Life in the Old Dog

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My name is Jenny and am a 38 year old divorcee. No kids were involved, so that was a blessing in a way. After selling the 5 apartment flat in the West End of Glasgow, bought when the market was at it’s lowest, with my share I bought a semi detached house in the suburbs, bought a Lotus Elise and decided to go back to university as a mature student.

After a few weeks settling in, we started to get to know who was who on the course, some of us went for a bop and a boogie in the students’ union. This became a regular night out where we could let our hair down and forget all our stresses and strains of academia.

One night it was a gay night. The younger class members were more open to it than I would have been at that age. I went along and we had a good drink and dance. I danced with guys and girls equally and was pooped at the end. When it came to the last dance, one of the girls called Susan. She is 18, doe eyed, beyond shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, 5’9 tall and an ex ballerina. She would probably have made it had she not been that tall. While dancing in the darkened hall, we exchanged a few kisses. You can imagine my surprise when her hands lingered longer on my breasts, but I let it go.

The following Monday Susan was absolutely mortified and could hardly look me in the eye. I told her to forget it, we all do daft things and at her age I did a few. 3 guys at the one time was one of them. This did not pacify her. I told her to come round and we could discuss it, trying to put her at ease. After 10 minutes of persuasion she agreed to come round.

Two days later she popped round, still more than a little mortified. We sat down and demolished a pizza I had ordered along with several nişantaşı escort bottles of wine. Seeing she was more at ease, I asked her why she was embarrassed. After a bottle of wine she was more open. She told me that she had mixed feelings, had drunk too much and was hung up on her chest. She is a 34a, but very statuesque. At 5’6 and a 36c, certainly had a bigger chest and she just over stepped the mark. Wishful thinking would probably been closer to it. She told me that her lack of chest made her nervous around guys in case they picked up on her insecurities.

She then started weeping on my shoulders, then when she settled down on my lap and started to compose herself. I started to run my fingers over the silk blouse she was wearing and playing with her pendant. This seemed to calm her and cause no offence. After 5 minutes I realised that I was gently touching her cleavage. I stopped, fearing I was causing her discomfort or distress. She asked me to keep stroking her. I made a mental note not to touch her bra, keeping it clean. After a while she asked me where the toilet was, kissed me and said she would be back in a minute.

When she came back her blouse was unbuttoned and she had removed her bra. This was not what I had anticipated, but decided to play it cool. Susan lay on my lap, face up and placed my right hand on her breast. She leant up and kissed me. This was a turn up as well as a turn on. I asked her what the limits were. “Topless” she replied. “Ok” I stammered. I stood up and took of my T shirt and bra. I then sat down crouching over her lap on my sofa. This placed my tits at her face level. She started to kiss and stroke them, then I felt her tears on them. I pulled away, asking her why şişli escort she was crying. She had always wanted a big chest and this was as close as she felt she would ever get with short of plastic surgery. I looked down at her, her breasts were small, but in immature way. Being a ballerina, this had stunted her development. She would grow, and what a woman she would grow into. Just try convincing her of that was the challenge.

Susan devoured my chest mercilessly, sucking, squeezing, chewing and nibbling. This was getting too much for me as I felt my excitement rise. My knickers were soaking and I would have to get some release sometime soon. I stood up, took Susan’s hand and led her to the bedroom. She quickly realised what I had in mind and was more than willing. She stood behind me kissing the back of my neck, keeping up the attention on my chest and stomach. She seemed to regain her composure, slipped her hands into my belt. After removing my belt, she then removed my trousers and then knickers.

Susan’s turn was next. I did the same, working her chest really hard. I suspect that this was the first time someone had given her their full attention to her chest. I worked her for 10 minutes, feeling her heart rate increase along with some sweat on her fore head. She finally orgasmed from my massaging, collapsing in a heap. I picked her up and lay her on my bed. We spent the remainder of the evening in the bed getting more confident in our love making.

She spent the night in my bed. I took her into university the next day and I told her that I would like to see her again. Many an assignment were finished naked and together. We must have been a wee bit indiscreet as a few of the girls picked up on our mecidiyeköy escort chemistry. As it worked out there was quite a bisexual ring in the girls. We had a few parties at various (including mine) where we ended up with our partners or partners for the night on the floor, on the sofa or in bed.

We are both bi, guys do feature, however we know how to look after ourselves. Susan had a date with a guy and wanted to sleep with him. The only person she had slept with was me, so she was a virgin in the truest sense of the word. She asked me to buy a strap on as she wanted me to be her first.

This arrived on the Saturday before the big date. She had stayed over and we had been at it when the post man arrived, so she was more than ready. I got myself into the harness and gently put the artificial penis into her freshly shaved pussy. I felt her hymen give and you could see her confidence grow with every passing moment as we found our rhythm. She came in my arms, crying as it was what she had been craving. A penis and a largish chest to play with, this was her heaven.

The date went well and she came by on the Sunday to tell me how it had gone. Her pussy was more than a little tender after the pounding it had taken that weekend. After inspecting the damage and kissing it better she went home to finish her assignment.

That was term 1 in first year. Since then we have been great fuck buddies, along with some of the girls in the bisexual circle. We have our various men, but every so often we get together, either as a couple or a group to have a girly night in. We once ended up with 5 in my bed, all well screwed by the morning. Showers were shared the next day, as much through necessity as choice.

Me, I am twice their age and still am seen as the best lay amongst them. If my ex husband could see me on these nights, the shock would send him over the edge, but I suspect he would be jealous and a wee bit proud of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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