Lingerie Does Make the Man Ch. 05

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When my wife Kay and I finally woke up that Sunday morning in the hotel it was getting close to check out. We had already missed out on the continental breakfast; all we had time to do is make a pot of coffee in our room pack our clothes and get dressed. While we were getting dressed, Kay suggested that I wear the bra that we had just purchased. Normally I only wear panties out in public, but after last night when Kay had convinced me to wear stockings out in public, I thought all I had to do is drive home so who would even see me. The bra didn’t have any padding so I knew it would lay pretty flat against my body, and since it cool out I thought my jacket would cover the straps. “Well since your legs are now shaven, you might as well wear the thigh highs again instead of socks.” Kay suggested.

Our trip home was pretty unusual. Normally Kay falls asleep 5 miles after we get on the interstate and I am stuck talking to myself or singing along with the radio. Today was different, Kay stayed awake for the whole trip home. I started getting warm, after driving about 25 miles so we pulled over into a rest stop so I could take off my jacket. I needed to pee too, but I thought I would hold it so I wouldn’t have to go into the restroom wearing panties, thigh highs and a bra so I wanted to park as far away from the restrooms as possible so I could take off my jacket. But since Kay had to go to the bathroom, we parked as close as we could and she convinced me to go the bathroom too since there were only a couple cars there.

I walked inside and went to a stall instead of the urinals so there would less of a chance of anyone seeing me and what I was wearing. I was lucky and there was no one in the men’s room so I quickly did my business and got back out to the car and sat inside waiting patiently for Kay.

“I thought you wanted to take off your coat since you were getting warm.” Kay said as she got into the car.

“There is someone sitting in the car next to us, and I don’t want her to see.” I whispered.

“So what if she sees. Do you know her? Do you think she is going to care what you are wearing?”

Kay did bring up a couple good points, so I stepped out of the car and removed my jacket. The lady who was in the car next to us, glanced over at me as I got out of the car and then she did a double look when I removed my jacket. Then she smiled at me and my wife. I didn’t think she could tell, but when I sat back down in the car Kay adjusted my shirt and informed me that my bra strap was showing and there was no way the lady next to us didn’t see it. I turned 3 shades of red and looked straight ahead as I buckled myself in. Kay informed me that she was still looking at us I was too embarrassed to even look over at her. I started the car and got out of there as fast I could.

Kay must have been feeling a little bold as we drove down the interstate. Occasionally she would tell me to slow down as we passed a semi, and if she saw a good looking guy she would flash him her bra. There was even one time she flashed a trucker her boobs, I am sure he had to have a smile on his face.

When we got home I pulled into the garage and shut the door behind us, so no neighbor would walk up to us and ask us were we have been. I figured if someone would do this they might see the fact that I was wearing a bra and maybe even the thigh high stockings. We went inside and unpacked, and then I went to sit down in my recliner. Kay told me to rest up, because she had plans for me tonight but 1st she had a couple errands to run. Needless to say I fell asleep in my chair.

When I woke up, Kay was nowhere around and I saw it was getting close to dinner time. I decided to make dinner for the two of us. Things were about done and Kay wasn’t back yet, but luckily she walked in about 2 minutes before things were done. I set the table, put her food on the table and got us a couple of beers. After dinner, I told Kay to go and rest and I would clear the table and start the dishwasher. She grabbed another beer and headed for the living room.

I had no idea what Kay had planned for me tonight, but I knew we would be having some fun. As I got closer to the living room, I heard some moaning and I wondered what was going on. To find out Kay had gotten an adult DVD and was watching it. When I first looked at the TV, I didn’t know if that was a guy wearing women’s lingerie or a transsexual. All I know was there were 2 girls wearing masks with him, one was giving him a blow job and the other was fucking him from behind with her strap on dildo.

“I want you to go upstairs, put on the clothes I laid out on the bed then come back down here. And don’t worry I have shut all the curtains and made sure all the doors were locked.” Kay said.

I wondered what could have been on the bed, I didn’t want to seem to over anxious so I casually walked until I knew Kay couldn’t see me any more then I ran as fast as I could with out making it sound like I was running.

