Lifelong Sex With My Mother

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When I was twenty years old and my single mother was only 38, I made it my mission in life to have my first ever sexual intercourse experience with her. I had always been infatuated with her sexy look and to my relief she had no real male boyfriends to get in the way. She was completely comfortable wearing only her bra and panties in my presence, and her lingerie was always over-the-top feminine; loads of nylon and lace. She wore beautiful nightgowns every night and had a large collection of sexy long gowns all the way to playful Baby Doll nighties. Her erect nipples were easily seen through her nightgowns. My first and only sexual thoughts always involved my mother.

At twenty years old I was still living at home. I had never been able to ejaculate by masturbating and I knew if I was to begin a sexual relationship with my mother I needed to be direct and to the point. It was much easier than I had anticipated as I told her of my intentions one evening after dinner.

“Mom…It’s a little embarrassing for me to say this, but I find you very attractive in a sexual way.” I blurted out.

“You do!?” She said in mock surprise.

“I do. I’ve never experienced anything sexual with a female and I’ve never wanted to, except with you.” I said looking down.

“Don’t be embarrassed honey. I find myself attracted to you also. Are you telling me you are a virgin?” She asked.

“Very much so. I’ve never even been able to ejaculate.” I replied.

“Oh baby, that’s so sweet. What am I doing that has you attracted to me?” Asked mom.

“Well…Almost everything. Your body is so sexy. Your lingerie collection is beautiful and very sexy. And seeing your nipples stick up under your nightgown is a total turn on for me! I also love the way you always wear a dress or a skirt and a blouse, never pants.” I said in a breathless way.

“That’s so cute! You know I’m very girly. I love all kinds of sexy bras and panties. I love being a girl and dressing as pretty as I can. It is exciting to me you find my look attractive.” She said softly.

“I find your look very attractive!”

“Well let’s not pretend any more. Stand up here in front of me and let me kiss you the way a woman kisses a man.” Said my mom as she stood up from the sofa.

We stood face to face as my mother and I were almost the same height when she was wearing her high heels as she was this evening. Slowly our lips came together and she gently pushed her tongue into my mouth. It was my first ever French kiss and I loved it. Our tongues swirled together and I instantly felt my cock begin to harden. The deeper we kissed the harder I got. It was obvious she could feel my sexual excitement through my pants. She pulled back and said;

“Wow baby…That is a big thick penis you have there. Let me unbuckle your belt so you can remove your pants and shirt and then I’ll help you pull down your underpants so we can see what a real man you are.”

She unbuckled my belt and I quickly unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor. I quickly removed my T-shirt and as I stepped out of my pants I was only wearing my jockey shorts. My erect penis stood out straight, only held back by my underwear. My mother was still fully dressed in a below the knee dress that it was obvious had a slight petticoat underneath.

“Pull off your underpants and show me that manly cock.” Said my mother breathlessly.

I pulled my jockeys down and my rock hard penis bounced up and down. I was totally naked in front of my fully dressed mother and I had a raging hard on.

“Come closer baby and let’s kiss some more.” Motioned my mother.

She put her arms around me and I did the same to her. My erection pointed right into her dress between her legs as our mouths came together and we tongue kissed again only this time it was really passionate. My mother dropped her hand down to my erection and ever so lightly began to stroke my penis. After a minute or two my mother pulled back and said;

“Let me turn around so you can unzip my dress. Do it very slowly and I’ll let it fall to the floor.”

I watched her playfully turn her back to me while she gave a slight pull on my erection. I looked for the zipper at the top of her dress and started to unzip it.

“Not too fast! Go slowly so you can see my pretty lingerie.” Said my mother.

I slowed down the zipper as it revealed my mother’s white nylon and lace camisole that was tucked into her white petticoat that gave her dress the slight flair. When I got her zipper to the bottom she slowly slid the shoulders of her dress off one by one as she turned her head and smiled at me. Her dress fell to the floor and she was only in her beautifully feminine lingerie.

“Put your hands in the waistband of my petticoat and slowly lower it to the floor.” Directed my mother.

I slid my hands into the nylon and lace of her petticoat and very slowly slid the petticoat down over her full cut panties. I was surprised to see she had on a sexy satin and lace garter belt holding up her thigh high stockings.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked me in a sultry voice.

