Life Of Paul – Departure Ch. 03

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All characters appearing or mentioned in this story are 18 years old or older. This story is a work of fiction and any reference or description to actual persons is unintentional.


If you are enjoying these stories, leave a comment about what you liked or didn’t, or things you want to ready more of. I’ll take advice into consideration when I’m working out the next parts of the LoP stories.


March 1999

If life has taught me anything so far, it’s that you need to know your limits. I, being so young, of course thought I had no limits. I had fucked all day and was still raring to go. At least, that was what my brain was saying to me.

However, once I bid Tiffany and Jenny a fond farewell just after dusk, I went to check into my hotel in San Diego. Once I got into the room, I felt very tired and laid down for just a minute.

That minute turned into 11 hours. I woke up feeling like I had a hangover until I realized I was badly dehydrated and needing food. It was just after 7am when I strolled down to the hotels breakfast buffet and dug in for the next hour. Afterwards, I felt much, much better.

The waves were still up so I did some surfing for a few hours, and then some skating at some local spots just filling the day with activities. Min wasn’t working until 10pm that night so I had time to kill.

After a light dinner and some more people watching at the beach, the night started to approach so I went to the hotel to change. I showered and combed my hair for once, slicking it back in order to look more upscale.

I brought my one other good suit with me because I wanted to impress. Thanks to Kelly, whom helped me get a nice blue suit, some more shirts and other bits, I looked quite fashionable in my suit pants and jacket, with crisp white shirt and no tie. ‘Business casual’ was what she said I needed. Checking myself in the mirror before, I didn’t disagree. Looking at myself after, I felt very handsome and even more confident.

Before leaving, I called the club and made two requests. The voice on the other end quoted a price that would have been astronomical to me a few months ago, but now I said, with all the grace I could must, “Oh is that all? Thats fine. Heres my card number.”

I could almost hear the persons eyes cartoonishly turn into gold coins over the phone.

Rolling up to the club, it was quite the nice establishment. Local reviews put this as the best erotica joint in all of southern California. Seeing the place, I could not disagree.

The parking lot was huge, but the building was two large levels with a nice, business like architecture. It could have been an office building were it not for the pink neon signs in the windows and thumping music coming from the doors.

I parked the green goblin and strolled (yes, strolled) up to the door. The bouncer was an enormous gentleman who simply said, “Name?”.

“Paul,” I told him. He checked his clipboard, looked at me, and then smiled his nicest, most horrifying smile.

“Welcome to Club Platinum, sir. The hostess will show you to the room.”

“Thanks bub,” I said, shaking his hand and slipping him a $20 bill.

A woman appeared just as I stepped inside. “Greetings sir, I’m Jasmine. I’ll be tending to you this evening. Please follow me.”

Following was easy. The woman was tall, at least 6ft, tanned body, long straight dark hair, and a sharply beautiful face.

Also, she was wearing a bright pink g-string, a ridiculously short plaid skirt, a collar and tie chocker around her neck, high heels, and a warm smile. Her proudly naked torso had C-cup breasts that swayed artfully back and forth as she walked. Following her, I could see the sides of her breasts from behind her, which was fascinating. Her tight, perky ass didn’t bounce at all as she walked, and she walked with a comfort and confidence that made her even more attractive.

Going through the dimly lit first floor, we passed by the tables were many gentleman were seated watching the girls on the poles on the brightly lit stages. Some women were sitting at tables with groups of men, wearing much the same as Jasmine was wearing; plaid skirts that no respectable school would allow and lots of pig tails and pony tails. Waitresses walked around and through all of them, clad in silver mini-skirts and tiny waist aprons, with bright silver pasties over their nipples. Glancing closely at a waitress as we passed by her, I could see that the club logo was emblazoned on the pasties.

Jasmine lead me up some stairs to a much dimmer area and into a room that had a double door. She opened both doors and walked inside. The room itself was spacious, with slightly less dim lighting than the hallway. There were 3 couches in the middle surrounding a short stage platform and a pole. There were other couches against the walls and curtains that were currently pulled back. My hostess, standing politely with her hands behind her back, caught me glancing around the room.

“We don’t get many who want bahis siteleri a private room just for themselves. This room typically has groups of customers, and sometimes 4 to 5 dancers, who have spaces on the sides for private dances.