When I got to the bedroom, there was a black thong, a black bra, my falsies, black stockings, what niğde escort appeared to look like a maid’s outfit and a pair of black high heels. I put on the panties and bra quickly and then inserted my falsies. I then picked up the stockings only to notice they didn’t have the elastic like my normal ones do so they would stay up by themselves.

I was confused so I picked up the maid outfit, only to find out there was more than just one piece. The first piece was a like a corset but not quite with garters attached. It was form fitting and fit very snug but there were no hooks or strings to tighten or loosen it. I am not sure what size it was but I think it could have been one size bigger. This piece went to about my hips I got everything as straight as I could then I grabbed the stockings and carefully put them on one at time, and making sure I hooked the garters so the stockings wouldn’t fall down. Next I noticed an apron, a little head piece and a couple lace gloves. The apron and the gloves were no problem, but the head piece was a little different I couldn’t get it to stay on if my life depended on it. I thought to myself I would just take this down and have Kay help me. Next came trying on the high heels, I have tried to wear Kay’s high heels before but never got my foot all the way in since her feet are a lot smaller than mine. When I slipped them on they seemed to fit real well. I was not very sturdy walking in them, but I thought practice makes perfect. I grabbed a couple hair pins, the head piece and headed back downstairs.

When I got downstairs, Kay asked “Where my head piece was.”

And I explained to her “That I couldn’t get it to stay and needed her help.”

She said, “I will help you this time, but it will be the last time tonight. For the rest of the evening you will be serving me. I will not always tell you what I want. You will need to know what I want and when I want it, but if you don’t please me I will let you know about it in a way you may not appreciate.”

I am thinking how in the hell am I going to know what she wants, without her telling me.

“I thought you cooking me dinner and clearing the dishes was strange. I was beginning to wonder if you knew what I had in store for you since you were already acting like my maid.” Kay said, “But I figured it must have been just a strange coincidence. By the way if you serve me well tonight I will allow you to pleasure yourself by masturbating in front of me.”

Now I have to know what she wants, please her and the only pleasure I will have is masturbating, assuming I will please her. I didn’t think this was too good of a deal for me, but we have been having great sex so I wasn’t going to complain.

“First thing I want is a glass of champagne from that bucket over there.” Kay said, “Then I want you to sit here at my feet while we watch the end of this DVD.”

So we sat there watching this porn movie while she sipped on champagne and I had nothing to drink. I didn’t think this was fair but since I was just the maid I didn’t say anything.

I am glad there is no plot to adult movies otherwise I would have lost since I missed probably about ½ the movie. While we finished watching the movie I wanted so bad to stroke my dick, but every time I started to reach for it, Kay cleared her throat. I turned around once because I heard her moaning pretty good, but all I got was a dirty look. Although I was able to see that she was rubbing her clit, and seemed to be enjoying herself. During the whole movie there were only 3 “actors”, which seemed a little weird since there was always plenty of different people in all the movies I had seen before. Plus the camera angle only changed a couple times.

I was getting hornier by the moment watching this, and I wanted to get things started so hopefully I could cum. My dick was as hard as it ever had been, and I just wanted some relieve. Being dressed up as a maid for over a half hour and Kay never even gave me a quick feel and I couldn’t feel her up either.

After the movie got over, Kay got up and so did I and then she gave me a swat on the butt and started to go upstairs. I followed her thinking that is what she wanted, but all she said was be a good maid and clean the living room. It wasn’t too messy so it didn’t take me long, and I am glad she had me clean the living room, otherwise I would have forgotten the champagne and that probably wouldn’t have been good for me since I am sure that would have made her unhappy.

When I finally got up to our bedroom, I found Kay lying down on the bed with her favorite vibrator pressed against her clit and a dildo shoved inside her pussy. I lay on the bed next to her and started kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. I took my time on her ear, since she loves it when I stick my tongue in her ear. By now she was really getting close to an orgasm, so I reached over and gave her boob a good squeeze that must have put her over since she started shaking.