“I escort izmir love what I see. My cock is getting even harder if that is possible.” I replied.

“I’m going to lower the straps of my camisole so I only have my bra and panties over my garter belt and stockings.” Said my mother as she was stepping out of her camisole.

Her panties were on over her garter belt. She turned around and again tugged gently at my erect cock. Then she put her lips to mine once more and we tongue kissed again for a few long minutes. The tip of my penis was pushing straight into the muff of her now wet panties.

“Get on your knees and pull my panties down slowly.” She ordered. “I want you to see where your penis is going to go when you and I make love.” She continued.

I pulled her panties down to her ankles and for the first time in my life looked closely at the now puffy wet lips of a female vagina. My cock twitched at the sight. While this was happening my mother was unhooking her bra and letting the straps fall from her shoulders. Her naked breasts did not sag one bit as they stood out straight with large, hard nipples in full erection.

“Stand up and let me kick off my high heels. Then lift me up keeping my garter belt and stockings on and gently lay me on my back on the bed.” Directed my mother.

I put one arm behind my almost naked mother’s knees and the other behind her back as she put her arms around the back of my neck. I lifted her petite frame up with ease as she kicked off her high heels and I ever so slowly lowered her onto the bed. As I pulled my arms from her she immediately spread her legs apart revealing her pink, wet, pussy lips that were obviously puffed up with sexual excitement.

“Now get on the bed on your knees and move between my legs. I want your big, hard erection inside of me now. You and I are going to make love and you are going to ejaculate your semen and sperm deep inside my body.” Ordered my mom.

I did as she asked and inched closer to her cunt and she reached down and pulled me the final couple of inches to her waiting vagina. After a couple of light pokes she inserted me into her pussy and due to her extreme wetness, I slide inside of her until our pubic bones came together. I could feel her cunt lips squeeze on my even harder cock as the two of us were tightly copulated. With me still all the way inside her my mother said;

“Lean down and suck on mommy’s nipples. I let you do it when you were a baby, now you can do it for real. Suck on them and kiss and lick them gently.”

As I did this my mother moaned loudly. Every light lick and kiss made her moan and wiggle more and more. This went on for a minute or two. Then she said to me;

“Now baby…Without pulling it out completely, move your hips back and forth as you gently pound your cock in and out of me. Start slowly and then do it faster and faster until you tell me you feel something happening.”

I did as she asked and began to move my cock in and out of her pussy. Each thrust in was met with her pussy lips clamping down on my cock.

“Oh that’s it baby! You’re doing it perfectly! You’re fucking mommy and you’re wonderful at it. I’m taking your virginity! I’m the only girl you’ve ever fucked and the fact I’m your mother makes it all more special.” Sighed my mother as I continued to slide in and out of her faster and faster.

“I think I have to pee!” I said quickly to my mother.

“It’s not pee honey…You’re ready to cum. Slide all the way into me and I’ll clamp my pussy lips around your big cock.”

“I can’t stop it…Something’s happening.” I gasped as our pubic bones were once again pushed tightly together.

“Let it go baby…You’re ejaculating inside mommy…You’re going to put your sperm deep inside me! Do it baby, do it. Fuck me hard!” Gasped my mother.

In that split second my entire body quivered and my muscles contracted and I felt my penis shooting out thick liquid that was definitely not pee.

“I think I’m cumming!” I said quickly.

“You are baby…You are! I can feel your thick cream deep inside me. You are no longer a virgin…You are doing a wonderful job of fucking your mommy!” Shrieked my mother as her body muscles began to contract in an intense orgasm. Our two bodies were still tightly connected at the genitals when my mother said;

“Kiss me darling, let me feel your tongue in my mouth.”

I put my lips to hers and our tongues twisted together. Our two bodies could not be any more connected. We tongue kissed for at least the next three minutes as my penis became only slightly softer. I had never had a feeling more enjoyable than what I had just experienced and the fact that my first ever ejaculation was deep inside my mother’s cunt was too beautiful for words. As we regained our breath our lips parted but my cock stayed firmly inserted inside my mother’s cunt.