“I understand that you specifically requested Koko Kumari for the entire evening. Shall I bring you up any refreshments while she finishes getting ready?”

“Yes, please,” I said, trying to sound cool and collected. Naked women still had the disastrous effect of making me forget things. Like my name, or how to form words.

“Your best red wine will be fine I think,” I told her. I produced another $100 bill and walked towards her. I looked her up and down, taking in the fine features she had on display. “Will this cover it?”

“I think that will cover it,” she said, smiling out of the corner of her mouth. She pulled the side of her g-string away from her hip. “You can just slide that in here,” she said.

I carefully placed the bill against her skin before she let the string go with a snap. “I’ll bring your refreshments shortly. Koko should be up any moment.”

With that she sauntered out, brushing more than a little close to me on her way past, closing both doors behind her.

I sat on the couch facing the pole. Glancing around, the room was well appointed and look very fancy. If the pole and stage lights weren’t in the center of the room, you could almost mistake it for a formal hotel sitting area.

A knock on the door caught my attention as Min walked in. “Hi, glad you could come,” she said brightly. She walked over as I stood and hugged me tightly. She was also wearing a plaid skirt and a waist exposing white button up shirt that exposed the awesome cleavage of her C-cup breasts. She had on dark red lipstick, her normally shoulder length black hair was up in buns, and the same high heels as most of the dancers I’d seen. All in all, she was the epitome of a naughty school girl.

“Wow,” I said, leering (yes, leering is the only description for what I did) at her. “Is there a dress code here or something, cause you aren’t the only school girl in this place it seems.”

“Its ‘Back to school’ night,” she explained. “We do themes every week. Last week it was a jungle, Tarzan type thing. We’ve also done western nights, medieval nights, you name a cliche we’ve done it.”

Thinking I might need to come back for medieval night to snag myself a wench, I brought myself back to the now.

“So,” Min said, taking a seat on the couch and glancing around, “I don’t think I’ve ever actually been in this room. It’s normally for large groups. And its murder to try to be one of the girls to get up here.”

“It’s not assigned or anything,” I asked.

“Oh, not at all,” Min said, laughing lightly. “The groups have requests, just like anyone. Some want all asian girls, some want only tall women, some want only big tits. It’s up to the customer.”

“Well then,” I said, sliding next to her, “it’s a good thing I requested you specifically. I bet it made all the others jealous.”

“Oh, I had a great time informing them all I was specifically requested by name, and for this room no less. No one else has had that happen to them yet,” she said, smiling. I smiled back.

“So,” I said, “I did have a reason for wanting to talk to you.”

“Oh, you don’t want me to take off my clothes and dance naked for you? I’m hurt,” Min retorted, putting on an exaggerated frown and crinkling her eyebrows.

“Oh, no, don’t get me wrong, I want to see you naked,” I said quickly. “It’s just that, I’ll be leaving Rancho Hills soon and I wanted to say goodbye.”

We talked for a few minutes about me leaving and what I’ll be doing. Min and I didn’t really get a chance to hook up in the last few months but she was still a very influential part of my life (particularly my sex life). I told her all of this and, as a way of a goodbye gift, it would be fun to pay to see her in action.

She was down for the idea and wished me good fortune.

“Also,” she added, “since you’re pitching so much for all this effort, if you could squeeze a few more bucks out of your wallet, I could invite another girl here whom I just know you will enjoy ogling.”

“Oh,” I said, intrigued.

“Oh, yes, you will really like her.”

“OK,” I said after thinking about it a moment, “let’s do it.”

“Great,” Min said brightly, kissing me quickly just as a knock came at the door.

Jasmine walked in carrying a tray with some snacks, an opened bottle of wine, and a few glasses. She set it on the side table next to the couch, bending over at the hips as she did so.

“Hey Jasmine,” Min said, “Paul here would like to invite Kay up to join us for the evening. Can you ask her to come up please?”

Jasmine poured out two glasses of wine before she stood up. “Of course. I’ll add it to his tab. Will there be anything else?”

Min was the one now to ogle Jasmine as she stood back at attention. “We will definitely let you know if there is anything we’d like to see you for.”

Jasmine smiled crookedly at canlı bahis siteleri Min. “Very good.” Glancing at me, she said “If you need anything just pick up the phone and ask for me.” She left, closing the door behind her. Min and I both watched her depart.