Without being told I moved her vibrator off to the side of the bed. I then proceeded to nişantaşı escort pull her dildo out of her wet pussy, and looked into her eyes and stuck it inside my mouth and licked it clean. I went over and grabbed 3 towels and placed them under Kay’s ass, knowing she would be making a mess tonight when she started squirting. I then lay between her legs and spread her pussy open, and started licking the juices from deep inside of her. Kay took my head piece off and threw it saying it was bothering her. Then I went to work on her clit, I flicked it with my tongue, I sucked on her clit and I pushed my tongue hard against her clit.

I inserted my fingers deep inside of Kay, and started moving them around until I could feel the spot that I knew would make her squirt all over. I was sucking her clit and fingering her as fast as I could. I could tell she was getting close to squirting normally I sit up so she can spray all over me but today I kept just between her legs and kept doing what I was doing.

“You better move or you are going to get sprayed in the face.” Kay said.

I didn’t care I just wanted her to enjoy herself. Just before she squirted I stopped nibbling on clit and got ready to try to drink as much as I could as she was squirting. With the first little spray I moved my hands out of her pussy and started rubbing her clit. With the first spray it got my forehead, but I moved my head to get the rest. I was amazed on how hard it hit the back of my throat, I tried to drink it all but there was just too much.

I didn’t want her to stop squirting, but she did so I inserted my fingers back into her pussy and started on her clit again. When she was getting close I sat up like I normally do and moved my fingers in and out as fast as I could. She was getting close, so I got ready to get wet. She squirted more this time than she did last time and it has to be close to the most she ever squirted. It got me from my neck all the way down to my waist. I was soaked to the bone.

I squeezed my fake tits while looking deep into her eyes. I wanted to stroke my dick right then but this was her night to enjoy and it was not about my pleasure. I leaned in and gave her a deep and passionate kiss.

“There are times I am glad you are a man, and other times I wish you were a woman. I am just glad I found you, and I love you for who you are.” Kay said. “I feel I get the best of both worlds, when I want a hard dick you have that, and when I wanted to feel the love of another woman you can please me in ways no man has ever been able to do.”

“I need to get out of this wet maid out fit and get cleaned up a little so if you will excuse me for a few minutes I will be right back.” I told Kay.

“I was hoping you would have been my maid all night long, but I understand just hurry up.” She said.

When I went to the bathroom to clean up I stripped naked then I washed my face off, dried my body off. I noticed there was another pair of panties on the vanity along with a matching bra and another pair of thigh high stockings with a note lying on top.

The note said, “If you found these you must have been a good little maid and made me squirt all over you. I know you enjoy it so much when you get wet. Change into these and come into the bedroom, and don’t forget to get a nice silky gown to sleep in on your way to bed.”

When I got into the bedroom and before I had the chance to grab a long gown out of the dresser Kay instructed me to walk around for her. I had been walking around in the heels pretty good but I still had weak ankles that kept wanting to give out. I couldn’t figure out how women could walk in heels all day long.

I strutted around the best I could around the bedroom wearing nothing but a bra with falsies, panties, a garter belt, thigh high stockings and high heels. She was trying to tell me the best way to get a swing in my butt was to put one foot directly in front of the other. After about 10 or 15 minutes I started to get the hang of it but I still needed a lot more practice walking in high heels.

“OK that is enough, I know you want to wear one of your gowns, so go pick it out and put it on and then come sit here on the bed next to me.” Kay said.

I picked out a nice dark blue gown that goes just past my knees, put it on and went sat down on the bed. Kay then pulled out her make up case and proceeded to make up on me. I am not sure all of the names, but I know some of it was eye liner, mascara, rouge and lip stick. After she got done, she held up a small mirror for me to look in. Kay did a great job on me the only problem was that I could see a little bit of razor stubble.

I leaned up and gave Kay one of the deepest sexiest kisses I have ever given her. She was responding to me like she had never been kissed that way before. I know I was turned on, and the way Kay was acting I think she was too. When I got done it was sexy to see Kay’s lips covered with the lipstick that she had just put on me.

I had Kay lay down on the bed, while ankara olgun escort I rubbed my silken body against her. Something was missing! Even though Kay has a sexy body, I wanted her to be wearing something silky too so I got up and went and picked out a white chemise for her to wear with matching panties. Kay seemed confused, but I told her that the lady of the house should never sleep naked and I being her humble servant should be allowed to make sure she is acting like a lady.