“You know honey, I’ve fucked more than a handful of men and none of them caused me to have such an intense orgasm as you did. For someone who has never fucked a girl before you were both gentle and strong and the best fuck I escort izmir have ever experienced.” Said mom.

“I don’t have anything to compare it to, but doing what we just did was way more amazing than I ever thought it would be. I can’t see myself ever wanting to share sexual intercourse with anyone but you…Forever.” I responded.

“That’s so cute honey. I’m really into you too. Your big, thick cock fits inside me perfectly. Now let me take off my stockings and garter belt so I’m fully nude. I want you in my bed tonight and every night. I want us to cuddle together naked so we can feel our warm bodies together. ” Said mom.

I watched my beautiful 38 year old mother strip totally naked and crawl under the covers of her bed and I joined her also fully nude. We hugged our bodies tightly together and immediately began a long slow tongue kiss. I was in heaven. As we quietly lay together my mother said;

“I love the fact that you are just 20 years old…You’re entering your sexual prime. You are going to be able to have intercourse more than once in the same evening, and I’m the kind of girl who loves to have intercourse as much as you can give me your hard cock.”

“I feel so lucky you are only 38 and you want me as your sexual partner. I love the fact I just lost my virginity to my own mother. You are so sexy. When my erection was inside of you I felt a wonderful connection with you, not only that we were fucking, but that our souls were also connected. I can’t imagine experiencing sexual intercourse with anyone but you. Don’t we have to be careful that I don’t get you pregnant?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about that honey. My period just ended a couple of days ago. I’ll go to the doctor and get a prescription for birth control pills. The doctor will be pleased I’m having sex again…I’ll make sure I don’t tell her my sex partner is my own son.” Said mom with a smile.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and it was only after a couple of hours we were both awake again. My penis had grown into another full erection and my mother had felt it against her naked leg.

“I’m so ready for you to fuck me again baby. Lie on your back with your beautiful cock sticking up straight and I’ll slide down on top of you.” Directed my mom in a slightly breathless way.

My mother pulled the sheet on our bed down and I lay on my back as directed with my hard cock sticking straight up. My mother turned on a very soft light on the nightstand so we could both see each other. My mother gently parted my legs just a bit and quickly took my penis into her mouth. I felt her tongue under my cock helmet and felt her suck ever so slightly. Then she quickly pulled off and straddled her legs over me while lowering her now dripping pussy down on to my erection. The lips of her pussy pulled me deeper insider her as she slid all the way down so we were again tightly copulated. The warmth and tightness of her cunt enveloped my cock and everything about what we were doing felt so right. I was totally lost in the moment.

My mother put her hands on the mattress on either side of me and began to raise and lower her wet cunt up and down on my erection. In less than a couple of minutes I began to breathe heavily.

“That’s right baby, time to cum inside mommy. Let it go. Put your sperm deep inside your mommy. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any man! Fuck me honey…Fuck me now!” Sighed my mother.

I immediately lost control and began shooting rope after rope of semen up inside my mother’s pussy. It was like it would never stop. Each twitch of my body sent another shot of cream deep inside of her cunt. I was cumming harder than I had just a few hours ago. My mother also began to shudder and orgasm and as she did I felt her pussy lips clamp down tightly on my cock each time she twitched. We were experiencing a dual orgasm on just our second time having sexual intercourse together.

“Oh my God…You are such a wonderful lover! I can’t get enough of you inside of me!” Shrieked my mom.

“I really let go! It felt so intense. Your lips held most of it in but I came so hard some of it is oozing down my cock.” I responded.

“You did perfect honey. You have filled your mommy with so much sperm I can almost feel them swimming around inside me.” Replied mom.

“I love you mom, and I love that we can share our bodies this way. I never want to fuck another girl. I want you as my sex partner for life.” I gasped.

“I love you too baby and I’m never going to leave you. You and I are going to sleep together every night going forward and we are going to fuck whenever we want and enjoy our life together.” Replied mom.

During the next week my mother went to her doctor and got a prescription for birth control pills. She showed me the pills when she got them and she began taking them as required. For the next six months we were passionate fuck buddies. We slept in the same bed naked every night and whenever the mood came to us we engaged in very physical intercourse. I learned how to suck on my mother’s nipples to get them rock hard and huge. I also learned how to suck on her clitoris and bring her to a wild orgasm. We fucked doggie style with me cupping her tits as I came deep inside her. We also played by shutting off all the lights in the room and opening the window shades all the way so if anyone was walking by at the time they might see into our bedroom as we fucked each other standing up. I learned, and had my most intense sexual intercourse with my mother and loved every minute of it.