“Now,” Min said, grabbing a glass of wine and taking a sip, “I need to explain the rules of how this all works. It’s tedious and no one follows them, but I legally need to say it anyways.”

Grabbing my own glass and taking a sip, I said “Shoot.”

“Rule number 1; no touching the girls. While I know you have a very, very giving touch, you can’t touch me or Kay. In this instance it’s sad, but I think it will be fun for you regardless.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” I said.

“Rule number 2; you cannot demand, ask, cajole, insinuate, beg, or plead for sex of any kind. No fucking, no blow jobs or hand jobs. You get what we give you, and that’s all.”

“Fair enough,” I agreed.

“Rule number 3; keep your rocket in your pocket Mr. Spaceman. You can’t just pull out your junk and wiggle it at us. So no pulling it out. OK?”

“Again, seems fair,” I said.

“Good,” said Min, taking a slug of wine before putting it down. Turning back to me, she moved in to snuggle up under my arm, which automatically went to the back of the couch. She moved a hand onto my thigh, moving it slowly up my leg until coming to the head of my cock. Once over the shaft, she gave it a firm squeeze.

“The rules say you can’t do anything. However, we girls can do whatever we’re comfortable with.” She moved her hand up and down my shaft through my suit pants, increasing the tightness of them exponentially by the moment.

“Some girls like teasing, some like heavy petting and making guys cum in their pants,” she explained, squeezing my shaft ever more firmly, “some even have sex with high paying customers.” Min’s hand now moved onto my crotch, squeezing my balls gently.

“So long as I’ve been a stripper, I’ve not fucked any of my customers. However, in your case, I’d like to see how hard Kay and I can get you before one of us breaks down and goes to town on this magnificent cock.”

She nibbled my ear, breathing heavily into it as she continued to massage my balls. “And just think, you can only sit there and get felt up, and groped, and potentially fucked by two hot bitches, having our way with you while you take whatever we give you.” She bit on my earlobe hard then to prove her point. I flinched a little, but my arms stayed firmly planted on the back of the couch.

A gentle knock at the door interrupted my train of… well not thought exactly, but it interrupted us. The door opened and in walked Kay.

She was pale with a slight frame, firm and full looking B-cup breasts with large areola, black shoulder length hair in a bob style, and bright red lips. She was dressed in what would have been a white button up shirt were it not nearly transparent, and a long black skirt that, while going from her navel to the floor, was slit up both sides clear up to the belt.

“Ah, Kay, thank you for coming,” Min greeted her. She didn’t bother removing her hand from my balls, instead continuing to massage them gently.

“No problem. Is this our new pupil,” she inquired. Her high heels clicked on the wood floor as she approached us. “He looks much too old to be playing around with school girls. Perhaps he needs a more firm hand for this lesson.”

From seemingly out of nowhere, Kay produced a yard stick. She ran it slowly through her hand before slapping it in her palm with a loud ‘smack’.

“Or maybe, he just has bad influences,” she said, pointing her yard stick at Mins hand groping me. “I think we should start with you Koko, you naughty little trollop, making this good boy have such nasty thoughts. Stand up!”

Min stood up, putting her hands in front of her and slouching her shoulders forward seemingly in shame. “I’m sorry ma’am. I have been naughty. And I deserve to be punished.”

Kay marched Min over to the pole in the center and bent her over. Min grabbed the pole and assumed her position, bent over at the hips with ass sticking proudly out. “Now,” said Kay, looking at me, “you will see that I am a very strict mistress.”


“Ohhhh,” cried Min in an exaggerated tone. The yard stick made a sound as it struck Min on the ass, but it didn’t do any damage.


“Oh, please mistress, I’ll be good,” pleaded Min. She looked back in my direction during her pleas. She smiled at me, winking at how turned on I must have looked.


“Oh, please, I’ll do whatever you wish mistress, I swear.”


“Oooooooh,” moaned Min she took her ‘punishment’.

“Now,” said Kay, pulling Min upright again, “you will do as you’re told. Go sit on this nice boys lap.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Min meekly. She rushed over and, slowly turning around and arching down, lowered her thong covered ass into my lap. Min landed directly with my covered member between her ass cheeks, giving it a little grind as she settled down.

“Very canlı bahis good you little tramp,” Kay said. She went over to the wine and poured herself a glass. She then offered a refill to me, which I took. She sat down next to me, crossing her legs and showing a great deal of her lovely, pale thigh.