After she was ready for bed, I crawled in next to her. I kept rubbing my body next to hers, our silken covered bodies became as one. One never knows the pleasure two silk covered bodies can feel like until they try it themselves.

“You look like you need a back rub, so would you please lie on your stomach and allow me to give you one.” I said.

Kay rolled over on to her stomach and I proceeded to work on her shoulders and neck. After I felt those loosen up, I started on her lower back. She felt like she had several knots so it took several minutes to work them all out, at which time I proceeded to massaging her luscious ass. I continued down to her thighs and then calves and down to her feet. I then started back up, but instead of rubbing I was kissing. When I got to her butt I lifted her up a little so I could remove her panties. I loved feeling her silk covered ass, but I wanted to do something to her that she had asked me to do a few times but never did.

I spread her ass cheeks and exposed her hole and started giving her a rim job. I never minded putting my finger or my dick inside of her ass, but my tongue was a different story to me it was gross but she had done it to me a couple times and I thought I should return the favor. Not knowing exactly what I was doing I just kept pressing my tongue in and out of her a-hole. Kay was moaning and moving around so either I was doing a good job or she wanted to make me think it either way I didn’t care as long as it appeared she was enjoying it.

I reached down and grabbed her dildo off the floor that she had been using on herself earlier and made sure it was clean. I reached up and grabbed the lube off the headboard put some on her ass and started putting my finger in her ass very slowly. I then got 2 fingers in her ass and was going in and out of her at a good pace. I finally lubed up the 8 inch dildo and started fucking her ass with it. This is when I noticed her dildo was hollow but it still remained pretty stiff with just a little flexibility. I wondered why I never noticed before, but at that point it was about Kay and not the dildo.

After I got her nice and loose, I asked her to roll over on to her back and lift her legs up so her ass wouldn’t be on the bed. I placed a pillow under her lower back and butt to help her out. I started fucking her ass again with the dildo and then I started to work on her clit. Again I sucked and nibbled on her clit and I didn’t stop until she had another orgasm, at which point I stuck my fingers deep inside of her and started fucking her pussy and her ass at the same time. I wanted to suck on her clit, but I wasn’t coordinated enough to get the job done.

I reached deep inside of her and found the magical spot that would make her squirt once again. I continued to finger her and fuck her ass with the dildo until I could tell she was getting close to squirting, and I pushed the dildo in as far as I could without causing her pain and used my now free hand to help my fingers go in and out of Kay’s pussy as fast as I could. It didn’t take long for her to squirt again, but this time it was hardly anything and it didn’t even squirt enough to get me wet, but by now the towels under her were soaked.

I got up and apologized for not making her have an earth shaking orgasm and squirt all over me, but she told me not to worry about it because she was enjoying herself. I got off the bed and had her lift her butt and removed the wet towels and put them in the bathroom.

“Grab a wash cloth while you are in there.” She said.

As I was walking back to the bed Kay asked me to stop and get her strap on, this is when I noticed all there was left in her drawer was the harness, so I figured that the dildo I just used on her attached to the harness. Kay cleaned the dildo with the wash cloth that I brought and put the dildo back on to the harness, and told me to lift my gown up and get rid of my panties. I thought I must have done a good job of satisfying her and she was going to fuck me up my ass. Kay had me step into the harness and she lifted it up carefully inserting my dick inside of the hollow dildo and then she tightened the harness so it would not fall off. I was amazed that my dick even fit inside but I figured maybe this is why Kay picked this dildo out so I could wear it and put my dick inside with out hurting myself.

Here I thought I was going to get pleasure, but instead she must have wanted me to fuck her and instead of only last about 5 minutes she wanted to be fucked for a long time. I know before we met and got married she had a couple lesbian friends, and she always commented how she liked be fucked for about and hour instead of the 5 to 10 minutes that most guys last and that when she was with another woman they would fuck each other for around an hour each, otherwise 2 hours of just fucking. I could never imagine going that long.

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