinsa’s hand. I wanted to go over there and fuck Ruth. I was feeling so desperate, so frustrated that I wanted to slide into that gorgeous wet pussy. She looked so ready for sex.

Sinsa let go of me and stood by Clive as he poured a drink. With the back of her hand, she stroked down his chest, stomach and down to the base of his cock. He in turn, reached up and pinched and pulled one of her nipples between his forefinger and thumb. She loved that treatment of her breasts, her head fell back as she took a loud breathe.

I heard her murmur to Clive. “Yesss. Mmmmmmm.”

She then looked at me out of the corner of her eye as she said to Clive, “You know I love to watch you fuck and stretch that bitch.”

Then looking into his eyes, she lifted his hard cock in a cupped hand. With her other hand she caressed her thumb all over his cock head and pee slit. Without taking her eyes from his, she licked her thumb then stroked him again. His cock twitched in her hand as he bent down and gave her a passionate kiss.

Sinsa closed her fingers as best she could around his cock, then continued to gently stroke his length as they chatted. I looked down at his cock in her hand and wondered if he had cum in Ruth. Was that why he looked into her after he pulled out? Was that why Sinsa licked her thumb? Surely Sinsa would have said something especially if she had tasted it.

“Claire said the slut wasn’t hungry enough.” He said to Sinsa, “She needed a little incentive.”

He looked at me. “She has obviously only had Jim-boy’s cock to play with for too long.”

He reached over and slapped me on the shoulder, smiling at me. I went red with embarrassment by his blatant lack of any thoughts bursa escort bayan for my feelings. I couldn’t help myself. I stared and automatically compared his cock to mine. His was circumcised, thicker and just a bit longer than mine. But his cock looked so big when it was hard like this. It looked massive compared to my sheathed, stumpy cock.

Bob, John and Sally wandered over to us at the bar. Both Bob and John had big looking floppy flaccid cocks, swaying and looking impressive as they approached us. I noticed that unlike me, all of these guys’ cocks didn’t seem to shrink down to the size of an acorn when they were soft. I wondered what they did to always have imposing dangling appendages. I was so jealous and really did feel inferior.

Everyone smiled and joked as we topped up our drinks, after which, Bob invited all four of us to sit in the chairs and have a chat. I was very conscious that Sally and John were glancing at my shrinking cock, the condom starting to bunch up making it all look ridiculously wrinkly and loose.

John whispered something to Bob, who then looked down at my cock as well.

“Boy, go and tidy up. You don’t need that on anymore.” He said pointing at me.

I was relieved. I put my drink down and excused myself, and hurriedly walked off to the hallway loo.

Inside the small room, I removed the condom, put it into the bin, then had a pee. After I washed everything I stood on tip toes to look at myself in the mirror. I quickly played with my cock to try to make it floppy and hang down like the other guys. After a quick cock wiggle in the mirror, I was ready to be seen. I returned to the living room hoping it wouldn’t start shrinking again too fast.

Everyone except Claire and Ruth were sat in the chairs on the other side of the room. I saw my drink was on one of the small tables next to Bob, so I walked over to join them.

Just as I got to the chairs, Sally smiled at me, got up and sexily sauntered over to Claire and Ruth.

I went to sit down in Sally’s warm seat while watching her bum wiggle and wobble away from me, but I had completely forgotten something. There was a bit of a problem as soon I tried to sit down. I was suddenly very aware of the plug in my bum. It stuck out so much, I had to sit sideways on one cheek, much to the smiling amusement of the others.

Continually shifting from one cheek to the other, it got uncomfortable, so I stood next to my chair.

“Sorry, but the plug is sticking out too much.” I said to everyone.

They all laughed and I had to admit, it was a little funny so I nervously giggled too.

As I stood by the chair, naked, sipping my drink, I looked around the room and stared at my girlfriend once again gently licking Claire’s vagina like a cat drinks milk. Claire’s eyes were closed, her head back, her face looked relaxed and peaceful as she enjoyed Ruth’s mouth between her open legs. Sally, now sat next to Claire, was bent down sucking one of Claire’s breasts.

I couldn’t stand all night so I tried to sit on the arm of the chair, and balanced on one bum cheek.

The conversation was all about Ruth, how she got involved with the group and how she quickly owned up to being more slave than submissive. I must have looked even more confused, so Bob gave me a brief explanation about the difference between a slave and a submissive.

This was an education. I sat listening to Bob and Clive, as they described everything that Ruth asked and liked to do. I was fascinated to learn how quickly she had become a playmate.

Sinsa, sitting crossed legged, nodded and agreed. Just then, John got up and walked off to the hallway. I couldn’t believe it. Even after having sat around, his soft cock still looked huge as it hung down between his balls. I was drawn to stare at it, then down at my now shrunken wrinkly little thing.