“Now that that lesson is done, we can discuss other matters. Such as how you, sir, would like to enjoy this evening,” Kay said as she took a sip of wine.

With Min sitting on my erection, occasionally grinding it, and a might-as-well-be naked woman sitting next to me, words were not being processed properly. However, after a few moments, I did think of something.

“You know, mistress, I think you were too harsh on M…Koko,” I said, barely remembering to use Mins stage name. “So much so that I think you should receive the same discipline as she did.”

This brought a smile to Kays lips, if nothing from the sheer audacity of my suggestion. Min liked the idea as well because I felt her hand on my balls as she rubbed them from between her legs. And since I was paying here, and they were willing, I wanted to see what could happen.

“You know,” Kay said, draining her glass, “that does seem fair. What do you think Koko?”

Min rose up, retrieved the yard stick and smacked it down in her palm. “I think that sounds fair,” she said.

Kay stood up, walked over to the pole, and assumed the position. She bent over a bit farther than was needed, pushing her ass into the air to display.

“I don’t think we’ll need this,” Min said, taking the waist of Kay’s skirt and ripping it off. I heard the tell-tale scratch of velcro, but still the effect was mesmerizing. Also was that fact that Kay wasn’t wearing anything else under there. I was treated to the sight of a light pink, smoothly shaved pussy from my vantage on the couch.

“Now…,” said Min.


“How do you like that, mistress,” said Min. She didn’t give Kay a chance to answer.


“Ohhh myyyyy,” moaned Kay.


“Oh, my, please stop. I can’t take any more,” Kay whimpered, somewhat unconvincingly.


“Ohhhhhh,” moaned Kay.


“Ahhhhhh,” cried Kay, which sounded more pleasure than pain. Min righted Kay and marched her back over to me.

“Now, sit on this naughty boys lap and think about what you did,” Min said. She pushed Kay down onto my lap who landed softly atop my suit pant covered hard on.

“Ohhh,” Kay said, surprised as she felt my rock hard cock wedge between her ass cheeks. “You are a naughty boy, aren’t you?”

I didn’t say anything because I was trying to follow the rules, keeping my arms spread on the back of the couch. But I did flex my perineum as a means of trying to say yes.

“Now, since Paul here paid for a show, I think he should start getting what he paid for,” said Min. She went over to the sideboard and put on some music. I didn’t recognize it but it had a beat and it drowned out the dull hum of the downstairs sounds.

Min started a routine on the pole like I had not seen before. I had not seen many strip shows, but this was my favorite so far. She was graceful, flexible, spinning and twirling, all while occasionally taking off an article of her already scant attire.

Her skirt was dropped first, and then her tummy exposing button up shirt. She did a twirl and her bra went flying off in my direction, being caught by Kay. Kay leaned back and wrapped the bra behind my neck, nibbling my ear before resuming her upright position on my lap.

Min, still dancing, pulled at and then tore off her thong panties and tossed them aside. She was now completely and gloriously nude save for her heels, spinning around the pole, her firm C-cup breasts jostling every so slightly with her movements.

When the song ended, I clapped (over my head so I didn’t chance touching Kay) as did Kay. Min came over, stood Kay up, and said “Now, it’s your turn, mistress.”

Smirking, Kay went to the sideboard to pick a song. Min, even more slowly than before, bent over before placing her bare ass in my lap. She adjusted so my achingly erect cock was firmly between her ass cheeks, squeezing me with her ass for fun.

The music Kay picked was a little faster but still enjoyable. While Kay got up onto the pole, Min, the minx, decided to do a lap dance and started gently grinding her ass into my lap in time with the music.

Kay, on the pole, did a similar routine to Min, except she did more climbing and spinning down type things than Min did. She also had less to take off, so her transparent shirt was kept on most of the time. However, when it was cast to the floor, it was no less exciting. Seeing her perky, B-cup breasts fully exposed was no less tantalizing than when I could see them through her shirt.

About half way through the song, Min started grabbing my legs more firmly as she ground on my lap. Her grinding also increased in pressure and speed. I clenched my ass cheeks, trying to put some pressure up into Min to help her along. Near the end of the song, Min shuddered and doubled over, still sitting in my lap. I felt her body shudder from her orgasm, and was only a little disappointed that I couldn’t feel it while inside her. After a moment she recovered and leaned back against my chest.

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