It was about seven months since my mother and I had become sex partners when she came to me with an announcement;

“I came from the doctor today and I’m pregnant.”

“Oh wow…I thought you were on birth control.” I replied.

“I was, but our lovemaking was so beautiful I decided to stop taking the pills as I really wanted us to have a baby together. I stopped taking them about three months ago and I didn’t tell you. Are you mad?” She asked looking down.

“I’m not mad; it’s a little startling since I’m not quite 21 yet. But if I’m being truthful, I’ve secretly wanted to impregnate you from the first time we fucked. What are we going to do now?” I asked.

“I’ve been thinking about it, I want to move away to a town where no one knows us. I want us to live as husband and wife. We have the same last name so it should be easy to just tell people we are married. We don’t want to let on to anyone that we are mother and son and we’re having a baby together because it could get us in trouble. Now-a-days our age difference should be no big deal.” Answered mom.

“Well…You have really thought this out. It sounds exciting. When we get to our new town are we going to have an old fashioned wedding night?” I asked with a smile.

“If I’m not too far along I would love too. I’ll buy special bridal lingerie for the occasion. I’m so happy you want to do this with me.” Said mom.

“Mom…I wouldn’t do it with anyone else.” I replied as I reached out and tongue kissed her.

Two weeks later we were moved into a nice house in a town about 300 miles away. Everyone we met we introduced ourselves as husband and wife. I carried her across the threshold of our new home and that night mother dressed for me in the most beautiful white bridal baby doll nighty with red lace trim. I felt like a newlywed and I was super turned on looking at her. It was impossible to tell she was three months pregnant. We engaged in very physical sexual intercourse twice that night. Our sexual compatibility is so natural it’s why I have never ever been tempted to stray from her bed. I find no other female tempting to me, and this is after almost a full year of every kind of sexual activity imaginable between two people.

My mother found a baby doctor and all of her check-ups showed that our baby was totally healthy in every way. We were delighted to learn we were having a baby girl. I would be listed on the birth certificate as the father and my mother would be listed as our baby’s mother. This was truly living in a dream.

When it was not safe for our baby to have deep penetration intercourse, I became very good at sexually pleasing my mother by kissing, licking, and sucking on her now enlarged nipples and breasts. I also became proficient at licking and sucking on her clit that I was able to bring to a more than noticeable erection by gently pulling on it with my lips. I easily got her to cum by just tugging and flicking my tongue on her nub of an erection. I could bring her to orgasm more than once by doing this and I loved it.

Our daughter was born without any complications and has grown into a very pretty girl. It has been our decision to never tell her she was conceived by a mother and son having sexual intercourse. We are mommy and daddy to her and that works out just fine.

When our daughter turned 18 years old my mother allowed her to fully wax her pubic area. My mother joined her in doing this and it brought a new level of sexual enjoyment to my mother and me. Now, when my mother is on her back on our bed and spreads her legs open for me I can see her puffy, pink vaginal lips in all their glory. Having no hair there also reveals the bump of her clit that is very easy to see before I lick and kiss and suck it into full erection. Without all the hair in the way I can see my mother’s clit shows a tiny helmet on it when I coax it into its elongated position. It’s almost like sucking on a really tiny penis head and both of us love it. My mother’s clit is very sensitive and I can bring her to orgasm with ease when it is fully erect.

I am now close to 40 years old. Our daughter is close to 20 years old and my mother is in her late 50’s. I have slept every night for the past 21 years in bed with my mother and we have experienced sexual intercourse in all kinds of positions hundreds, if not thousands of times. My mother was careful not to get pregnant again after our daughter was born which has been perfect for all of us. My sex life with my mother has never been more active and satisfying than it is right now. I have never once even thought, or fantasized about, fucking another female. The only pussy I want my erect penis inside of is my mother’s. Our sexual wants and needs are so compatible it is a gift we took the steps to begin making love and satisfying each other so deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32