I was truly embarrassed. My stomach churned and that feeling of inadequacy flooded my mind. I held my glass over my cock in such a way so they didn’t notice if anyone looked at me.

I looked over at Claire again, to see what Ruth was doing, but, she wasn’t there. She had gone. Claire was sat with Sally, chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Where had Ruth gone?

All this time, I was listening to the conversation. Sinsa spoke by adding that she loved how Ruth was becoming more of a slut and whore with every visit.

My eyes widened. Both men nodded in agreement as they stroked their cocks, each maintaining a semi-hardness. They agreed that having a submissive in the group was a real turn on and everyone loved to include Ruth in their play. They laughed and joked as I wondered just how many times my girlfriend had their cocks in her. And, I wondered if Ruth felt any difference when we had sex.

My watching their stroking was getting noticed. Clive and Bob made a point of waving their cocks at me, looking into my eyes to see my reaction. For some reason, I couldn’t help admiring their size, thickness and length and görükle escort how they must have stretched Ruth’s vagina every time they fucked her. I looked around. Where was Ruth?

“So boy, how are you feeling. What is on your mind?” Bob asked me as he waved his cock at me.

I felt the heat of embarrassment once more in my face. What a question to ask I thought. But, even the question made my own cock start to grow.

“There is no problem boy. Look all you want. It is something that you are naturally drawn to do. We prefer you do it here so that you become more comfortable with what you are. Get used to it.”

He opened his legs wider and lifted his cock in one hand and balls in the palm of his other.

“We know you want to look. We want you to understand the desire inside you. Ruth knows. We know. Here look at me.”

He pulled his foreskin back, made his cock head pulse, then pushed it back again. Was he deliberately humiliating me? I didn’t know what to do. I looked at Sinsa, then back to Bob. I had a pleading look on my face. Help. What was I supposed to say?

I glanced down at my little cock and my little ball hanging loose and vulnerable. Bob smiled and lifted his cock then laid it on his stomach. He deliberately showed me his balls. I couldn’t help looking. They both nestled in his ball bag, their shape defined by how large they were inside the soft skin of his scrotum. Staring, I was very self-conscious and couldn’t help feeling inadequate.

Sinsa saw me through squinting eyes, looking at the other guys. She noticed I then down at my tiny cock behind my glass of water.

“Don’t feel embarrassed Jim.” She said in a soft caring voice. “Go on, tell us, what are you thinking?”

I didn’t know what to say, but I was getting those depraved humiliating feelings in my stomach again.

“Aaahh. It’s ok lover boy. Come over here, with me. Come on.” She said, lifting out of her chair and kneeling on the floor in front of the two men. She held her hand out for me.

As I got up, Sinsa patted the floor next to her. I knelt down and sat back on my heels. I looked at Bob and then Clive, as they looked down at me. I was eye level to their flaccid cocks and loose hanging balls. It felt so surreal. My cock was starting to get hard because of the crazy uncomfortable and embarrassing situation I was being put in.

Sinsa was studying my face. I could tell , she was trying to guess what I was thinking.

Claire suddenly shouted over from the sofa. “Sinsa. Hang on. First things first.”

Claire and Sally walked over to us. I looked at Sinsa and then at Claire. What was I supposed to do? Where was Ruth?

As Sally took my seat, Claire stood next to me and gave me a gentle nudge on my shoulder to make me stand. I did as I was told and stood. Sinsa winked at me, stood, and walked back to her chair, smacking my bum as she passed me.

Just then, John re-entered the living room, pulling Ruth by the hand.

I thought he had just gone for a pee and freshen up, but he came back, his rigid cock waving in front of him, with Ruth walking behind, head lowered.

He stopped by the now seated Sinsa to look at what was happening, his pointing cock almost touching her face. He let go of Ruth and she immediately knelt down, sitting on her heels beside him.

Sinsa turned her head to look at John’s cock, then reached up and pulled it to her mouth. With her fingers, she gently pulled his foreskin back and opening her mouth wide, gave his cock head a quick suck. After a couple of deep sucks, she pulled back and said, “All clean again hun. Mmmmm. Lovely.”

She finished by sucking his foreskin back over his cock before letting it spring from her mouth.

John put his hand on Ruth’s head and stroked her hair as I heard him say, “The slut gave me a good wash after I had a pee.”

Meanwhile Claire stood next to me, and grabbed my hard cock. She lifted it and pressed it against my stomach so that my nude little ball was on full display.

She kissed me on the lips, then said. “I told you we would show you off this evening.”

I was worried. This was a big deal for me. Now, everyone could see my one little ball. There was no hiding it. I was on show. I had a weird thought, was she getting me back for something. Was it that I left so early last time?

Claire whispered into my ear as she pressed my cock harder into my stomach.

“Everyone can see it. They can all see your cute little ball. Look at my husband. Show it off to him, be proud of it. It makes you who you are”

I was encouraged by her words. I opened my legs so that I was displaying myself off to everyone.

Bob and Clive were jerking their hard cocks now quite rapidly.

“Look at what you are doing. Mmmmmmm. Those big cocks. Look at them. They think your little ball looks sexy.”

I looked at John’s erection and then at Bob’s, then Clive’s as she described them. I could see what she was talking about. I looked down bursa escort bayan again as Claire pressed my cock against my stomach so that all I could see was my foreskin covered cock head under my belly button.

With her other hand, Claire circled her fingers around my ball at the base of my cock, then pulled and lifted my little testicle as high as she could. I flinched in a little bit of pain and stood on tip toes as she pulled, lifted and showed my ball off to everyone.

“The boy was unsure that he would be accepted because of this.” She said as she pointed me at each of the men.

“Isn’t it cute?” she said through pursed lips. She sounded like she was talking to a puppy as she asked the group.

I just stood there in discomfort and embarrassment. Everyone was looking as Claire pulled my ball left then right for them to see. She didn’t seem to mind that I was in quite a bit of pain. She continued to pull it while keeping my cock flat against my stomach.

This was conditioning. I was being shown what it felt like to be a submissive in the company of Dominants. I was being put on show for their pleasure. To be humiliated for their enjoyment. I knew that I was being trained.

Bob smiled as I watched him play with his cock.

“I like the way he stares at me. It makes him look hungry. Do you feel hungry boy?” He said loudly directly at me.

He then made a point of showing his cock and balls to me. His length and thickness. Yes, I was jealous, but also, I respected him because of that. I was feeling inferior, as a good submissive ought to when in the company of a Dominant. He waved his cock in the air as if to tempt me.

I looked down at my cock again. I was convinced that mine was puny looking compared to the envious magnificence of all three of these mature men’s cocks. I thought again about how much Ruth must have felt Clive’s cock stretch her pussy.

Thankfully, Claire let go of my ball and cock. I let out a puff of air out of relief.

“There, my sexy little cock. Everyone has seen your secret now. You can relax and enjoy the evening.”

She was right. I did feel relieved. It was finally out there. If they hadn’t already known, and I was sure they all did, Claire had made sure that there was no question about my secret at all.

Claire then smacked my bum again and just sauntered away, back to the bar, leaving me standing there, my hard on sticking out in front of me.

Sinsa got up, licked her lips, placing her foot on the arm of Sally’s chair and lifted her right leg to show off her lovely wet black pussy. Looking at me, she fingered herself, which made me once again stare at her. Thanks to Claire, I wasn’t ready to fuck again just yet, but that was changing fast because in my mind, I wanted so much to get inside that pussy.

John and Sally stood, they too walked over to Claire at the bar. John touched Ruth on the back of the head to make her follow them. As I watched Ruth crawl away, I noticed her bum had a prominent red hand print on her left buttock, but I was quickly distracted by John as he stroked his cock, wiggling it in front of me as he walked by.

Sinsa blew kisses at his cock as he walked past her and then carried on playing with her pussy, looking at me for my reactions. I stared, my mouth getting wet with anticipation as I too now stroked my cock.

“Want to suck it Jim?” Bob asked. I turned my head to answer him. He deliberately left the question open as he waved his cock at me.

I said “Ok”.

“OK… JUST OK,” he raised his voice at me.

I swallowed as I replied, “Ok Sir,” quickly kneeling in front of him.

“Nooooo, not me boy.” he said smiling. “Sinsa, go suck Sinsa. I know you want to suck my cock, and you can do it later, but you were looking so hungry at Sinsa’s pussy. Go and please her, go, go”.

I smiled, relieved I hadn’t pissed him off and so I thanked him. I knelt in front of Sinsa and looked up hungrily at the lovely moist lips of her pussy. She smiled at Bob as I buried my face into her sex. I covered my face with her juice. I loudly licked and sucked as I got that familiar faint salty taste of sperm and girl cum. I knew someone had fucked her, and it was obvious I was tasting some of their fun.

She held the back of my head and pulled me into her.

Well that urged me to just get carried away. I wanted this woman’s pussy, I wanted to fuck her, to slide my cock in and out of that gorgeous vagina. I was getting lost in the moment, but from the way she was holding me, I could tell she wanted to cum in my mouth first.

All of a sudden, as I knelt there, I felt someone gently tug on the hoop of my butt plug. They didn’t remove it, they just pulled it and tested how much my bum sucked it in. I guessed it was Bob but I wasn’t sure. Whoever it was, they were making sure that it was firmly inside me, repeatedly pulling and letting go. But then I saw Bob out the corner of my eye as he walked past us.

I suddenly heard Clive’s voice from behind me. “That’s in there quite tight Mr B. Good.” I then felt him lift and support my ball in his palm, but then gently grab it and pull it. I was a bit shocked and distracted from sucking Sinsa, what was it with my ball that everyone wanted to tug on it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32